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Women Entrepreneurs, they wanna get into real estate investing, however they see it as a challenge.

I'm not excluding you gentlemen, but this here is mainly gonna be directed towards an overall, but mainly towards the women entrepreneurs to help them, just as well as the gentlemen, how to get into real estate investment, okay? And the first thing you have to do understanding that even though [01:32] ____... Number one, you have to have... You have to clean your credit, okay? And the reason that I say clean your credit, it's because even with hard money lenders, they're not trusting. Some of them, if you've been out there long enough, they'll deal with you. But if you're a newbie coming into the game, hard money lenders, they're gonna see what's on your credit. They're gonna look and see if you ever owned any type of real estate before. Because again, as I told you all before, your credit is your personality. Your credit tells a lot about you, whether it may be true or not, it does say a lot about you.

That's the reason that I try to encourage you all. First, fix your credit. And it doesn't take a long time to fix your credit. I know there's a lot of credit repair companies out here that have disappointed many of you with the credit process. That's the reason that, with our program, I implemented the escrow accounts. So, that way, it protects you as the consumer, as well as making sure that the job gets done. That means that you put that money in escrow, and the repair company cannot access that funding until they are able to show that they have cleaned the credit, at least between 75% to 80% of that credit. So, there's no way that you're gonna be taken advantage of, not if you're coming through my company, okay? And we have four different divisions that deal with credit, plus an in-house attorney, which is very good. 1-888-883-3013

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10744061866?profile=originalOver the years, I have had the privilege of consulting many first time business owners. One of the most common concerns that comes up is the fear of owing taxes on the money they earn. So many cash based business owners avoid taxes altogether. If you're considering ignoring taxes this year, here are five reasons to file a return for your business.


1. Retirement Savings

In order to save for retirement you must know how much money you're making in business. This not only requires good money management but tax strategies, as well. A component of funding your retirement includes credits to your social security account. When you're self-employed, the payments that you make for Self-Employment tax are reported when you file your tax return. No return, no credit.

2. Business Opportunities

There are instances where tax returns are a requirement to business growth. If you are considering applying for certain business certifications, loans, or grants, for example, you will need proof of running a legitimate company. Certifications can open doors of opportunity to larger contracts and more income. However, one requirement of most applications is a filed income tax return.

3. Refundable Credits

A common tax myth that business owners have involves reporting zero income or net losses. However, you may be surprised at the tax benefits even when there is little or no profit to report. The Earned Income Credit, for example, is a refundable credit that can put between $457 to $5,666 in your pocket. If you qualify, the refund is extra money that you can use to grow your business or take a much-needed vacation. The choice is up to you.

4. Easy to Do

There are many options that make it convenient to file a tax return. Some choices include Do-It-Yourself tax software, electronic filing, and paid tax preparers who will prepare the return for you. Each of these are designed to take you through the process with ease.

5. Your Responsibility

Aside from the benefits above, another important reason to file is tax compliance. As a person earning taxable income you are responsible for filing a timely income tax return each year. Failure to do so can lead to late filing fines, penalties, and possible time in prison.

Now that you know why you should file, visit and download my free audio to learn how to slash taxes and keep more of the money you make in business.

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Financial Tips for December 2010

Make Charitable Contributions
Consider making charitable contributions before year-end both to obtain the maximum tax deduction and to fulfill any charitable programs or commitments you may have established.

Buy a New Car
If you need a new car, now is a great time to purchase or lease. Frequently, dealers are anxious to clear out last year's inventory prior to year-end. In making your choice, consider the federal tax (and occasional state tax) advantages for buying fuel-efficient vehicles.

Examine Investments
Examine your current investments to determine those with unrealized losses. Consider selling those investments to take the loss this year. You can deduct up to $3,000 in capital losses in excess of capital gains. However, do not let the tax savings outweigh the investment potential. You might consider "swapping" for a similar company in the same industry if you like the potential of the industry.

Pay Tax-Deductible Expenses
Consider paying tax-deductible expenses prior to year-end. Some common examples are real estate taxes, quarterly state or local income taxes, investment-related expenses, and dues. These must be paid by December 31 to obtain a deduction this year. Professional guidance will be helpful here, so please call us.

Evaluate Your Progress
Evaluate your progress for the year. How close were you to your budget? Recalculate your net worth. Compare it to the value at the beginning of the year. How did you do?

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Back to school is fast approaching; don't get caught at the last minute in the scramble to get school supplies then rushing across town to get them to the right child's school. Riland Educational Corporation has school supply packages you can purchase and have delivered either to your child's school or right to your door and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home and support your child's school at the same time! and click on the page for School SuppliesWhile your there check out all of the other programs and services we have to offer.
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Now you can have the convience of buying your child's supplies and financially supportng your school without leaving the comfort of your home!•For only $25.00 your child will get a 1st semester supply packet including all the basics they will need for class labeled with your child’s name and delivered to their School.Sample Package6 spiral notebooks •2packs #2 pencils •1 box each, crayons, markers, colored pencils •1 pack glue sticks •6packs loose leaf paper •1bottle each soap, sanitizer, ruler, pencil case, erasers, and a planner. (based on availability) All delivered to the school. No more driving all over town; especially if you have children in multiple schools!Refill packs and alacarte items available.How does this support my child's school?10% of the price of each package after the first 8 will be donated to your school's PTA and the don't have to do anything. They can use the Money for whatever they want or need to. It's a win-win for all! - Tutorial and Test Preparation services that come to Riland Helping Your Child Make the Grade!Now taking students for summer sessions.Teacher Talk Radio- Get your questions, get useful informationand engage in lively discussions on the topics You want to know
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No matter if you are an employee, small business owner, entrepreneur, professional, stay at home mom, retiree, or student, finances play a “huge” part in your everyday decisions. Most of us on December 31st said to ourselves when January 1st rolls around we will have a new year’s resolution to have a better financial landscape in 2009. We are already two months into 2009. Have you properly prepared for 2009 to be better than 2008?In order to achieve more, we have to review our past, adjust our present and prepare for our future. Once again 2008 has passed and 1/6th of 2009 is already gone! Allow me to help you to determine if you are on track. For a limited time only, we are giving a no-obligation “free analysis” to anyone in order to help you achieve your goals. “Remember preparation meets opportunities…”Contact me today to make your 2009 better than 2008!Tangela M. Davis, MBAFinancial Educator & ConsultantUnited First FinancialT. 704-299-1195E. tdavis@trinitystrategicconsulting.comW.
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