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Women Entrepreneurs, they wanna get into real estate investing, however they see it as a challenge.

I'm not excluding you gentlemen, but this here is mainly gonna be directed towards an overall, but mainly towards the women entrepreneurs to help them, just as well as the gentlemen, how to get into real estate investment, okay? And the first thing you have to do understanding that even though [01:32] ____... Number one, you have to have... You have to clean your credit, okay? And the reason that I say clean your credit, it's because even with hard money lenders, they're not trusting. Some of them, if you've been out there long enough, they'll deal with you. But if you're a newbie coming into the game, hard money lenders, they're gonna see what's on your credit. They're gonna look and see if you ever owned any type of real estate before. Because again, as I told you all before, your credit is your personality. Your credit tells a lot about you, whether it may be true or not, it does say a lot about you.

That's the reason that I try to encourage you all. First, fix your credit. And it doesn't take a long time to fix your credit. I know there's a lot of credit repair companies out here that have disappointed many of you with the credit process. That's the reason that, with our program, I implemented the escrow accounts. So, that way, it protects you as the consumer, as well as making sure that the job gets done. That means that you put that money in escrow, and the repair company cannot access that funding until they are able to show that they have cleaned the credit, at least between 75% to 80% of that credit. So, there's no way that you're gonna be taken advantage of, not if you're coming through my company, okay? And we have four different divisions that deal with credit, plus an in-house attorney, which is very good. 1-888-883-3013

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People Who Prosper is pleased to announce our new segment, A Day in the Life of... Series.  In addition to featuring successful business persons, we will be featuring work-from-home business owners, chronicling a typical day in their life. This segment is to help those CURIOUS and perhaps INTERESTED in a career change. 

Our first A Day in the Life of… feature entrepreneur is Shakirah Karim. She is a Seacret Agent by day..and by night. Shakirah is a successful distributor with Seacret Direct. Seacret Direct started about two years ago, branching off of their kiosks in malls. Shakirah and her partner Felipe have jumped right in and are steadily moving up the ranks. 007 couldn’t touch her as she rises to the top in this company.  So, watch your back as you read A Day in the Life of…Shakirah Karim, Seacret Agent. 


1. What do you do and how long have you been self-employed ?


My background is in public relations/Marketing and I'm currently a partner in a few small businesses. I've been self-employed as a network marketer for 6 years and for the past 2 years my main focus has been as a SEACRET Agent, an independent partner within the community of Seacret: an established retail brand now converted into a network business model. 

2. How did you find your business and what made you decide to become self-employed?

I was introduced to SEACRET by a few close friends. They had been inspired by products and had come up with a new concept that would redefine the Seacret brand. They developed a system where instead of chasing people at the mall through high pressured kiosk sales, they could WOW them in the comforts of their own home. Today, with still less than 30,000 agents within the entire company (US, Canada, Mexico, South Korea) and more international capabilities there is so much more growth we're going to experience and those that take action and position themselves  now while we're doing less than $5 million a month will be reaping the many rewards once we reach $100 million mark! 

3. What are your daily success, productive, personal development and/or family routines? Explain a day in your life: Morning. Afternoon. Evening.

My daily routine consists of waking up, walking my dog, reading a few pages of the Bible. Then I spend 30-45 minutes doing personal development, I just finished reading Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napolean Hill and I've just started reading The Leader Within by John C Maxwell. I try to make it to the gym at least 4 times in the week. I make sure I start my day off right and continue to working on myself inside and out. Creating good habits like these help you develop in business and in other areas of your life. The remainder of my day consists of a mixture of sharing the products with new people and helping new agents launch their business and helping them with their WOW parties.  I work Seacret on a full-time basis so I will have 1-2 WOW parties a day. The majority of people who work with us are on a part-time basis, doing maybe 1 WOW party a week. I'm on a leadership hunt, we're less than 25,000 agents, the top money earners coming out of Seacret haven't even heard of this opportunity yet. 

4. What are the biggest challenges in your business operations?

The biggest challenge that I face would have to be MINDSET. It's something that we all struggle with not only in business, in our faith, in our life. What's interesting, is it’s also the only thing we have control over. I can't control what others are going to do or not do. But I can control how I feel, how I react and what action I take. I continue to work on keeping a positive forward thinking mindset. For the first time I've found a passion and purpose in what I’m doing and I’m confident on where it will take me and my family. Never forgetting where I've come from, I'm focused on where I'm going and how many people I can take with me. 

5. What keeps you motivated to work from home or stay self-employed and not get an everyday J.O.B.?

I'm motivated by the future of this company. Seacret was a $800 Million powerhouse and to be a part of that moving over to the relationship marketing space has been amazing. What motivates me is that fact that we have WOW products that shows results, it's sold in over 40 countries, and has only been open for less than 2 years. The timing of the company has made me want to work even harder. There's no other industry that can provide me unlimited income potential and time freedom. And with Seacret I've been able to help other people realize their goals and dreams as well, because it's not just what you do in your life but how many other people you can effect as well.

6. What advice would you give to someone looking to be self-employed?

What I love about this business is that it's meant to be built part-time. You should be working full-time on your job and part-time on your fortune (your business). I think self-employment is the key to freedom. Having a part-time home based business that pays can give the average person choices. If you find the right venture and follow a proven system that part-time business could do anything from cover the bills to pay for that vacation or even completely transform your life financially. Once the income from your part-time business outweighs your full-time income you have reached freedom. Then you are in a position to choose where you want to spend your time. When deciding to start/open a business do your research, find something that will give you exponential return. With respect to network marketing if you want to build true leverage invest in a venture where there's still an opportunity for growth and not in a company that has an already well established distribution. Mark Twain once said that success was simple: "Find out where everyone is going and then get there first."



If you would be interested in being feature in our A Day in the Life of.... Series, please email with a synopsis of your journey to working at home.

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Getting a home loan does not have to be cumbersome and daunting. All you need is a trusted loan expert who can give you honest advice on the best financing for your needs.Here are the simple steps involved in the loan process:Get an Estimate of What You Can AffordFind out how much you can afford to pay for a new home, second home or investment property. Strengthen your bargaining position and make your offer stand out by getting prequalified.Request a PrequalificationGet advice on different home loans and ratesWork with a lender to discuss the best financing for your needs.Request a Free Consultation with a Mortgage expertGet Pre-ApprovedPreapproval makes you look like a serious buyer and is favored by home sellers when they are considering bids. Contact you Mortgage Professional to find out how you can get preapproved.Find a HomeFind a home in a specific location or price range. Search the MLS and get new properties emailed to you. Work with a real Estate Professional.Apply for a LoanOnce you have decided on the home that you want to buy, the most important step is the loan application. Prepare ahead of time for this and ask your mortgage professional to provide you a checklist that will help you with the loan application.Request a Loan ApplicationComplete the paperwork and DocumentationYou will need to provide a completed loan application and the requested documentation to your loan agent. The loan application form typically asks for information about the property, the terms of purchase, and the employment and financial history of all the loan applicants. After you apply the lender will start verifying all the information that you have provided.Complete the Appraisal, Title & UnderwritingTo calculate the mortgage payment, the lender will begin by asking how much you are looking to borrow. The property value and your personal finances will determine the maximum loan amount. To estimate the property value, the lender will ask a real estate appraiser to give an opinion about its value. The appraiser's opinion can be an important factor in determining whether you qualify for the amount of mortgage you want. The loan agent will be the intermediary between you, the borrower, and the underwriter.Get Approved & Lock Your RateOnce the loan is approved, the loan papers will be sent to the escrow/title company or your attorney. The escrow officer or attorney will include other documents to the file created from information received from the lender. Once these documents are prepared, the escrow officer or attorney will contact you to set up an appointment for you to come in and sign your papers.Close the DealYour loan advisor will get in touch with you to schedule a closing date. The date will be specified on the purchase agreement. Closing is the last step and involves different types of fees like Title Insurance, Appraisal, Origination Fees/Points, Homeowners insurance, credit report fee etc. At the closing you will sign all mortgage documents and take possession of your new home. If you are refinancing, you will get a lower interest rate, or cash ou
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Turning Dream Vacations Into Reality

Wanna get away? Then let me help book your group cruise, destination wedding, or family reunion.As a group travel specialist, I work with local clubs, associations, charities, non-profits, sports-oriented groups, churches and other organizations and I can help you with:* Family Reunions* Class Reunions* Sports Teams* Family Vacations* Student Groups* Destination Weddings* Religious Retreats* Group Business Travel* and more!For more information visit or call 1-877-529-9555.Sign up for my TRAVEL DEALS NEWSLETTER to get deep discounts when you book airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, vacation packages, cruises, and so much more! Just go to me on twitter @ a Fan on Facebook @
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The answers to this question can be found when you join us on Wednesday, June 11th at 11 a.m. (EST) on You join us by phone, "dial - in" number is (347) 205-9229 or in the chatroom on the host page.Believe me...people are still buying and selling homes! It may be at a slower rate but it is being done! Or, it's summertime and want to spend more time with family but, you have got a business to run....hire a virtual assistant! Find out more on what a virtual assistant can do for you!Here is a little information on our radio guests --Melissa L. Newton is one of our newest WBO members and owner of the website, She currently is employed with Exit American Eagle Realty. Ms. Newton has been with 2 other companies and has found each to have very different approaches in helping their agents succeed. She attributes her success in this business to Exit American Eagle Realty because she feels treated as an asset to the company. This company has also implemented a new program that supports nonprofits in the community. Each agent will donate 10% of their commission, in the name of the customer, to a charity of their (buyer's) choosing. What an awesome idea! Would you like to hear more about this offer? Tune in to the show on Wednesday.Mary "Kate" LaFrance is a WBO member and owns Ms. LaFrance is a veteran of the newspaper business within the trenches experience in graphic design, copywriting, ad sales, management and editorial marketing instincts. All of these skills/talents led to the launch of her own successful virtual assistant business in 2006. Her company has underwent a name change to HELP Virtual Mktg+Admin to reflect her internet marketing focus. On this broadcast, she is announcing the launch of her new website,, where she shares her marketing ideas and advice with other entrepreneurs. Come find out more about her new upcoming teleseminar, "Enough to be Dangerous" and how to get a special discount!They are offering special discounts if you utilize their services. Don't miss out on this opportunity!
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Good Morning!This is your personal invitation to join us on tomorrow (Wednesday) June 11th at 11 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) for our online "live" radio show -- "Do I Need a Real Estate Agent or a Virtual Assistant".You can join us either in the chatroom on the host page or by phone, "dial in" phone number, (347) 205 -9229.If you need additional information on our radio, please check my blog on myspace, see you tomorrow!Altha
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Hotel New York is Not in New York

The Hotel New York is a modern hotel and café-restaurant situated in one of the most attractive spots in Rotterdam. On the outside, the former head office of the Holland-Amerika Line has a cosmopolitan feel: it's facade is symmetrical in design, with balconies, dormer windows, towers and decorations; most grand hotels built around 1880 adhered to that style. In addition, the building is magnificently situated, with views of the city's skyline, the harbour and the river. At night you can experience the peace and tranquillity of a hotel on the water. From the building's many vantage points, you can watch the often spectacular sunsets, while the windows afford views of the clouds and city lights.Hotel New York has 72 rooms, including two tower rooms and a penthouse which is for rent for longer periods of time. The rooms are fitted with en suite bathroom and toilet, shower and/or bath, telephone and television. They are spacious, with high ceilings, and most offer a view of the river. The hotel is located a short distance from trams, subway, bus or just walk into city center where you'll find shopping, culture and a visitor's center for friendly help.
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