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3 Tips for Networking!

Have the right mindset when meeting new people.

Truly care about where they are and how you can help them grow. Of course we all have our needs, but when we build relationships, we need to first care about others.

Take the initiative to "put yourself out there."

It's so important to embark on new ventures with a fearless attitude. If you don't take action you won't be able to achieve your goals. So many people don't understand that being proactive about networking is at the core of being a good networker. You really need to "make it happen". In order for you to take action you'll need to overcome fear and insecurity.

Ask open-ended questions in networking conversations.

This means questions that ask who, what, where, when, and how as opposed to those that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This form of questioning opens up the discussion and shows listeners that you are interested in them.

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When women like us decide to stay home and figure out just how to make a living from the Internet, we do so with the intention of being more available to our families and ourselves, right? 

You may have had the intention to pursue more of your hobbies, or perhaps you saw an opportunity in Internet marketing or the blogosphere and just wanted to try.  For most of us, we are committed to exploring our own interests and skills, and just embracing the overall elements of managing our time and life on our own terms. 

Whatever the reason, you have started this endeavor with the intent of succeeding. Part of Internet marketing requires bloggers and marketers to engage in social media. Social media has become the “go-to” place to spread the word about your product or service and it is one of the few ways that you can connect with thousands of people without spending thousands of dollars.

Yet now it may seem like all you are doing is sitting on the social sites, as opposed to actively promoting your blog or product in any other manner. You are spending less time with your family or accomplishing your tasks because you have to be available to respond to the posts on social media, and stay in-the-know about the topics that might connect you with your potential clients. You are now working more hours in a day than you ever did at your previous job!

You have now discovered that you are unfulfilled, and that social media can be an even bigger time-vacuum than your typical 9-to-5.  Now what?

What To Do In This Situation

To better manage this process, here are four tips for achieving your goals of success and family time.  These tips take a life coach approach to time management and goal-setting, and will serve you well if you are committed, flexible (because these processes leave room for the unforeseen), and tenacious.  Consider hiring a life coach to help you set up a system that will help you define your goals, and put actions in place to achieve those goals.

1. Set A Schedule. You will need to design a schedule and stick to it. Set a specific time to post content, to respond to social media, to be with your family and to complete your chores. Some days, you won't be able to stick to your schedule, but make that the exception, not the rule. 

2. Social Media Can Wait. While it is easy to believe that when someone posts a comment on your blog that you should immediately respond, the truth is you have time. People may be grateful for an instant response, but it is not necessary. Many people will post a comment or question and then move on to other things. They do not check for a response until a later time.

3. Remember What Is Important. Your family is important. Your housework is important. Your hobby is important. Your blog content is important. Everything else is secondary.  Yes, money matters, but the way you earn income can be tied to your sense of fulfillment, and Internet marketing is one avenue for that knowledge to be applied.  Making time for your highest priorities can leave you with the clarity of mind to attain work-life harmony.

4. Reevaluate Your Goals. Sometimes it is very important to step back and look at the reasons that you started this business. When you rekindle the romance with why you wanted to become an Internet marketer or blogger, you become re-energized to actively pursue that goal again. A good coach can help with this component, and thanks to today's technology, that coach can be anywhere in the world, and still serve you well.  When you're looking for a life coach Tampa, think of Atlanta, Los Angeles, or even Kingston as viable cities for which to search for your ideal coach online.  Don't be shy to search outside of your area, because you can use Skype or Google Hangouts for "face-to-face" contact.

It will be a little difficult to make the adjustment from being totally immersed in social media to regulating your time, but it is possible, and Internet entrepreneurs the world over are doing it every day. Try the steps above, include a coach in your readjustment strategy, and commit to embracing not just busy work, but meaningful work as well.  Social media is meant to be a tool for your success by engaging with people who share your interests and need the skills you have.  Keep that in mind, and you may just see that work-life harmony is not that far-fetched of an idea.

Akilah Richards is a full-time entrepreneur who has benefited significantly from the services of a reputable life coach.  She shares articles about the importance of hiring reinforcements to help you design a plan for your time and tasks, so that you can see the benefits of choosing a non-traditional approach to your work, via the Internet.  

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Not Too Late to Become a Premier Coach

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What do you do when you’ve done everything you’re told and it still doesn’t work? You are working endlessly behind the computer only to find that you've left little time to do what matter's most. What do you do? Give up? No. You can do it!



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Robin Tramble International was founded by Professional Life Empowerment Coach,
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She is also creator of . She shares women's empowerment expertise with women across the world and locally as she did on her most recent interview on Good Day Sacramento.

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Attention: Spiritually Minded Women Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Solopreneurs, Ministry Leaders, Women Entrepreneurs, WAHM, WAHW and aspiring.
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Maybe you start off with a bang only to end with a fizz due to disempowering behaviors and habits?

We are coming into the last month of 2011…. BUT Wait! Before you dare speak about wrapping up the year NOW is not the time to snooze.



From: Coach/Mentor Entrepreneur Robin Tramble, Elk Grove, CA
To: Spiritually Minded Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, WAHW, WAHM, Authors and Online Marketers


There are so many things that make up the system for your attracting and getting clients, customers and prospects and I see many who don’t even have the basic foundation which is a list building strategy.


If you really want to know how to attract, get and retain prospects, clients and customers, whether you’re an author, coach, consultant, woman entrepreneur, speaker or aspiring you need to learn how to do this effectively.


This is not just something left to the Guru’s this is something that you can learn and apply.

I did it and you can too! I’ve invested thousands in the knowledge that I have and of course I’ve sought out God’s wisdom because “Wisdom tells Knowledge what to do!”

Are you going to continue hopin’ and a wishin’ or step up and out in Faith to manifest your desired results? Will you continue watching as others succeed, twiddling your thumbs and having a pity party or will you finally get up and take targeted, strategic and focused action.

I’m taking away the excuse that you can’t afford it. Here’s a little word of advice “remove the words I can’t afford it from your talk.” Replace it with something more affirming and positive. Your subconscious mind moves on your thoughts, actions and what you speak.

This special is such an incredible of.fer you’d have to really try very hard to ignore it.
Besides, God’s gift to you is life and what you do with it is your Gift to Him. Now is not the time to wrap up the year or embrace a scarcity mindset. I believe that we should maximize life everyday!

This is where you can separate the successful from the wanna bes or those living in the woulda, coulda, shoulda zone.

I’m writing you to let you in on a very special opportunity for you to upgrade your business.

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Are you a job seeker looking for career opportunities in the green industry?

Are you a career professional who helps individuals withcareer planning?

Would you like to understand what the green economy reallymeans?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you shouldjoin me on Wednesday, April 28th as I interview author and Green Career expert Carol McClelland, PhD, as she talks about the industries and sectors that make
up the green economy and what job opportunities exist for those willing to extend themselves beyond traditional career paths. Carol will also offer advice to coaches and other career professionals on how they can coach their clients to transition into green careers.

We would love to have you on the call, but if you can’t makeit, feel free to follow this link to post your questions. You can also go directly to our CareerTips2Go show page on Blog Talk Radio - for call-in details.

Make sure to pencil in Wednesday, April 28, at 2 pm Easternto tune in to our discussion. We promise you an enlightening hour.

Please forward this to anyone who could benefit from this discussion.



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