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5 Bad Credit Financing Sources 5 Tips on How to get Bad Credit Financing.

1. Merchant cash advances- these are loans that are done off of future credit card receipts. It you have an merchant account with flagship merchant, square-up, paypal, or intuit, just to name a few. You can attempt to get a loan without them looking at your personal credit. Although, I still feel you should focus on fixing your personal credit.

2. Forming a partnership with some that has access to cash or credit is another good resource. As long as, they have an clear understanding of what portion of the business they would own. This is why Business Credit America encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to setup C-corporations so you can just issue stocks instead of making people partnerships.

3. Micro-loans- are made by non-profit organizations, such as Accion (, which will grant small loans (up to $50,000) designed to help startups owned by women and minorities, as well as companies that are established in economic empowerment zones. Loans are also available through the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Microloan Program, which lends funds through non-profit community-based intermediary lenders. Microloans are a great option for businesses with bad credit or no credit histories because their credit requirements are typically more lenient.

4. Crowd funding- is a resource of private investors that are looking for business to invest in for a higher return on their money. When the banks experienced that financial melt down, they stop lending money to business owners. Many of their investors were not getting good returns on bank cd's, money market accounts, or annuities, so these investors started to lend money to small businesses in return for a better interest rate of return. They don't focus on the personal credit. These investors are looking at the profitability of the business is how they determine who they will invest their money with.

5. IRA'S- A lot of people that are still employed or may have access to their retirement plans, may want to consider borrowing from it. The term is called ROB- roll over business. We will discuss how to use the IRA's without being penalized early in the forums.

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"Small Business, It's Time to Think BIG"

I'm amazed when I ask small business owners if they accept credit cards from their customers and some say “no”. These business owners tell me that they cannot afford to pay for a merchant account because they don’t make enough sales or simply that they are not ready. I ask them, ready for what? Many times, they just don’t have an answer. I believe it’s because they are trying to figure out if they are actually in business to do business. As any business owner knows, there can be risks in running a business. What is your underlying fear in taking a risk & propelling your business to the next level?In business, the goal is to make a profit. You can’t make a profit if you don’t make sales. One way to boost your sales is to offer your customers flexibility in paying for their purchases. Accepting credit cards from your customers offers you another avenue for generating sales and building your business. A merchant account should be a part of your basic business “toolkit”. And don’t forget that your merchant account fees are considered a business expense (the cost in doing business).Credit cards are a dominant form of payment, next to cash, for products & services even during slow economic times. Research shows that customers will spend an average of 30% more on purchases when using credit cards. What would a 30% increase in sales volume do for your business?It is time for the small business owner to think BIG! Think purposely and expansively about how you will effectively grow your business. Despite the current economic conditions, there are many opportunities for the small business owner to advance his/her business in the marketplace. But it will take action and enlarging your vision to see that you are able to afford a merchant account. By not having a merchant account, you are simply driving your customers to your competitors that do offer this service.There are many options in the marketplace for the business owner to select in setting up their new merchant account. You want to select the company that provides you with personalized service, attractive rates and knows your business needs and your budget.At Pay Bizness, we specialize in setting up merchant accounts for small businesses in all types of industries. We offer a variety of merchant solutions including Wireless Terminals, Secure WebPay, Virtual Terminal, Check Guarantee/Conversion, Gift/Loyalty Cards and ATM’s.We offer low, reasonable rates and have credit card and check solutions that will help your business to attract more customer sales and boost your revenue.Regardless of your past credit history or length of time in your business, we will work with you to set up the ideal merchant account.For more details, visit our website at or you can contact us at (888) 992-5551 or email us at
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