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5 Bad Credit Financing Sources

http://BusinessCreditAmerica.com 5 Tips on How to get Bad Credit Financing.

1. Merchant cash advances- these are loans that are done off of future credit card receipts. It you have an merchant account with flagship merchant, square-up, paypal, or intuit, just to name a few. You can attempt to get a loan without them looking at your personal credit. Although, I still feel you should focus on fixing your personal credit.

2. Forming a partnership with some that has access to cash or credit is another good resource. As long as, they have an clear understanding of what portion of the business they would own. This is why Business Credit America encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to setup C-corporations so you can just issue stocks instead of making people partnerships.

3. Micro-loans- are made by non-profit organizations, such as Accion (http://www.accionusa.org), which will grant small loans (up to $50,000) designed to help startups owned by women and minorities, as well as companies that are established in economic empowerment zones. Loans are also available through the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Microloan Program, which lends funds through non-profit community-based intermediary lenders. Microloans are a great option for businesses with bad credit or no credit histories because their credit requirements are typically more lenient. goo.gl/ycLkHf

4. Crowd funding- is a resource of private investors that are looking for business to invest in for a higher return on their money. When the banks experienced that financial melt down, they stop lending money to business owners. Many of their investors were not getting good returns on bank cd's, money market accounts, or annuities, so these investors started to lend money to small businesses in return for a better interest rate of return. They don't focus on the personal credit. These investors are looking at the profitability of the business is how they determine who they will invest their money with.

5. IRA'S- A lot of people that are still employed or may have access to their retirement plans, may want to consider borrowing from it. The term is called ROB- roll over business. We will discuss how to use the IRA's without being penalized early in the forums.

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beauty salon owners linkedin

LinkedIn is the Rodney Dangerfield of social media: despite having 200 million highly influential subscribers, it gets no respect. Even though it is consistently ranked among the social giants Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t seem to get as much hype from the mainstream media. But as a tool for marketing your beauty salon business, it provides a huge edge over its more popular peers. Because unlike Facebook and Twitter, which regularly exchange cat photos, inane one-liners and political rants from nutty uncles, LinkedIn is all business.

How companies are leveraging LinkedIn

You operate a beauty salon business. Your time and energy is scarce. So why should you worry about LinkedIn? Here are a few ways your peers (there are 1.3 million small-business owners on the network) are employing it to their advantage:

  1. Sharing wins: As a beauty salon business owner, you're working hard. Why not share your success stories? Promoting your accomplishments is just good marketing. And with 2 million C-level executives using the site, you might suddenly find yourself with some deep-pocketed suitors.
  2. Getting referrals: LinkedIn makes it easy to get peer and client endorsements for the work you do. Best part? When someone recommends you or writes a testimonial, everyone within your network sees it in his or her activity feed. This type of social proof is the BEST way of getting new customers.
  3. Finding new talent: If your beauty salon business keeps growing, you'll undoubtedly need to hire new employees. LinkedIn is a great place—scratch that, it’s the BEST place—to find new players to include in your team.
  4. Promoting events: LinkedIn’s event feature is a game changer! It has never been so easy to spread the news and drum up enthusiasm about upcoming events, sales and get togethers. You can even use their service directory to find professional event planners to help you.
  5. Boosting website traffic: A little-known secret about LinkedIn is that it’s very influential with Google; if you have a presence on LinkedIn, you’re likely to see a jump in search engine visibility, too. More clicks = more customers!
  6. Getting answers: LinkedIn is a goldmine for information on operating a successful beauty salon business. You can uncover great advice from some of the savviest business minds in the world in LinkedIn Answers and Groups. You will discover over 2000 groups devoted to small-business and beauty salon business related topics.
  7. Finding investors, vendors and partners: It’s a networker’s paradise. Whether you require some capital, a new accounting firm, or even a beauty salon business partner, you’re not going to find a better resource than LinkedIn. Anywhere.

We’re just scratching the surface here, folks. The benefits don’t end there. Pay a visit to LinkedIn, set up a page for your business and see for yourself. I know your time is scarce, but trust me, it’s worth it.

About Author:
Charlotte Howard is a Radio Host and Beauty Salon Success Coach. She specializes in beauty salon business start-up and client attraction. Contact her today for all of your burning beauty salon business questions, visit www.CharlotteHowardInfo.com

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Access women fitness and financial tools free

During our biggest decisions we are subject to on the job training  called  LIFE for example:

  • What  are your options for health insurance  and how to make the most of  all the changes.
  • How debt collection and bankruptcy works and how you need to be aware of your rights.
  • How to get a copy of your credit report and how to dispute incorrect information on it

Many times we need to make a decision quickly .

Now there’s a better way

You will find great guides and presentations that will open your eyes up to options on health  , finances, savings and insurance options  through educational resources so you can more informed decisions.

Get Instant Access

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What makes a powerful  business woman?  Check her birthdate.

Are you a sliver sista thinking of starting your own business-now is the time

A world of opportunities opens up when you turn 50. Today, there are entire web sites, companies, and services devoted to the over-50 demographic. Find your niche in that market. -- S. Mitchell

1. Women over 50 are a powerful market force in today's economy. Women buy 80% of consumer goods and services, and among the 80 million baby boomers, that's power. -- N. O'Reilly

2. Women over 50 are president, CEO, and the star of their own lives. If you have the attitude that life is precious, that life is grandiose, that you don't want to waste any time, you will make this quality time. -- S. Mitchell

3. The entrepreneurial spirit is booming in 50-year-old women. She's following her dreams, starting her own business. She's forming partnerships with other women's businesses. She knows that collaboration is a valuable part of being successful. -- N. O'Reilly
Once the college bills are out of the way and children launch their own households, the discretionary spending power of 50-plus women soars. They spend 2.5 times what the average person spends. Women are the primary buyers for computers, cars, banking, financial services and a lot of other big-ticket categories. – Marti Barletta, Primetime Women

We are gracious and add  the right about of seasoning to the business world ------ Cyndi C


AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, is an organization that caters not only to retired female workers but also to older workers in general. AARP is a North American organization that caters to people over fifty and will help to provide information on pretty much anything that concerns older people such as health, investment and small business information, Medicare and where to find the best insurance.

There are however some sites that cater to the specific needs of the mature female  and one of them is called WAHM. Work At Home Mothers is set up to provide support and advice to any female with children or grandchildren that has a vested interest in starting or continuing a home based business. This can range from financial backing without the discrimination hassle or just counseling for when things get too tough to handle on your own.

We want to mentor and share what we know -we are happy to see others develop and grow'---Cyndi C


The coming wave of mature entrepreneurs Ted Riley
Anjana Ahuja, Ph.D for Psychology Today
Web MD 50 Great things about women after 50

Silver sista's feel Blessed for where they have been, **not looking back**they enjoy where they are now*** and look forward to celebrating contributions to society to the future.  "Cyndi C" aka sewingsista

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I'm on this never-ending quest to simplify my life as much as possible--so hooking up the Facebook/Twitter connection brought me one step closer to that goal.

To do this, just visit http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/ , log in if needed, and click on your profile and any other Pages you have when it asks you to allow Twitter to post updates to them.  Easy-breezy!  


Now, if there was only an app to allow Facebook to do my laundry... (app-masters, get on that stat!)



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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zen.jpgI love this tidbit of wisdom that one of my good friends shared with me (which was passed on, in turn, from a friend of hers.)  I found it invaluable when it comes to the ups and downs of starting and running a business–and I’ve quickly gotten into the habit of doing the following:


Basically, instead of focusing on the negatives in your life and business (i.e., not enough leads or clients as you’d like, a mailing list that isn’t quite the size you want just yet, etc.)–think of all the POSITIVES that abound around you.  For example–your health, for starters.  The mental capacity that God gave you to even juggle all those things on your to-do list, lol.  You may not have reached your total goal yet–but look back at how far you’ve come!  I like to keep what I call my Gratitude Journal–just jotting down whatever comes to mind in terms of things I’m grateful for, no matter how small.  Trust me–they add up!  And it really helps to boost my spirits when I’m feeling funky and self-pitying.


So, overall, there are three steps to take at the beginning of each day, in order to get yourself moving:

  1. Think of all the things you’re thankful for, including the victories that haven’t yet materialized (because you know they eventually will!)
  2. Visualize your reached goals (more clients, better business visibility, more balance, etc.–fill in the blanks!)
  3. Focus on accomplishing at least one thing today that will propel you towards that goal–a phone call, an email, attending a networking event, even revising a press release, web page or product.

I firmly believe that if you consistently stay with this mindset, you will eventually see results–often sooner than later.  Know why?  Because you simply get back what you give out into the Universe–including positive, productive energy.

So, keep your head up and get going.  It’s gonna be a great day!



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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Early this morning I was watching TV One’s “Living With Soul,” which featured the home of author and OperationHope.org founder John Bryant and his wife Sheila.  Their Los Angeles home is a beautiful, contemporary showcase of art by Zimbabwe’s Shona tribe–but I was even more impressed by what he does outside the home.


Homeless for six months when he was 18, Bryant refused to mentally accept his predicament, noting the difference between broke (an economic condition), and poor (a state of mind that can keep one locked into that position).  He gradually climbed out of his situation, to become the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE, America’s first non-profit social investment banking organization–now operating in 68 U.S. communities and South Africa, having raised more than $500 million from the private sector to empower the poor.


effak.png?width=144One of their best resources is the free Emergency Financial Aid Kit, created to help families and individuals in maintaining financial stability in the event of an emergency.  It helps you identify and organize key financial records, providing a quick reference file for your important financial documents.  Why do I think this is just TheBomb.com?  Simply because money is a BIG issue, especially for small business owners who may or may not have a steady income and are figuring out how to budget everything.  And if you have a family, the pressure is compounded.  With many one-income families, the stay-at-home spouse may not know all the details about the household financials–which can be disastrous in a crisis situation.


Check it out, it’s a great resource.



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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Can I be real with you for a sec?  Sometimes, I feel like a machine, with all of the stuff on my to-do list.  Trust me--I'm not trying to complain, but I just have to put it out there for a minute.  Make new business cards.  Write a couple of new blog entries.  Transcribe podcast recordings.  Tweak my Wordpress pages.  Create a new banner.  Research new markets...and that's just to name a few, lol.  We're not even talking about the things that need to be done re. my existing clients!  (And I know what you're thinking--"why not delegate?"  Oh, that would be so wonderful--in due time!  Right now, when the budget is still small, I've gotta utilize my one-woman know-how as much as possible!)


Sometimes, when I look at my hefty to-do list, yes--I sometimes feel overwhelmed in a "How the heck am I ever going to get this done?" kind of way!  But then I realize that I have to look at things in a different light.  Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship is still what I love to do; it's my passion.  So, why not make it fun?  I'm going to strive to see my tasks not as doldrum work--but as learning experiences along the small business journey.  I know a lot, but I'm still learning a lot--hell, aren't we all?  And this is a great way to learn as I go.


And one last thing that I need to remind myself of & am getting better at: Learn to turn it off already! That can be a challenge when you work from home & everything's in one place--but seriously.  Turn the laptop off, go play with your kids (who are probably clamoring for your attention anyway), read a book--whatever you do to relax.  There's something about being on a laptop all day that fries your brain, isn't it?  Don't forget to replenish those cells!



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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October is Small Business Month?

Okay, I was online networking and just found that October is Small Business Month. There is nothing happening here in Wisconsin for small businesses during this month so I decided to start the month of with promotions. WHY NOT?

I have scheduled a show on talk shoe to talk about C.K.Q. LLC and it's affiliates AND giving other business owners the opportunity to do the same.

So please join me and if you want to promote your business contact me at info@ckqllc.biz I am charging $2 if you want to have a chance to speak.$5 for promotion on the show and in the newsletter, BUT, I need to hear from you by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. The newsletter is being released tomorrow NOON CST.
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BOOKKEEPING TIP: As a sole Proprietorship, you are responsible Self-employment and income taxes on the NET EARNINGS/PROFIT your business earns. It is important to keep accurate records of payments received from sales and be sure not to record non-payroll payments to yourself as an expense. Need help figuring out how to... track this? Visit our site or Call us to schedule a complimentary 30-consultation 888-449-4145 or visit this link to schedule a 30-min complimentary telephone consultation NOW!

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Do you struggle to get clients? And even beyond that does it seem like a mystery
to attract your ideal clients? I'm going to share a few tips that will help you
take the mystery out of attracting your ideal clients.

As a woman entrepreneur you face many challenges and one can be the activity of
keeping clients. Read on for some basic tips on this.

First and fore must you must make a commitment to make time for this activity.
You can’t continue to blame others for your lack of success if you continue to dwell
in the woulda, coulda shoulda zone. Robin Tramble

As Wendy Y Bailey puts it your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.
I know that we at times want to serve all whether they can pay or not but if you’re going
to realize the abundant life and raise your game you need money to advance the Kingdom.
Money is a necessity to build your Empire to manifest your dreams.
So unless you’re not at all serious about this
your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.

Now, some of you may be having a problem with this and it could be your mindset.
One mindset shift that you need to make is that I’m worth it. What I have to offer
will change their lives and manifest the results they desire and they will pay for results.

One thing that is critical is to know who it is that your message is to.
You might be saying oh that’s easy women. Well, that’s a little too broad.
That may be your target market but now you need to identify your niche.
Is it women in transition from a career to home? Women who have diabetes and
Want to up-level their life by realizing healthy eating habits and sticking to them?
Women who are stuck and don’t know where to go next in their business development
Etc. ? We’ll do an exercise in the live event in Sacramento, CA
and touch a little on this in the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Boost Camp.

Knowing this will help you attract your ideal client because your marketing language will
speakto them and they will recognize you as the solution to their problem.They will say hey! I need that, she knows what I’m talking about, whatI’m feeling.

How sure are you about your product, service or program? What are the benefits? I’m not
talking about the features. The benefits. Here’s the question they are asking, what does it
do for me? They don’t care about the fact that it’s a great washing machine double capacity etc.
They want to know the benefits “save time” “save money” “you’ll be the envy of your friends” etc.
Knowing who your ideal client is saves you time, saves you money. You won’t waste time advertising
in arenas that your ideal client doesn’t congregate in. Your messages are targeted and instead of
to the masses.

How do you view your self worth? As I was talking to my Women’s Empowerment Inner Circle
Gold Tier group one thing I shared is that your leadership will influence people to follow you.
People follow others when they see a clear sense of purpose.
People will only follow you if they see that you know where you are going. It also stands to
reason that people will follow you if you’re confident and know your self worth. It shows
believe it or not. Your prospect must come to know, know like and trust you
and all of the above plays a role in that.

All of the above and more plays a role in your attracting your ideal client.
Ready to get started on your own? I've given you some basic tips, however,
if you're tired of doing it alone and want support, you know you need
an accountability measure to help kick you into gear then I invite you to connect with me.

I have two opportunities. The Empowerment Gathering live is an electrifying, empowering and Transformational event happening in
Sacramento, CA in August. Seating is limited. Secure your seat here http://www.tegl2010.com

Second there's the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Online Boost Camp.
Find out more and secure your seat here http://budurl.com/WEMB or check out the fre.e
preview call here.

As always I welcome your comments.
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There are several secrets to networking in a particular field or industry. Networking is literally one of the main keys to spreading the word about your business. This article will focus on Black Business Owners due to black business owners are more likely to fail 5 times more than their counterparts.

In March 2008, a huge campaigned was launched by Lee Green to teach, train, empower and edify black business owners. Online entrepreneurship and marketing training for black business owners was developed through a membership site. Although there is massive amounts of information within the membership club, this article will discuss 8 secrets to networking and being a member of the largest money attracting and marketing training organization focusing on Black business owners and those who desire to start their very own business.

The reason the below benefits are secrets is mainly because few business owners have the knowledge when it comes to networking online and marketing their business online.

1. Business Directory
Business directories are a great tool when you have a body of individuals whose sole purpose is to provide the best services to their customers and partners. Members are given the opportunity to showcase their business, gifts, skills, talents and abilities in the form of a directory. When a member is ready to buy or is in need of a particular service they will look within the membership first to purchase what they want, need and or desire.

2. Business Benefits
The business benefits within the Black Business Builders Club is enormous. A guide on how to make money online , internet marketing training videos, business ebooks and articles, and software programs are just a few of the benefits offered to members. The benefits can be utilized by the entire family and not just business owners.

3. Training
Internet Marketing Training is becoming more and more prevalent as people begin to come online to start a business of some sort. Its imperative that people are taught how to effectively market online, not be scammed and learn how not to spam. Training is offered via webinars, conference calls, video, audio, email, blogs and articles.

4. Discounts
Travel and shopping discounts are also offered to members. Members can be found receiving discounts from major retail stores, car gasoline discounts and travel discounts.

5. Video Communications
Video and audio being used on websites, within articles, on capture pages and on blogs is big business. Email marketing is pretty much the same. The Black Business Builders Club offers video/ audio postcards which have received rave reviews. Can you imagine receiving an email that is in video form? The video postcards have been known to encourage people to become members because they are so impressed receiving a personalize video/audio postcard.

6. Networking
Networking provides an opportunity to build alliances. Networking and building relationships is completed online. Each member is a member of the National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA.org). The mission of the NBBTA in short is to empower and uplift entrepreneurs.

Weekly trainings are offered where members learn from presenters which is an opportunity for relationships and stronger communication amongst members.

Messaging systems and club chats are available for members to contact each other and for members to get on a group call to discuss pertinent issues or to just strike up general conversations.

Interactive discussions stemmed from blogs and forums keeps the membership community interactive with several topics being discussed and learned on a daily basis.

7. Earn Income
The key to having more household income coming in than going out is saving and for consumers to find opportunities to earn referral fees on products and services they are already using. There are many telephone companies who will give their customers a referral fee for telling others about their service. This is the easiest way to keep more household income. The Black Business Builders Membership Club gives members the opportunity to earn 74% referral fees when they inform other people.

In conclusion, having a business directory is basically free traffic for members and it gives members the opportunity to buy from one another which results in recycling dollars within the membership. The business benefits are valuable for any business owner or for any person who is interested in building a solid prosperous business online.

Training, discounts and cutting edge technological tools and resources are beneficial for members who want to stay in the fore front of the ever evolving world of changes on the Internet.

8. Lastly, the Black Business Builders Membership Club gives members the opportunity to learn while they earn an income. The sky is the limit as far as how much a person would like to earn by way of referral fees. The idea is for business owners to effectively learn how to market their business online, realize the success they are achieving from learning how to effectively market online and earn referral fees while building and sustaining their business.

Rhonda Hicks believes in finding information and delivering it to the masses. For more information on Black Business Networking please visit Recycle Community Dollars or call Rhonda at 316.665.6918.

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Women's Entrepreneur Boot Camp

Calling all women entrepreneurs & budding business owners, it's time to CREATE Your Own Economy by starting and growing YOUR business!The Women's Entrepreneur Boot Camp will help you enhance your skill-set, expand your business network, and become a much more self-assured business owner. This Summer Boot Camp is everything you need to launch your business quickly and enhance your marketing efforts to obtain customer$ - a timely event for extraordinary results.Have you hit a lull in your business or wondering how to start your business? Do you feel stuck wondering how to gain new customers? Does the economy have you constantly needing additional income? If your answer is YES any of the above questions, then this event is for you. The TIME is NOW to take control of your future and your business!Click here to learn more and REGISTER today! Seats are limited.
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Production company helps businesses market, promote and advertise your products and services via video marketing. Have you ever thought about video taping your next event? Creating a DVD for your event to advertise, market or place on your website? Griot's Roll Film Production & Services Inc. is a certified business. At Griot's Roll we provide Production (film/video), Post-Production (editing) and Multi-Media (video pod casting, video emails, video blogs, electronic business cards) services. We video tape interviews, entertainers, book signing, tape recruitment videos, festivals, cultural events, seminars, conference, lecture, networking events, social events, training videos, etc, and then create a quality video DVD or electronic business card (salesman in your pocket) that is ready to be shown on-line. Take a look at our information below including our video links.Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services is certified with:New York City Department of Small Business Services Division of Economic and Financial Opportunity M/WBE Certified Business EnterpriseNew York State Empire State Development Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development MBE Certified BusinessNew York State Dormitory Authority (DASNY) Office of Opportunity Program M/WBE Certified BusinessValid October 1, 2008 – December 31, 2008Griot’s Roll is running a special for any business owner or entrepreneur who wishes to video tape their networking, conferences, lectures, seminars, business or cultural events. Griot’s Roll will give you a 10% discount on your next purchase of any of our media service package, and if you bring in a paying referral then we will raise the discount to 12% on your total project price. Ask about our quarterly video special we will be happy to give you a quote.Griot’s Roll limits one coupon per company, nontransferable. Minimum hours required for both editing and production services. This discount does not include duplication services. This coupon may not be combined with any other coupon or specials. Coupon must be surrendered on day of purchase. No copies/facsimiles. No cash/credit back.GRFPS SPECIAL100108123108Eula M. Young, COOGriot's Roll Film Production & Services Inc.E-mail: eula@griotsrollproduction.comWebsite: www.griotsrollproduction.comBlog: http://blog.myspace.com/griotsrollGriot's Roll Recent Business Seminar Project:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5IdnOzTKfshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GN3BnWL3_8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E8bwkZ3Rq0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Els-oyfq5ps
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It's what we need...Small Biz Sanity!

Hi, everyone:Wow, what a great site Sistapreneurs is! So glad I came across it. A very positive & active community--just my style!If you read my page, I run a virtual assistance practice, Right Hand Concepts--where I provide remote administrative support to small businesses via email, phone & fax. If you've got administrative tasks that you don't have the time or desire to do & would rather focus on the MEAT of running your business, let's talk! (Okay, that was my shameless plug, lol.)I'm going to link this blog post to my main blog, Small Biz Sanity. It's where you can find all types of cool, fun anecdotes, resources & tips for entrepreneurs--plus "how I did it"-type Q&As from other small business owners just like yourself ('cause if they can do it, so can you!).Feel free to visit, check it out--and don't forget to sign up for regular updates on my latest blog entries!Peace 'n blessings,Vonetta Booker-Brownwww.smallbizsanity.comwww.righthandconcepts.comwww.vbookerbrown.com
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The answers to this question can be found when you join us on Wednesday, June 11th at 11 a.m. (EST) on www.blogtalkradio.com/wbo-radio. You join us by phone, "dial - in" number is (347) 205-9229 or in the chatroom on the host page.Believe me...people are still buying and selling homes! It may be at a slower rate but it is being done! Or, it's summertime and want to spend more time with family but, you have got a business to run....hire a virtual assistant! Find out more on what a virtual assistant can do for you!Here is a little information on our radio guests --Melissa L. Newton is one of our newest WBO members and owner of the website, www.melissanewton.remarkableagents.com. She currently is employed with Exit American Eagle Realty. Ms. Newton has been with 2 other companies and has found each to have very different approaches in helping their agents succeed. She attributes her success in this business to Exit American Eagle Realty because she feels treated as an asset to the company. This company has also implemented a new program that supports nonprofits in the community. Each agent will donate 10% of their commission, in the name of the customer, to a charity of their (buyer's) choosing. What an awesome idea! Would you like to hear more about this offer? Tune in to the show on Wednesday.Mary "Kate" LaFrance is a WBO member and owns www.helpvirtual.com. Ms. LaFrance is a veteran of the newspaper business within the trenches experience in graphic design, copywriting, ad sales, management and editorial marketing instincts. All of these skills/talents led to the launch of her own successful virtual assistant business in 2006. Her company has underwent a name change to HELP Virtual Mktg+Admin to reflect her internet marketing focus. On this broadcast, she is announcing the launch of her new website, www.marketingmindset.biz, where she shares her marketing ideas and advice with other entrepreneurs. Come find out more about her new upcoming teleseminar, "Enough to be Dangerous" and how to get a special discount!They are offering special discounts if you utilize their services. Don't miss out on this opportunity!
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Join Women Business Owners (WBO) online at our JULY EXPO as we learn, shop, laugh, and network. Women from all walks of life will be joining to grow their business, meet other women, and share what they have learned through networking.This year’s event runs for three days: Thursday, July 17 - Saturday July 19, 2008Thursday & Friday 7:30am-6pm PST/10:30am-9pm ESTSaturday 7:30am-2:30pm PST/10:30am-5:30pm ESTThe JULY EXPO is open to anyone who would like to attend. For more information on the vendors and sponsors of the event, or to join in the festivities on July 17-19, please visit the JULY EXPO site at http://www.womenbizowners.org/july.Women throughout the world sponsor the event. This year’s sponsors are: Admin Services, Anita’s Pen, Your Consultant Direct, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Boy’s & Girl’s Country, CareNet of Northwest Houston, MarketAmerica, WBO Magazine and Women Business Owners.To become a speaker, vendor or sponsor for the July Expo, contact the WBO Events Director, email at anna@womenbizowners.org or by phone at 877-889-5011.Women Business Owners (WBO) is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in February 2004. Our organization provides education and support for more than 3,000 women business owners throughout the world with online and offline resources. Please visit www.womenbizowners.org today to find out more information about Women Business Owners! We offer our members online networking chats, online classes, online seminars, online events, and offline (local) networking groups, annual offline convention, and more! WBO's mission is to help more women succeed in business.For more information on the July Expo please visit the WBO website at http://www.womenbizowners.org/july.WBO is currently seeking sponsors for their upcoming convention to be held October 10th to 12th, 2008 in Houston Texas. You may find more information through their website http://www.womenbizowners.org. You may also contact the Events Director, email info@womenbizowners.org or anna@womenbizowners.org.
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