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SERIES - 001sponsored by : www.jusmcc.org creating your financial legacyNo other recent recent economic crisis better illustrates the term "When America catches a cold, African America gets a pneumonia" then the subprime mortgage meltdown. Family financial assets play a key role in poverty reduction, social mobility, and securing middle class melt-down. With a gloomy future and an unemployment rate of 30%, the highest since the great-depression, how can Blacks continually look for jobs that are not there.We are becoming a nation in the US that you will be either self-employed or unemployed. There is no longer something in between. It is projected that buy 2011, Africans Americans buying power will increase to over trillions of dollars. Still yet today only 3% of those dollars actual help the black communities. What has happened to reason? Certainly every child that grows up will not be a rapper or sports player. Why are we so focused on materialistic things rather then assets of value.Although we have come a long way but still lag to far behind on financial stability compared to other cultures. But could it be that someone has broken the "Financial Code" for blacks and if so how do we as a people change the mindset to promoting, empowering, educating, nurturing lifting up Black Business Owners.The vehicle of change is called the African American Connection and Visionary and Activist Charles Bowlds has broken the Code to the financial failures in the Black Community! Corporate Affiliate and Marketing Strategist, Carolyn Simmons of E-Business Solutions along with others create the spark, and starts the engine of a hidden treasure that now has come out of hiding! As she debates politics and and stirs a vigorous conversation on what the African American Connection, one realizes and is surely intrigued by her aggressiveness on the subject while being a delight as she speaks with soul and conviction on these pressing issues.GET MORE INFO AT WWW.JUSMCC.ORGEMAIL: JUNIQUES@YAHOO.COM
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A Blank Sheet

A Blank SheetThey enter blameless into this world, like a blank sheet of paper.New, fresh, clean, spotless,Just waiting to be written on,Who will be the first to write?Will it be Ms. Incest, Mr. and Mrs. Poverty, Madam Rape to name a few?Or, maybe Sir Death will sign in before the others do.Copyright © 2009Brenda Farrar-Ejemai(author of: The Family In The Car, A Revelation)CEO, Favor Blooms, LLCwww.TheFamilyInTheCar.comISBN: 978-1-58909-485-7trailer: www.youtube.com/thefamilyinthecar
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Who Will Save the People Below MiddleClass?

Today there is a growing increase in the loss of employment, along with challenges of finding job security. Our politicians’ debate in disagreement about our economic crisis leaving you wondering is there such a thing as a bail out. Above all, the biggest focus seems to be the middle class families. If this is the case, what about the poor? It seems to me that most of us today are closer to the social class of being poor rather than being rich. For example, who have the best credit scores? What would happen to a middle class family if anyone loss their job? On the other hand, what if a paycheck is delayed or one’s company does a layoff without severance benefits? Who is going to step up to the plate to help the forgotten people who make too much for any kind of services, and not enough to be considered poor. This raises the question, how poor is poor? What class are you in when people make less than 30,000 or 25,000 or $19,000? According to www.answers.com, middle class income is between $50,000 and $100,000 yearly and some define that income as far as $150,000. I have friends and family with advanced degrees that do not make $50,000 a year! All this bring to my attention of the entire economic crisis; the only thing I heard about underprivileged people is making health care affordable and of course it is needed, and the job loss issue. Where are the jobs? Oh yeah overseas! However, I have not heard of a way to bail out families who try to live off minimum wage income or single moms whom are trying to hold down a job, childcare, gas for work, and overall expenses. As the economy inflation continues to exceed a large part of the population, who is going to help the people below middle class? I recall a pastor once said that technology would advance so fast but people will eventually go backwards to the basic lifestyle of having to rely on gardens for their food to eat. That has been at least 20 years ago and it appears today that he is right. Dr. Nancy Synderman said that 30-50% of people are under heavy stress but 30% are under extreme stress, anxiety, and anger. All these issues with our economy and matters of job security are beginning to take a toll on the people.I feel compelled to reach out to do something to make a real difference so asked, “What can I do?” What can I say that would increase the awareness of the sense of urgency that is needed for us all? As I pondered, I experienced the light bulb moment. I realized that I do have something to offer. Through my home-based business I offer many products and opportunities and I utilize this for supplemental income. Through my experiences because of the demand of being a single parent along with multiple jobs to make it, I found that a low start up program and a way to make money from home does exist. It works and I have found a way to work in my purpose and want to share this opportunity with others. I am not just talking about a marketing scheme but an offer of a real solution based on one’s need and desire to excel to generate their independence. Believe it or not, more millionaires are produced from this sector of business and it can be the answer for many people. The national crisis of unemployment and hopelessness has shattered many lives. Networking is a solution that is an affordable risk anyone can take. We got to do something to control our independence and financial goals? Can anyone tell me a better way that has been proven?There are many programs that you can start from home less than $100 and some less than $50. My nerves are weird sometimes because I’m not a marketing sensation or a millionaire but I have had some successes with my failures. As a positive individual and believer in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, I realized that I could use my talents and ambition to be creative. I can mobilize people like me that are home-based or small business entrepreneurs to catch hold to a vision and opportunity to pay-it-forward to help someone start a business. This may seem a little radical but everyday we see that in sales that salesmen are looking for people to sell their products. We can change our concept and promote people to unite maintaining our morals and values of the statement, “I am my brother’s keeper.”This is not a discussion of an opportunity to take advantage of working numbers to sell to people that are in need or to promote a false concept. It is an opportunity to make a difference starting with the inner circle of people that you know and then expanding. I have run across successful leaders that can help you succeed and know shortcuts and want even tell you. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling and as a victim of being used and abused, we have to make a difference by being willing to help someone else. Now I’m asking people that have a passion and a heart to genuinely help mentor and sponsor someone that is suffering during this economic crisis.I believe in a statement that Zig Ziglar stated that says if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.I have a new mission to advocate every sales person in the world to mentor someone to be able to stand on their own. At least take the challenge to share the knowledge and let the individuals choose their paths of the pursuit of owning their own business or achieving their financial goals. We need genuine help through service and not just recruitment. If we would commit to helping at least one person per month, we can begin to make a difference.Does anyone remember watching American Idol on April 10th when the idols announced that they were giving back begin singing a notable song called “Shout to the Lord?” Millions of viewers were shocked that the producers of the show chose this song but it was so inspiring and uplifting and it reflected in the show’s ratings that night. Well it is time for us to join together and give back too. We can no longer take for granted slogans, but make a statement in service by showing “I am my brother’s keeper.”I read once, that one does best in an endeavor when they eat, drink, and sleep the concept of their goal or dream. Furthermore, one must do this with their heart, mind, and soul then it will overflow or materialize. This is not just some hype but a process of one applying positive thinking. This is going to be a needed practice because of the economy and matters of employment. We can expect an increase in employer/employee abuse because of the financial stress and job demands. As this become more evident, what do we do? Do we turn to our human resource departments, legislatures of equal employment opportunity and rights, or do we take initiative to be proactive and campaign awareness to prepare our working classes? There is going to be a demand for a response. One can not afford to be passive and afraid to speak out. If the right plan is chosen with the right mentorship and preparation, one will be able to successfully walkout one day and that timeline is determined by how soon does one want their independence and able to generate the supplemental income. I would encourage all to develop a plan, work it, and take action to promote it. Tony Robbins said recently in an interview that the path to success is to take massive determined action. ... You must take action." In other words, take all of your ideas and find out which one that works and implement it. Don’t let crisis distract or rob you of your dream. I would encourage all to keep dreaming and redefining your goals. A great example to think about is the turtle which is small but carries a thick harden shell. The turtle at times is slow because of the heavy weight but through determination they arrive to their destination. God created this animal with an outer protection and a persistent determination to excel. If we are able to relate to this concept, one must tap into their inner abilities and realize that we were created to do more.It would be phenomenal for one to have teams all over the nation or even the world that is capitalizing on the belief of helping another person overcome their struggles to achieve their business goals. This reminds me of one of my best and final analogies to advocate the possibilities. I want everyone to take a look at the tiny ant and how it carries ten times its size of food on his back. The ant continues to work diligently with the goal of storing and having food for the entire colony. If we followed this concept, we would not face the economic hardships that we do today. So I encourage all to not to let fear create one to be paralyze in their abilities or limit themselves in the trust of our politicians for the right vote or tragedy to happen for us to get assistance. The best response is to act now by going after your goals, taking action, and helping someone else along the way.In conclusion, I am giving back by advocating all net workers and small business owners to help me reach out and help mentor someone else to success. We can rescue as many people as possible by promoting independence through business ownership. We can utilize our local newspapers and internet with our HELP WANTED signs. In sales one is always looking for the next recruit or next opportunity to make a sale. I want the readers to use this concept to help someone and sponsor someone with their money, time, and attention. We have to start somewhere and starting small can turn into something big with support and training. Your wealth can only grow to the extent that you do according T. Harv.If we put this concept to work, the impact can be profound. I do not want to sit on the sidelines and know that I could have had an impact to empower someone else life or save someone from hopelessness and despair. We have a solution now let’s stand up, stand out, and share it like never before. After all, the timing is critical and we need each other today more than we ever did in the past. Some people call me “Ms. Business on a Mission” but I consider it just my passion and purpose to help others, will you join me? I would like some feedback from my readers, in particular those that have implemented this concept and experiencing results. Are you the next “brothers’ keeper?”
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