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How to buy a new car with bad credit to drive for Lyft and Uber?

If you’re struggling with employment, bad credit, or transportation, you may want to consider ridesharing.   Although, you need a car you have several options to get that transportation like the following:

1. Buying a car

Buying a car is a big challenge for a person with bad credit.  However, you still have options to own a car and build a business through ridesharing.  If you’re employed but have bad credit you can buy a car from a buy here pay here car company.  They do not look at your personal credit which is perfect if you have bad credit. You may also have the option to borrow a car from a love one that has multiple cars and making payments to them.  Understanding buying a car is no small purchase, however, having the opportunity to up $16 an hour ridesharing it may just be worth the investment.

2. Express Drive

Lyft has partnered with General Motors to provide rental cars via the Express Drive Program, with weekly rates between $135 and $250. Drivers are eligible for $0 weekly rates when they hit 75 rides a week.

You’ll need to drive most of the week to bank that many rides, so it’s best for people who are looking to test the full-time driver lifestyle but don’t want to commit to buying a car.

3. Hertz and Enterprise

Hertz has partnered with Lyft and Uber to provide rideshare rentals. Lyft's deal starts at $165 for weekly rentals of compact sedans. After a certain number of rides per week, which varies regionally, drivers can earn a Power Driver Bonus to cover the rental cost.

Uber’s deal with Hertz is similar to Lyft Express Drive, but the two programs are offered in different cities. The Uber program has a $180-per-week base rate, which drops to zero after 75 rides a week.


Enterprise’s rentals, specifically for Uber, are a pricier $215 a week.

Renting is typically more expensive than buying a car and making monthly payments, but if you're a high-volume driver it basically can become free. Plus, if you don’t like rideshare driving, you can quit after a short trial period.

4. Uber Xchange

Uber Xchange offers short-term car leases from partnering car dealerships. Drivers pay a $250 deposit to start and make weekly payments over three years. Xchange leases to people with poor credit, but monthly totals and interest rates are much higher than with conventional financing.

For example, a 2013 Toyota Camry L Base leased through Uber Xchange may cost 156 weekly payments of $130, or $520 monthly. Comparatively, leasing a 2017 Camry through a Toyota dealer is only $199 a month — though you need a good credit score.

Xchange saves drivers money by including maintenance and insurance, but this means full-time drivers are dependent on Uber servicing their cars quickly.

“My car was in a shop over a month while a claim was investigated, and the people in the Xchange office had no willingness to work with me on payments since I was generating no income,” says James Taylor, an Uber driver from Los Angeles.

However, Xchange offers unlimited mileage, whereas traditional leases typically start charging extra after 12,000 miles. It also allows members to return the car and back out after 30 days – minus the $250 deposit.


Consider Xchange only if you’re driving 40-plus hours per week, want a car for personal use and can’t get other financing because of your credit. Remember, some lenders may be able to help you buy a used car at a better price.

5. Hyrecar

Hyrecar is a peer-to-peer rental service specifically for ridesharing. Uber and Lyft drivers connect with car owners to use their vehicles at varying daily, weekly and monthly rates. There are no contracts or sign-up fees, and daily rates are as low as $35. Weekly rates float around $200 to $300.

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Hello Community,
Lets get to it!!!! Everybody DO NOT want to work for themselves.

Yes, I know all the advertisements scream

that myth at you , Daily!!!!!

The marketeers try to convince you having a JOB is not a good thing.
Who are they trying to fool?????
If you are not earning a income , who will purchase the good and services and business opportunities

they promote???


I ask you WHO???
Yes, they say JOB like it is a bad thing. You gotta be kidding !!!!
Everybody who follows this flawed logic, join the JUST OVER BROKE mantra.
Many do not even think about what they are advocating.
Well, here is my take. JOB stands for JOY, OVERCOMING BROKE! Say that daily.

Yes, every action I take to improve my income and lifestyle is supporting that realization.

That includes keeping an 8 TO 5 Yes, the 8 TO 5 allows me to pursue my passion, which is marketing and
promoting, working with online business operators, consulting with small business owner.
The 8 TO 5 handle basic operational cost like food, shelter, clothing. ( Remember, I am a home based
business owner/operator ), so I can generate additional income from doing my passion.
Now, imagine trying to do that without the operational cost being handled.


You, those who have had to do this, know

what I am talking about , it is difficult, to say the least.

Here is another irony to the Everybody wants to work for themselves myth.

 As business owners grow, acquire new customers, service existing customers, purchase goods and services,

etc. they quickly realize they need help.

Guess what they do next- Inquire about people looking for a JOB!!!!!

Yes, a JOB!!!!

Get it,

We all have a JOB, some work for themselves, some work for others. A JOB is a good thing!!!

Now, here is the reality one should be focusing on . Create multiple streams of income.

Create income producing assets.


Do not rely on one source of income i.e JOB.

Recognize and accept events change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good.
You want to be prepared either way. Have options, Create options.
Without options they is no choice, just situations.

Need help with creating your PLAN B? Want to know how to create income producing assets?
How to determine how many streams of income you will need to be financially solid??
Great!! I have suggestions!!!!! Email me at
Subject: Having a Job is ok with me show me how to create my Plan B!!!

Networkingly yours,



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Micore Intl Launch Sunday 17 Mar 2013

We are announcing HUGE advancements like…

•Medical and Dental Insurance available

for all Independent Micore Representatives

•New scientifically formulated products

that grow hair, as well as hair and skin

care products

•New Product Packs to purchase or sell to

New Hair Consultants

•Improvements to our Compensation Plan

•New Director of Micore’ YOUniversity…our

training program

•And SO much more…

Get your business online in minutes for only $19.95 per month

Your own personalized website

Your own online store

Your own customer management system

and 25% discount on hair products


Get this business going today and be smiling all week long!!!

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YOU can still start your Micore Intl Beauty Business offering highest quality remi hair with a 1 year guarantee, ...
Plus now you have exclusive hair growth and skin care products, hair styling tools,
and yes, you still get your own personalize website, online store, and customer management system for $19.95 per month. 
You will be a Micore Intl Consultant.

Oh yes, you get a 20% discount off  Micore Intl suggested retail price for hair  and discounts on other Micore Intl products.

You will earn money from people ordering from your store.
This is known as,  individual  direct sale

Some will want to do what you do, earn money selling Micore Intl Products and they can receive additional dollars from the Micore Compensation Program effective March 2013.

With the enrollment of 4 people, who become Micore Intl  consultants, you will be in position to receive commissions from their product purchases.

So, for $19.95 per month, you can purchase Micore Intl products for discount.
and if you elect,

You can start to expand your business and profits by building a team.
That is known as , Group sales.

That's it. Your choice, Individual or Group sales . Either choice is great!!!

Oh yes, every active consultant will also be able to purchase health and dental insurance ( not a discount plan) which is mandatory by federal law, for every USA citizen, starting 1 Jan 2014.

So, continue to share the word about this "Game Changing, History Making, Industry Leading, Home Based Business creating, Income enhancement" company.

 Actually, I can include more discriptive words, but, I don't
want to get carried away. LOL

Looking forward to sharing in your success.
Juniques Multi Cultural Connections endorse this message (
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People are starting home based Hair Weave business due to this company by Rickey Johnson - Juniques Multi Cultural Connections Glendale, AZ -

The company: Micore International

Hello, I am an independent representative with Micore International ( )

623 455 6364

Hair Weave is a billion dollar industry. The demand for hair extensions and enhancements make up a large part of consumer purchase from the ethnic consumer. It is projected that there will  approximately 119.7 million ethnic consumers by 2014. 

Ironically,African-American women make up a large part of that consumption,yet, are not the providers of hair extension products.

The hair extension industry is made up of manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, and consumer.

For decades, it has been very difficult to enter the hair business as a distributor or retailer, due to limited access to product and very high business start up  cost. The hair extension industry is not showing any signs of slowing down and actually creating product supply opportunities.

This growing Hair extension industry, has open the greatest opportunity for business expansion,for those who want to capture it.

One company answering that "opportunity call" is Micore International. This company provides a distributorship to anyone, who wants to offer hair extensions, to the retail public and save on their own personal purchase.  


For $19.95 a person can open their distributorship and be in business, that same day.

Micore International, also offer online training, for those who want to become skilled at this new and growing, hair extension business opportunity.

You are welcome to explore the opportunity Micore International is offering by viewing the Micore independent representative site at

623 455 6364


It catching national attention. Join in the fun!!!

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WOW! You have to see this. It's an experiment this guy Brett Cohen did essentially showing, if you believe can achieve it!

He gets some people to be his bodyguards, paparazzi, puts on some nice clothes and sunglasses, and walks the streets of New York. Immediately people begin to flock to him, thinking he is someone famous! His video team even interviews people and asks them if they know him and "fans" are talking about how much they love his work! It's amazing what people will believe!



This brings me to my point. Why not become famous yourself?? EXCEPT instead of experimenting, actually get paid what the famous folks do. If you know you are special and have something valuable, why not share it with the world? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to BLOG! Believe it or not, blogging is a great way to get exposure, share what you have to offer and to build a fan base! Blogging can be used for a range of things from sharing your personal story to sharing how your business can help someone. I offer the perfect blogging platform and system that will help you Be Famous Online TooAND get paid PLUS build a solid fan base! This system is great for supplementing and advertising your current business or may be a good start for someone interested in making a business income from home. Did I say it was BLOGGING?

SO, if this guy can put on some sunglasses, walk the streets of New York and become famous, it should be NO PROBLEM for you to click on this link ==>, watch the information and begin your journey to fame as a blogger! EXCEPT you would get paid for it :)


Tamara Garrison-Thomas

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Cookie Lee Jewelry - Fun Income Opportunity



More & more women are discovering the unlimited income potential, flexibility & control that IS the direct selling industry.   I think every woman should have a direct sales whatever "floats her boat".  For me, it's Cookie Lee.  Along with unlimited income potential, flexibility & control, with Cookie Lee you can add FUN, AFFORDABLE, FRIENDSHIPS, GREAT VALUES , CHANGING STYLES  & ATTAINABLE INCENTIVES LIKE TRIPS & A MERCEDES BENZ to that. 


If this is something you would be interested in, please visit

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Cookie Lee Jewelry job opportunity-Join my team!

 I started my Cookie Lee business because I loved the jewelry. I never imagined that I would be earning the extra income that I now receive each month! I get paid to have fun while selling jewelry at home shows, office shows, through my website and by collecting catalog orders. I've made such great friendships with my Cookie Lee business—it really is a family! The opportunities with Cookie Lee are endless, so contact me today to learn how you can start your business and enjoy all these benefits too!

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5 Reasons to Join Empower Network

Here are 5 great resons why you should partner with the Empower Network.


With the Empower Network growing like a wildfire in a dry field, it’s no wonder that you’re considering joining the Empower Network. But, why are you considering this? Is it because of all the buzz you’ve seen? Is it because your BFF told you she made some money? Or maybe your road dog sent you a copy of his lead list? While those things are possible, and enticing, let me give you 5 good reasons to join the Empower Network!



Co-creators David Wood and David Sharpe make an internet marketing super team! David Sharpe describes his story as moving from a park bench to Park Avenue. David Wood was homeless at one time living in a van. Talk about having hunger for success! These two gentlemen are master internet marketers. If you are going to learn to market on the internet, and make money, these are THE guys to learn from. Both of them have generated multiple 6 figure incomes, and show no signs of slowing down.



Initially, it seems that the product here is a blog. That is true; however it’s not just any blog. It is a completely operational wordpress blog that is hosted and has a domain. Along with the blog, you also get a highly converting lead capture page and sales funnel. Your product is really a viral blogging income generating system! Systems are good! You just generate the leads and the system does the rest. What’s more, the leads you generate are yours. You can direct them to an autoresponder series of your choosing that will help funnel the leads to whichever destination you see fit!



To sum up the training in one word would be too difficult. The Empower Network offers ‘Fast Start Training’ to get you on the right track. This series of short videos teach you every step you need to follow to get off to a good start. The trainings are recorded and stored in your back office so that you can listen to them at your convenience. You are being trained by the top internet marketer around at this point. David Wood is the top recruiter in his primary company, and he’s done it all online! The training you’ll receive comes directly from him or someone trained by him.



This is where the Empower Network gets really good! With all the affiliate programs around, none of them give you ‘ALL’ the money. They may give you 30% here 50% there, but none of them give 100% commissions like the Empower Network. If you’re wondering how this deal can get any better, I’ll tell you. You get your commissions instantly, immediately, right now even! Through setting up a merchant account, you are able to have your commissions deposited directly into the checking account of your choosing. Don’t like that idea, you can use Paypal, although the Empower Network leadership cautions against it. They have a Powerline structure that is designed for you to be profitable at any level!



Even though the Empower Network is in its infancy, there are communities popping up everywhere – Facebook, Skype… Your sponsor has a vested interest in your success. From the start, your sponsor receives the 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale, and then every 5th sale you make. Don’t sit with your mouth open, you’ll get that too! The design is in place so your sponsor doesn’t just ditch you and leave. Your income affects theirs!


You’ve got 5 good reasons to give the Empower Network a try. If you’re ready to join the community that is taking the internet by storm and generating leads for your business, take action now and join today!


Check it out here and tell me what you think…..

And let’s connect so we can talk more


Believe In Yourself, I Believe in You


LaKeisha Hankins


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Cookie Lee Jewelry Opportunity "Join my Team"

I started my Cookie Lee business because I loved the jewelry. I never imagined that I would be earning the extra income that I now receive each month! I get paid to have fun while selling jewelry at home shows, office shows, through my website and by collecting catalog orders. I've made such great friendships with my Cookie Lee business—it really is a family! The opportunities with Cookie Lee are endless, so contact me today to learn how you can start your business and enjoy all these benefits too!

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With the world's economy the way it is, it is hard to depend on job security and constant cash flow. Receiving more education isn't even helpful. It's just putting people in more debt (especially the online schools). It seems the more education you have, the lesser chance you have of getting a job. Unfortunately, the group experiencing the brunt of these issues are the Generation Y-ers or people born in the 70's and 80's. Jahna Barry captures this ongoing issue in Click here to read the article =>Young Adults Face Future of Self-Reliance.

After reading this article, you can't help but ask WHAT DO YOU DO? Well, it all comes down to "doing it yourself". You're going to have to secure your future by "doing it yourself". START A BUSINESS! It's sad but a lot of people are unaware of the HUGE tax benefits you receive for owning a home-based business. PLUS you can create your own income and secure your retirement plan. THE BONUS is you can start a business and make sure it fits in your schedule by working part-time or full-time. So, what's the hold up? The economy, unfortunately, is getting WORSE. So, protect yourself and your family NOW. Start a business. What are your thoughts of Jahna Barry's article and the subject?


I can help you. Contact me today!
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...Keep them off of it! Facebook is great for us adults to chat and to catch up with old friends, but it is not the safest site for your kids. Did you know that because of all the advertising on Facebook, your name and email are sometimes sold to these companies so they can advertise to you via email? If you haven't noticed, they do not offer any privacy features for your children. If you're a good parent, then you monitor your child's Facebook page regularly. But those who do not, there could be all kinds of things like cyber-bullying, inappropriate conversations, and predators that your children are being exposed to on Facebook.

Now, don't get me wrong. I use Facebook regularly. Facebook just doesn't offer very safe features for children. Therefore, I went searching and I found a social network that would be perfect for you and your kids! This social network, appropriately named CrazyGood, offers so much privacy, they don't even allow advertisements on the site! Their main goal is to provide a safe, secure, private, and fun community for their members. As a member, you receive 2 sub-accounts so you can sign your children up under your name and monitor what is going on IF you ever wanted to.

CrazyGood offers great content and value for their members. How many of you have ever experienced one of your Facebook friends using profanity, or had some one spam your page? Maybe you've even been exposed to nudity or someone trying to sell you something. Well on CrazyGood they ban anyone that is using profanity, nudity, spamming, etc. They frown upon anything that brings discord to the community and shut them down right away. Although they have very private settings, it is still a social network. A place where you can find old friends, or make new ones. If you're a business owner, evangelist or have news to share, you can MARKET all of that on CrazyGood.

Because CrazyGood has no advertisements, there is a small membership fee. But it's the cost of a McDonald's value meal with a drink and for that price, I'd say it's worth the privacy. The best thing about it is that they give 10% of all revenue to a charity of your choice! I know it's too good to be true, but it is! One of CrazyGood's missions is to help its members create financial security for themselves and their family. Therefore, if you tell your friends, who tell their friends, etc, you also get paid for each of them. So you're getting paid to socialize! Just think about many Facebook friends do you have? How much do you make for socializing with them on Facebook? What was that?? Did you say, NOTHING?!! Right! But with CrazyGood, you get paid MONTHLY for your friends, their friends, and so on and so on. You have the potential to make at least $111,000 a month. (see for yourself =&gt; <a href="http://">click here</a>)

Bottom line is, CrazyGood is a safe environment for you and your family to socialize. You can enjoy your friends, profit from your friends and help somebody in need all at the same time. What better way to socialize?? Check it out and let me know what you think.

P.S. If you're really interested in CrazyGood as a means of extra income, contact me to get your first month for FREE!


subscribe to the blog today!

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If you have a website, blog, ezine, or newsletter, I'm sure you consider your content valuable to your readers and potential customers. So, why not get paid for it in the meantime? If you're new to this idea, then this article will help you. There are several ways to go about monetizing your website or blog:


Google Adsense

This is one of the most popular and best ways to monetize your website or blog. Google Adsense will put advertisements on your site that has to do with your content. So, how do you get paid? You get paid when someone clicks on the advertisement. Here are some resource sites that will help you better understand Google Adsense and help you sign up.


Google Adsense Sign Up

More information on Google Adsense


This is a program that offers several different types of products you can promote on your website and get as much as 75% commission on them. You can choose any product and as many products as you would like to promote or advertise. This is another lucrative way to make money from your website or blog.


Text Link Ads brings targeted traffic to your website or blog. Similar to, you make money from potential clients clicking on text-based ads inserted on your site. You receive 50% commissions on everything and they also have an affiliate program which gives you $25 for every person you refer to their company. Read more here:


Here are some additional sources for making money on your website or blog:


Blog Traffic Cash



Keep in mind that just because you create a website, doesn't mean people want to see it or work with you. Give them a reason to , by enriching your website or blog. Make some extra money!


How do you make money on your website or blog? Share ideas with us.




Tamara Garrison-Thomas

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Side Hustle

I know, I know. Sounds like something illegal, but I'm not talking about anything like that. Whether you have a 9 to 5 job, own a business, or are a domestic diva, I believe everyone should have a source of additional income or as I like to say -side hustle-. Below, I have listed a few -side hustle- ideas that have made people a good amount of extra income. Hope you find something you like:


Affiliate Marketing

This is probably one of the best ways to make extra money online. Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell certain products from your website on commission usually via advertisement or referral. It's an excellent way to make extra money, even in your sleep! Some great affiliate programs are right in from of you, you just have to look. Here are some of my suggestions:

BBWO: Black Business Women Online

TheCEOMamma Marketing Blog

Magnetic Sponsoring



Read Emails

Now, you won't make thousands of dollars doing this, but it is a good option to make an extra few hundred dollars a month. Here is a company you can sign up with:

Read emails


Social Networks

Yes! You can get paid to socialize with people. I know we have facebook, twitter, and myspace but these social networks actually pay you for visiting the site, getting friends, and even clicking on advertisements. Of course you want to choose the best one. From my research here are two that I thought were the best:


These are all great ways to create additional income for yourself. If you need help deciding which one would be the best, or need more information, contact me. BUT you should do something. If you would like to work with me and my team as your -side hustle- contact us today! .


If you already have a -side hustle-, please comment to this post and share it with us! You never know who could be interested.




Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Updated 6/4/11 

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I believe that effective outsourced accounting, taxation, financial management and consulting is more than a service, it is a relationship. We build that relationship with each client by learning about his or her business process and culture. Then we design a service package that meets the unique needs of the business. If the client has an in-house accounting staff, our team can supplement and support their work. If needed, we can become the in-house accounting department.


Shirika Gomillion

Accountant & Tax Advisor

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Todd Falcone is one of the Top Money Earners in the marketing arena.  For the First Time Ever, Todd Falcone is
Releasing His ENTIRE SCRIPT LIBRARY to the MASSES (or…at least those that are smart enough to pick this up before he decides to cut this offer for good.

Are you having problems recruiting a prospect, then following up with them?  After following up, which is key, you must pick up the phone and have a conversation with that prospect.  Don't know what to say? 



I used to sweat profusely at the thought of picking up the phone and sounding like a nit-wit. My mouth would dry up like the desert every time my phone would ring from an ad call or prospect. I was scared to death.....Todd Falcone


Todd has a TON of information in this book. Plus, he's backed it all up by providing specific training on each script as he goes page by page through the entire book and show you exactly how he would read each script.


If you would like to discover his secrets in the "Little Black Book of Scripts" on prospecting and closing them, click on the link below to learn how!


Sheila Caldwell

Network Marketer













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Something's hot in the pot! I am excited and on the road to being debt free! Let's make it happen for you too! I know we all have different reasons why we want financial security, so let those reasons be your motivation for at least checking out this great income opportunity.

The product is organic instant gourmet coffee!  Yep, coffee!  It's the second  most consumed beverage following water!  And, in commodities, it's second to oil!  Who woulda thunk it?! 

We're in the Pre-Launch phase of this new company and you can join, get a website and build your team for FREE until June 1, 2011. We've got expert leadership, enthusiastic team support, and a super fantastic compensation plan.

So, go to my website at the link below, watch the video and seriously consider if this venture is right for you. Come on, it's FREE until June 1--No risk and no obligation! Feel free to email me at

Please don't be skeptical because every mega success in existence today--Microsoft, McDonald's, Starbucks and countless others--have had their humble beginnings. Looking back, we all would have loved to have had a start-up opportunity with any of them. Well, you may have missed those opportunities but here's your chance not to miss this one--it's all about timing and positioning!

So, avoid slapping yourself on the forehead later and Reserve Your Cup now! See the vision and embrace it!

Listen to the live conference calls and webinars:

Daily Mon-Fri @ 12 noon and 3pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 631596#
Nightly @ 8pm CST (760) 569-7676 pin: 257841#

Midnight Madness Call and Webinar @
w/Conference Call ( Simultaneous) @ (218) 339-2409 pin: 6544789  ****Eastern Time Zone****

Maximize Your Morning Wake Up Call 7am CST
Phone Number: (713) 300-0182
Pin Code: 300348#

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Are You At Risk Of Being Exposed?

This morning I was awakened way before my scheduled interruption. It was about 4 o'clock AM. After tossing and turning, I was unable to go back to sleep. So me being the person that I am filled with such "bright" ideas, I made the decision to go to the gym. A decision that I have not made in a very, very long time, but this morning I persuaded myself.


While at the Gym, I was to the treadmill, exposed to the elliptical machine, the ab machine, weights, etc.... Well you get the picture, right?


So my question to you today is; Are you at risk of being exposed?


For most of us it is a daunting task to allow ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones. We spend countless hours repeating our same habits and rituals and it doesn't even cross our minds to try something different. Last night after teaching my third class in a three part series, during my Q&A session, several of my students began to share things about themselves and their experiences.


Let me first tell you that my classes are always very diverse. I have all races as well as various types of industries that attend the sessions. During an attempt to better explain his point, one of my students, used the analogy of scuba diving. Immediately other students in my class began to cut in and let him know that they could not relate to what he was talking about. I myself, could not relate either because I have never been scuba diving. I have never been "exposed" to it.  My lack of exposure is based solely on my lack of interest in the sport and not in my lack of ways of exposure.  Sure, I have many friends that take part in the sport on a regular basis, but because it does not interest me....I do not participate.


For the things in life that truly interest me, I have made it a point and a goal to gain as much exposure to them as possible.  It may be by way of surfing the internet, reading books, taking classes, etc.  By any means necessary, I have decided that I will be exposed to the things that interest me most. Your source exposure depends heavily upon you and your actions.


Now for many, they have interests that they have not even begun to act upon even though a way of exposure is directly put into their paths.  It's easy to find an excuse or a way to remain in the same position rather than to step out of the comfort zone and change lanes.  It's time to release yourself of your fears and allow yourself to be exposed.


The time for change is now.  Change doesn't happen until you make the decision to change and exhort the energy needed to make it happen.  Stop using the same old habits to try and make a new ending.  It is not going to happen.  You must travel a new route on your path to a new ending. 


Here's a few tips; on your way home from work, try another route.  You may discover that it may get you there quicker.  If you are used to wearing a certain color palette, switch to one that you have been afraid to try.  You may discover that those colors accent you alot better than the ones you've been comfortable with in the past.  If you and your family don't all sit down to eat dinner at the same time, try to set a time and a place for everyone to sit down and eat together for a couple of days out of the week.  You may discover some things about each other that you did not know. If you don't go outside of a 10 mile radius of your home for your regular errands and leisure... try going at least past a 20 mile radius... you may find a new restaurant or store that you can now call your favorite.  I'm sure that you get my point.


Stop being afraid of being exposed to bigger and better things.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  Open yourself up to view the world in a different light.  They say that you don't miss anything that you never had...but I beg to differ.  It is definitely possible to miss out on the finer things in life because you are too afraid to branch out and take advantage of what this world has to offer. 


Open yourself up to being exposed....


Visit my BLOG for more tips and inspiration.


Randa Johnson

"Helping You Brand the Best You"

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Business Opportunity Available

Business Opportunity Available

Looking for salons or retailers, who want to upgrade their products & increase revenue?  WB-Peter Lamas Beauty Products has all natural or organic products that are ideal for your customers. Also, receive 25% Sales Commissions & 35% Referral Commissions.  Plus, Free Hotel or Cruise & Airfare Benefits for you and your customers.

This also a great way for anyone to make $…

View the following video…


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