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This is the  JMCC way to grow your business!!

Here is one of the reasons, being a Juniques Multi Cultural Connection member can be so powerful for your business, network, personal, and professional growth.  

There NO COST to being a Juniques Multi Cultural Connections member!!!

Juniques Multi Cultural Community , using the Attract, Sort, Assign system to help grow your business

I am using the ATTRACT, SORT, AND ASSIGN system  to promote many of the activities I am involved with. 

Most people struggle with  HOW to promote their business. 

You can promote any business/service ( so you can share this with those, not interested at all, in any MLM business)

The system is designed to ATTRACT, SORT, AND ASSIGN  this a my success formula.

We can speak more on this. 

This supports the ONE CLICK MARKETING approach.  

People like free and you have to plenty to offer with juniques multi cultural connections.

People like options, business or otherwise ( regardless if they share with you or not, they are looking)

People like low cost ( programs are under $30 per month)

People want help - The Attract,Sort,Assign System provides training and support for any business (on or off the net)


People want to grow - The Attract,Sort,Assign System develops one personally and professionally

People want real - The Attract,Sort,Assign System shows how getting 20 people following you into your business choice guarantees financial improvement - yours and theirs. 

Reality - most people, especially those joining MLM companies, quit within 90 days

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, will not recruit more than 3 people

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, do not make any money to talk about.

There is  an extremely low percentage making "real" money. ( 1% to 3% of a distributor base)

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, QUIT OUT OF FRUSTRATION.

Most people,especially those joining MLM companies, continue to repeat this scenario, too often. 


Stick with me, I will show you what works.

No hype, No crazy promises

No guilt tripping (you should do better, just because, you should do better), 

No unreal expectations ( join my business in less than 90 days you will be making "walk away" income - gimme a break!). 


We will use a lot of 4 letter words





Yes, I have more, LOL

Get back to me.

Lets discuss your progress. 

At your service,


Get Started Today

PS I use the Attract, Sort, Assign system at Black Business Women Online.

This system can be applied many different ways, and it is a benefit to all who use it. 

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Why Did You Join Your Online Business? Was it to Earn Money? READ THIS!

Why did you join your  online business.

Was it only to earn money?

People who you contact will quickly discover that too!!

Building a team is critical in succeeding in your online business.

If your only motive is to earn money and product really does not matter,

that too will quickly become known.


You can at that moment, recognize and accept, for you, "Game Over".

 It is important you have correct "business fit".

Like getting your clothes "tailored-fitted". You feel and look better, then the "off the rack fitting".

Where you just hope it looks good on you.

 Your business selection is just as critical.

You must really believe in the product you promote. Yes, if you only offer the product  because you get a commission for getting other to offer the product. Success will not be your companion on the"road of life".

Any product can produce that result.

Actually, you could just "drop" the product and tell your prospect

"just send in your $30 per month and get others to do the same, and the income projections will be real!".

Some would call that gifting. Truly, this is one of the reason the industry stat "98% fail in Networking Marketing" holds true.

Ok, next critical reality.  You must build a team to help you grow your business and to help grow theirs!!!!


Have a system designed to help your team grow the "properly fitted business".

 No one, I repeat, No one, should be trying to "reinvent the wheel".

 There are proven promoting and recruiting tool available now for any serious business builder.

Fortunately, many are available at very low cost.

 Yes, I have a recommendation, ( thought I wouldn't  smile)

go to this location

Business tools to build your business for only $9.95 per month


I like this system, its professional and its affordable.

It is also easy to assist your team with. Critical. You want your team to

be able to work independently from you. Yes, dependent on team

assist but not depend on any one person. Think on that for a moment.

Ok, I will bring you additional observations and recommendation.

Until we speak or meet Have Fantastic days and may great wealth and great

health, be your constant companions, on the road of life.

make sure you check out

At your service,


my business tool/team building recommendation
make sure you check out

How to start your own Hair Weave Business for $19.95

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As a new leader, visionary or entrepreneur, your sphere of influence is your power circle. Influence is all about the people you connect with constantly. If you don't have one then you aren't leading. If you aren't sure whose in this circle you are leading the blind. The goal of all leaders should be to increase their circle and cater to the interests and needs of their circle of influence.

As a leader you should have a team who is dependent on your vision and leadership to guide them. This is your sphere on influence. Your energy is dedicated to the visions, the mission, and your team. You should know what is most important to that circle and how you are reaching them. You need to know how your circle receive information best and how frequently you need to contact them to keep them motivated.


To tap into your sphere of influence think about this:

  • Who is currently in your circle of influence? Who do you currently connect to consistently? Do you share the same values, career, problems? What attracts you to one another? Think about if this is the group you need to sell the vision you have. If not begin to think about who you need to add to your circle. 
  • Who would I like to include in my circle of influence? Maybe there are a group of professionals who you'd like to market your vision to but you aren't currently. You have to study places they frequent and who they tend to gravitate to. You've got to do what you need to, to grab their attention and once you've got it give them all you've got. They need to leave understanding who you are, what you do, and why they should care. Think about this carefully before approaching new influences. 
  • What is most important to them? Know their values and principles. Know what problems they have, what makes them tick, and where they go to de-stress. You need this information to target and position yourself to be on their radar. Once you are speaking to them you have a few speaking points of their interest, and you can now transition into telling them more about you and what you do. 
  • How can I communicate what I know to that circle of influence? Once your initial contact how can you stay in contact with them. When you exchange business cards you can ask if they'd like to know more about the topic you discussed and get permission to add their email to your list. Now you have targeted exactly who you need to have on your list and you can win them into your circle of influence! 
Learn to follow your circle and they will learn to follow you!!
For more practical advice on how to connect to your circle join me for the Accelerate your Vision Tele-seminar by visiting 
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I"m a Team Player

The point of Coach Dana is to build others no matter where they are in their lives or businesses. Coach Dana is the one that jumps out on the limb to catch YOU from falling.Coach Dana has other direct sales businesses that help others create residual income as well as leaving a legacy.Two of those businesses help you eat right and start exercising. We need to fight this epedimic that is happening in our cities, in our schools and most importantly in our homes.Coach CEO (beach body)Healthy SnacksIt's time we do something about it and also make money while helping.Because I am a leader AND a team player, I'm giving away this book to all of my new team leaders. Yes, I said leaders. It doesn't help just to join a business, it helps to build a business. Are you ready?Join me today on either of these businesses and I will send you this book! God bless.
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THE LAW OF COUNTABILITYThe ‘Law Of Countability’ as described by John Maxwell, is a critical one in building teams and in effective teamwork. This is especially crucial when the stakes are high.People working towards a common goal, depend on the input and execution of tasks by each other. In fact tasks and accomplishment hinge on each other completing theirs. So the ‘Law Of Countability’ is not only important, but it ultimately determines the altitude a team will get to.Maxwell says the formula for ‘Countability’ is not complicated but its impact is powerfulThe formula for ‘Countability’ is as follows:1. CHARACTER: Character makes trust possible. Trust makes leadership possible. I you cannot trust someone, you will not count on them. Building a team, begins with building character in the individuals who make up the team2. COMPETENCE: Competence matters. Without competence, one person can put the entire team in jeopardy. Without competence the burden of the other teamsters become heavier3. COMMITMENT: Teams succeed or fail based on the commitment of teamsters to each other and the team. If a good team player ‘breaks a leg’ the others carry him to the top of the mountain. Many a time it is not about being the first one to the top of the mountain but that the whole team makes it to the top of the mountain4. CONSISTENCY: Consistency in a team is a key component. It keeps the flow of teamwork and reduces the need for other players to add to their work load if everyone stays consistent. Your consistency builds great confidence in you by you teammates5. COHESION: Cohesion is the glue which holds a team together. It is the journey to a worthwhile common goal that gives a team its identity and provides a foundation on which a team stands on. Maxwell describes it as ‘a pride in the ability of your group to function at a higher level than possible for the individual. The unit doesn’t shine because you’re a member, you shine because you’re good enough to be a member”Maxwell continues, “Without cohesion people aren’t really a team because they’re not pulling together. They’re merely a group of individuals working for the same organization.” So today as a leader or an aspiring leader, ask yourself, ‘Am I a team player?’ And do I have and exhibit the characteristics above clearly, in a manner that my team depends on it?” Your answer will tell you the whole story…Nadira Haniffwww.180DaysToGreatness.comwww.180DaysToProfit.comFollow me on Twitter
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Hello, it's Ruth.I found something that looks really great and I believe it will interest you also. I am very excited about it.I am looking for 2 motivated strategic business partners to have fun with. I respect you and would like to invite you to become one of my 2 strategic partners today. Please check it out thoroughly and get back to me today so we can see if you are going to be one of my 2 partners or not. Either way is fine with me. I was blown away when I checked it out.There are so many incredible people involved in this project.Watch the short 1 minute slide show on the home page. Please be sure you have your speakers turned on.Also, be sure to click on the $22K Income Generator Link & The Charity Link featuring Chuck Norris and Shakira!Please get back to me as soon as possible today or tomorrow at the latest as this is exploding worldwide right now and we are moving forward very fast.Sincerely,Ruth Clements413 363 2041prosperity_in_2008@yahoo.comCLICK HERE TO SEE THE WEBSITEPS: If you wish to become one of my 2 strategic partners, go ahead and sign up right away and get back to me ASAP.I'm looking forward to hearing back from you today or tomorrow at the latest. Thank you.http://ProsperityIn2008.mentorsclub.com
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