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Your Health is Your Wealth - Brain Food

10744107900?profile=originalToday, neurological research shows that by being aware of your thoughts through conscious choice-making and other techniques, you can increase brainpower and ward off Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss. Practice building new nerve cells by learning something new every day, for instance, a new word. READ MORE:

To Infinite Possibilities,

Jacqueline Nash, CVO

D.I.V.A. Downtime 

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$450 Wordpress Website Design


We are one month into the new year and I hope that means you are exactly where you want to be. Just in case, if you ready to build a new website to match your new year vision I've got a plan for you.


As part of my Build It On a Budget How-to Series, this month I am offering two SistaSense / BBWO Readers my 5 Page Web design package for $450 with the code WEB450.


What Comes with this Package?
Web Design is one of the services that I provide on SistaSense. With this package I can design a custom branded website for you on the wordpress platform. Your new site will include 5 packages: Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact Us. This package is normally $650, which is a steal at the current rates for custom websites, but with my "Build It On a Budget Plan" this package just got even better.


How does this offer work?
If you would like to be one of the two people who get access to my "Build It On A Budget Plan", click here to review my 5 page package and use the code 'WEB450' to reserve your spot. This is a one time payment and your site will be built in approx 2 weeks.


What if I miss the coupon code?
You can also try the code 'WEB100' to save $100 off the regular 5 Page Package OR use the code 'PAR50' if you want to make a two part payment on the regular 5 page package.


View Full Portfolio Here


5 Package Package Details

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Black Success: How to Grow Your Customer Base

10744104472?profile=originalIn my latest Black Success audio, I share tips I learned from millionaire business expert Richelle Shaw on how to grow your customer base. 

Click here to listen to this short audio

Plus click here for more Black Success audios.

What question would you like to ask about business success, growing your business, any aspect of business success?  What one burning issue is on your mind?  Click here to post your question on the Success Strategies FB page

Here's to your success!

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Social Media Strategy: Revamp Your Online Marketing

10744101881?profile=originalIn her latest blog, Tonya R. Taylor shares valuable tips and powerful social media strategy ideas.  Did you know that you can use social media to research a product or niche?

Click here to read more.

Plus click here for my interview with Tonya R. Taylor. How can you tell if your social media strategy is working?  Check it out.  

Here's to your success! 

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How To Overcome Procrastination


Ask any entrepreneur what their biggest challenge is in the business, and almost anyone will tell you it is or has been the question of how to overcome procrastination. Procrastination in general is a huge issue for many entrepreneurs. We all want the freedom of not having a supervisor or boss telling us what to do everyday.

We dream of waking up when we want, showing up to work or leaving when we want, take naps in the middle of the day just because, long lunches, and having a margarita with friends at noon, however the majority are not equipped to handle the discipline needed to manage our time.

So is there an easy way? Is there a book written on the art of how to overcome procrastination? There probably is, but more than likely you'll put off reading it so

Click here for 5 Tips on How To Overcome Procrastination

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Sweet Nature by Eddie is made with moisturizing butters, natural carrier oils, and herbs that have been proven to treat alopecia, psoriasis, acute dermatitis, and dandruff, as well as block DHT, nourish the scalp, combat hair loss and stimulate the follicles for longer, stronger, healthier hair! Eddie's mission is to provide an alternative to the hair care products that contain toxic ingredients, by enriching her products with nutrient rich ingredients. She is also on a mission to educate women through consultations, counseling, seminars and workshops, empowering them to make better decisions for the mind, body and HAIR!




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How Would Dr. King Want You to Celebrate the King Holiday?

Have you ever thought about how Dr. King would want you to celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday?  Would he want you to attend services where choirs sing songs of inspiration?  Would he want you to participate in programs where 6th graders reenact the Dream Speech?  Would he want you to go to lectures given by other civil rights veterans?  Would he encourage you to enjoy lunch and dinner specials at your favorite restaurant, or take advantage of the deals provided by retailers?  Would he want the Holiday to be a day of service, or a day of rest?


In pursuit of his Dream, Dr. King probably had few days off.  Fighting for civil rights has no “down time”.  Discrimination and bigotry don’t take holidays.  Dr. King’s dream for us was to have freedom of opportunity in America.  The opportunity to elect those who would serve us best.  The opportunity to be educated at the schools of our choice.  The opportunity to live where ever we wanted to live.  The opportunity to be gainfully employed.  The opportunity to start our own businesses.   The opportunity to pursue our own dreams.


Celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King is not a singular event.  Instead it is a reminder that pursuing dreams is a 24/7/365 thing.  It does not begin or end on January 15th.  I believe that Dr. King would want you to live everyday of your existence striving to be all that you can be.  He would encourage you to continually seek and find your purpose.  He would implore you to make sure you make a difference.  Above all, Dr. King would want you to persistently and tirelessly pursue your own dreams Everyday.


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SHOWCASE Magazine January 2014 Edition


10744102299?profile=originalSHOWCASE Magazine featuring the PROGRESSIVE Black Woman excelling in their perspective fields, it is such an awesome opporunity in being able to showcase some of the top Business Women and so much more.. SHOWCASE Magazine...... opportunity to learn, be empowered, be inspired at your own pace.


Robin R. Haynes

Darnyelle A. Jervey MBA

Qui Joacin                     

Featuring Songstress  "j.bleu” Bernette Harrison....

*Special Features*

Melisha Anderson-Ruiz - Poet On The Rise

Author Sharon Fox - Food Editor & Contributor

Tifini Lewis - Theophani Style - Beauty, Style & Fashion Contributor

Nikki Woods - Senior Producer Tom Joyner Morning Show

Lisa Durden - Lisa Durden Show

Jennifer Pierre - Jennifer Pierre Signature Collection

Who’s Trending Now?  Da’Lia Starkley Fitness Wellness Nutrition Expert

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Get Your Virtual Ticket for Power Circle 2014



Don't forget... It all starts tomorrow so today be sure to get your virtual ticket to Power Circle 2014.

Our focus this year is UnBlocking Your Blessings! Lucinda Cross creator of the Activate Movement is our Keynote Speaker and she will be talking about Money, Power & Respect - 3 things all women entrepreneurs should have!
I will be leading two intensive workshops: one on 5 Essential Online Marketing Solutions Today and the other on How to Monetize Your Message.
Plus Pam Perry, Katrina Harrell Jai Stone, Carol Sankar and Carla Cannon will be sharing powerful strategies to help you build your best business in 2014.

Click here
to download our 2014 Event Program.
The SistaSense Power Circle Conference is an exclusive annual event that connects serious entrepreneurs with experts who can help you turn your passion and purpose into profit and prosperity.

Conference Time + More

January 17 – 19, 2014

Get Your Virtual Ticket Here | Download Event Program Here

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10744101881?profile=originalYesterday, I was privileged to interview Tonya R. Taylor, who has mentored and coached hundreds of businesses.  She shared how to use social media to promote your business, and how to get fas results. 

Click here to listen to the interview now

Plus click here for more Black Success audios with Zhana

Here's to your success! 

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Choosing Your Theme for 2014

Happy 2014! It’s a new year, and I’m super excited about what’s in store. Something that I’ve been doing for the past couple of years to prepare for a fabulous year is coming up with a theme/word that I want my life to entail. This year, my theme is THRIVE:

  1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful
  2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish

My goal for this year is to thrive in all areas of my life: spiritually/mentally, financially, in my relationships, business — everything. So for the rest of the year, I’ll be consciously making an effort to thrive.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to choose a theme/word to focus on this year. So how do you go about choosing your theme for 2014?

Simply meditate and think on how you want your life to be and the person you want to become in the new year. Then, think of (or research) a few words that describe this, and choose one in verb format so it’s action-oriented. Some ideas include lead, excel, prosper, succeed.

Have a fabulous, successful + prosperous new year!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” - Oprah 

What’s your theme for this year? Please let us know by leaving a comment!

Read more posts like this + interviews with fab women entrepreneurs on

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Kick off the New Year with Angelique Noire the Ambassador of Modern Day Black Pinup Modeling and "Sisters Under The Feathers'" January gal! Once you've had your fill be sure to buy yourself something pretty!



Happy New Year from the Noir A-Go Go Gang!

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Beyonce Is Doing It Right

Beyonce surprised the world with dropping her CD on Friday 13th. She told her fans and her fans told their friends. She sold over 800,000 CD in one day.

That’s the kind of word of mouth you want for your writing or your business.

I’m on Beyonce mailing list, so I received her email about the CD, but I never got a chance to read it because her fans jumped on the social media and they went wild with talking about how great the CD and accompanying videos were.

Where you one of those who downloaded the CD without hearing one song?

I can say that I didn’t download the music, only because it’s on itune and I don’t do itune.

However I did hear the music this week and I will be getting a copy of the CD once it comes to where I buy my music.

Here’s what you can learn from Beyonce:

1.  Have a fan base. A fan base are who buy your books. This is your gold. You want to know who is buying your books and you want to know how to get in touch with them.

If you don’t have a fan base, start yours today.

2.  Word of mouth is still KING. Beyonce couldn’t have paid for all the free advertisement she received from her fans and their friends.

Talk about your book, have your friends and fans talk about your book.

3.  Social media can help with promotion. Beyonce fans were on social medias. All of them. Talking about her CD, taking pictures, writing FB status, sending tweets. They were everywhere, talking about her CD.

Are you on social media? Don’t miss out on this free promotion place. Find the places your readers are and sign up and engage with your readers.

4. Don’t miss a sale. My only complaint about Beyonce tactics is she sold the CD only on itunes for the day. She moved to other places later. However she lost a lot of sales because everyone is not on itunes.

Don’t miss out on sales because you don’t sell your book in all the right places that the readers are. Choosing one place to focus your sales, means you are losing sales from readers who buy from other places.

What do you learn from Beyonce?

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