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Hello BBWO community,


JMCC had a fantastic July and will have a fantastic August.


Because Networking Works, an effective Networking Works Even Better.

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This community and the "Leader of the Band" LaShanda Henry has been exceptionally instrumental in help JMCC grow!!!

I look forward to networking, even more, these coming months, and I very appreciative for the networking shared, these past months!!!

Love gospel music and ministry??!!!

check All Nations TV Network

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We have some exciting updates.

Update on our New growth Christian based TV Network Professional Graphic Design company Networking assistance Promotional assistance

At your service, Rickey

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Who or What has Branded You?

10744090452?profile=originalWe hear a lot about branding -- personal branding, entrepreneurial branding -- how you show up; your logo, your colors, your message, and this month we will address branding in those arenas in other posts.  But, first, as this month is International Boost Self Esteem Month, we want to touch on branding from a self esteem stand point.  

In our life's travel, we go through different stages, and frequently before we come to know who we are, we allow others (and sometimes, circumstances) to label us -- branding in a different sense.Some of the labels I suffered and maybe you did too, include insecure, co-dependent, being the yes-person; circumstances included teen pregnancy, unemployment, underemployment, abuse -- physical, emotional, mental.  What or who has branded you?

For those of you on the journey of discovering self, use these in your travels:

The Stubborn Warriorette.  The inner warrior, whether she's standing tall, on her knees or wounded in a fetal position, she's there.  Her mindset is:

  • I WILL do my purpose;
  • This is NOT the end;
  • I refuse to allow a temporal reality to be a permanent life sentence;
  • I must see what's on the other side of this thing.

She has stubborn, bulldog faith and she refuses to die. She finds and learns the lessons presented along the way and chooses not to allow bitterness to take up residence.

The Other Side.  Once you come to yourself -- once you're healed and have successfully filled the internal voids . . .

  • You shed the former labels;
  • Step into your true identity; and
  • Redefine and affirm the real you.   

Some will be shocked and even disappointed at the real you saying, "no" and setting boundaries -- 'who does she think she is?!'  Don't despair.  The opinions of other people don't matter so much any more. You've now created your own stage and some (naysayers and dream killers) might just need to vacate your space -- exit stage left!

Two nuggets to remember:

  1. Labels can't keep the REAL you bound.
  2. Your current circumstance may be part of your story, but is not your final destination.


Latifah Abdullah is founder of Tibay International.  Using optimism, forward thinking, and passion for a woman’s well being, the Tibay Community provides tools, how to’s, and candid conversation on legacy wealth, business, finance, faith, fashion, and health -- empowering women and women entrepreneurs to live a full, authentic life.

The community  uses a ‘whole person’ approach to provide business and personal resources to women and women business owners.

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One of our community shared this powerful info. What I appreciate is not only was an marketing issue brought forth but an viable option is presented. click to start your financial legacyDon't Bypass African-AmericansMarketers Make Mistake by Failing to Expressly Target Nearly $1 Trillion MarketBy Marissa MileyPublished: February 02, 2009NEW YORK ( -- In 2008, the country's top marketers tapped Barack Obama as Marketer of the Year. Many of those same marketers also cut spending directed at the African-American market.Najoh Tita-ReidWith advertisers chasing after niche markets such as mommy bloggers on tools such as Twitter, a "niche" worth $913 billion would seem the sort of market companies would be stumbling over each other to get to. Yet the African-American market has to continually make the case that it's a segment worth understanding, and one worth a dedicated portion of the ad to start your financial legacyAfrican-Americans -- and the African-American market -- were surpassed in the past five years by the growing Hispanic sector, leading many marketers and the media to focus intently on the "next big thing" in the minority sector. According to Nielsen, total spending in Spanish-language media in the first three quarters of 2008 was $4.3 billion, up 2.7% from the year before. Total spending on African-American media in that time period was $1.8 billion, down 5.3% from the same period in 2007. (Procter & Gamble was the largest spender in both categories.)click to start your financial legacyBLACK HISTORY MONTHFirst in a seriesStill, the African-American segment has buying power of $913 billion, according to 2008 data from the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia. That's why African-American marketing experts are flummoxed that there is an implied question floating around the C-suites in the U.S.: Why bother targeting the demographic specifically? Sales to be madePutting aside high-minded issues such as diversity and multiculturalism, the simple answer is: to make money."It makes sense to address 40 million people who are African-American if you want to capture their consumer behavior," said Alfred Liggins, president-CEO of Radio One, pointing out that marketers frequently target niche consumer segments such as new moms, outdoor enthusiasts and foodies. "Why is it an issue when you say that black people are a niche?"click to start your financial legacyThe justifications marketers use are many, particularly in a recession: Targeting African-Americans costs too much; it takes dollars away from general marketing; it does not add value. On a recent industry panel, Steve Stoute, founder-CEO of consulting/branding firm Translation, suggested some brands do well with African-Americans precisely because they don't market to the segment and are therefore seen as aspirational. (Mr. Stoute declined to participate in this story.)Another justification: "They speak English, don't they?" mocked Pepper Miller, president of Hunter-Miller Group, an African-American market research and consulting firm. She said marketers typically have this reaction because of the significant growth of the Latino market over the past couple of decades."That growth has become a catalyst for corporate America to embrace language as a cultural identifier, not race," she said. It's easier, she said, to make the case that a group speaking a different language deserves a unique type of marketing.African-Americans, on the other hand, because they share a common language with white America, are assumed to share the same culture and same interests. Why bother with the research and expense when you can just recycle general-market advertising and maybe throw in a couple of black actors?click to start your financial legacy
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Rickey Johnson, Owner of Juniques Marketing and Multi Cultural Connectionsshare his december theme with his online neighbors. www.jusmcc.comHELLO COMMUNITY, I AM DONE WITH MY DOING.Yes, it is time to finish what you started and start something anew. Share your blessings and give back more than you receive. You are on your life journey and you have more to do. Some have gone on.That means it is up to you. Not by yourself!!The level of thinking that has help arrive to where you are at , will not be level of thinking that will help you move to the next level. Reach out to others and make yourself reachable.Keep creating income producing assets and developing multiple streams of incomes and resources.Keep connecting!!! Let the world learn of your message, be it business or personal.Oh yes, I am a resource. Use me!!!!HAPPY NEW MONTH TO YOU !!!!!ENJOY DECEMEBER AND PREP FOR JANUARY.BE DONE WITH YOUR DOING!!!2009 THANK YOU, 2010 HERE WE COME!!!
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How to find the love you want!

This is the month of love. Yes it’s Valentines Day, but more importantly this is the month that was set aside to celebrate and honor Black History. During this month we hear and see lots of programming that chronicles the ups and downs of the black community, both past, present and future. But should we stop there? Should this be the only time that we really dig deeply into what’s ailing us or what we can do to uplift and better our community.Should this be the only time that we celebrate our accomplishments and the great inventors that are within our community? I believe we need to celebrate who we are on a daily basis. We should shout from the masses how proud we are to be who we are and where we have come from. We should teach our children, so they can teach their children and their children’s children how we come from and are a great, resilient group of people. We should look back and honor our ancestors and our elders who endured slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, no voting rights, segregated water fountains, sitting in the back of the bus, segregated schools…the list goes on. They marched, went to jail, some were killed, but all have endured so that we could have a better day. We are now free to own businesses, eat and drink where we want, live where we want and yes we can vote, and have our vote count! Yes We Can! We are not where we should be, but we are definetly a lot better than we were.So how do we find the love we want? Look in the mirror, it starts with you; it starts with me. Let go of the poor self image that we sometimes hold onto. Let go of the negative view others may have towards us. Let go of the negative self talk we give ourselves. Let go of the fear and the word Can’t. Each of us have a unique purpose. We have been given an assignment to carry out. We have been blessed with talents and gifts. Let’s use them to uplift, inspire, encourage and empower ourselves as well as others.So where is that love? It’s within us. We are that love we’ve been looking for. Love your curves, so what they are a little bigger than last year. Love your full lips, love your curly hair. Enjoy and embrace your unique beauty you have inside and out. We can’t expect to receive love if we don’t give it; and we have to start with giving it to ourselves first. This February let’s walk in an abundance of love, let’s celebrate who we are and who we are evolving into. Let make new history. Let’s send ourselves roses and candy on Valentines Day. Let’s be the love we are searching for.“I have learned not to worry about love, but to honor its coming with all my heart”~Alice Walker (African-American writer and poet)Imagine Life...Be Empowered...Live on PURPOSE!
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WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE MAJESTIQUE SPA SCENT!!!takesurvey.gifCAST YOUR VOTE NOW.... AND HAVE YOUR FAVORITE MAJESTIQUE SPA SCENT FEATURED FOR THE MONTH! FEATURED VOTER WILL RECEIVE THEIR MONTH'S SCENT AS A FREE GIFT!!!*Please note only one scent will be featured per month. Your selection may be featured the month of your birthday! If more than one person votes for one birthday month, the names will go into a drawing and a winner will be chosen. The runner ups will receive honorable mentions and a gift coupon for future purchases.

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