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Hello BBWO community,


JMCC had a fantastic July and will have a fantastic August.


Because Networking Works, an effective Networking Works Even Better.

Read JMCC news update at http://www.juniques.ws/hnm

This community and the "Leader of the Band" LaShanda Henry has been exceptionally instrumental in help JMCC grow!!!

I look forward to networking, even more, these coming months, and I very appreciative for the networking shared, these past months!!!

Love gospel music and ministry??!!!

check All Nations TV Network


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There has been a incredible shift in the world around us.  From the Northeast hurricane, to many people stepping out on pure faith and starting new businesses, ending unhealthy relationships to even finally taking health seriously. We’re all being charged with “purging” something. In the midst of this though…doesn’t mean there are challenges or days when you simply want to “quit”.

::The client money isn’t coming in on time

::The husband just “ain’t acting right”

::The kids are a mess at school

::Your stress level is out of wack

::Your business is good…but it’s not “great”

::You seem to be working harder for the same result.

::You feel enslaved to your purpose.

As women we come as a package deal and with that means that often overwhelming feeling of wishing and wanting to just “quit” – to let it all go. To throw in the towel and just let the sh!% it the fan!

I know that feeling and I have to have a “come to Jesus”  meeting with myself. And get real.

It’s time someone offered you a dose of truth…and that is


Truth be told, women of color tiptoe around our issues in our lives and ultimately our businesses. We don’t invest in ourselves however we expect others to invest in us.

Do you? Do  you invest in yourself or do you quit at the thought of doing the work

QUIT at the thought of truly asking for assistance and support in growing your business or how women like Cameka Smith (founder of Forbes.com listed BOSS Network) has done by fostering a community of women entrepreneurs who network for good?

QUIT feeling like you can’t really work with other women because “they always want to take what’s mines”. And the hard work of learning to trust your own “GET IT GIRL!” so you can work with other women without the “crabs-in-the-barrel mentality” like LaShanda Henry (founder of Black Business Women Online) did with her girlfriends

QUIT at the thought of truly (and I mean truly) investing in quality mentorship and guidance and humbling yourself to end the thinking that you must do everything on your own or that perhaps Women of Color can’t produce high quality events and workshops that are impactful and profitable like thePOWER CIRCLE Conference & Expo happening Jan 2013.

What’s my point? I’ve been in a “Inner BITCH” release pilgrimage for some time involving releasing all the GUNK that was stuck in my belief system for too long.  My sister on this journey of complete liberation and I have been charged with not only calling ourselves out…but other women. Particularly women of color and Black women more specifically on how our emotional wellness is the TRUE source of abundance.

If you’re still reading I offer that I realize this post is making tons of assumptions about you – the reader – but perhaps it’s not. Perhaps somewhere inside of you, a-lot of this rings true. If not to this extreme, perhaps in your own self-sabotaging efforts to define “success” merely as the sum of your bank account or based on the number of episodes of  Donald Trump’s
The Apprentice” you’ve been able to copy-cat in your own business journey.

Whatever it is…there is a time to call it quits, but not on yourself…but on the nonsense that is causing many of us to live beneath the truth of our possibilities. The truth is that there is another more authentic way of living and creating and this video offers a bit of that truth.

Join me Friday November 9, 2012 here.

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Getting on a List Generates Publicity

Are you aware that countless opportunities to send out press releases and receive valuable, free publicity get missed everyday?  There are literally dozens of newsworthy opportunities for getting positive media exposure.  Being recognized on a List of some kind or receiving an award is a great way to generate publicity for yourself.

It also becomes a win-win situation for you and the person (or business) honoring you because they get publicity too!


Here's the one I created after being named one of the Top 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs:


(Durham, NC-July 22, 2011) Beverly Mahone of Durham has been named one of the top Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs by SistaSense Magazine and Black Business Women Online.  Mahone is one of 10 women selected in the category of print and digital media.  After leaving the television news business in 2006, Mahone created BAMedia which caters to fellow baby boomers who want to learn how to self-promote themselves and their businesses. 

In making the recent announcement, SistaSense Editor-in-Chief LaShandra Henry says “I see thousands of black women whose deeds go unnoticed. I wanted to recognize the BBWO50 for their hard work and diligence and show Sistasense readers these are our women to support, promote, and aspire to be like.  Henry says she chose women who have built established businesses with visible growth over time both online and offline. She also focused on up and coming women entrepreneurs whose innovative online business ventures are publicly recognized. “In short, these women are widely respected for the businesses they have established and their social influence both online and offline is undeniable,” she added.

Mahone says, “I am honored to have been included on this list.  LaShandra Henry is right.  Many times Black Female Entrepreneurs are overlooked in spite of how hard they work and the expertise they bring to the table--especially those of us who are baby boomers.” 

You can find complete list here:  http://www.sistasense.com/2011/07/sistasense-magazine-july-issue-bbwo-50-fabulous-women-entrepreneurs


**If you want to learn more about how to self-promote, contact me**

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Come join a group of uniquely talented and gifted ladies as we hone in on the full manifestation of our purpose. Whether you’re unsure of what direction you want to go in life or you’re fully living out your dreams, this retreat is for you.


During the retreat, we’ll be converging on the beautiful Chateau Elan Resort in Braselton, GA. In the midst of luxury and relaxation, we’ll have 4 days and 3 nights of power-packed fun, inspiration & purpose building.


This year, we really want to focus on helping you walk fully into the life you were created for. We’ll focus on renewal of the mind, body and spirit by offering activities that will help you live your life in balance in order to fulfill your God-given purpose.


Retreat activities include:

· Inspirational workshops focusing on spiritual, emotional & physical health & wellness

· An Interactive Talk Show: Matters of the Heart with Inspired Sistah

· An Awards Ceremony honoring Inspired Sistahs everywhere

· Plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the beautiful estate grounds which includes world-class amenities such   as a European Spa, Winery, & Equestrian Center.

· And, of course, an awesome opportunity to bond with other like-minded Inspired Sistahs


Early-Bird Registration (March 1st, 2011-May 1st, 2011):


Regular Registration (May 2nd, 2011-Aug. 1st, 2011):


Late Registration (Aug. 1st, 2011-Sep. 1st, 2011):


For registration details, visit the Retreat's website.

*Payment plan available for regular registration fee

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