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Hello community, the better informed you are about the Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare), the better your decision will be. Do Not get fooled by the hype!!! Get Informed. 


Juniques Multi Cultural Connections

Blue Cross/ Blues Shield is actively going after this newly created health insurance market!!  

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- Just down from the Target and Gander Mountain big-box stores and between a nail salon and dental office, North Carolina's largest health insurer opened its first retail store.

It has some exercise offerings — step aerobics classes and stationary bike workouts — but for now, its main product is providing in-person information about changes coming in October with the health insurance overhaul law.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is opening half a dozen of these offices in strip malls statewide to first educate and then, starting in October, enroll consumers shopping for coverage because of the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare." Blue Cross affiliates in Florida and Pennsylvania have had similar stores open for years.

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Jewelry Feature of the Week: Tiered Colors

Inspired by my chunky beaded rings I figured why not design chunky beaded necklaces. This sterling silver necklace suspends three strands of colorful and uniquely shaped beads. The beaded pendant extends about 1 ½ inches long. This piece is definitely a way to express “color” in your fall fashion. Check out our Etsy store for more details and to order.By: Kamilah C.The Pink Lockethttp://thepinklocket.com
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Jewelry Feature of the Week


Wow…look at that pinky ring. The pinky is always the “left out” finger. Lets face it at some point or another we’ll wear rings on all the other fingers, even the thumb, but never really on the pinky. The Pink Locket has designed that specially pinky ring for the PINK woman. Coral and Turquoise artisan beads embellish this 14kt gold chain ring. Retailing at $53, this is definitely a piece of jewelry you’ll want to have in your collection.By: Kamilah C.The Pink Locket
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Jewelry Piece Feature of the Week

This week’s feature is the Travel The Seas ring. This sea blue artisan beaded ring collides with a teal beaded band spelling “hot” in its own way. Apart of the Chic Summer collection the colors of this piece are reminiscent of the various ocean colors. Sold Exclusively on C.
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