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https://houstonmcmiller.com/how-to-get-business-credit-cards10667319, https://3wayfunding.com/how-to-get-business-credit-cards, http://www.businesscreditamerica.com/ 1-888-883-3013


When trying to decide whether to use a credit union or a bank when applying for a credit card. There are a few factors to consider.


1.) With a credit union you are a member, or a stakeholder. With a bank you are simply a customer. Banks are for-profit institutions and their goal is to make money for the stockholders of the company. A credit union is not-for-profit entity and their goal is pass through the profits to the members. This comes in the form of added member benefits such as low fees and low rates.


2.) Its a misconstrued opinion that credit unions have limited branch and ATM locations. However, many credit unions belong to larger networks, such as the Credit Union Service Centers.


3.) Most credit unions offer credit cards just like a typical bank. What isn’t so typical are the exceptionally low APR rates they offer.


4.) Credit unions have many available ATMs, but they are also fee free! The average fee for an ATM is $2.33 and is on the rise. Now if you use your bank issued ATM card at a third party ATM, then you just doubled your fees. With a credit union ATM card, you can withdraw your own money fee free as long as it’s at a participating ATM. Even if you withdraw money from a third party, you may have to pay their fee, but most credit unions don’t charge for the transactions themselves. I’m too busy to walk into a branch office every time I want to withdraw some money, and I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay hefty fees when I do.


5.) At a credit union, credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans all enjoy lower rates than you will find at a bank. At the same time, savings, checking, money market, and CD’s have higher rates. I don’t typically endorse putting any significant amount of your money into savings and CD’s as inflation tends to outpace them, however, most people feel more comfortable doing so and they might as well earn a higher rate!

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Summer Collection is here...

My Summer Collection is finally here. Here's a sneak peek. I'm adding new jewelry piece daily so keep checking my Etsy site.

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Ribbon Gift Collections leave a lasting impression because your client or loved one will think of you when you give them the card/ collection booklet, when they redeem the card, and when they receive the gift THEY chose.

Best of all you can staywithin your budget and not look "cheap" because the price of the gift isn't on the card or on the redemption site! So the perceived value is even higher than what you actually paid!

Each gift collectioncomes with a variety of gifts for the recipient to choose from, FREE SHIPPING
for YOU when you order the collection and FREE SHIPPING for THEM when they pick the gift they want!

They also come with a 6 Month Money Back/ Satisfaction Guaranteewhere you can return it for a full refund (we pay postage) or your client can exchange the gift they chose for another gift in the collection.

The collections range from $30-$1000 so they fit EVERYONE'Sbudget! There is also no limit on how many you can order or even give to your client or loved ones! There is a collection for every occasion or "just because".

Here are 2 commercials to give a visual on howthey are used for business or family and friends:


Hereis the direct link to the gift collections:

Click on thecollection in your price range and scroll down to see what comes in the collection.


Redemption Site:
You can also seewhat each collection contains through the redemption site. Orders can be made at the link above.


Thankyou so much for your time. Please contact me if you have any questions about how to order. I am here to help.

Michelle Cole
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Using Squidoo To Promote Your Website

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A lens maker can create numerous lenses on a subject, focusing attention on a different aspect of the subject with each lens. On the other had, a lens maker can make numerous lenses that cover many different topics, reflecting the lens makers' different interests and expertise. Internet MarketingOne of the many good uses for Squidoo lenses is to use the lens as part of an overall internet marketing strategy. One or more good lenses can help to bring attention, traffic, and credibility to a product or business by providing valuable information and resources. Additionally, the lens can help to establish the author as an expert in their field and a person whose advice should be taken seriously.The single page websites that Squidoo allows an author to create are called lenses because the finished website focuses on a single subject or idea. This focused attention on a subject is very attractive to users of the internet who are constantly searching for answers to questions or problems. The internet search engines whose job it is to find good, focused websites that will answer the questions or problems are attracted to the lenses.Therefore, the use of Squidoo lenses has become a valuable internet resource for building and marketing a business.Traffic. I started out with Squidoo simply to promote my various internet ventures -- web sites, blogs and ezines. Due to the way Squidoo is organized it makes a great system to capture and redirect traffic. Traffic arrives both from search engines and internally generated traffic. I have found this to be a great traffic generation tool. I have some profitable web sites that I do nothing else to promote except through Squidoo.Money. While I started out simply to drive traffic to my other money-making enterprises I soon realized there is a number of ways to benefit financially from Squidoo. I can earn income directly from Squidoo based on the internal rank of my Squidoo page as well as from a variety of internal and external affiliate programs. Squidoo has several different affiliate programs programmed in and you are welcome to add as many other income sources to your lens as you want. I earn income every month from Squidoo and I have not even begun to fully capitalize on all my options.Addiction. I fully admit that I am a Squidoo addict. I check in several times a day on the various lenses (the Squidoo term for a web page) and groups I maintain, I eye my dashboard stats, I haunt the Squidoo forum, and I'm constantly creating new lenses. I don't think there is a 12-step program for Squidoo addiction yet but there might need to be. I am constantly tweaking, fixing, adding, and altering my existing lenses as well as creating new lenses. Do I have a problem?Friends. Squidoo is a friendly place. While there are certainly people here ready and eager to make a buck they don't seem to dominate this network as much as some of the others. Perhaps it is because Squidoo makes it so easy to donate all or a portion of your proceeds to a charity of your choice -- and so many Squidoo lens creators are dedicated to supporting a huge range of charities -- that makes Squidoo people a nicer group as a whole. Yes, there are people like myself using Squidoo to support or promote a business, but it is not all about money. It is about people and ideas and community. That is what keeps me coming back day after day. I find myself not just checking up on my projects but the projects of various people that interest me -- and Squidoo makes it super easy to do just that!

Squidoo : Lenses by Desiree_Richardson

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Desiree RichardsonMake Your Own Squidoo Lens Today
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eBiz Marketing is looking for contributing writers for articles and essays to be posted on eBiz Marketing and several of our network affiliate sites. These articles must be based on “Online Marketing Tactics/Techniques” and “How Your Business Can Survive the Recession”. We will provide a bio/bi-line and your contact information. Some articles may be posted in our “eBiz Marketing Newsletter" eBlast. Because our subscribers are typically African American Professionals , Companies interested in submitting articles must be 51% African American owned. eBiz Marketing has last say on what articles will be published. Once your article is approved we will contact you via email. You must have complete rights to publish your creative works. We at eBiz Marketing recognize the importance of featuring articles in blogs, blasts, and network sites. We are currently seeking your help in increasing our exposure. There are many excellent writers in this community. In exchange we hope to bring additional exposure to you and your business. We would additionally like to thank LaShonda for all the valuable information she provides on a daily basis.

Please Email the following information with your submissions to: articles@eBiznessonline.com NOTE All responses must come to email address provided. Thank you

Company Name
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All articles must be submitted in word or notepad only.
Please do not submit any pictures, logos, or graphics.

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I'd Love Your Feedback on My New WordPress Blog Layout

I have been blogging since 2005. You can see the remnants of my first blog here. I keep thinking I should take that site down, or at least disable the blog, but I don't because it is such a useful teaching tool. It shows how awful a beginner blogger really is. In fact, shortly after I launched that blog, I interviewed Debbie Weil, author of the Corporate Blogging Book, on Indie Business Radio. On a whim, during the live show, I asked Debbie to log onto my blog and give me some real time feedback. I had not prepared her for the question and I could tell immediately that Debbie did not want to embarrass me on my own radio show. She was gracious of course, yet honest, and I am so thankful to her for telling me the truth without slamming me.


So I keep the blog up, and link to it from time to time to encourage other beginner bloggers that everyone has to start somewhere. Now, 3 years and 3 blogs later, I'm considering switching to a WordPress blogging platform. (I'll post an article about why I am considering this later.) I hired Matt Blancarte Unique Blog Designs to create something just for me. What you see in the graphic above is his first draft.

What do you think? I'll ask Debbie too. In fact, I'm working with her to set up a return date on Indie Business Radio. Debbie lives and breathes blogging and she's a fantastic resource. I highly recommend that you enjoy the show from a few years ago and buy her book at the link, and stay tuned for an announcement soon about Debbie's return to Indie Business Radio.

So, what do you think of the draft of my new blog layout?

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