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What is all the fuss about coaching?

I’ve been getting questions from someof the women in my tribe/network and most want to know how they can getstarted in the coaching business. I’m sure each of them have varyingreasons why they
are interested.

If you have a desire to help others that would be one reason to seriously look into this model. If you’re tired of
working harder without realizing the results, this is an ideal model for you.
If you want to monetize and share your expertise with the masses, this is an
ideal model for you.

Watch the video for additional supporting information. Go to to request access to the audio replay of the power-packed Teleseminar mentioned.

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Attention Christian Women in Biz

First let me say this from one Christian Woman in Biz to another.
One WAHM and mompreneur to another and from one Daughter of
God to another.

It's your responsibility to express your gifts in a BIG way!!

You're a unique one of a kind Gift of God.

If you're not involved in the marketing activity of building your list/community consistently you won't
attract your ideal clients/customers and without clients/customers you won't have revenue and
without revenue your business will cease.

Okay I know you've heard that the money is in the list, however, maybe you can't seem to make
it work for you. Or you're having results but not to the extent that you desire.

Is it really true that the money is in the list? Or are there other elements essential
to realizing the fruits from your list.

Maybe you have questions such as......

"How do I get started?"

"What's the quickest way to realize results?"

"How can I persuade prospects to subscribe?"

"What's a squeeze page?"

"I'm not handy with all that tech stuff so how can I get started without a
fancy website?"

I'm glad you asked. All of the above and more will be covered in my upcoming free call.

Get your message out! 5 sure-fire strategies to build your list.
Everyone is welcome, however, this time the call is designed with the Christian Woman/Mom in business in mind.

When: Wednesday, September 29
Time: 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST
Where: From the comfort of your home

Can't make the call? The audio replay will be available to
all registrants.

Secure your seat here

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Happy Summertime!

You've made strategic plans, did some networking and even
developed a great schedule for marketing and monetizing
your efforts and now comes the turn. The turn when you must
figure out how to keep the momentum going, create a schedule
that will allow you to leverage your time and still realize
gains in your business while fulfilling the other roles in
your life. The Summer Time turn.

It's not easy realizing work at home women's empowerment and
it can be even harder as you make the transition from the
school year to the Summer months.

Now is the time you must streamline and set one BIG goal that
will give you massive results in other areas.

The key word is focus. If you've ever learned the skill of focus,
now is the time to embrace the act of focusing on what matters most.

Need help with how to gain massive results while committing to
your desire to give what you need to your family and children
during these summer months? Or maybe your children are grown or
you don't have children and yet you must figure out how to monetize
while getting through the Summer months that have been known
to be slow months due to one of meany reasons the season
for vacationing. You don't want to miss my upcoming
Work at home women's Empowerment and Mindset Breatkthrough Teleseries.

When: Bi-weekly beginning Thursday, June 24 at 11:00 am PST
Cost: Free

Although this Teleseries is designed with the Work at Home Woman
and those that aspire to be in mind, everyone is welcome to attend.

Secure your spot here:

Space is limited. Secure yours now!
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This post originally appeared on the blog, where SistaWAHMs (Tiffany & Tamara) regularly share tips, ideas, and news on leveraging entrepreneurship and frugality for an abundance of life.

What exactly is it that we do, you ask?

In its simplest form, we answer questions and give advice on ways to leverage entrepreneurship and frugality in order to obtain abundance in life.

We answer emails, chats, tweets, comments, you name it.

We are wealthy in the sense that we are giving to those in need and providing value all while doing so for free, but, we must also value our time something that is not in abundance.

The answers we provide to the questions we receive are always detailed, resourceful, and down right good.

Do you find yourself freely sharing advice but wishing you could find a way to monetize your efforts?

If so, you’ll want to read on to see what free tool we found to make this happen!

As the old saying goes, “time is money”, and if you don’t want to waste anymore time or money then you’ll want to consider selling advice over the phone.

Consultants, therapists, stay at home moms, and Internet marketers alike can all benefit from a free online service called Ether. allows you to “sell what you say”.

Before now, the only way to get paid for what you said was done by coordinating teleseminars, webinars, and live events.

Now, Ether gives you a way to hold one-on-one sessions and still get paid.

You will want to tell Ether exactly how you wish to be paid – consider now how much your time is worth.

Set your price, what will it be $5? $100? Then set whether you are paid this amount per call, per minute or per hour.

When you sign up to Ether you will receive a unique 8-digit phone number that can be forwarded to the phone line of your choice. If you have a blog or website you can get an Ether button that lets your customers know whether or not you are available to take calls.

For those of us with children or outside the home jobs, just set the hours when you want to take calls or simply turn your Ether phone number off with a click of a mouse.

If you happen to be a stay at home mom with babies or small children and the phone is not a viable option right now, Ether even uses email versus phone which allows you to sell any digital product you possess (i.e. audios, videos, interviews, etc).

The only way a customer can reach you is after they’ve prepaid your rate. So, the one thing with Ether that you can always count on is that you will only receive phone calls that are from paid customers!

To sign up to Ether takes 2 minutes and it’s free to start, no monthly fees, setup fees, or connection fees.

All Ether asks for is a 15% commission fee which you can recoup or include in the fee you specify.

How payment works is:

Ether collects the customers credit or debit card information.

Once the customer has paid, the call is transferred to you and your money is sent to you via direct deposit or check – you are paid at the end of each month.

Now you can sell advice over the phone, set your own schedule and pricing, and receive only paid phone calls!

While it will always pay off to freely give and share advice you also need to understand your worth. You never know just how much someone else is willing to pay you to better themselves in exchange for your expertise.

You can learn more about Ether - like how you can market your services and get paid right on their site. Be sure you come over to FMT after you’re done here and share your experience and earnings with us!

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Empowerment is a choice and life is full of decisions and choices. The choices we make can either lead us down a road of prosperity “spirit, soul and body.” One thing to keep in mind is that prosperity is not just about money. There are also roads that lead to poverty, isolation and despair based on our decision and/or choice.As women we remain in limbo because there are so many decisions to make inour lives. We fill so many roles. Continue to read as I share tips for ajuicy manifestation of women's life empowerment!How do we know which choice to make, what decision will render the best result. What is the guarantee that we would choose the right one along the way?Step out and move forward. There are no guarantees. Keep this in mind whenendeavoring to realize life empowerment.You do not really know where a road will lead you until you take it. There are no guarantees. This is one of the most important things you need to realize about life. Nobody said that choosing to do the right thing all the time would always lead you to happiness. Loving someone with all your heart does not guarantee that it would be returned. Gaining fame and fortune does not guarantee happiness. There are too many possible outcomes, which you really cannot control. The only thing you have power over is the decisions that you will make, and how you would act and react to different situations.• Hindsight is 20/20Have you heard the cliché’ hindsight is always 20/20? Wrong decisions are always at hindsight. Had you known that you were making a wrong decision, would you have gone along with it? Perhaps not, why would you choose a certain path when you know it would get you lost? Why make a certain decision if you knew from the very beginning that it is not the right one. It is only after you have made a decision and reflected on it that you realize its soundness. One way to assess whether another a decision was correct or not is if the consequences or outcomes are good for you, then you have decided correctly. Otherwise, your decision was wrong.Seek wisdom. In the bible it says Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7• Arm yourself with as much information as you can about the situation.You cannot find the confidence to decide when you know so little about what you are faced with. Just like any news reporter, ask the 5 W’s: what, who, when, where, and why. What is the situation? Who are the people involved? When did this happen? Where is this leading? Why are you in this situation? These are just some of the possible questions to ask to know more about your situation. This is important. Oftentimes, the reason for indecision is the lack of information about a situation.• Identify and create options.What options do the situation give you? Sometimes the options are few, but sometimes they are numerous. But what do you do when you think that the situation offers no options? This is the time that you create your own. Make your creative mind work. From the most simplistic to the most complicated, entertain all ideas. Do not shoot anything down when an idea comes to your head. Sometimes the most outrageous idea could prove to be the right one in the end. You can ask a friend to help you identify options and even make more options if you encounter some difficulty, but make sure that you make the decision yourself in the end.Assess each option by looking at the advantages and disadvantages it offers you. In this way, you get more insights about the consequences of such an option. Weigh the pros and cons of every option.Now that you have assessed your options, it is now time to trust yourself. Remember that there are no guarantees and wrong decisions are always at hindsight. So choose… decide… believe that you are choosing the best option at this point in time.One more thing, never make a choice or decision in an angry mode. This is the worst time to make a decision. Move away from the situation and give yourself time to reflect and pray. You will be in a better position to make your choice and decision.Trust yourself and make that decision and realize a juicy manifestation of life empowerment.If you desire additional support in living your best empowered liferequest my free empowering gifts for sustained empowerment and success.Click here to access them now.(2010) Robin Tramble
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Success Is Not a Destiny it is a Journey!

This is the journey:1) positive attitude2) preparation3) have goals4) be genuine5) stay innovative6) listen7) stay current8) vision9) passion10) time management11) have faith12) dream big13) determination14) believe15) drive16) stay current17) prudence18) have humility19) take risks20) strong networkRemember it is all about you. Sell yourself, improve yourself, and motivate yourself! That's that...
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Attention Savvy Women Entrepreneurs!Reclaim you lfie and learn from 16 successful women how to maximize your empowerment and receiveexponential growth in your personal life ,spiritual life and business.The time is now for dreams and desires to be manifested.Destiny's calling , are you prepared?Don't look back 5 years from now wishing you had begun today.Just don't wait. Time doesn'tClaim your free gift to charge you towards your best empowered life.Drop the excuses. All it will cost you is time.Click HERE to claim your complimentary General pass.Robin TrambleLife/Marriage Empowerment Mentor/Trainer/Coach
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What Is Cash Gifting?

Many of my friends are inquiring about Cash Gifting, and what it really is. To try and address this as succinctly as I can, let me first tell you what Cash Gifting is NOT.

Cash Gifting as it is known today is:

NOT an investment club,
NOT a business,
NOT a pyramid,
NOT a scam,
NOT illegal,
NOT a company or corporation,
NOT a commercial enterprise of any kind.

Yet, through the act of freely giving and freely receiving Cash Gifts, many are receiving via overnight courier as much as $10,000 weekly.

With Cash Gifting there are:
NO investments,
NO paychecks,
NO products or services to sell,
NO tapes or manuals to buy,
NO one MAKES or EARNS any money.
There is NO profit making benefit of any kind associated with this activity.

Are you intrigued? I know I was when I first learned about this amazing Cash generating system. If you would like to learn more about this activity that has financially blessed so many others; visit: or Leave me your contact information, and I will be in contact with you immediately.

Prosperity is Waiting…Go Get It,

Gee Renee
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Who Is Gee Renee..Anyway?

Hi everyone, Gee Renee here. I wanted to post this short bio, introducing me to the BBWO community.

I was born and raised in The Bronx, NY, and am the 2nd eldest of 7 children. I have always been a trend-setter and a go-getter. I was the first to do many things in my immediate family; from breaking my leg to leaving home, to graduating from college, to getting married. I am also a born-again believer in The Lord Jesus Christ

For the past 18 years, I have been honored to be married to who I call "the greatest living Jazz Pianist", Mr. Levi Barcourt (bar-coo). Together, we have 3 beautiful children, who I know will one day leave indelible marks on this world. In addition to being a mommy and a wifey, I am also an entrepreneur.

After working in Corporate America for 16 years; 13 years ago, I was privileged to stay at home and become a full-time Momprenuer. I've owned my own baking business; worked as a church administrator, and as a network marketer. Currently, I am a first-time author, writing my first book, a baby name book, entitled, "You Were Destined To Be."

My current online activities includes that of an Internet Marketer. I promote cash leveraging programs, and am passionate about helping others "Create Wealth so they can Leave a Lasting Financial Legacy." Offline, I am also the co-owner of LB Music & Entertainment, Inc., a premier entertainment company, serving the NY Tri-State regions.

If you'd like to learn even more about me, please check out my profile at: As a member of BBWO, I am seeking to network with and befriend women who are driven to succeed, and have a will to fulfill their God-given destiny.

I'm looking forward to building additional syncopated and synergistic relationships here!

Remember, "Destiny is Not left up to Chance…It's a Matter of CHOICE!!!

Peace & Blessings,
Gee Renee

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Contact:Jenny FoustCommunications Strategy 433-7020 or (720) 244-4268

Academics.jpg Teams Up with Five Online Colleges and Universities to Send Moms and Dads Back to School Tuition FreeHoboken, NJ, ( –, a leading website that connects students with online education, today announced its new campaign to help both working moms and dads return to school. “Project Working Mom…and Dads, Too!” is a full-ride online college scholarship campaign, which will award approximately 60 scholarships, totaling more than $2 million. Ashford University, Capella University, Everest University, Virginia College and Ashworth College are the five accredited online universities that are sponsoring the campaign. This campaign is a follow-up to the overwhelming demand from the initial two Project Working Mom campaigns in 2008. Those campaigns received more than 120,000 scholarship applications for more than $4 million in scholarships, and sent nearly 100 working moms back to school tuition free.“When we launched Project Working Mom around this time last year we had no idea what to expect. We knew we wanted to help moms go back to school to improve their lives and the lives of their family, but little did we know how much pent up demand and stories there were among moms who wanted to go back to school,” said Helen MacDermott, a representative from Project Working Mom. “During the first two campaigns, we would receive letters from working dads about tuition relief and this campaign helps to address the needs of all working parents.”“Project Working Mom…and Dads, Too!” is designed to help the approximately 84% of single working moms and dads who don’t have a bachelor’s degree by removing the barriers of time, money and confidence that many people face when deciding whether to go back to school. The flexible nature of online education allows working parents to find the time to complete their studies and through the comprehensive Project Working Mom website (, working moms and dads can get the knowledge and support they need to feel confident about returning to school.“For the first time ever, American children are less likely than their parents to graduate high school,” said Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering and and author of the upcoming book, Championship Fathering. “This is a wake up call to parents that they must serve as role models and set the educational priority. Project Working Mom…and Dads, Too! removes the barriers and gives parents the opportunity to pursue the education they need to fulfill their dreams and the dreams they have set for their family.”The full-ride online college scholarships through “Project Working Mom…and Dads, Too!” are for online programs that range from certificates, associates and bachelors degrees to Masters and Ph.D. level programs. To apply for a scholarship, working moms and dads must complete a short application at They will also need to complete an essay that outlines their education and career goals and explain how an online program will enable them to achieve their goals. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is April 30, 2009."I worked with on the second Project Working Mom campaign and it was so inspiring to see women's dreams come true as they received the scholarship," said Stephanie Clark, the founder & CEO of My Daughter's Keeper, Inc., a non-profit organization empowering mothers, daughters, women and girls and a mother/daughter relationship coach. "Education is a powerful force and the best example for kids is for them to see their parents practicing what they preach and getting a college education for themselves."Editor’s Note: To interview one of the scholarship recipients from the 2008 Project Working Mom campaigns; a member of Project Working Mom; a member of National Center for Fathering; Stephanie Clark, the founder & CEO of My Daughter’s Keeper; or a member of the participating universities, contact Jenny Foust at 303.433.7020,®The website is one of several high visibility, high-quality prospecting tools offered by EducationDynamics, LLC. Since 1999, has been successfully connecting learners to online education, including online degree and certificate programs, specialized career training and a variety of online courses. For prospective students, eLearners® provides a powerful search engine for users to find thousands of online program offerings, as well as educational evaluation tools and financial aid resources. For colleges and universities, the website offers a low-cost, performance-based method to provide national exposure and increase enrollments in their programs. For more information on, visit
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Etsy Shop Feature of the Week: Cutesieclips

Cute, fun and colorful all describe Cutesieclips Etsy Store. Various cute shapes and characters are created out of colorful felt making pretty clips for little girls. My favorite is the PINK heart of course. In addition, these beautiful clips are reasonably priced ranging from $4-$6. Check out the Halloween collection…very creative.By: Kamilah C.The Pink Locket
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How to relax on a tight budget

How to relax on a tight budgetWe all need a break away from all the stress at work and not to mention the husband and kids. Being a mom, wife, cook, driver, gardener, cleaners, maid and don’t forget being a business professional is hard work and you need time to relax. You must take time for your self. When you are taking time for yourself you become a better mom, wife, and friend.When you are on a tight budget it’s hard to find $100 just to blow on fun with friends, but this cannot be an excuse. You have to strive to budget $150.00 a month for you to relax and not for your family fun time. Don’t make any excuses like little Johnny needs extra lunch money for the week or my husband needs a new briefcase. Let your husband use that same briefcase until there’s a holiday or when you need a birthday gift to buy. Making excuses is the beginning of your failure to meet the goal of relaxation.Being a mom we are nurturers by design and we always put our self last. For one day a month we have to push that aside and think of ourselves. Explain to your husband and family that you will be taking some me time out for your self each month. Also explain to hubby that negotiated in this agreement is that the kids and the house are his responsibility for the day. Now ladies, let me prep you on line of defense number one that will surely come from your husband. He will say, there’s no way I can make it without you. It may not be in those exact words but it will be in some derivative of it. You rebuttal should be to simply tell him that he will also be getting something out of it. You will become a much better person to be around.Taking time out for your self can be cheap. A few things you can do are:1) Get a 30min. massage. Massages are my favorite as they are a great stress reliever. You can also catch up on old times by having a friend join you for the massage. You can create friends night out spa party and invite all of your friends.2) Go to the park and feed the birds and fish for free, assuming that you already have the bread at home. Just being by your self can relieve a lot of stress.3) Take a drive around the town to clear your mind.4) Get a gym membership which runs you about $30 a month. Look out for specials here in Nashville where you can join for $1.00. Working out at your local gym is a great way to trim up and relax.These are just a few ideas that could help you stay healthy and have a balanced life. It’s imperative that you take time for your self. If nothing else lock your self in your room with a huge bowl of fruit and your favorite movie or book.Author Erica Johnson is a mother and wife that focuses on healing the body mind and soul. She is the owner of three business in Nashville, TN. Pampered Luxury Mobile Spa, Young Leaders Preschool and Warm Spirit. She is a business expert and her goal is to see women succeed. She helps mothers with taking care of themselves by helping them learn how to relax and achieve overall wellness. If you would like to contact Erica Johnson please contact her at
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Content is Queen?

You've probably heard it time and time again, content is king. Well let me tell ya, that saying is true, but I'd like to say content is queen because you, my sister, are queen of your domain (name that is). Everybody wants and needs traffic to their website and I'm sure you are no exception, but putting up a pretty site is not enough. You need content and that content should be search engine friendly.A few great ways to get content are to add articles, blog, have contests and giveaways, and exchange links. That’s nice, just remember that to keep it relevant to your site and be useful. An article about your garden when your site is about jewelry making is not very relevant, but an article about the how to make vegetable or flower shaped beads is relevant (and can be marketed to garden lovers). This type of article is also a prime candidate for using keywords to make it search engine friendly. More keywords another time.The problem many people have with content is that they think they can't write or don't have time to write. Well let me tell you, there are at least three ways around this. First, you can learn how to write. Here's a quick and dirty lesson. Take a subject that's relevant to your site, then think up three related topics and write a few sentences about it, next sandwich those topics between an introduction about the topic and an ending that tells what you just talked about. Voila! You have an article. It's not always that simple when it comes to doing it, but it's a good start.Second, you can go to an article marketing site like and grab one of their articles. The catch with that option is that your readers may click off your page and go elsewhere. You want them to stay on your site and respond to your call-to-action. We'll talk about that another time.Third, you can hire someone to write content for you. Hire someone who has written before, has samples, and charge a reasonable price. You don't want anyone who is charging pennies because you will get what you pay for. Yes, consider your budget, but don't get caught up in thinking you don't have enough to pay a quality. There may be times when you have to bite the bullet and hire that writer anyway. Web content writers are pretty reasonable so don't shy away from this option.So I've discussed the importance of content to you website, now take out that pad and pen (or keyboard) and start writing. Pretty soon you'll be the queen of your content.Samantha GregoryThe SEO Content Queen
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