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1. Attend to most important activities first Most important activities are one that effect other activities that need to be accomplished.

2. Plan by the week, not the day. Day to Day activities will change, however, weekly objectives should be meet. If not, adjust day to day objectives.

3. W.I.N and D.I.N Identify what's important NOW and Do it NOW This will help accelerate your objective achievement.

4. Meet objectives and goal are accomplished Step by Step you can travel a mile. You can not travel a mile in one step. Goals will usually consist of many objectives. Achieve objectives.

5. You are finite Share your time and energy judiciously. Everyone can not and should not have your time and energy equally. You have 1440 minutes allotted everyday to you to manage effectively and efficiently. You can not store, save, give away, barter, exchange, etc these minute, you must use them or lose them. They are not replaceable. Make each minute count The good news, you acccount is replenished, every 24 hours.

6. You must have objectives that are measurable. The road to nowhere, anyone will take you there. You must be able to measure your progress or regress. This measurement will help better identify what you must do or not do to move forward.

7. Give yourself room to grow. The knowledge you used to get you to where you are, will not be enough to advance you to next level. You must network with other and learn from them. You must apply new found knowledge so you can professionally and personally grow.

8. After you get inspired, make sure you perspire. As it is often quoted "Faith Without Works is Dead". Inspiration is great, however, if you do not put that inspiration to action, you will not advance.

9. Relax Remember you can only control you. That is it. You should make sure you do what you say you will do. Should you assemble that same mind set around you, objectives will be met and successes shared.

10. As Les Brown is famous for sharing " If you should get knocked down, make sure you land on your back. For if you can look up, you can get up!". You will get knocked down!!!

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Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections


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As posted on Denene Millner's "My Brown Baby" on November 5, 2012. See full post here.

Author: Akilah S. Richards

How is it that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, our percentage of business ownership as black women in the U.S. is up 59 percent since 2002, yet we make up a mere 3 percent  of the $1.2 billion dollars in sales from women-owned businesses?

Unjust systems and long-standing, deliberately placed hurdles aside, many of us are learning to maneuver this new era of social impact through technology, and leveraging our skills with our passions to the tune of thriving businesses and comfortable lifestyles.

But on the real, the numbers of us who hoist sails on sinking ships with unstable businesses far surpass the number of financially and emotionally stable black women business owners.

Certainly, we do not lack access to the resources or the brainpower it takes to excel in business—so what’s the deal?

Business and Life Strategist Katrina M. Harrell and I have got a theory about these troubling truths.  It might ruffle your feathers a bit, but perhaps that’s a necessary part of your growth and ours.

The theory: Black women in business have been up, big time!

Yes, we BITCH up!  We get scared.  We stop trusting ourselves.  We take the shortcuts and we prioritize popularity over business ownership.  Many of us, myself included, spent years building a “popular brand”, without focusing on operating a business.

The results: High visibility, but low income.  Some success, but no real fulfillment.

I was a slave to the very thing I had built.  But thankfully, I got free.


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Jewelry Feature of the Week: Tiered Colors

Inspired by my chunky beaded rings I figured why not design chunky beaded necklaces. This sterling silver necklace suspends three strands of colorful and uniquely shaped beads. The beaded pendant extends about 1 ½ inches long. This piece is definitely a way to express “color” in your fall fashion. Check out our Etsy store for more details and to order.By: Kamilah C.The Pink Lockethttp://thepinklocket.com
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