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EYe Spy a Sparkle Trend: Kim Schuessler and Fendi

EYe Spy a Sparkle Trend:Fendi Fall 2009 & Kim SchuesslerArtwork that manages to evoke the 80's and artwork of Jackson Pollock. Fendi designs a fall collection with boxy shapes, yet with a sparkle of star lite night. Kim Schuessler creates sparkle with spatter paint with bright vibrate colors.Fendi slick and refined - Schuessler pop and voluptuous.To get more information on these two artist go to: Fendi -Fall 2009 collection & Kim Schuessler Exhibit
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I'd Love Your Feedback on My New WordPress Blog Layout

I have been blogging since 2005. You can see the remnants of my first blog here. I keep thinking I should take that site down, or at least disable the blog, but I don't because it is such a useful teaching tool. It shows how awful a beginner blogger really is. In fact, shortly after I launched that blog, I interviewed Debbie Weil, author of the Corporate Blogging Book, on Indie Business Radio. On a whim, during the live show, I asked Debbie to log onto my blog and give me some real time feedback. I had not prepared her for the question and I could tell immediately that Debbie did not want to embarrass me on my own radio show. She was gracious of course, yet honest, and I am so thankful to her for telling me the truth without slamming me.


So I keep the blog up, and link to it from time to time to encourage other beginner bloggers that everyone has to start somewhere. Now, 3 years and 3 blogs later, I'm considering switching to a WordPress blogging platform. (I'll post an article about why I am considering this later.) I hired Matt Blancarte Unique Blog Designs to create something just for me. What you see in the graphic above is his first draft.

What do you think? I'll ask Debbie too. In fact, I'm working with her to set up a return date on Indie Business Radio. Debbie lives and breathes blogging and she's a fantastic resource. I highly recommend that you enjoy the show from a few years ago and buy her book at the link, and stay tuned for an announcement soon about Debbie's return to Indie Business Radio.

So, what do you think of the draft of my new blog layout?

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