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Arsenia Blu is a new name for my natural skincare company.  Created in February 2004, we've been formulating and manufacturing handmade artisan soaps since the very beginning.  We are in the process of rebranding, and Launching our business under a new name and ask for your support.  We need to raise $1500  to purchase new molds for our business.  Please click the link below to see our Crowdfunding project and show your support.

We will be launching in Spring 2015.


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Top 6 Inspirational Father's Day Gifts for Dad!

Blessings everyone!
For those doing your last minute shopping for Father's Day gifts or getting ideas together for next year, I have a few wonderful gift ideas just for you! 
Of course they are inspirational too! 
These are some great unique handmade finds I came upon over at Etsy! Enjoy! 
Check these cuff links out at Kristin Victoria Designs!

Check out this AWESOME shirt at Signature Tshirts!
To view the rest of our Top 6 READ MORE!!
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Urban Vibe Inc. Big Saving Sale

Happy Spring Sunday
My big Spring Saving Sale is here stock up on all your must have Jewelry and Accessories With Urban Vibe Inc.

 Save 15% on order $35 or more with CODE URBANVIBEINC15

Save 25% on orders $60 or more with CODE SPRINGSAVING

Save 50% on orders $115 or more with CODE VIBE50

Get FREE SHIPPING on orders $150 or more with CODE FREESHIPPING16

Order Now @ Urban Vibe Inc. Etsy Shop10744078476?profile=original

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10744065682?profile=originaldbj DESIGNS offers handmade and now partnering with leading distributor Carlson Craft, handcrafted wedding stationary and accessories creating a vast offering of distinctive designs keeping that ever important "Style in mind for your upcoming special day.  Call today for a free consultation.












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Chari T of "Chari T's Inspirational Creations", ran a contest to win a free pair of handmade Peacock earrings.  I entered yesterday, the last day of the contest, and I won! Since I haven't won a lot of things in the past, I'm thrilled! Check out the blog post she made for me:





Visit Chari's BBWO profile:



Also please check out Chari's face book fan page!




P.S: Chari I hope you don't mind but that random generator you used to pick the winner is cool, and I'm going to use it for my own contest! :-D

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You have to keep your sense of humor being self employed. I completed a 30 day Blog A Day Challenge. (Yay ME!). Then some nefarious virus high jacked my computer and would not let me connect to the internet unless I paid $69.99 to add their bogus Microsoft Think Pad. My computer is at the shop now. (I'm at the library. Time for a Mac.)

I could have handled this one of two ways. 1) I could have freaked out and got nothing done or 2) I could do what I did. After I was unable to remove it (not using Norton but another software program) I had a good laugh and crocheted a cap. Why stress over something you can't change at the moment. Stress takes a physical toll on your body so don't give into it. Rechannel that stress energy into something else.

Regarding the blogging my stats went up; I had people join; click to my sell site. By me being consistent people were coming back on a regular basis to check out my blog, so if you're not doing it get started. Smile.

How would you have handled the situation?

I would love to provide your handmade unique gifts for the holidays.



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ChariT's Inspirational Creations!


I have recently been moved to create an inspirational line of jewelry!! I am SOexcited!!

Please join my group on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ChariTs.Inspirational.Creationsand visit my store www.chariT.etsy.comand purchase a pair of earrings for yourself or as a nice gift to inspiresomeone!
Thank you for your support!!

Be beautiful and blessed!

Chari Twitty
ChariT’s Inspirational Creations

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Traditional Soap vs. Glycerin Soap

Remember when they use to say “wash your mouth out with soap.” Did anyone ever stop to think that washing someone’s mouth out with soap would be harmful to them? Traditional soap (a regular bar of soap, ie Dove, Dial and Irish Spring) have been around for along time; it contains harsh chemicals that are dangerous. These chemicals include: DEA, Isopropyl Alcohol, BHT and Triclosan (commonly found in anti-bacteria soap). When using traditional soap for a long period of time it can cause the skin to itch, to become dry and produce a rash. Now, who would want “that” (traditional soap) in their mouths.

Have you ever took a bath or shower, dried off and didn’t apply any lotions? Due to you having to rush out the door for school/work and a hour later looked down and see your legs have ashed (dry flakes of skin on your legs). Unlike traditional soap, glycerin soaphas ingredients in it to helps to moisturize the skin as well has help pre-existing skin condition to calm the skin down. In addition, removing dryness and the itchy rash.

Eco-friendly Soap

Glycerin is a eco-friendly soap it can be used and is used in many different things in shampoo‘s, conditioners and lotions. (It’s water soluble and alcohol soluble; but soap isn‘t biodegradible). It’s also environmentally safe because it dissolves. Traditional soap does dissolve but after it does it leaves harmful bacteria in your water, which goes back into the environment.


Are You Getting Your Monies Worth?

A lot of manufactures put glycerin in your body lotion and facial cream because of it‘s solubility. They charge you a lot more money for the small amount of glycerinthey put in your lotions and facial creams. If you don’t believe me than do this, stop reading right now and go pick up any lotion in your home and you will find that it has glycerin in it because it is a moisturizing ingredient.

Handmade glycerin soaps are far better than traditional soaps because it has glycerin in it and it has other ingredients that help your skin feel smooth and silky (that’s why when you touch glycerin soap it feels silky). You are getting more, than your monies worth with handmade glycerin soapthan with traditional soap

Traditional or Handmade Soap You Decide

Traditional soap is the oldest cleaner known to man. It is made by a chemical process is called saponification this is the chemical reaction which produces soap (which produces a hard bar of soap that is cheap and plentiful). Glycerin is produced during saponification but is extracted from traditional soap. Glycerin which is a humectants that absorbs moisture from the air and binds the moisture to your skin. With daily use glycerin soap will make your skin soft and smooth. It’s sensitive, so it can be used on both children and adults.

Handmade glycerin soap carries a lot of healing properties for those that may have skin problems (sensitive skinie. Eczema, Psoriasis) you will find relief with handmade soaps. It is truly a mild soap compared to traditional soap and therefore is especially hard to find. At Uniquic we carry different sizes of glycerin soap. If you want soft smooth skin. Soap that won’t leave your skin dry. Soap that will give you the moisture that you need. Which can bring life back into your skin. Then check out our homemade glycerin soap www.uniquic.com

Watch our videos on glycerin soap Checkout Fashion Corner


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Necklace trend this season,what do you think?

Necklace trend in this season is bigger and more fashionable!A variety of exotic necklace became fashionable center.Of course, if you think the necklace is too much exaggeration,you can select some pendant to match, the same unique style!Valuable jewelry necklace came to this season has become obsolete, replaced by a "huge" and "overlay" style.The full sense of the future become a new trend of giant necklace, luxury ferocious winds did not in previous years,people pay more attention to the value of a sense of jewelry, metal, PVC, large gemstone jewelry andother natural materials are very popular. you can buy some basic styles in the cheap jewelry market , such as: black layered necklaces, colorful beaded necklaces, large metal decorative necklace.Materials that plastic and wood can better match with clothes.color contrast between dress and accessories can make you stand out, details of accessories for mix and match different materials is the required course in the comming year.the above is my thoughts .i wanna to share with you .what do you think of the necklace on the above website ,it is my design .i want to get more suggestion .thanks a lot .
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Looking For Items For Under $10

-Jesus Is The Reason Candle $3.82-Kids Christmas Santa Boot Necklace,Bracelet, and earring set $8.99-Prayer Box Necklace $7.14-Nativity Jewelry Box $3.59-smiling Santa mug $6.25-and many morehttp://www.inspirationsfromtheheart.com/williejeanWe offer gift wrapping for any occasion!All Christmas items are 10% off through Christmas Night.Every 5th order though December will receive 10% off their entire order except shipping.Just copy and paste the link.
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What's in the Box?

I’ve always been fascinated with jewelry boxes. Not only are they perfect for storing your most precious jewelry, but they also look really nice on your dresser top. If you’re a girl like me, then you probably have anywhere from 3 to 4 jewelry boxes, since it’s almost impossible to have just 1 that fits every piece of jewelry you own. I like to keep my jewelry separate from each other. For instance, I have 1 box for all my gold, 1 for silver, 1 for costume and 1 for beaded jewelry. I keep them all in visible sight in my closet so that I can open the boxes and view the pieces while getting dressed. Check out these beautiful handmade jewelry boxes from a fellow Etsian Design Hut USA at http://designhutusa.etsy.com or www.designhut.us.By: ~Kamilah C.http://thepinklocket.com
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