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Are you struggling to find time to make changes to realize the fit and fabulous life you desire?

Know you need to incorporate an exercise plan but become anxious at the thought of adding anythingelse to your schedule?


Wish you could find a way to exercise without theconventional routine work-outs? Or at least get started without routinework-outs?


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Staying Above the Yellow Line

If you are a client of mine, read my blog or receive my newsletters, you know that I am a fan of “The Biggest Loser,” NBC’s reality TV show about weight loss. So what you’re about to read is no secret, but if you’ve not been around me for very long, I wanted to enlighten you on the ups and downs of weight loss.

Since January of this year, the media has reported on a number of celebrities falling below the yellow line by gaining back pounds and pounds of previously lost weight.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join me on Tuesday as I discuss "The Journey to Health and Fitness: Staying Above the Yellow Line" on Fit4Life Radio
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