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Juniques Multi Cultural Community is pleased to announce

We have translations for over 70 different language.

JMCC is truly a Multi Cultural Community and we want to share

our information people around the globe.

Come join us and read in your native language our community members shared information.

Networking Increase Net Worth!!!

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The Presence of Nonverbal Communication

Communication goes far beyond speaking. When you have a message to get across to your audience, make sure you are doing it in a way for them to have a "wow" reaction.

Did you know that excitement is contagious? We can't expect someone else to get excited about our opportunities or messages until we are. It 's called communicating with body language and emotion. You will see how far your message goes when you use this to grab the attention of your target audience.

Just think about how many deals you can close and how many relationships you can build if you can communicate this way. It doesn't matter what kind of business you do, nonverbal communication can convey so much more. Clear communication is key.

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10744065068?profile=originalChoosing the right business name is the good way to start your business. In a world where there are many variations of names, prose, and business services it is important to make sure you find a name that is unique to you and your business to brand as your own.

Perhaps your business is in its inception phase, meaning while in this stage, you are still working on finalizing some ideas. This is the process of visualizing, planning, and development of the type of business you want. It is also the time in which you are making decision on the direction you plan for the branding of your business. By the end of this phase, the business should have at least a tentative name. There is no rule that sets this into stone; however, as a business owner destined for more day-to-day decision making to come, you want to at least complete this portion of your process.

In this article, we will be performing a run through of some suggested ideas to use when choosing a name for your business. Choosing the right name from the start is important, because once the name goes public, it may be difficult to go back and change it later. We have provided some simple suggestions that have been tested and learned through experience.

There's no requirement that says you have to choose a name that seems common or even make sense to others. Take a chance. Select some random business names for testing and trial runs. Although were going random, we also want to make sure, the business name signifies the nature of your work or the specific line of business you are catering to. Names that give no clear reference as to the type of business or nature of the work are often overlooked. Unidentifiable business names take time and research to figure the nature of the business. Be considerate and do the work for them by making the meaning of the business obvious within the name. For example, Joe Smith, LLC, tells us nothing about the business or what it is they do and risk potential customers not taking the time to find out. Same with promoting your business online, not only should the name be original, it should provide some indication as to the nature of the business. Do choose a clever name. People like thoughts that trigger ingenuity.


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Build your confidence!Attending a course in Mexico is a great way to learn Spanish, improve your existing skills, or master your advanced level.The Spanish Institute: Learn Spanish in Merida or in PueblaHighly regarded Spanish Language School that has received many awards including the "2006-2007 Excelsis Award" for excellence in education. Our students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they take classes and live in Mexico. Two locations to choose from.Learn Spanish in Merida or PueblaThere's no better way of learning than to be among the people who share the same goals as you, while at the same time, you are helping each other to progress and improve your understanding and, importantly with a foreign language - build your confidence - in speaking Spanish with others around you.Whether you're an absolute beginner, someone who wants to build on existing knowledge at an intermediate level or looking to master the language, you'll find a course somewhere to suit your needs.If you have the time and resources available to you and you want to get immersed in learning Spanish, there is no better - and faster - way of learning good Spanish than by attending a residential language course in Mexico.If you plan to visit Mexico frequently, for business or perhaps as part of a retirement plan, then taking a Spanish course in Mexico could be one of the best investments you make in your personal-development. Besides learning a foreign language faster and more effectively than you could do at home, you'll have lots of fun, meets interesting people, and enjoy the privilege of mixing learning with pleasure on your visit to Mexico.Take the time you needYou can take part in a residential course for as long as you like. Generally soeaking, people stay for between one week and six months depending on their goals, lifestyle and budget.IMAC Spanish Language Programs: Guadalajara, MexicoOver 35 years of experience. Spanish courses in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile and Spain. Visit our web site to find a price list, maps, course activities and much more. Practice your Spanish with native speaker students.Spanish Language Programs, GuadalajaraSpanish language centers charge a course fee, and arrange for accommodation to be provided in someone's home, with a local family. This is particularly important, as living with Mexican family helps you to become immersed in the culture and forces you use the language skills you are acquiring on the course. It also speeds up the pace at which you learn and makes the experience more enjoyable and authentic.Language schools usually quote the price of the course and accommodation in the total price. The families they work with are carefully chosen and are often families that are used to having student lodgers.If you prefer to make your own arrangements for accommodation, for example, if you prefer to stay at a local hotel or rent your own apartment (for longer stays) then the lodging element of the package is discounted and you only pay for the language course.Class Sizes and FeesClass sizes are small (usually 5 or 6 people max), and teaching lasts about 5 hours a day. This is an ideal situation for accelerated learning as the small class sizes enable you to get a good level of personal attention while still benefting from group learning, and social interaction.Encuentros Spanish Language Study in Beautiful CuernavacaFun, functional courses for professionals, travelers and students. Includes workshops that encompass visits in town to apply your knowledge and raise your your learning experience. Highly personalized classes of four students (max) per teacher. New classes begin every week! Visit our web site for full course descriptions.Encuentros Spanish Language SchoolIn addition to the classroom work, many courses also incorporate practical workshops into their curriculum. For example, they may take students on a shopping expedition in the town's local market so that they may practice what they have been learning in the classroom in a real-life situation.Fees for spanish classes in Mexico vary depending on the school, the location, the length of the course and the services offered. As a rule of thrumb, you should expect to pay around US$300 a week for classes (5 days); a fee which will include up to 7 days of accommodation and 3 meals a day.Using a vacation to Learn Spanish in Mexico is not just a great learning experience, it's a lot of fun and does not have to break your budget.You may consider using part of your vacation time in Mexico to learn spanish and, for example, spend the other part of your vacation relaxing or touring other parts of Mexico or the region near to where you have been studying.Also See: Guide to Travel Experiences in MexicoGet immersed and learn quickly!The great thing about residential language courses, is that they take place in local surroundings, so everywhere you go you'll be surrounded by the language.If you stay with a local family, you'll be encouraged to speak more Spanish even outside of class and your confidence will build very quickly indeed! When you're walking in the street, you'll see adverts and signs in Spanish, the people around you will be talking Spanish, the radio you listen to and the television you watch - will also be in Spanish, and all this helps your learning.There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to be surrounded by it!
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