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Happy New Month April 2012 From Juniques

Happy New Month April 2012

Rickey Johnson, owner juniques marketing,
shares a congratulation with community on reaching the 2nd quarter of the
year to finish a strong 1st half.
Review and Apply "lessons learned" in the 1st quarter.
To stay focused on achieving objectives.
That one step at a time will lead to conquering a mile.
There are no replays or returns on living life, just enjoy the journey.
2nd quarter objective - To direct, as many people as possible to
Juniques Multi Cultural Connections ( by
online and offline activities. To share with those interested in capturing
a portion of the multi trillion dollars annually spent by multi cultural groups.
To promote culture to culture marketing.

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We live in a world of convenience. It is really easy to buy from Black people, but it is easier for most of us NOT to buy from Black people. It is easier to say I got bad customer service at the Black owned store and never return. But when we get bad customer service from a store owned by someone of another race, why do we keep going back and spending our money with them? That is a HUGE problem. It has been so convenient to drive to the mall or the super center where you have thousands of products to make a selection. Even when some of these products have proven to be a health risk to people of color!

Just think of it this way, itis easier or more convenient to drive one mile to go buy junk food. But it is better for you to drive 15 miles to the Black all natural health food store for your cereal, rice, fruits and vegetables. So just because it is easier to go down the street to buy from the Asian hair care store than to drive 20 minutes to buy from the little Black hair care store... which one is the right thing to do for OUR community, even if it costs a few dollars more on gas and product? There are over one million Black owned businesses in this country, but unfortunately we spend 95% of our income outside of our community.

Have youever asked yourself why there are so many commercials with Black actors that are targeted to the Black consumer. You might have thought, Wow! This company must really care about Black people to
have this type of commercial. Or you see major bank like Wells Fargo sponsoring a huge music event with top Black entertainers. Or a panel like Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union. Well think again. McDonald's became so convenient for us, we started eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and now have the highest obesity rates ever! Wells Fargo was one of the worse companies in this country who put Black people into horrible loans. It was if they designed these loans for the Black home owner to fail after 3-5 yrs. Some were put into
interest only loans, some were put into adjustable rate loans that after the “teaser” period was over, the interest rate could adjust up every six months until it reached 15%! So I believe one of the purposes of sponsoring the events is to get more Black consumers to patronize their products/services, and for no other reason. So why
do we put so much faith into companies like these that continue to rip us off, than in our own Black owned businesses?

I worked over 20 years in broadcasttelevision working with consumer market research. Main stream advertisers continue to spend millions of dollars to find out where Black people spend and how often they spend. There are thousands of data bases with information on what TV shows we watch, what radio shows we listen to and what newspapers and magazines we read. So that these corporations can customize their advertisements to entice us to buy their products. Knowing that as a race we currently spend about $900 billion dollars as consumers... who wouldn't want a piece of that kind of money. Isn't it sad that our highly spiritual people would rather go for convenience rather than the principle of doing the right thing. This is THE same thing that Marcus Garvey, Dr. King and Malcolm X spoke about. We MUST buy from our own people because it not only is the right thing to do, it is the only way for us to rebuild our communities, with thriving Black businesses and give our children more role models that are business minded in nature.

Lookat how many businesses Marcus Garvey built between 1916-1920. Do you realize what he really created? He created communities with Black people organized with their own self-sufficient economic resources. Grocery stores, laundries, hotels, clothing shops, every kind of biz for Black people. I believe desegregation lead to the downfall of Black businesses for decades!

Fast forward from 1920 to theyear 2008, millions of us pulled together as a people and registered to vote in numbers that were staggered the imagination, so that we could vote for a Black as President. So why can't we come together on creating our own economy by recycling our dollars back into our own communities by buying from more Black owned businesses just like the Jewish and Asian communities do? How long are we going to let other ethnic groups set up shop in our communities and take that money back to their neighborhoods to spend with their own people? We are probably the only ethnic group in this country that DOES NOT support
each other on a wide scale economic basis. (Excluding the brothers and sisters in the Nation of Islam.)

So how long are YOUgoing to keep doing what is convenient... instead of doing the right thing for you and your community? Especially when we have brothers and sisters who make high-quality products that are made specifically for OUR skin, OUR hair, OUR body types, etc. I really want to know what you think.

Darlene Robinson

Independent Marketer

TAG Team Marketing, International, Inc.

black, business, support, community, unity, culture, black-owned

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Greetings to all my sistapreneurs! If you are looking for an exceptional resource for Black Business History & African Ancestryinfo...Check out a Live! online presentation from educator and author, Chike Akua, on Sunday, March 28th for a specialevent to discover the contributions and advancements African-Americanbusiness people have made to America and the world that can help take your business to the next level.

“Without a doubt, Chike Akua is one of the most informative, inspirational, andknowledgeable speakers in America today. Every school, college,church, civic, social and business organization should hear him.”Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Founder, CEO Dudley Products, Inc.

Chike Akua has been called "an educational revolutionary" and is recognized as a leadingauthority on culturally relevant educational materials andinstructional approaches. He has lectured and given keynote addressesat a number of colleges, universities and educational conferencesaround the country. Selected as one of Ebony magazine’s “50Leaders of Tomorrow,” Akua is a former “Teacher of the Year”and has facilitated workshops for the Tavis Smiley Foundation’sannual “Youth 2 Leaders” Conference. In addition, Mr. Akua hasassisted in leading over 800 youth and adults on study tours to Egyptand Ghana through the D’Zert Club’s Teen Summit 1000 program. Hehas authored and produced several books and DVDs including:

*The African Origins Of Writing & Mathematics (DVD)

*African Sacred Science & Civilization (DVD)

*The Miracle of the Maafa (DVD)

*The African Origins of Our Faith (Book & DVD)

*SuccessQuest!: The Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Book/DVD)

Visit info on this and other upcoming events and check out the online store for hiscollection of books, CDs, DVDs and more resources.

Much love,

Darlene Robinson

TAG Team Marketer

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A 27 month, Life-Changing Program Ending With a FREE TRIP TO EGYPT

Open To Children 7 to 14, and Adults 21 and Over

The African Genesis Institute program is a 27-month educational and cultural program for youth between the ages of 7 and 14, and adults focused on developing an understanding and awareness of Ancient African Culture as well as the African experiencein America.Enrollment is now open for the "Class of 2012".

Students who enroll now and successfully complete the 27 month program, will be able to travel, along with the rest of the students on an 11 day, expense paid trip to Egypt in July, 2012. Since 1998, nearly 3000 youth and adults have traveled to Senegal,The Gambia, Ghana in West Africa and Egypt in North Africa.

Visit and click on dzert club for more info and the list of cities with
live presentations over the next 30 days. If your city is not participating visit this website and find out how you can join a sister city and still participate in this program. Remember the purpose is to take a youth along this educational journey with you.

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Jackie Mayfield the founder of the multi-million dollar company Compro-Tax, the largest Black-owned tax preparation and bookkeeping company in the United States, with over 200 offices in 24 states has joined the Black Business Network 4.0. He has extended an invitation to every Black person we can find to either attend his free seminar this Saturday in person in Atlanta at TAGTeam or to view online. This seminar explains the role of culture in today's business world. Learn how you can create that culture within your family and create massive success for you, your family, your business and your community. Learn from one of the most successful Black men in America. Learn about Jackie's vision, Compro-Tax services and their unique franchise opportunity. Find out how to understand your business or personal taxes to legally get more money back each year.Create the Culture of Business in Your Family Seminar is scheduled for this Saturday, July 18, 2009 from3:00 PM - 5:00 PM View Live Broadcast ONLINE or Attend Event In Atlanta, GeorgiaThis phenomenal event is FREE to attend live in Atlanta or to watch online.TAG TEAM Marketing, Inc.3465 North Desert DriveBuilding 4, Suite 102Atlanta, Georgia 30344Call (404) 305-0300 for directions or add’l info.REQUIREMENTS You must be a Black Business Network member to attend in Atlanta (free, can sign up online or at door and let them know that Darlene Robinson from Orlando invited you). Either way you must register online to secure your seat or your online viewing portal. So if you don’t already have an online account at the black business network go to and get yourself signed up as a general member so you can get registered right now because seating and web viewing slots are limited.I am hosting a viewing party in Orlando from 3-5pm followed by a networking event at my office located at 771 Kirkman Road, Ste 108, Orlando, FL 32811. Hope to see you online or your smiling face on the live broadcast from Atlanta. Have a blessed day!Darlene Robinson
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This seminar is only for people who believe in prosperity!

Great! Since this includes you, read on.Recognize prosperity and correct your views about money.Gain the tools you will need to discover what is blocking your prosperity and change your views about money and wealth.Examine the milestones we experience in life that influence our attitude and values around money.Believe that you deserve the best and can receive it.We all want to pursue happiness by living a comfortable life and having all the things we want.Do you find that prosperity and wealth stays just beyond your reach?How do you get in your own way?* We can see prosperity when someone else has it.* Is there a difference in having money or wealth?* What does prosperity mean to you?* What are your symbols of prosperity.Send in your Prosperity Questions in advance to network@aafamilyconnection.comFacillator: Omitunde, mentor and creator of African American Family Connection “Kitchen Table Wisdom for A Stronger African American Family”®AAFC empowers families locally, nationally and globally to establish and reclaim a presence as a viable positive force for change. http://www.africanamericanfamilyconnection.comThe Teleseminar will be April 23rd, 2009Start time 7:00 p.m. EST (East Coast Time)AAFC Conference Line:218.486.1616 (Access Code Sent after Confirmation)So put the kids to bed early, get yourself settled and join us.

Register early to reserve your place now!
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African Spicy Vegetable Stew

African Spicy Vegetable StewIngredients:1 onion (very large) chopped1 Swiss chard bunch1 can Garbanzo beans (known also as chick-peas)1/2 cup Raisins1/2 cup Rice, raw2 YamsSeveral fresh tomatoes (or large can)1 Garlic cloveSalt and pepper, to tasteTabasco sauce, to tasteInstructions:Fry the onion garlic and stems of chard in a pan. Add in the chopped greens and fry a little bit longer to get cooking. Slice the yams in thick slices and add those to the pan along with garbanzo beans and tomatoes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Allow this to cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Make a well in the center (you know, like you did with your mashed potatoes when you were a kid). Put the rice in the well making sure the liquid in the pan covers it. Put the lid on and allow cooking for another 30 minutes. Serve with Tabasco sauce!

Brigitte Henryis the Founderof
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It was Kamal Imani's first time performing his spoken word/Neo Soul song "Lovin Her Nappy Nappy" live at the Bowery. He wanted to rock it right for promoter and CEO of Brown Eyez Magazines "PJ". The audience was with him and they all had a good time lovin the nappy nappy. This song is a tribute and dedication to natural hair styles and the sisters who rock them. It is also laced with humor and flirtation. Enjoy!
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Build your confidence!Attending a course in Mexico is a great way to learn Spanish, improve your existing skills, or master your advanced level.The Spanish Institute: Learn Spanish in Merida or in PueblaHighly regarded Spanish Language School that has received many awards including the "2006-2007 Excelsis Award" for excellence in education. Our students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they take classes and live in Mexico. Two locations to choose from.Learn Spanish in Merida or PueblaThere's no better way of learning than to be among the people who share the same goals as you, while at the same time, you are helping each other to progress and improve your understanding and, importantly with a foreign language - build your confidence - in speaking Spanish with others around you.Whether you're an absolute beginner, someone who wants to build on existing knowledge at an intermediate level or looking to master the language, you'll find a course somewhere to suit your needs.If you have the time and resources available to you and you want to get immersed in learning Spanish, there is no better - and faster - way of learning good Spanish than by attending a residential language course in Mexico.If you plan to visit Mexico frequently, for business or perhaps as part of a retirement plan, then taking a Spanish course in Mexico could be one of the best investments you make in your personal-development. Besides learning a foreign language faster and more effectively than you could do at home, you'll have lots of fun, meets interesting people, and enjoy the privilege of mixing learning with pleasure on your visit to Mexico.Take the time you needYou can take part in a residential course for as long as you like. Generally soeaking, people stay for between one week and six months depending on their goals, lifestyle and budget.IMAC Spanish Language Programs: Guadalajara, MexicoOver 35 years of experience. Spanish courses in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile and Spain. Visit our web site to find a price list, maps, course activities and much more. Practice your Spanish with native speaker students.Spanish Language Programs, GuadalajaraSpanish language centers charge a course fee, and arrange for accommodation to be provided in someone's home, with a local family. This is particularly important, as living with Mexican family helps you to become immersed in the culture and forces you use the language skills you are acquiring on the course. It also speeds up the pace at which you learn and makes the experience more enjoyable and authentic.Language schools usually quote the price of the course and accommodation in the total price. The families they work with are carefully chosen and are often families that are used to having student lodgers.If you prefer to make your own arrangements for accommodation, for example, if you prefer to stay at a local hotel or rent your own apartment (for longer stays) then the lodging element of the package is discounted and you only pay for the language course.Class Sizes and FeesClass sizes are small (usually 5 or 6 people max), and teaching lasts about 5 hours a day. This is an ideal situation for accelerated learning as the small class sizes enable you to get a good level of personal attention while still benefting from group learning, and social interaction.Encuentros Spanish Language Study in Beautiful CuernavacaFun, functional courses for professionals, travelers and students. Includes workshops that encompass visits in town to apply your knowledge and raise your your learning experience. Highly personalized classes of four students (max) per teacher. New classes begin every week! Visit our web site for full course descriptions.Encuentros Spanish Language SchoolIn addition to the classroom work, many courses also incorporate practical workshops into their curriculum. For example, they may take students on a shopping expedition in the town's local market so that they may practice what they have been learning in the classroom in a real-life situation.Fees for spanish classes in Mexico vary depending on the school, the location, the length of the course and the services offered. As a rule of thrumb, you should expect to pay around US$300 a week for classes (5 days); a fee which will include up to 7 days of accommodation and 3 meals a day.Using a vacation to Learn Spanish in Mexico is not just a great learning experience, it's a lot of fun and does not have to break your budget.You may consider using part of your vacation time in Mexico to learn spanish and, for example, spend the other part of your vacation relaxing or touring other parts of Mexico or the region near to where you have been studying.Also See: Guide to Travel Experiences in MexicoGet immersed and learn quickly!The great thing about residential language courses, is that they take place in local surroundings, so everywhere you go you'll be surrounded by the language.If you stay with a local family, you'll be encouraged to speak more Spanish even outside of class and your confidence will build very quickly indeed! When you're walking in the street, you'll see adverts and signs in Spanish, the people around you will be talking Spanish, the radio you listen to and the television you watch - will also be in Spanish, and all this helps your learning.There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to be surrounded by it!
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Hey again everyone,It’s your girl QP here to talk to you about Secret #4: Bootleg Publishers exist, how to tell the difference!As a member of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, Writers Network) my boss gets monthly alerts on publishing companies going out of business, or just doing unethical things and are being sued. Every month there seems to be at least 6 publishers going out of business because of complaints from writers who have sent their manuscripts, sent money to be published, that sort of crazy thing.So, that has lead me to disclose this secret which sadly but not surprisingly, most writers don’t know: everything with publisher at the end of it does not make it a publisher. Here’s how you tell:Clue #1: If they ask for money when sending your manuscript they are bootleg. A legitimate publisher won’t and doesn’t need to be paid just to read your story.Clue #2: If they advertise in the back of a magazine, they are bootleg.Clue #3: If they request $3.00 for postage, shipping and handling for a response to your manuscript, they are bootleg.Clue #4: If they aren’t a member of any professional publishing organizations such as SPAWN, SPANNET, or PMA to name a few, they are bootleg.Clue #5: If they don’t have a website, they are bootleg.Clue #6: If they have email that looks like this:,,, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishing compannies have company branded #7: If you are presented with a 5 page publishing contract, they are bootlegged. The average publishing contract is at a minimum 10 pages long.Clue #8: If your book cover looks like the outside of a cereal box, they are bootleg.Clue #9: If you have to pay for all your books, including the “free ones”, they are bootleg.Clue #10: If you are paid in royalties of IOU’s, they are bootleg.Clue #11: If anytime you call the phone number for them and all you ever get is an answering machine or service, they are bootleg.Clue #12: If the only software they have to develop your manuscript into a book is MS word, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishers have top of the line publishing software. My boss has ADOBE CS3, which is the latest in publishing software.Clue #13: If you can’t find them on myspace, facebook, or gather, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishers understand the need and use for consumers to find them on all outlets. My boss in on all three and even SImon and Schuster is on Gather.When deciding to send out your manuscript to a publishing company, make sure you contact them first, talk to someone, ask if they have a website, a myspace page, a gather page, a facebook page, ask for their mailing address, office address, company email address, verify no money needs to be sent in order to hear a response or when you are sending your manuscript.Clue #14: If when you call them up, asking for these things and they are reluctant to give it to you, they are bootleg.Writer BEWARE!Until Publishing Secret #5QP Signing Out!
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Welcome back,This week’s secret is a continuation from last week’s silly conversation with the caller. (If you need a recap, go to Secret #1)Writers have this crazy idea that they’ve written a book that deserves to be published. No! You’ve written a manuscript, a manuscript of a book hopefully to be published! In the publishing industry, contrary to popular belief they do not consider your book, a book until it is published! That thing you call a book is called a manuscript! At weekly meetings it’s Manuscript #205 or Manuscript BOW or whatever!In the publishing industry, a book is considered final. What you have written is not! It has yet to go through the final editing phase, if any editing at all! It has yet to have a cover designed for it; the book size decided; how it will be marketed, or who will print it. And we are missing the all important task of deciding who will publish it.My boss hates when people tell her they’ve written a book and when she asks who wrote it or where can she get it because it sounds good, they reply by telling her they wrote it, it’s not yet in stores, and that they are looking for a publisher. She always responds, “So, you’ve written a manuscript?” Not knowing what she’s talking about, they look at her funny eyed.So what do you do?Change your language, but more importantly, change your way of thinking!Remember, you have 7 seconds to make an impression. When you approach a publisher either in person or via writing, approach as follows:“I’ve written a potential book”“I’ve got a book idea, I’d love to pitch to you”“I’ve written a manuscript about xyz”Let’s repeat this again: You have 7 seconds to make a good impression. Approaching your potential boss correctly determines your next step career wise. it is the same for approaching a publisher. Remember, they get approached 500 times a day, mainly by clueless writers. Approaching them correctly is the difference between them actually taking your manuscript to read it or politely (and even in some cases) unpolitely, saying ”Thank you, but no thank you!”Let’s recap: Your book is not a book until it is published! We all know that’s your baby, but just like welfare doesn’t consider your baby a baby until it is born, the publishing industry doesn’t consider your book a book until it is published!Sounds harsh! I know, but I told you that the truth was going to hurt!Until Secret #3QP Signing Out!
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