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Http://GoodCreditUnion.com 1-800-652-7157 In this video, I explain the new departments the that Good Credit Union have opened up to it's clients.

Good Credit Union has added a Tax elimination dept. with a CPA and IRS Registered agents. As many of us understand that a CPA is the blood line of the business. Understanding having access to a CPA is one of the best resources a growing company needs to be profitable. 

Our CPA works right along side of our IRS Registered Tax Agents to make sure your company financial documents and taxes are looking good to financial institutions.

GCU Group also offers employment verification for people that work off of 1099 and need regular pay stubs created. This is great for someone that trying to purchase a vehicle or get into an apartment.

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http://BusinessCreditAmerica.com 1-800-652-7157

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http://GoodCreditUnion.com 1-800-652-7157 In this video Houston with th GCU Group, Inc. explain why many people should fix their credit instead of getting a CPN or SCN.

1st you no longer have to find a co-signer to help you get an apartment, car, or student loan. I understand this is embarrassing for many adults with bad credit.

2nd If you have good credit you could add a child or family on you credit cards as authorize users and they could inherit your credit. This is one of the best gifts you can give someone if you're not rich or wealthy. Your 18 year old could inherit your credit and you will not have to co-sign for them an apartment, car loan, or student loan.

3rd You could buy real estate in which you could not do with a CPN or SCN. Many people want to get into real estate investing but they must understand that having good credit will make it easier to purchase that property.

4th When you fix your credit you don't have to show as much paperwork to get funding. With a CPN or SCN creditors want to see the id or drivers license to go along with the file. Creditors are asking for social security cards for that SCN or CPN, they are also asking for employment verification. This is alot of personal information they are requiring now for an SCN or CPN. 

5TH It's much more easier to get funding when you have good credit to do you investments, succh as buying a car from the auction instead of having to finance it from a car dealer.

This is Houston with Good Credit Union. You can call me at !-800-652-7157 or email me Houston@goodcreditunion.com or Alex @goodcreditunion.com

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