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10744111890?profile=originalHello Everyone!
I am looking for 'power presenters' for my event on Friday, April 13th at 2pm in Hampton. It does include FM Radio airplay, so if you're interested as an individual or as the group, please send an email to drangelachester@gmail.com with 'Daily Spark Hampton' as the subject line. Thank you!
Daily Spark with Dr. Angela
Power Talkers Package
Empowering the Community for Excellence
Theme: Women on the Move for Greatness
  • Investment: $100
  • 1-radio interview on Daily Spark
  • 1-radio guest appearance at Panel Radio Broadcast
  • WDJY Social Media Promotion/Contest (30 days)
This is a free event to the public.
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Http://GoodCreditUnion.com 1-800-652-7157 In this video, I explain the new departments the that Good Credit Union have opened up to it's clients.

Good Credit Union has added a Tax elimination dept. with a CPA and IRS Registered agents. As many of us understand that a CPA is the blood line of the business. Understanding having access to a CPA is one of the best resources a growing company needs to be profitable. 

Our CPA works right along side of our IRS Registered Tax Agents to make sure your company financial documents and taxes are looking good to financial institutions.

GCU Group also offers employment verification for people that work off of 1099 and need regular pay stubs created. This is great for someone that trying to purchase a vehicle or get into an apartment.

Check out our other services
http://BusinessCreditAmerica.com 1-800-652-7157

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http://GoodCreditUnion.com 1-800-652-7157 In this video Houston with th GCU Group, Inc. explain why many people should fix their credit instead of getting a CPN or SCN.

1st you no longer have to find a co-signer to help you get an apartment, car, or student loan. I understand this is embarrassing for many adults with bad credit.

2nd If you have good credit you could add a child or family on you credit cards as authorize users and they could inherit your credit. This is one of the best gifts you can give someone if you're not rich or wealthy. Your 18 year old could inherit your credit and you will not have to co-sign for them an apartment, car loan, or student loan.

3rd You could buy real estate in which you could not do with a CPN or SCN. Many people want to get into real estate investing but they must understand that having good credit will make it easier to purchase that property.

4th When you fix your credit you don't have to show as much paperwork to get funding. With a CPN or SCN creditors want to see the id or drivers license to go along with the file. Creditors are asking for social security cards for that SCN or CPN, they are also asking for employment verification. This is alot of personal information they are requiring now for an SCN or CPN. 

5TH It's much more easier to get funding when you have good credit to do you investments, succh as buying a car from the auction instead of having to finance it from a car dealer.

This is Houston with Good Credit Union. You can call me at !-800-652-7157 or email me Houston@goodcreditunion.com or Alex @goodcreditunion.com

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Teachers/Mentors Edition of Up in the Attic Hip Hop Movie

The Hip Hop Movie of the Year 2010! | MySpace Video
Teachers, Parents and Mentors use the Up in the Attic teen movie to open up dialogue with our youth on subjects such as sex, drugs, peer pressure, abuse and more!For more information or to contact Director Kamal Imani for group discussions and lectures go to http://www.upintheatticmovie.comcipherkam@gmail.comCall Mr. Kevin Barksdale 201-923-9213

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If you want to experience MASSIVE BUSINESS GROWTH in your Life Coaching or Speaking Business? You MUST attend this ACCELERATED 1 Day Training!You will learn:How to rapidly fill you coaching practiceHow to make over $100 an hourHow to attract PAYING clientsHow to overcome self-doubt and become a money making machineHow to position yourself as " The Expert"How to speak with confidence and boldnessHow to create a marketing plan for your business.My life coaching business has been booming, EVEN in this economy! People are looking for answers and YOU just may be able to help them to get there life of business in order.I PROMISE, even if you apply just a few of the tips I share to BOOST your coaching business, you will be out of that job you hate, out of debt, making money, helping others and having fun within weeks ( or days for you highly motivated and ambitious ones)Here's your chance to learn my SPECIFIC coaching, marketing and selling strategies to kick up your business to the 6 figure and beyond mark! But you MUST ACT FAST, because once this program is fills up, It's closed! I have a database of over 50k that will read this...so act fast! Can't make it to ATL? That's ok register NOW for the 2 night teleconference! I'm ONLY accepting 30 people for the teleconference! Call in from ANY PHONE... ANYWHERE! Oh wait... did I mention that you will receive Samples of what you need to launch your career as a life coach and a speaker? Including: Sample contracts, questionnaires, sample exercises etc... Your are learning how to start TWO business! You won't find this info anywhere else... REGISTER TODAY http://becomealifecoach.eventbrite.comWAIT...IT GETS BETTER!Is cash tight this holiday season? Promote my upcoming event and earn $20 for EVERY person that registers! This INCLUDES the 2 night teleconference Dec 7th and 8th! As an EXTRA bonus, the person that has the MOST referrals will get to attend either the LIVE in person event or the LIVE 2 day Teleconference FREE.Market... to your FB, Twitter, Ning, Linkdin, Digg etc... network! You can even save the picture from the ad, attach your affiliate link and send the ad out in an eblast. This is EASY money...smile! Join and get on the road to making holiday cash today!http://www.eventbrite.com/affiliate-register?eid=489976533&affid=554734Photobucket
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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter andthose who matter don't mind. ~Dr. SeussAs you make the shift to your best empowered life there will be nay-sayers.Those that feel you're going just a little too far. Those that feel you arenot connected to reality because you have such an optimistic outlook.You are embracing a lifestyle of Faith, purpose, passion and empowerment.Your mere existence may rub some the wrong way because they're only comfortablefollowing the dictates of society or their surroundings.What I've often told my children as we were raising them and remind them ofnow that they're young adults is to "be true to yourself." There is powerin being authentic and sticking with what you believe regardless.You can often see this exhibited with one's Faith.Besides if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.Only you can be the best you that there ever was. ~ Robin TrambleEmpowering you!Request your 3 free empowering gifts from Robin aka Empowerment Diva.
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Greetings!Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. (HWHN) hosts an annual conference held each April as a finale to Woman’s History Month. The 7th Annual conference is Saturday, April 17, 2010 at Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries in Baltimore, MD from 9:00am- 5:00pm. Our theme is Essentially ME confirming that at the core of every woman is true beauty.The purpose of this full day conference is to help perpetuate a nation-wide movement of healing for our families and communities, in order to generate a vibrant future. HWHN Conference is a movement to gather, educate and encourage women from all cultures and backgrounds to utilize each other for our common goals of personal, community and nation-wide advancement. Our expected audience participation is 300 plus women from the Baltimore, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York and Pennsylvania areas.The Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Experience includes: Dedicated presenters with interactive workshops The participation of over 300 professionals, college students, community leaders, and more! Powerful address during luncheon with Keynote Speaker Uplifting support for women in transitional housing Entertainment Healing Village Marketplace Exciting giveaways 7 years of community support!Call for PresentersWe are requesting workshops that are informative, interactive and appropriate for women 16 and up. We are seeking presenters who are passionate about helping women to empower themselves and understand the relevance of each woman being a part of the cure needed in our communities. Additionally, details are available. Please email conference@partofthecure.org.We invite you to submit a proposal detailing your workshop via email at conference@partofthecure.org, no later than November 16, 2009 by 5pm. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted. Presenters will be notified of accepted proposals by January 5, 2010.
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Three hundred churches throughout the Memphis area sponsored a multicultural, multigenerational revival for women this past weekend. In doing so, they answered Ellen Olford’s heartfelt prayer.Redemption 2009, the free two-day gathering held March 27 and 28 at the Cook Convention Center, drew 7,000-8,000 women on balmy Friday night while 5,000-6,000 braved gusty winds and rain on Saturday morning.Sharen Rooks, a conference volunteer and a member of Morning Chapel Missionary Baptist, found many reasons to celebrate as people of different backgrounds came together in a shared act of faith. Morning Chapel was among the African-American churches partnering with local white churches in the revival effort, and the bond already has produced interesting results.“There are changes taking place because of Trinity Baptist and Morning Chapel,” said Rooks, as she, Redemption 2009 event co-chair Vicki Reed and Linda Stephens of Central Church completed final preparations on Friday. “I think this is going to stick. You can see it now and the event hasn’t even taken place,” said Rooks, a minister’s wife and author of “What Happens When God Moves.”The revival comes at the end of the story, however. This tale unfolds 4 ½ years ago when Ellen Olford and husband, David, of Memphis met Priscilla and Jerry Shirer of Dallas. Shortly thereafter, Ellen, who is white, shared her vision – her burden – with Priscilla, an African American who is an internationally-known speaker, author and the daughter of well-known minister Dr. Tony Evans.The multiracial, multigenerational relationship established a foundational guideline for the Redemption movement: prayer partners not only from different churches but from different races and cultural groups.“Four and a half years ago, I said to Priscilla, ‘Would you be my friend? Would you be my prayer partner?’” Olford recounted at Saturday’s gathering.Olford, chair of Redemption 2009 and a member of Central Church, said, “Memphis is a great city with great people and great churches – a town that needs Jesus (to remove) racism and other-isms that separate us.”Prayer partners are encouraged to meet weekly to pray by phone together and once a month in person.The second step is participation in upcoming prayer meetings that will be taking place in the Memphis area, where area coordinators have been assigned in Orange Mound, Whitehaven, Uptown, Midtown, Hickory Hill, East Memphis and Frayser as well as Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Southeast Shelby County, Southaven, Miss., and Marshall County, Miss.Finally, Olford is asking for more black-white church partnerships, like those shared by Trinity Baptist and Morning Chapel, Bellevue Baptist and Impact Ministries, and Central Church and Mt. Moriah East Baptist, just to name a few.A Rainbow of FaithsAccording to the Web site (www.redemption2009.com), movement leaders, volunteers and participants are “Godly women with hearts burning to see evangelical Christians of different races unite to further God’s kingdom (who) have been dreaming and praying and planning …to see revival sweep the Mid-South…. Churches will come together for Redemption 2009 to create a catalyst for unity and reconciliation among sisters in Christ, spanning generations, evangelical backgrounds, neighborhoods, cultures and races.”The unity among sisters was evident as dozens of women stopped by the Marriott Hotel’s Magnolia Grille, across the street from the convention center, to eat before for the conference. Black women and white women sat together at tables, engaged in both light and meaningful conversations.Young women from Fellowship Memphis were among restaurant-goers. Group leader Suzanne Presley said 100 members of the multicultural church were attending the revival and they were expecting a “word from the Lord.”“We’ve just been praying for it,” said Ariyana Rimson.RevivalIn addition to first-rate expository teaching, Redemption 2009 showcased contemporary and hard-core gospel music. Priscilla Shirer’s brother, recording artist Anthony Evans and his band performed contemporary gospel, such as “You Are Good,” “Everlasting God,” and “Mighty to Save.”Grammy-nominated gospel vocalist Beverly Crawford brought the hard-core gospel with “If the Lord Never Does Anything Else” and other songs.Ephie Johnson directed the Unity Choir, a city-wide group from 30 churches that performed and backed up Crawford and Evans. A member of Hope Presbyterian and director of Neighborhood Christian Centers, Johnson said the choir has 115 members.Her participation extends beyond the choir , however, as she has several prayer partners, including Kelly Johnson, executive director of Two by Two Ministry. who is 40 and Ephie’s same age; Lucy Long, a 50-something and Carlee Pettis, 70. “They influence me in my walk with Christ,” said Johnson.For her part, the Unity choir director is well ready for a Memphis revival. “This is an integral moment. People are ready to rise up and be a city of pride, leadership and unity.”“My goal is to encourage and help Memphis sing again,” said Johnson, who is the daughter of JoeAnn Ballard and has been directing choirs since age 13.“In some ways, we lost our song.”
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