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Http:// 1-800-652-7157 In this video, I explain the new departments the that Good Credit Union have opened up to it's clients.

Good Credit Union has added a Tax elimination dept. with a CPA and IRS Registered agents. As many of us understand that a CPA is the blood line of the business. Understanding having access to a CPA is one of the best resources a growing company needs to be profitable. 

Our CPA works right along side of our IRS Registered Tax Agents to make sure your company financial documents and taxes are looking good to financial institutions.

GCU Group also offers employment verification for people that work off of 1099 and need regular pay stubs created. This is great for someone that trying to purchase a vehicle or get into an apartment.

Check out our other services 1-800-652-7157

Read more… 1-800-652-7157 In this video Houston with th GCU Group, Inc. explain why many people should fix their credit instead of getting a CPN or SCN.

1st you no longer have to find a co-signer to help you get an apartment, car, or student loan. I understand this is embarrassing for many adults with bad credit.

2nd If you have good credit you could add a child or family on you credit cards as authorize users and they could inherit your credit. This is one of the best gifts you can give someone if you're not rich or wealthy. Your 18 year old could inherit your credit and you will not have to co-sign for them an apartment, car loan, or student loan.

3rd You could buy real estate in which you could not do with a CPN or SCN. Many people want to get into real estate investing but they must understand that having good credit will make it easier to purchase that property.

4th When you fix your credit you don't have to show as much paperwork to get funding. With a CPN or SCN creditors want to see the id or drivers license to go along with the file. Creditors are asking for social security cards for that SCN or CPN, they are also asking for employment verification. This is alot of personal information they are requiring now for an SCN or CPN. 

5TH It's much more easier to get funding when you have good credit to do you investments, succh as buying a car from the auction instead of having to finance it from a car dealer.

This is Houston with Good Credit Union. You can call me at !-800-652-7157 or email me or Alex

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How to raise your prices without losing your clients

Eventually in your business you’ve probably considered or are forced to increase your fees or prices. And for many doing so without losing your most valuable clients/customers comes with a level of anxiety and perhaps fear.

Will they go to another competitor?
Will they begin to bad mouth me and tarnish my reputation?
Will they simply laugh at me and threaten to leave if I raise my prices another penny?

However at some point, especially if you offer time based services (charge by the hour), you’ll need to increase your fees, give yourself a raise and expand your business. We all have the same 24 hours a day it’s impossible if you are a solo entrepreneur to grow your biz without hiring new staff, or increasing fees.
So If you’re in that critical space where your palms are sweating, you’re staring at your bank account or an open email to your client where you have to break the news that you must raise your fees - here’s what you need to do and how to go about raising your prices.

1st. EVALUATE YOUR TOP CLIENT LIST. While all your clients/customers are important to you, those that consistently invest in your services are your Top clients. Evaluate the services you clearly offer to your top paying (or frequent paying) clients. What are they buying from you? What questions or issues do they seem to have that you may not be charging them for? What are they saying about your services right now? Often clients will hire you for what they think they need and then realize they need you for more.It’s up to you to be in the position of power to realize exactly what that is. There is hidden (profit) potential in those unspoken needs of your clients.

2nd TURN IT INTO A PACKAGE. Turn what they buy from you that is related to task/time (hourly) into packaged automated services. Ex. when I created Your Simple Bookkeeper, I created it as a monthly automated service to tackle bookkeeping task at a monthly recurring fee. This allowed me to package my “time driven” services and hire other bookkeepers to actually do the work so I could be available to offer higher end consulting services. Automating (or systemizing) your services and business is a common struggle for business owners as many like the control of knowing they did the work, however remember there are only 24 hours a day and you need most of them to work ON your business (more clients, partnerships, exposure) not IN. Your clients will appreciate your keen insight into entrepreneurship.

3rd MAKE IT SIMPLE. Create one sheets of those simple services you’re now automating or have created packages for. One sheets are literally that, a one sided designed document with your service or product description on it. It gives the reader all the information they NEED to know about what you offer to make a decision on hiring you. You can place your new automated time driven services on your website or "work with me" page. Ensure to include a payment link so potential customers can submit a payment (or if you need them to inquire first - a way for them to email you). Automate your hourly based services as much as possible. 

4th. SEND A LETTER. Send your existing clients a letter – written to them as specifically as possible (or call them, invite to coffee, etc) and explain to them that you are seeking to expand and offer more services to them and want to serve them in more ways. Having this personal touch goes along way. Like in #1 - getting to know your clients is important. You are in the position of power - you were hired to provide a solution and often that solution isn't in what you're being paid for, but in those consistent questions you're being asked that you're not charging for. Once you've realized that, and have now increased your fees. Compassionately talk to your clients, get them on board - you'll find that most are eager and ready to have you do more for them.

5th. MAKE IT COMPLIMENTARY. You may offer them the same services they are currently buying from you at a slightly higher fee (your new higher price) but you’ll offer 2 of your task driven services for “free” or “complimentary” Ex. YSB’s bookkeeping services are $75 an hour for most businesses. Our Small Business packages run form $150 a month to $1250 a month. At the $1250 level, bookkeeping becomes “complimentary” as the bulk of the services they are getting become more consultative in nature. 

There are countless other strategies that I’ll share in subsequent blog post about how to do this, but these 5 steps are great starters. The moral of the story is to not become self-victimized by fear of losing clients when it’s time to raise your fees. Do it with confidence, and be clear on WHY you’re doing it. You could lose some clients, but again you probably WILL open yourself to a new group of clients eager to pay your higher fee :-) .

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Katrina M. Harrell is a Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Business Strategist and 3x Best-selling author. She trains and teaches women entrepreneurs how to create solid 6-figure and above business strategies focused on strategic pricing and marketing. She is co-author of "How She Got Free: A 5-step Spiritual Business Manual for Women Who Lead through Entrepreneurship". 

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It happened.

Your heart is pounding,

Your palms are sweating

You’re stuttering and fumbling over your words

Your stomach starts to turn flips and you secretly wish the sky would fall so you have a valid excuse to end this situation – IMMEDIATELY.

No matter the level of your business – whether you are new or seasoned, it’s inevitable, you will experience challenges. They may all appear different but they all have similar underlying emotions.

they create fearanxiety, frustration and even in some cases horrible procrastination (I’m looking at you Dream list that’s collecting dust).

I’ve had my own share of challenges since starting my journey in entrepreneurship over 5 years ago – even in the midst of tremendous success and recognition  I still struggled with work-life “balance”, learning the fine art form of attracting the RIGHT customers (I’ve never had issues in attracting but in attracting the right customers consistently, I learned a while ago is a fine art) The beauty of challenges however that many entrepreneurs often overlook is that they also create tremendous opportunities when you’ve learned to master the art of “CALL & RESPONSE” instead of “REACTION”



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Our Panel of Experts

Happy New Year, everyone! 

We had an impressive panel of experts on What U Need to Know on Saturday.  Click here to listen to the recording of the show

Click here for more details

If you have questions about money, career, relationships, or life in general, let me know as one or more of our experts is sure to be able to help,

Wishing you all the best for 2011.  May you achieve your unlimited possibilities.



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Why Article Marketing

We could tell you a hundred reasons why you should write for APPRISE but the fact of the matter is, if you're not sharing your expertise here, you should be sharing somewhere.Most marketers now understand that an informative article distributed to the most influential spots on the web will get you a lot of attention and pull visitors to your site. Take a moment and read how article marketing can work for your company.
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June Is Marketing Success Month

Join us this June for an awesome month full of information to help you achieve marketing success!Brand University: The Marketing Success Conference for Women Entrepreneurs has something for everyone! Starting at just $29.95 you can learn about the following topics:REGISTER AT WWW.MARKETINGSUCCESS2008.EVENTBRITE.COMYou - The Superstar!Using New Media and Social Networking Strategies To Build Your Most Important Brand - YOU!Cynthia de Lorenzi, Founder Success In The City andCEO of the Patriot GroupThe Solopreneurs Guide To Strategic Marketing:(MBA Not Required)!Tammy Freeman, The Lifestyle EntrepreneurFounder and CEO, Synergi Group, LLCDo It Yourself MarketingKirsten FullerFounder and Editor-in-Chief, Reservations MagazineSelf-Publishing Secrets:Stop Making Excuses and Publish Your Book Now!Sanyika Calloway Boyce, The Financial Fitness CoachClient Building 101: Know Your Niche!Francina Harrison, The Career EngineerHow To Tell Your StoryAfter The Elevator PitchRebekah Pierce, Average Girl Magazine, LLCOne Hour Marketing Plan BootcampNikki Woods, Full Circle MarketingDirect Mail BasicsGail Diggs, GCD Writing and MarketingCreating Newsworthy Press ReleasesJill Watkins, Write On Target Communications, LLCBuild A PR MachineCinnamon Bowser, Nail TaxiHarnessing the Power of Television PublicitySanyika Calloway Boyce, The Financial Fitness CoachPre-Conference Teleseminar Topics:(Even if you can't make the conference, you can get access to these great teleseminars!)How To Increase Sales ThroughPower PartnershipsDenise Trifiletti - Women's CommunityIt's Not Who YOU Know ButWho KNOWS YOU!Francina Harrison, The Career EngineerPassion Marketing:Wear Your Heart On Your SleeveTo Generate Bigger and More Sales!Tammy Freeman, The Information BrokerFounder and CEO, Synergi Group, LLC8 Key Ingredients To BuildCustomer LoyaltyNikki Woods, Full Circle MarketingYou've Built Your Website, Now What?Gail Diggs, GCD Writing and MarketingCreating Powerful and Compelling TaglinesJill Watkins, Write On Target Communications, LLCAttend Brand University Marketing Success Conference For Women Entrepreneurs...Your Business Will Never Be The Same!REGISTER AT WWW.MARKETINGSUCCESS2008.EVENTBRITE.COM
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