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Benefits of Coconut Oil

10744068852?profile=originalI think by now everyone knows that one of my favorite oils is coconut oil. If you've read my bio and listened to the story behind Dixie Bits,  you'd know that it's the first oil I was introduced to as a small child growing up in Trinidad. 
In my village there is still an endless supply of coconut trees and therefore, lots of coconut water and coconut fruit available for consumption. Coconut oil also remains a staple in our home as my grandmother still extracts it on the stove top. Needless to say, it is one of the oils you'll find in some of Dixie Bits' products. I could go on and on about how great and nutritive this oil is but, I won't. Instead, here are 10 benefits I'd like to share with you.
1. It is a excellent massage oil, moisturizer and skin softener. It prevents drying and flaking of the skin.
2. It is a wrinkle reducer and prevents premature aging.
3. It helps to treat skin afflictions such as eczema and psoriasis. 
4. It is an excellent hair conditioner. When applied topically, it provides nutrition for the scalp. It treats and repairs damaged hair and can even prevent dandruff and lice.
5. Due to the high levels of antioxidants in coconut oil, it can also ward of degenerative diseases.
**When ingested, coconut oil can:
6. Reduce LDLs (bad lipoproteins) and increases HDLs (good lipoproteins), which means that it can improve overall cholesterol.
8. Strengthen the immune system.
9. Treat irratiatable bowel syndrome.
10. Aid in healing cuts and bruises and because of its anti-microbal and anti-viral properties, it's believed to kill some bacteria and fungi in and on the body.
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Natural Remedies for Mental Illness - Fish Oil!

to the results of a recently released Austrian study from the February
issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry
, fish oil, which is
high in omega-3 fatty acids, may actually reduce the risk of full
blown psychotic disorders
in those who display signs of mental

The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil may help brain cells repair themselves and remain intact – while the actual cause of schizophrenia
is not known, researchers speculate that people with this particular
type of mental illness do not process fatty acids properly,
which may lead to damage of the brain cells.

The research was funded by the Stanley
Medical Research Institute
, a nonprofit in Chevy
Chase, Md., that supports research on schizophrenia and bipolar

Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation in the body while omega-6 fatty
acids tend to promote inflammation. The average American diet contains nearly 14-25 more omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, the Mediterranean
has a much more healthy balance between the two fatty acids – it does not depend so heavily on meat, but relies on foods higher in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, olive oil, and garlic
in addition to wines.

However, one can still raise their consumption of omega-3 fatty acids without much change in diet through the use of fish oil supplements.

Not only does omega-3 reduce inflammation in the body, but also may help lower the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis as well as skin conditions such as eczema.

If you do decide to take fish oil supplements, remember to look for high quality fish oils that are screened for mercury contaminants.

And as always, consult a medical professional who can provide you with individualized information.

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In my travels, people ask about different motor oils, and adding additives. Everyone has their preference on name-brand oils. I don’t get into the brand-name battle. As for additives, there isn’t a need to add an additive to your motor oil. As we all know, regular oil changes are one of the most important things that can be done to extend the life of an engine. Premium-quality motor oil will maintain its effectiveness over the life of the oil drain, allowing it to help keep the engine clean. In every bottle of oil there are certain additives that play a key role. Unfortunately, the petroleum industry isn’t required to put the motor ingredients on the bottle. But, the additives are in there. Anti-wear additives help lay down the protective film between moving parts, and stops oxidation of the motor oil. Dispersants grab the dirt and sludge before they build up during engine operation. Detergents help keep high-temperatures surfaces clean (pistons). Changing the oil at proper intervals will help to prevent ring sticking and piston deposits. The viscosity index improvers are additives that are added to ensure proper oil viscosity at extreme cold and hot operating conditions. Make sure your vehicle has its proper oil weight. If not, you’re making your vehicle work harder. Friction modifiers help to reduce friction in critical areas of the engine, thus enhancing the vehicle’s fuel economy. In order for the motor oil to complete its job, follow the recommended oil change intervals, and motor oil specifications found in the owner’s manual.
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Are You Changing Your Oil On Time?

Everyday, I receive information on how to do this or that. I receive information on car warranties or buying a vehicle. When was the last time someone ask, how is your vehicle maintenance going? Did you change your oil today? Did you check your oil today? Did you schedule your oil change?If you answered no, I'm here to help you make a wise decision about the maintenane of your vehicle. Changing the oil in your vehicle is just as important to you eating. Your vehicle needs fresh oil. Your current oil can't wait until you have the time, for a change. Your owner's manual instructs the owner when to change the oil. Some vehicle's oil needs changing at every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Going over the recommended mileage isn't good for your vehicle. Also, changing the oil too soon isn't good either. There were ads that encouraged oil changes at 3,000 miles. As I stated earlier, vehicles can travel further on their oil. The 3,000 were for oils that were singled weighted. What is single-weighted? Single-weighted oil are 30, 40, or 50 weighted oils. These oils are still around. They come in detergent and non-detergent. But, they aren't used by vehicles. Today's vehicles use two-weighted oils. These oils consist of two-parted oils. Most vehicles use 5w20 or 5w30. There are more special type oils. We will discuss those oils, at another time. Plus, I don't want to make this post too boring for my readers.Locate your owner's manual. This will tell you the weight your vehicle uses. When getting your oil changed, ask the garage what type of oil they're using. Using the proper weighted oil in your vehicle is very imporant. We'll discuss that subject, at a later date too. At this point, I want you to check and change your oil, on time.Happy motoing
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Fighting Acne

Fighting AcneAcne is a condition that typically is associated with puberty and does occur frequently during those years but can extend or surface during middle aged years. Acne is caused by the increased production of sebum and as a result of this increase pores become blocked by not only sebum but by dead skin cells. This results in pimples or boils that present themselves not only on the face but also on the chest, back, and upper arm area. The causes of acne are also hormonal related. To cure your acne you've got to balance your hormones. When hormones are out of balance skin oil production goes into overdrive aggravating acne.Common sense ways to treat acne include:• rest, relaxation, fresh air and exercise• Don't squeeze spots• Don't use massage on acne• Avoid oily creams in Acne Treatment, especially those with Saturated Fatty Acids like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Macadamia Oil..• Healthy diet - Fasts and vegetarian diets are cleansing to the body and it’s circulatory and lymphatic systems. These cleansing treatments may well be worth consulting a dietician or holistic practitioner for guidelines as to how to effectively incorporate such treatments with combating Acne. The final verdict is out as to whether the avoidance of such foods as chocolate, cheese, nuts, pork, cream, spices, citrus fruits, coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, chips/crisps, tomatoes, seafood and dairy products is out but certainly adopting a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and whole foods in addition to plenty of clean water will provide a healthy body better capable of functioning at optimal levels.Tea Tree Oils Properties and EffectsTea tree oil, extracted from leaves of a tree native to Australia, is well known for it's anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is used to for a number of things, In fact it has been proven effective killing acne bacteria when topically applied. And because of that it is often used as a replacement to benzoyl peroxide in many of the "natural" acne treatments. Tea tree oil does kill acne bacteria and it will reduce the symptoms of acne. But it won't cure it.Aloe Vera GelAloe Vera gel is the inner part of the aloe vera plant. It has been used for centuries for burns, to heal damaged skin, and for digestive and intestinal problemsIt has proven to accelerate healing because among other things it has the ideal polysaccharides necessary for the skin to repair. It gives the skin the "building blocks" to repairThe gel-like material found inside the Aloe Vera plant consists of gibberellin and polysaccharides, which stimulate the skin and help with healing infected areas. The ingredients can greatly reduce swelling and inflammation surrounding the blemish. The gel also contains antibiotics, coagulating agents, pain inhibitors, and astringent materials. Aloe Vera Gel stimulates new cell growth, increasing the skin's ability to heal scarred tissues on the face and may be found beneficial in reducing brown spots left from acne scarring as well as the redness left from a healing breakouts.Aloe Vera gel will help soothe, combat, and heal acne but it will not cure it.Lavender Essential OilLavender oil can be used in facial skin care to sooth and clear the redness often associated with acne prone skin, and act to prevent acne breakouts.Clay's Properties and EffectsClay is rich in minerals and active enzymes that both nurture and heal disturbed dermal areas. Clay also has a stimulating component that causes it to stimulate the lymphatic circulation and make the body more efficient at removing waste and delivering nutrients more efficiently.Clay also draws toxins and impurities that lay dormant in the body as well as toxins from the superfluous layer of fat from the skin. Clay also contracts and tones the skin as well as lends to the strengthening of the connective tissues of the body.There are many other herbs, clays, and essential oils that for centuries have been proven useful and beneficial in the treatment of acne. None alone or together are a complete cure but blended together many have provided excellent remedies for many giving them clear and healthy skin.

At Earthen Glow Minerals we have several excellent anti acne cleansing, toning, and serum products. The pinnacle of this lineup is our anti acne kit.This kit when used together as instructed has delivered excellent results for many. Formulated with synergistically effective herbs, essential oils, and other botanicals that have proven effectiveness in combating acne. This kit is where we would suggest anyone looking for a simple but effective regimine in the battle against acne begin. Affordably priced, natural with results usually visible with days.

Earthen Glow Minerals also carries other excellent anti acne products such as our Dual Clay Rhassoul and Moroccan Clay bars. Both Clays are excellent in drawing toxins from the body and are combined with essential oils proven also in the fight against acne.Our Night Time Botanical Treatment is another superstar in the fight against acne. Applied on a freshly cleansed and dried face at night, a light dusting of this blend of many herbs, clays, minerals, and vitamins has shown remarkable results for many not only in fighting acne and scarring, but also has show great effectiveness with men in fighting and healing and soothing razor bumps. Many women with mature skin types have reported that they notice a brightening and tightening of their skin over several weeks use. Not surprising as many of the botanicals, vitamins, and minerals contained in the Night Time Treatment have been hailed for these very results.

We also carry other cleansers, Chamomile and Green Tea Toners, Anti Acne Serums, Muds, Scrubs, and Clay masks that have been designed with ingredients to soothe, heal, combat, and eliminate scarring from the ravages of acne.
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Bald, the NEW Natural?

I certainly didn’t forget about the fellas when it comes to my natural bath and body products. I know it seems like when they’re talking about natural bath and body, the guys are almost always left out. Not here!As I wrote before, my family is my guinea pigs and my husband works closely with me in the testing and development of my products10744004460?profile=original. My daughter is my tester for my eczema products and my two sons, well, let’s just say they stay oily and fragranced.

Oh, yes, about bald men. My husband is a baldie by choice – he shaves his head every week or so. I noticed that even though he used shaving cream and rinsed well after shaving his head and used (gasp!) lotion, sometimes the skin at the back of the neck would dry out during the course of the day. It just wouldn’t do for the husband of “the natural skincare sista” to walk around with dry skin!

Now, my husband is a really simple person and, like many men, don’t want to deal with a lot of potions and creams in his morning routine. So I persuaded him to try to use the megamix whip on his head and it worked great! Not only did it absorb quickly and nourish that dry skin, but it left a nice sheen on the skin.Some tips for bald men to keep that dome sexy and sleek:

* Always shave with a sharp razor – a dull razor will not give a close shave and may cause razor bumps

* When using a razor, always use a moisturizing shaving cream or shave oil to avoid nicks and cuts – virgin coconut oil can be used

* Use a soothing scalp conditioner on your head after shaving – you need to replenish your scalp’s natural oils try our Megamix Whip which isavailable here. After you’re all done, head over toBlack Pearl Style Creations for a custom made knit scarf set to keep your head warm during the cold winter months!

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