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This is so tragic!!! Failing! I can't stand that word actually. It is so negative! And it's sad that failing is a reality for some business owners. Briefly, I will share with you the 5 reasons why most people fail :( in their first 30 days! Forget about the first year! Some people don't even make it that long!

1. Lack of training: Some people you decide to do business with might tell you something like: they provide free training, you're in business for yourself but not by yourself, call in every day at this time for an automated training message, etc etc. They tell you how simple it is to build a business and get you all revved up to jump in and start making truckloads of money and then you never hear from them again! Unfortunately, this happens all too often and new business owners are left to figure things out on their own. It is very important that you find a mentor to partner up with and help you along as you build your business.

2. Lack of focus: Let's be real here, you were just going along with your life and then all of a sudden you decided to start a business! Great decision, but the problem is that your life continues and you never adjust it to fit in your business! It takes TIME and dedication to build a successful business.

3. Lack of strategy: Can we say, BUSINESS PLAN? How many of you have ever enrolled in school WITHOUT a plan or blueprint of your 4 years at the institution! NO ONE HAS! You HAVE to have to plan for the things you want to succeed in.

4. Unwillingness to get down and dirty: If you are NOT uncomfortable within the first 18 months (at maximum) of your business, then you're doing something WRONG! It's ok for you to be uncomfortable calling or following up with people. Its ok to be uncomfortable telling someone about what you do and maybe asking them to join you. It's ok to be uncomfortable going to training sessions by yourself. It's ok to be UNCOMFORTABLE! Because believe it or not, eventually you WON'T be uncomfortable. And it will be apart of your routine. YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTANT!

5. No desire or passion: This is a huge one! I always tell people they have enjoy the business they're in! Why would you have a traveling business but hate to travel? You have to be passionate about what you do! When you have passion for your business you will have a desire to succeed! And eventually all of these 5 reasons, although obstacles, will be triumphs!

The thing that seperates SUCCESSFUL business owners from the FAILED ones is that they keep trying. Whats the old saying? "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, TRY, TRY AGAIN!" There are even 2 trys in there! So you've got to stay motivated, stay prayerful, and stay positive when going through the excitements and woes of starting a business.

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Maplewood, NJ February 2010-On Tuesday February 9, 2010 Ms. Boss Academy whichis a collaboration between Ms. Boss International and My SistahzKeeper held a small ceremony for Zoey Wiggins who was the first personto graduate from the pilot entrepreneurship program. Zoey attends MySistahz Keeper in Jersey
City, New Jersey through the AWEP/CWEP program for women who are onpublic assistance. There were 13other women who also attended the program and who were enrolled in Ms.Boss Academy, but only Zoeycompleted the 8 week business start-up program. Thewomen who are also on public assistance dropped out of theentrepreneurship program for a variety of reasons. The program walkedZoey through the basics of starting a business right up to creating apresence on the Internet bysetting up a website.

By some standards some may view the entrepreneurship program as a failure because only oneperson graduated,but to Audrey Bell-Kearney who is the CEO of Ms. Boss International andthe creator of the Ms. Boss Academy program she views that one graduateas a success. She states that you have to understand the population thatyou are working with. The goal here is tohelp these women learn how to become self-sufficient so that publicassistance is no longer needed. By helping one person learn how to startand run their own business successfully, this will open updoors of employment for others. Small businesses fuel the economy andright not that economy needs some fuel with thenational unemployment rate around 10%. Kiwan Fitch who is the ExecutiveDirector of My Sistahz Keeper has gone a step further by turning one ofthe office spaces inside the My SistahzKeepers headquarters into a small business incubator for the graduatesof Ms.Boss Academy. Kiwan who is one of the co-founders of My Sistahz Keeper anon-profit organization understandsthat small businesses need to be nurtured so that they can grow. This iswhyshe has opened up another door for these women offering them the spaceso that they can stay connectedto positive people who have goals and dreams that they want to see cometrue. To keep the graduates connected there will be ongoing mentoringfrom Audrey and also from Stephanie Wilson who is theProgram Director at My Sistahz Keeper. Zoey who has only been anentrepreneur for about two months already understandfrom going through the Ms. Boss Academy program how important mentorsare that is why she has stepped up to be amentor with GEN (Gurls Empowerment Network) another program offered byMySistazh Keeper for teenage girls.

The next Ms. Boss Academy is scheduled to start on March 2, 2010. Audrey who created thecurriculum andfacilitates the program hopes that more women take advantage of theprogram this time, but if they don’t as long as we can graduate at leastone the program is still a success.

To find out more aboutthe Ms. Boss Academy contact Audrey at 888-229-1238 or email her at Audrey@msboss.net. For moreinformation about the programs thatare offered by My Sistazh Keeper call 201-706-2107 or email Kiwan atKFitch@MySistahzKeeper.org. You can also visit the websites for bothcompanies at http://www.mysistahzkeeper.org and http://www.MsBossInternational.com
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