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Hello Community,
Lets get to it!!!! Everybody DO NOT want to work for themselves.

Yes, I know all the advertisements scream

that myth at you , Daily!!!!!

The marketeers try to convince you having a JOB is not a good thing.
Who are they trying to fool?????
If you are not earning a income , who will purchase the good and services and business opportunities

they promote???


I ask you WHO???
Yes, they say JOB like it is a bad thing. You gotta be kidding !!!!
Everybody who follows this flawed logic, join the JUST OVER BROKE mantra.
Many do not even think about what they are advocating.
Well, here is my take. JOB stands for JOY, OVERCOMING BROKE! Say that daily.

Yes, every action I take to improve my income and lifestyle is supporting that realization.

That includes keeping an 8 TO 5 Yes, the 8 TO 5 allows me to pursue my passion, which is marketing and
promoting, working with online business operators, consulting with small business owner.
The 8 TO 5 handle basic operational cost like food, shelter, clothing. ( Remember, I am a home based
business owner/operator ), so I can generate additional income from doing my passion.
Now, imagine trying to do that without the operational cost being handled.


You, those who have had to do this, know

what I am talking about , it is difficult, to say the least.

Here is another irony to the Everybody wants to work for themselves myth.

 As business owners grow, acquire new customers, service existing customers, purchase goods and services,

etc. they quickly realize they need help.

Guess what they do next- Inquire about people looking for a JOB!!!!!

Yes, a JOB!!!!

Get it,

We all have a JOB, some work for themselves, some work for others. A JOB is a good thing!!!

Now, here is the reality one should be focusing on . Create multiple streams of income.

Create income producing assets.


Do not rely on one source of income i.e JOB.

Recognize and accept events change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good.
You want to be prepared either way. Have options, Create options.
Without options they is no choice, just situations.

Need help with creating your PLAN B? Want to know how to create income producing assets?
How to determine how many streams of income you will need to be financially solid??
Great!! I have suggestions!!!!! Email me at
Subject: Having a Job is ok with me show me how to create my Plan B!!!

Networkingly yours,



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How Much Do You Believe In Yourself?


Be careful what you believe because that is what you will experience. Your belief system is a mechanism which is uniquely yours. It is powered by your desire and controlled by your thoughts and actions. In other words, your success is measured by the strength of your belief.

What is it that you desire? Often people do not have a clue what it is they want, they just know what they do not want. Now is a good time to evaluate your goals and determine the end result you want to achieve. Put your goals in writing and place them where you can see them throughout the day. Read them frequently to keep them fresh on your mind.

Be inquisitive. Research and learn as much as you can on how you can achieve your goal. Use all possible resources such as books, CDs, courses and people. Yes, people. Talk to as many people as possible who are already successful in what you want to achieve. Ask, ask and ask some more about what they did to reach success. Do not limit your contacts to only the people you already know.


Introduce yourself by phone or mail, explain your purpose for contacting them and ask for a tip. The worst thing that can happen is that they ignore you. The best thing that can happen is that they become your mentor and offer support and encouragement. Chances are you will receive at least one great tip from many of the people you contact. This method is the least expensive and most rewarding.

Be unique. Next, take the ideas you learn, embellish them and come up with your own creative process. Think of how you can approach your goal in a way that no one else has. Dare to be different. Don’t be afraid to take risks. What do you have to loose? Write out a list showing the worst things that could happen and then list all of the best possible outcomes. Always maintain your concentration on your desired result.

Be better than your competition. When you were a child and saw your older siblings or friends riding a bike (without training wheels), you didn’t look at their scraped knees and elbows and say, “Whoa, I could get hurt doing that.” Instead, you begged to try it for yourself. With a great deal of practice and often pain, you gradually learned how to maintain your balance.


Before long you were trying to “out do” your friends with your speed or fancy tricks. When you fell, you would get back on and try again with even greater determination. From your very first effort, you believed in your mind that if you got back on, you would eventually learn to ride. I bet you even knew in your mind you would be the best in the neighborhood, in your school, in the state, in the world!

Be positive. If you see obstacles before you, then you will also only see problems. If you have hesitations that you plan will not work, then it will not work. If you are influenced by the power of  negative people, then you will never be any better than they are. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving.   


When your desire to succeed is stronger than the pain, fear or frustration of failing, there is no turning back. I challenge you to view your goals just like you did when you were a child before you learned about self doubt and negative criticism. Remember, anything is possible as long as you believe. Make a commitment that you will not let anything or anyone, including yourself stand in your way of reaching your goals.

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Celebrating Life

Hello Ladies. I just want to let you know that I am in a great mood this year, not that I wasn't last year, but I'm in a better mood this year. The reason I am in such great mood is because I decided after realizing that I did not celebrate life that I wanted to celebrate life. So I am giving away some really nice gifts this year to the women of this network to help you celebrate life. No I'm not trying to sell you anything I just want you to join me in celebrating your life. There is one catch though, you have to post a video to the site about how you intend on celebrating life. Don't be camera shy or feel like you need a professional video. You can use your web cam or a flip whatever you want. You can shoot from kitchen or your living room. After I review the videos I will be choosing one winner each month. Each winner should submit another video letting us know how they enjoyed their gift of celebrating life. Just note that the gifts won't be t-shirts, or mouse pads or coffee mugs, but they will be real gifts that will allow you to take time out for yourself. So come on submit your video and celebrate life with me. Submit videos to http://www.MsBoss.netp.s. I also have a FREE CD titled I Live Life On My Terms. To take advantage of this go to http://www.Ilivelifeonmyterms.That's it for now.Make It A Great Day!Audrey
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Look at me, take a long, hard stare.I'm the face of HIV. I represent every woman 25-34 who has died or is dying from AIDS.AIDS is the leading cause of death in African American women in this age group.So, LOOK at me!Do you think I'm ready to die? I'm not ready. I don't want to leave my children, family, and friends. LOOK at me!Can you honestly tell me we can't change the statistics by raising awareness? Can we not see the Consequences of our actions? Oh God, is anybody even listening to me? LOOK at me!Now, take a long hard look at yourself and answer this question:What am I going to do today to raise awareness of HIV & AIDS?To learn more about Linda R. Herman and her passion for saving lives by raising awareness, please visit
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Hello my name is Craig Coleman, I am a Independent Coffee Distributor with Boresha Coffee Company. I am interested in sharing this information with all that are looking for and opportunity. I would like to introduce our Skinny Coffee a FAT BURNING organic coffee and other coffee blends and tea's. We are also working on a FAT BURNING CHOCOLATE. We would like to give you the opportunity to become your on coffee distributor just by starting your very on online Caf'e. This way the savings, commissions and the residual income, comes back to your business. Also find out what this company can do for your church and all non profit organizations.View our video my website a look and contact me at 937-545-8466Thank You and have a Blessed day.Show all items
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Note to Self - "09 Is Mine"

Out with the old and in with the new, a long lived tradition of many people across theworld. Every New Year many people start off with a resolution but even fewer gothrough with it. For some, the pressure of simply saying it gives them a feeling of dread.Why do that to yourself? Why not give yourself permission to succeed? So instead of along list of to-do’s, simply write yourself a note.You don’t have to start off with many notes. In fact give yourself permission to only havetwo or three notes at first. As you accomplish them, give yourself a new note. Make sureyou select the best stationary that you can afford at the time. As you grow, yourstationary may also reflect your growth.Sit down in a quite place and really think about what it is that you wish to accomplish. Besure to write down these important facts in the note:1. What to you wish to accomplish2. Why do you want to do this3. When is the accomplishment date4. Who will benefit from its completion5. Where will you be when it is doneEverything we do in life has a plan. Not doing anything with your life at all – that, is yourplan. If you are making $250,000 a year – that is your plan. No matter the day or time, besure that you are following a plan. So instead of making grand statements of what youwill do this year, start off with an achievable approach first. No more resolutions andlofty promises. Simply write a note to yourself. When you change your outlook andperception on life the things around you will reflect your positive affirmation and mentalattitude. You will change not only yourself but those around you.The way in which you go about life determines what you receive. Instead of saying, “Iwant to lose 20 pounds” without having a plan other than the phrase, “I will go on a diet”your success rate will be low. But stating that you will change your lifestyle by eatinghealthy foods and exercising by a certain date, you will get there. Maybe you wish tohave a make over. Select fashion that is appropriate for your body shape, age and place inlife. If you are striving to be an executive this year, dress the part. If you have a morelabor intensive job, get a more modern and fresh haircut.When you decide to act on a note to self, jot down the date you start, goal date andaccomplishment date in the corner as a visual. As you achieve each one, don’t throw itaway. Instead, keep it until the end of the year. From time to time, take a moment to lookat your notes and at all that you have accomplished. Being able to visualize youraccomplishments may be hard for some, so when you are able to look at your notes in aphysical form, you are now able to see what success looks like. When you are able to seewhat success looks like, you are able to see it more clearly each time you strive for the next goal.Be sure to reward yourself for each note completed. One way you can do this is to get acharm bracelet. Select a charm to add to the bracelet each time you are successful. Orderflowers for yourself and have them delivered to your job with a note that says I’m proudof you. This is another positive reaffirmation of your accomplishments.Your brain is your body’s computer. Inputting data is vital. The better the data, the betteryour reports and statistics will be. If you are putting in junk and visiting the wrongwebsite, don’t be surprised when you get a virus. Being around like-minded people isalso very important. If you have an issue with eating the proper foods, being aroundpeople who only eat junk food will not help you. Spending time with your friends wholove to eat fresh fruits and veggies, will give you a jump start on your note to self, eachtime. They will share with you bits of wisdom that they have gathered along the path ofhealthy eating, thus, changing your life, by touching those around them. There’s two oldexpression that come to mind – when you lay down with dogs you get flees and birds ofa feather flock together. Well, the same holds true in day-to-day life. Having a mentorand being around those that you wish to learn from is always a sign of a person whowishes to succeed.So as 2009 begins, begin your life on a positive note. Write down all the things that youare thankful for. You may be surprised at what you have accomplished already.
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