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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies......after looking at the freebies I received in the mail on last week along and the great response we received for giving out Sunday Blessings, We decided we're going for a sweep of FREEBIES for 60 days.....and decided to help some ladies along the way. We are going to fill our mailbox with great FREEBIES ....whose up for the challenge with us????.....10744071485?profile=original

Sistas Lovin Freebies (SLF) is here to challenge you about the way you feel about FREEBIES!!! Chances are right now you may be sceptic about receiving FREEBIES, COUPONS or maybe even GREAT DEALS from online.


SLF is challenging you by introducing to you the 60 Day Freebie Challenge.


This challenge is the most hottest Freebie Challenge out there. (If not the only)  It's a simple program that anyone can do.  


Take the challenge and you'll find that it's not just easy but FUN!!!!10744072253?profile=original


It simple...all you have to do is Sign up....Click on your favorite offer.....Fill Out the information and you WIN!!!


With the 60 Day Freebie Challenge everybody WINS....not just by getting FREEBIES but by helping others while you do it.  Everybody Like FREE!!!!


It's no better time to receive FREEBIES!!!!


Are you up for the challenge?


Sign up TODAY!!!!











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You know what I hate most about being an internet marketer?


Subscribing to dozens of monthly recurring tools and 

services that I barely know how to use.


To top it off, its a pain to remember usernames and

passwords to each one :)


My friends Cedrick, Kenny, and Jim have a solution

for that.


Check it out:



Seriously, don't ignore this.  Be sure to go to the link

in this email now.  This is seriously the greatest all in

one tool suite that I have seen in the last 5 years.


Still can't believe that these guys managed to pull it off!



Check out the free demonstration here:






Interact with fellow marketers and “like” The Connect4Change Marketer on Facebook.


Get Marketing Tips via Facebook with help from ..........




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You are just a few clicks away from receiving your "fully-loaded" premium WordPress blog.

  • I'll install on YOUR domain name and It's yours to keep!
  • Choose From Gorgeous Themes
  • Automatic Blog Setup and Installation
  • Instant Social Media Integration
  • Month of Unlimited Hosting With Support

Please take time out to view the group 'Sistas Lovin Freebies' for more FREEBIES!!!!

Get Your Blog Now!

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In What Direction Are You Focusing Your Life?

How is your personal compass set?

In what direction are you focusing your life?

Has your business been on auto pilot only to find out that you have found your business plan to be off by one degree?

Have you coast along toward your goals only to realize that somewhere along the line you missed something and were off by one degree?

Let's take today to get back on course!

Let my team and myself give you new coordinates and set you back on course.

Once you have launched any plan, you have to see yourself as a pilot of a jumbo jet. You are the pilot of your own personal and financial destiny and maybe even be the pilot of others' destiny. Don't allow your plane to crash. You do have enough fuel to make it. We all have disappointments and setbacks in life. But the good news is that you still have time to adjust your course to reach your original dream and and vision of the life that you see for yourself.


If you’re a network marketer, you’ve certainly heard of My Lead System Pro, formerly MLM Lead System Pro. The system is everywhere and dominating the internet. Perhaps, you’re thinking about signing up and you’re on the fence about it. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent money on other systems that didn’t deliver what they promised; however, everywhere you look, there it goes, My Lead System Pro, telling you to live your dream. You know what you’re currently doing isn’t working, but will MLSP really explode your mlm business? Does it stand up to the hype? The answer may shock you.

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