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PRESS Release - Sacramento, CA February 10, 2014

Go For More in 2014!

It’s a sad fact that 50% of resolutions are given up on by February. You can change that.Whether you’re at the beginning of the year or mid year you’ve got to have a plan and move away from traditional resolutions to intentions and commitments attached to effecting goal setting and achievement.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. Tony Robbins

It all begins with a decision. God’s gift to you is life and what you do with it is your gift back to Him. Go for more in 2014!

“Before working with Robin in the Make it Happen 30 days of Empowerment Coaching program, I was looking for a coach that could provide some guidance and directions with the goals that I wanted to achieve. After working with Robin I got more clarity on how to break down my goals and focus on the areas that I could strengthen. Then I could identify the areas that I needed to work on more in depth and now I have more confidence in pursuing the goals that I have set for bringing my Vision to reality. Robin has a great positive attitude and knows how to work with her clients to help them achieve maximum results. Thanks for all you do Robin and may God continue to Bless you and the GREAT work you do.” Monique Spence

Whether you want to improve your finances, health, life, relationships, spiritual growth, business or other you owe it to yourself to set aside time to design, create and manifest your ultimate “authentic” lifestyle now!

Are you frustrated with your goal setting endeavors?

Are you dealing with broken focus?

Maybe you’re a Christian woman in business, coach, author or speaker with a great vision but don’t know where to begin with planning and/or how to market your business via online marketing or social media.

Whatever the case may be it’s important that you know that having an overall ‪goal‬ or ‪clarity of vision‬ is vital to ‪success‬.

Is there really any benefit to setting goals?

Setting goals is a very significant part of success and positive accomplishments. People who set goals literally create a map of their target achievements in life, marking where they should begin, where to pause, where to delve a bit, and where and when to stop. Once this map is created, it allows the map drawer to check where he is in the scheme of things and whether or not he is making some achievements that will take him closer to his goals.

All great achievers have goals. You need to know exactly what you are working towards!

Robin Tramble has opened up Free Access to her Dreams Alive Now 30 Day Vision and goals Challenge. Get started here:

About Robin Tramble International
Robin Tramble International is founded by Robin Tramble. Robin empowers busy Christian Women In Business, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers and Authors Who may be frustrated with the slow growth of their business and/or desire to manifest an Extraordinary mindset and healthy internal structure to get unstuck, focused and go BIG while prospering and making a difference in the world “authentically!”

Robin Tramble
Robin Tramble International
Phone: 916.467.9139

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The Power of Social Media

I always thought that social media was just a waste or that it was too much time consuming. I mean you have to be active on facebook and twitter or whatever social media that is out there. I just have to say that social media is everything and the truth is that you have to go where the people or your future customers are. I must say that with my wickless candles sales has increased in the past month. It was slow at first with my sales. Then I started to join Facebook wax group and just start putting up picture without tell people to buy. Trust me most people don't like it when you're all in these social media tell people to buy, buy and buy. That is a big turn off. You have to first market yourself and then your products will sell it's self. I watch Youtube and yes guys...Youtube is also another great way to find your future customer. The reviews on my candles has been great along with the sales. So trust me social media is number one if you are trying to get your products out especially if it's different and unique.

visit my store and my facebook page.

Scandalicious Candle Melts

Facebook fan page



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Free website set up

Ok everyone so I know being connected on this site that you have received a lot of information about setting up a website, marketing yourself, being an internet marketer and online sales pro so of course you have received inside tips on free websites, right?

Well I thought I'd add some information about a website that I use. The website designs are similar to having a wordpress blog website, but the set up is easy and simple. You can chose your background/design, chose the content of your website whether you want to make a website that is focused on blogs, selling products, anything you can think of the design options are there for you.

The website and set up is free, if you want to upgrade your services to a professional account there is a minimum fee of $4.58/month for a 6 month membership, $3.99/month for a 1 year membership, and $2.99/month for a 2 year membership.

If you decide to upgrade to a Weebly pro account you will get 10 sites per account, audio player, vidoe player, embedded documents, Adwords credit, premium support(meaning they will create your websites for you) and so much more.

However, if you choose to keep your website free and you are pretty savvy at creating dynamic websites you can maintain a free account and have up to 2 websites on a free account. Not bad huh! Check it out and click the link below!

Create a free website or blog in minutes with Weebly!
Free hosting and no ads. One of Time's 50 best websites of the year.
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Get the Younger-Looking Skin You Want!

~The Miracle Set ~

A New Year means a New You with healthy flawless skin.For a limited time, you can get YOUR Miracle Set for $10 off.* Clinically shown to reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity and tone* Cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes* Protects against UVA/UVB rays* Helps relax expression lines* Delivers vitamins, antioxidants and collagen enhancing peptides to firm skin* Hydrated for up to 10 hoursContact me, your personal consultant, for more details!
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