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Happy Monday,  I am finishing up the seven (7) day challenge and I am focused and ignited to walk this thing out.  I am propped up in my bed foot in a boot with 3 pillows under and working to get through this transition more effectively and effciently..

Mrs Henry...has been significant force in helping me when everything is aching, motivating me when I think Im Tooo OLD or Tooo Tired, She sets the standard that lets us all know that if you get enough information and combine a focused work-ethic, you can obtain goal of success via the internet... 

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I WAS THAT GIRL...THE ONE WHO THOUGHT SHE HAD TO FIX EVERYTHING, CONTROL EVERY OUTCOME AND JUST BE IN CONTROL ALL THE TIME. Until I had a revelation...FEAR is a manmade myth and that when I learn to LET GO I gain control...enjoy the blog post below where I share my insight into my revelation and how you can uncover the same journey for yourself. ~Katrina


10744081273?profile=originalI started my day as normal, clear focused intentions, meditation time and time to give thanks. I’m ready to hit my day swinging focusing on my W.I.N. and making things happen because that’s what creatives do. Then it hit me….my video camera battery was completely out and the video I needed to record early this morning to send to my list for registration to my 21 Day challenge was already 3 hours late. My kids were in full fledge “mommy! mommy!” mode and I felt the twinge of “ugh” reach my belly – an all to familiar feeling of…”FEAR”

I know the signs…frustration, annoyance “why didn’t I charge the camera up last night!!!” and even the feeling of putting off my objective for today for another day (procrastination). ALL the ugly signs of FEAR that in the past would mean I would find myself “fighting” to get through the day, needing to make sacrifices instead of choices. I wasn’t having it…afterall I wrote the book on learning to “let go” and Embrace the real journey of your life. No way I was going to start tripping today.

Instead I did what I have learned to do…I told FEAR to buzz off…in my Martin Lawrence voice I told it to “Get to Steppin’” because I know now that FEAR isn’t real. It’s a manufactured emotion we’ve created when the perception of the world doesn’t happen the way we “think” it should. In other words…I ignored the fear and instead found courage to make a different choice.

Why is Fear a Myth?

It would take me an entire book to explain how I have come and am still evolving to learn that FEAR is a big ole nasty myth that we’ve all purchased, but to put it in few words. Fear is a myth because all that there is is LOVE and ABUNDANCE. We’ve been conditioned to accept fear because we have also been conditioned that we cannot control but should fight to control everything.  You know…the client that doesn’t respond to the email fast enough or even the partner that doesn’t seem to “get” your point of view in business or maybe the product launch that isn’t selling. We feel as though we have to fight every battle in life…with only a few worth fighting. All those creepy thoughts that love to remind you that ‘fear” is a constant thing we must FIGHT-{a daily battle of external manifestations that don’t add up to our PERCEPTION of the world}. The constant reminder of Fear that we’re not good enough, smart enough, have enough money, our kids don’t do enough or fear that we’re not working hard enough to push past generational curses that we are determined not to repeat. So we MUST fight.

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I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. At the end of the challenge you will have 30 post. No you don't have to post every day, but it helps, just make sure at the end of 30 days you have 30 posts. This is especially good for folks starting out or those who have written many posts.


You post your post on the blog challenge facebook page and then go read and comment on other bloggers posts. The other bloggers who like your topic or post tile will visit you and comment posting it so others will be encouraged to visit your blog.


This a great way to get eyes on you blog. I have picked up several new followers to my blog. To use this method just do a Google search for blog challenges. A great way to get going as many challenge hostess will suggest a topic of the day for business and personal blogs. If you have specific niche you're going after, try to work out your own blog topic a for a week or several days at a time. You can then have your posts done and you don't feel rushed. Always no matter what add a picture which represents the message you are trying to convey.


Use large type and a large picture. You don't have to write book, just enlighten your audience on the topic .A couple of paragraphs. I  would not do more than four and leave plenty of whit space so the reader doesn't become fatigued.

All the best. Now Get to Blogging. Smile





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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies......after looking at the freebies I received in the mail on last week along and the great response we received for giving out Sunday Blessings, We decided we're going for a sweep of FREEBIES for 60 days.....and decided to help some ladies along the way. We are going to fill our mailbox with great FREEBIES ....whose up for the challenge with us????.....10744071485?profile=original

Sistas Lovin Freebies (SLF) is here to challenge you about the way you feel about FREEBIES!!! Chances are right now you may be sceptic about receiving FREEBIES, COUPONS or maybe even GREAT DEALS from online.


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It's Sunday Morning and as I got up to prepare for prayer I was thinking about,"What I could to do enhance my business and push my self to do better?". I am a firm believer in self challenges. All my life, society told me I couldn't do certain things because of, race, gender, height, wearing locks before they were fashionable, surviving illness and any other foolishness a person could dream up. I always used those "You cant's" as self challenges to motivate me to do what I set out to do. Whenever I was striving for a goal and got tired, discouraged whatever, I would replay that persons' voice who told me I couldn't. This always gave me that boost I needed to reach my goal.

So now to self challenge myself I'm going to make one new item everyday for the rest of the year. People who know me personally know that I can be very prolific. I will make a bunch of items in a sitting and them not make anything for a while. So what I'm working on here is consistency to make myself create something each day. Maybe I'll learn some new skills as I get bored easily.

My Granddaddy who passed just shy of his 96 birthday taught me that you should learn something new everyday. When Granddaddy turned 90 I asked him if there was anything left for him to learn. He smiled and told me what he had learned new that day. He then said," Baby you should not stop learning until they throw dirt on your face."

I expect this to be an interesting journey so sign up for my RSS or join or link to my blog and lets' see where the path goes. Let me know what your self challenges are or have been and how you dealt with it. I'd really like to know.

The challenge will start Tuesday January 25, 2011.
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31 Days of Losing Weight loss Challenge

31 Days of Losing Weight loss Challenge

Tired of Yo-Yo Diets? Ready to lose weight the right way?Well, there's nothing like a healthy competition to get the weight off. I challenge you to become a Big “Loser!” Take charge of your health – You will learn the secret to dropping the weight naturally, no fads here.By joining the challenge, you will learn how putting some simple steps into place will help you:• Lose weight• Have more energy• Feel better about yourself• Have more confidence• Live life more abundantly and• Keep a number of life-threatening diseases at bayClick here for more info on the FREE Teleseminar!
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Rickey Johnson, Juniques Multi Cultural Connections member, is so very pleased to provide thisInterview with Leonard Johnson, Artist Extranoire.Leonard is doing well!!!! I am so honored to share his legacy.Leonard is professionally know as Lejon.He is a true example of Acting on Faith and What it can do.Leonard, demonstrates in the most profound way, that action speaks louder than words.Yes, at 75 years of age walking across the US of A, with no corporate or agency sponsors, speaks volume to acting on your faith.Leonard will be 79 years of age this August 2009. He travels the US of A,still sharing his faith and great company.He is a gentleman you would definitely want to meet andshare your fellowship with.Now I ask you , what is your challenge? What is stopping your Breakthrough????Age, Money, Support, Faith, Opportunity, Education, What????To contact him emailjuniques@yahoo.comTo view his art work visit www.lejonarts.comHave a most productive day,Networkingly yours,Rickey623 455 6364www.jusmcc.comclick arrow button to view video
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Happy New Year To Everyone

Hello I would like to say Happy Happy New Year to all you hard working ladies out there. Its about 14 mins til 2009. I want to say thanks to everyone for making me feel welcomed, and giving me all of their postive support. In the New Year its all about getting more wisdom and learning everything I possibly can to take me and my team to the next level. Its not all about us just making a quick buck or wasting other peoples time with some get rich quick scheme or some lame cashgifting program. I don't think so, that is not how we fly...we reach our goals by keeping it real and and learning as much as we possibly can, through books, cds, and weekly phone calls also meeting up with one another from time to time (8 min. til 2009). Im so happy and feel so blessed to be here in this industry for the New Year. Have a blessed New Year. (4mins til 2009)I have so much Im going to share with everyone and I wish you all the best for 2009.
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