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10744052870?profile=originalWant to be more inspired in your work day? The answer could be that you need to improve in the area of discipline. Managing your time well is something that you get better at the more you apply practical discipline in this area. One useful way to be more in control of your day is to literally buy yourself more time.

Take a look at three benefits of using time to manage your day: Focus, Organization, Productivity.


Focus keeps you on track when you are compelled to tackle many things at once. You may be fortunate to have your own company and design your ideal career but for many this can be a distraction. Work that is interesting consumes our time and takes away from working on other areas of business. For example, you might enjoy doing research more than the back office administration. By using a timer as a tool it can help you work on one thing through completion rather than multitasking to get things done. Learn how to pinpoint what you can accomplish in a certain amount of time so that you know your limits and how to best fit tasks into your schedule.


Timers also help you organize thoughts by keeping you focused on getting things. As a business owner you handle the income producing activities in your company. Product development and projects management are two of your main priorities. And up until now you might be all over the place in terms of how to best manage your creativity. There is something about having to come up with thoughts in a limited amount of time that really gets your inspiration flowing because it pushes you to be more purposeful. Using a timer can help you master the process more efficiently by developing a quick outline, supporting tasks and sticking to them.


If you want to increase productivity having a timer is a great place to start. It makes you turn things out quicker because you realize subconsciously that you have a quota to reach. When you know that the bell will ring at the designated time you set your mind to get things done. Remember being back in school and knowing that your class will end and the next will begin when the bell rings? It is the same principle in business. When you assign things to be done by a certain time your adrenaline increases and you become more productive. Why? You want to prove to yourself that you can. It is invigorating when you meet your goals. It is even better when you become more proficient and excel in the area by exceeding them.

By using this simple tool you will be able to save lots of time with a small investment in a timer. Use it well and grow your business.

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10744053491?profile=originalEver wondered how you can be in a mastermind group and watch your team members have an aha moment about a project one day then it is up and running the next? Well, it is exciting to be in the midst of women in business who are bursting with new ideas and creativity. There's lots of good energy around them and they allow nothing to get in their way. But creativity alone is not what keeps visionaries from getting stuck in dreamland. When you have an idea that you want to implement, you can speed up the process with the following tips to create business goals and objectives that move you from thought to action right way.

What's Your Mission?

A good place to start is your company's mission. Each goal and objective should support the mission and move you closer to fulfillment. Use bullet points for each item and consider your target population and their needs.

List Your Goals

The goals that you choose should be in line with your company's mission. Start by creating three to five goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely (also known as SMART goals). Think in terms of the target that you want your company to reach. Some examples of business goals might be to "Increase market share 20% by December 20xx" or "Reduce overhead costs by 35% over the next two years." You may have a long list of goals that you want to achieve but it is best to work on the ones that makes the most impact the fastest and those that you have the resources to support.

Identify Objectives

After you identify business goals then you can create the supporting objectives. These are the tactics that will help you arrive at your goals. It helps to give each objective a priority ranking. Be realistic and know that you may not accomplish everything at once. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and chances are that this is true of your company as well.

Assess Your Needs

Finally, list the needs for each goal and objective that you create and assess the resources that are available. Following this process allows you to see where your strengths are and where you need additional resources for your strategy. Do not be afraid to seek outside assistance for things that you need. Remember the SWOT analysis in marketing? It is a good idea to draw upon these principles because they will help you turn goals and objectives into reality.

Being aware of what it takes to create goals and objectives in business will help you get ideas out of your head and onto paper. Use these tips the next time you sit down to plan your business strategy. To learn how to get better results with business planning at

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Having a home based business can be fun but it takes a lot of work to get a company off the ground. People often see the glitz and glamour of work-at-home business owners but do not often see what goes on behind the scenes. What follows are some of the pros and cons of living and working in the same place.

#1: Be Your Own Boss

Owning a home-based business is quite an exciting time in the life of an entrepreneur. For those who are serious about growing their company the effort is very challenging. There is a lot to learn and you wear many hats so there is rarely a dull moment in business. However, this also means that you lose much of the freedom that you may be used to in terms of spending time with family and friends. The flip side is when you run a home-based business you should not have to go it alone. When possible seek help from others to avoid burnout and overwhelm. A good place to start is with your family, friends, or colleagues who may want to earn extra money. Another option is to hire contract employees such as a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, or accountant.

#2: Set Your Own Salary

Having your own business is not like working a traditional job where you receive a regular pay. In fact, when you are just getting started there may be consecutive periods where you barely earn enough to break-even. However, as demand for your products and services increase there will be limitless opportunities to create the income and lifestyle of your dreams. Stay focused on improving sales and maximizing the bottom line so that you can reap the benefits of ample profits.

#3: Comforts of Home

Having an office in your home is convenient. Many people who work-at-home pride themselves on being able to run their business in their pajamas. However, one point that should be made is that although comfort is a benefit it must not overshadow your attitude of professionalism. So even if you are a no suit environment keep in mind that customers may not see the clothes you have on but they do see the results of your mindset.

Working from home is a great way to create your ideal lifestyle. This article highlights just a few of the things that happen behind the scenes. Talk with other entrepreneurs to get a better idea of working from home so that you know if this is the right move for you. To get more tips about running a home based business visit

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There are a host of activities involved in running a small business. And being every woman leaves you with a full schedule with lots of attention to detail and decision-making. It's no surprise that part of being a business owner involves being in control over business finances. Ensuring that there is ample cash and knowing how to manage money is a skill that you will need to develop. Let's look at three components that will help you prepare a more accurate business budget: budgeting, planning, and forecasting.


Business budgeting involves the management of your company's financial resources. In order for the process to be done well budget managers should carefully monitor the sources and uses of cash in the business. This is important because it allows you to put your finger on the pulse of financial activity. By understanding what is normal in the course of business such as seasonal revenues or abnormal cash injections you can better project your financial position at a given point in time by becoming familiar with the ebbs and flows of cash.


In planning the allocation of resources there are various tools that can help you in budgeting. Some resources include accounting software that have budgeting features included in them. Some spreadsheet programs also have budgets that are pre-formatted for you. Alternatively, if you are tech savvy then you might also choose to design a business budget from scratch. Whatever method you choose remember that your forecasts are only as good as the input that you use. Be sure to use reliable data and double-check formulas that you create in spreadsheet programs.


Forecasting your budget is more of an art than a science. The more research that you do the closer to accurate your numbers will be. Don't simply rely on your instincts. Check out past financial reports to see the ups and downs of your business. If you are starting a new company then you can also get information from other business owners who have companies similar to yours or by speaking with an accountant or business consultant that has knowledge of your industry.

Now that you are aware of the role of budgeting in your company and some of the tools that managers use in the process you are on track to creating a budget of your own. If you want to learn more about preparing forecasts for your business visit

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There are several different types of business documents that you may need as a business owner. Let's take a look at the most common business documents that are typical in most companies.

Assumed Name

There are many documents that are used by businesses today. If you are serious about your company and want to go from hobby to a full fledged business owner then the first step you will want to do is claim your name. The simplest way to get started is by completing Assumed Name documents. This applies if there will be one owner and you operate an unincorporated business.

Articles of Incorporation

If there will be more than one owner and you decide to incorporate the business then you will need to have Articles of Incorporation. When setting up a corporation you will need to complete what is known as Articles of Incorporation. This applies to you if you want to operate a profit based or non-profit corporation.

Tax Identification Number

After you have secured your business name and filed the necessary paperwork then contact the Internal Revenue Service if forming a company in the United States. You will need the name of your business as well as the names and contact information of your business officers. A tax identification number can be applied for by phone or online at Most business owners will need a tax identification number. A few instances of when a Tax ID is required are when you hire employees and open a business bank account.

Sales Tax License

If your company will sell taxable items then you will need to apply for a sales tax account. Most States have a website that makes it convenient for you to register online. Check with your State to see if it has sales tax registration forms available.

Other documents that are commonly used in business are financial reports, income tax returns, and insurance papers, to name a few. Depending upon your business, there may be others such as business licenses and certifications. Be sure to check with your locality to find out which of these documents you business will need.

For more information on the business documents and recordkeeping visit

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5 Side Hustles to Make Extra Cash Fast

I recently came across a classic post from one of my fellow mommy bloggers and I thought I would share it with you. 5 Side Hustles to Make Extra Cash Fast by Tara from Young Mommy Life. I actually do some of the things she recommends like niche blogging and writing. There are so many ways for writers to make money online, from freelance work to ebooks to blogging, the list of opportunities is endless.

I personally don't think there is really such a thing as Fast Money, but I do believe you can make extra money to add to your income if you commit to finding something that you love to sell AND that will actually sell. I say you need to do both because its honestly just not about passion, its also about discovering a product that has a real demand. One of the "money making" solutions I shared with the ladies in my SistaSense Circle (giveaway happening now), is to "start with a profit project that pays."

Real Talk: Startups Don't Payup Right Away. - LaShanda Henry, StartupSista eCourse

Don't get so excited about all your business ideas that you fall into the trap of wanting to do everything at once. I can't tell you how often women say to me, "LaShanda, I want to do these 10 business ventures, where do I start?" My answer is always the same, "Start with the one that has the most profit potential, then use money from that to invest in another venture."

Listen to me... I am getting off topic and this post is about making extra income. For me, the easiest way to make extra cash is through affiliate marketing. It isn't fast, in the sense that I have to wait a month to get my affiliate checks, but it does work. I have a circle of business women around me, so to them I recommend web products that I use and make commissions from those. To the mommies in my circle, I recommend parenting related products and the process works just the same.

Consider this very simple affiliate project. A few months back, I switched over my social network for women entrepreneurs, to a pay for access website. It is not a membership subscription website, new members are only required to pay a one-time sign up fee of $25. As a member of my affiliate program, you make a commission when you share BBWO with the women entrepreneurs in your circle.

Think about it, how many business sistas do you know? You signup to the program, get your unique affiliate id, and then shoot out a quick email or blog post about Black Business Women Online; recommending them to join. If people signup you make extra cash (view video tutorials here). I should add that as easy as affiliate marketing can be, you should not be a lazy affiliate marketing. I find folks who struggle with making affiliate sales are just plain lazy (no offense). They grab a few affiliate banners, throw them up on their website and wait for people to do the work. When what they should be doing is following my 3 R System for Affiliate Marketing:

1) Recommend Products by Sharing Thoughtful Messages
2) Review Products as Blog Posts and Articles so People Get a thorough idea of what you are promoting
3) Remember to remind people about your recommendations and reviews

You don't read everything you see the first time, so don't expect other people to. Sending out reminders helps you reconnect with old people in your circle and introduce yourself to new ones. Taking time out of my schedule to promote other people's stuff is apart of what I do. Once I setup an affiliate marketing campaign, I can forget about it (for awhile) and then just wait for those extra cash checks to roll in.

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Here is a question I recently got on my Facebook Page:
Hi LaShanda, hope you are well. Love your video's and Ebooks! I have 2 questions I would like to ask you. #1) For business, such as a position of coaching or leadership would you suggest a fan page or personal page? What would be the pros and cons? My second question is: What program or video editing program do you to be able to input your banners and logos for branding your videos? I have Mac and PC. Thank you kindly for your time! - Laura
As a coach looking to attract new clients online, using social media to market yourself is a good idea. When it comes to Facebook Marketing, I personally like to use both Facebook fanpages and my personal profile page. On, you will see all my facebook icons go to my personal profile, and I integrate the Facebook Like Widget in my sidebar. Why use one over the other, well for certain things, they operate differently. You can only have about 5,000 friends for your profile whereas your fanpage has no limit. You can easily create an event and share it with your friends but Fanpages don't have that feature. You can only update your fans on events, but alot of folks don't know that when they check their facebook messages, there is an updates link full of messages from fanpages they like. (I didn't know about this, till I tried sharing an event with my fans). On Both fan pages and your personal profile you can integrate twitter and/or an RSS feed which is cool. If you do your research, you might find there are more differences between them but in the end, its up to you which one has the main features you want. I personally like having the best of both worlds, so I use both. For more answers to your questions about being a coach online, an information entrepreneur, and/or using social media to market your business go listen to my first SistaSense Circle: "How to Improve Your Sales and Visibility online." This session is particularly useful if you need to get focused and figure out what you are really suppose to be doing when you spend all those hours online trying to market your business. I have 10 "Need It Now" promo codes so you can get in now for $47. When you click the option to join, remember to use this promo code: NOW47. For question #2: I use movie maker and my HP Laptops built in Web Cam to do my videos. To get my logo over my videos I just did a quick google search one 'add logo movie maker' and used the first thing that worked! It's been awhile since I set up that stuff, but that's were I got started. Related: How To Really Make Money Selling Your Coaching Online How to Get New Clients to Pick You Broke Coach Mistake #1 and Broke Coach Mistake #2
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I recently received a heartfelt email from one sista who expressed a deep desire to get into my sistasense circle, but unfortunately couldn’t afford to sign up at this time. It was because of her that I decided to launch a new giveaway on sistasense. You should enter now to receive instant access to the 1st SistaSense Circle audio replays; over 5 hours of me showing you how to improve your visibility and sales online. Click here to enter the SistaSense Circle Instant Access Giveaway. Hope you win! -lh
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Hello fellow fashionistas! I want to apologize to all of you for the lack of post and communication over the past month. Life became very hectic for me and my family and caused me to have to take a step back from My Glam Squad. The good thing about this “vacation” is I was able to come up with some great ideas for the relaunch of My Glam Squad!!

That’s right, My GLAM Squad will be getting a new name, a new look, new writers, and new amazing giveaways!

But none of this is possible without fashionistas like you! We are currently looking for the following people to make our grand re-opening a huge success:

Contributing Writers

If you have ever considered writing for a fashion and beauty blog or magazine we would love to make you addition to our team. No experience is required just a love for fashion.

Contributing Writers are required to:

• Submit at least one fashion and beauty related post per week.

• All posts must be original content and not be posted anywhere else.

• There is no word limit for your posts.

Contributing Writers receive:

• 50% off Mary Kay products as a special thank you from the owner of My GLAM Squad

• Your bio included on your posts including a link to your website or personal blog .

• An extended bio included on our About Page including a picture.

• Ongoing exposure with our hundreds of readers, twitter followers, and Facebook friends.

Giveaway Sponsors

We’ll be kicking off our grand re-opening with a 2 day Twitter/Facebook party packed with awesome giveaways and product reviews. We are looking for companies and businesses to donate 1 or 2 of their products for giveaways. Each sponsor will receive 2 days of advertising on our Twitter and Facebook pages and as a special thank you 1 month of advertising on our website for free.

Product Reviewers

We’re adding a Product Review Team to the GLAM Squad! This is a great opportunity for a fashionista on a budget to receive free full-size beauty products delivered right to your front door. As a member of the product review team you will be asked to used 2 – 3 products a month and provide feedback on how they worked for you. Post writing is not required but if you have a gift for writing you’ll be asked to write a blog post describing your experience with the product.

If you are interested in being a part of the GLAM Squad and/or our grand re-opening please send an email to by October 15, 2010.
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Social networks are fabulous business building tools, IF you know how to use them. However, if you are not careful, all of your time and energy may be wasted if you commit the following social networking faux pas: 1. Not creating a good profile. Be 100% clear about who you are AND what you do. 2. Failing to brand You, Inc. Social networking is "social". The point is for people to get to know you first and foremost. You know the adage- "People buy from those they know and like." Let them get to know you! Continue Reading:
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I just got a message from my pals over at TheCashFlow:

Atlanta Entrepreneurs, The CashFlow is going to be in Atlanta this weekend--Saturday 10/2 at Clark Atlanta for Homecoming 2010. On sunday 10/3 from noon to 3 they are hosting a business-pitch event at Justin's, Puffy's restaurant. Entrepreneurs will have 60 seconds to make their case; the best pitch will win $10,000 in funding.

For more details read the following post: Atlanta Entrepreneur Week: Meet Us at Justin's Restaurant

Oh to be an ATL Entrepreneur right now! If you make it to the event, do drop me a line and tell me how it went.

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Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the question, "What would you ask me if we were on the phone right now?" Well, one of the questions I received from my Facebook circle was, "Do you still have a mentor or person you admire in your industry?" Truth be told I have a few people who guide me and help me learn more about Building a Successful Business.

As you can tell I have a ton of advice for women starting their own business, so I decided to pick 9 things that I have learned and turn them into the video above entitled, "9 Things Women Entrepreneurs Online Should Know About Buiding a Successful Business". If you can not view this video, click here.

After you watch this video be sure to click here and see what LaShanda Henry is working on FOR YOU right now.
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Most of the time I am all, "Hey this is what you should be doing with your business" or "Hey, look at this marketing guide I created for you" BUT everybody has to do something a little different every now and again.

This past week I tried a few new things:

1. Guest Posts from other Web Women Entrepreneurs
2. Adding more new videos and video tutorials
3. Sharing more giveaway contests
4. Posting one and two articles more on black women and less on business
5. Hosting A SistaSense Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs
6. Posting about other Successful Women Entrepreneurs of Color
7. Answering Your Web Marketing Questions Via the Blog
8. Highlighting Events for Black Women Into Technology, Blogging, Business, and/or Self Improvement

I think I am going to do more of this STUFF on SistaSense, as well as give you some more technology reviews and computer software how-tos like my post on removing spyware from your computer or adding new life to my old HP Laptop.

I think its time to step up my SistaSense game and share more than just my marketing tips and/or products with you. Its time to unleash the multiple sides of sistasense! I think I might also throw in some more mom in my 'work at home mom' talk, so you can get a glimpse into my daily wahm life! Yall keep asking me about time management and getting it all done, so I'm gonna keep sharing on topics of interest to you.

I am posting this now to give you a heads up on the new changes and also to ask you a question, "What kind of content would you like to see on" Let me know, by clicking here and posting a comment on that page and I'll rub my genie lamp (aka my computer screen) to make some things happen.

That's the new and here is the old. I wanted to quickly share this info for those of you who are itching to join my SistaSense Circle and/or saving up to get access to the replays of our 1st session entitled: "How to Improve Your Sales and Visibility online." This session is particularly useful if you need to get focused and figure out what you are really suppose to be doing when you spend all those hours online trying to market your business.

I have 10 "Need It Now" promo codes so you can get in now for $47. When you click the option to join, remember to use this promo code: NOW47.

If you'd like to schedule a consultation, which is not included in the replay package, this is what I am doing now. I am gifting a 60 minute consultation to you if you register for the regular $97 before October 4th, 2010. If you register at this rate, send me an email ( and include your consultation redemption code (CALL97). Think of the consultation as my BONUS gift to you for signing up to the circle, so in addition to listening to all the replays we can sit down and talk more about what you can do with your online business (signup details here).

But of course, I have one more thing to share because even when I say I'm done ... I'm not done. (lol). I've received several messages from my fellow business sistas who've fallen on hard times and desperately want to get into the circle, but can't do it just yet. If you currently don't have the means to join, remember there is still time to join the Sistas Who Sell Seven Day Challenge which is 7 days of audio and bonus video from me about internet marketing and sales basics. Its only $7 to sign up for the 7 Day Challenge. Now you can't beat that with a bat! (lol). There is absolutely no reason you can't get access to my web coaching material.

Alright, so I want to know what you want to see on sistasense. Post your two cents in the comment box here then figure out which SistaSense Session is right for you right now ... $7 option, $47 option, $97 option. All giving you the chance to virtually pick my brain and learn some new things about how I manage to market online for little to no cost, consistently increase my online sales, and get all this great buzz! TYL -lh
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I recently received a heartfelt email from one sista who expressed a deep desire to get into my sistasense circle, but unfortunately couldn’t afford to sign up at this time. It was because of her that I decided to launch a new giveaway on sistasense. You should enter now to receive instant access to the 1st SistaSense Circle audio replays; over 5 hours of me showing you how to improve your visibility and sales online. Click here to enter the SistaSense Circle Instant Access Giveaway. Hope you win! -lh
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SEO Keywords: Start With a Good List

When I first sat down to write the list of keywords I wanted to optimize my website for, it took me about 30 minutes to come up with a whopping three phrases. One of them was "information technology" and I can't remember the other two, but they were just as silly. Why silly? Because they were too general and broad and I had no chance of ranking high for those words. Our search engine optimization campaigns should focus more on the long-tail and/or niche keyword phrases and less on those that are too broad or general.

If you're having trouble making a good list of keywords, start with the following: Click here to continue reading...

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As the Holiday Season comes closer, I decided to start this discussion on Holiday Sales and how we as women entrepreneurs can improve our sales and marketing strategies in the next coming months. Questions I'd like us all to answer: * What marketing strategies are you implementing in your business for the holidays? * What strategies are you implementing now to improve your sales? Continue Reading and Comment Here
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5 ways to beat burnout and stay motivated

Featured BBWO Business Post by Jamie Even if you love what you do, you might experience burnout and feel un-motivated at times (trust me, I do). Here are five ways to fight burnout or stop it from happening it in the first place: 1. Accomplish in increments. It's easy to get burned out by the everyday grind when you're just concentrating on a big goal someday. Article author, Jeffrey Tang, likens it to driving toward a mountain in the distance: You can drive for hours, but the mountain doesn't appear to get any closer. So you need to give yourself a way to gauge and record every little step forward you take. You can do this by: Continue Reading:
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Featured BBWO Business Event: Extreme Makeover for the Woman' Soul Spa Soiree, Summit & Benefit A 2-Day women's empowerment event featuring a spa soiree kick-off to soothe the soul and a luncheon featuring expertise for career advancement, health and personal development. A portion of the proceeds with benefit Fibromyalgia. Click here for more details:
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