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SOUTH METRO ATLANTA, GA USA – DECEMBER 2, 2013 – Christian Women Leaders are becoming more active in the marketplace, and it is vital for them to have more access to training to expand their businesses while still honoring their faith and expanding God's Kingdom.


Click To Download Press Release For Market Like A Queen Annual Conference



Contact: Donna Marie Johnson, CEO FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Email: Donna{@}AuthorDonnaMarie.me
Phone: 678-861-8121

Event Registration Website: http://Wepay.MarketLikeAQueen.com
Event Date: December 2, 2013

Hashtag: #MarketLikeAQueen

Mailing Address: GGene S.I.S., LLC PO Box 491806 Atlanta, GA 30349

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Atlanta Workshop - The Big Biz Tour

Atlanta Workshop Event –

Health and Wellness Industry

Businesss Leaders,

Authors & Coaches


Join Us June 15th For

The Big Biz Tour - Atlanta Edition


Rhonda Nails "The Success Instigator"

TOPIC: How to Market, Manage and Motivate Your Business on a Penny Budget 

Anissa Barbee "The Tax Chick"

TOPIC: The Cost of Business: What You Can (And Cannot) Write Off

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library SouthWest Branch


at this link:



Hope to see you there!


Donna Marie Johnson, Your Social Networking Liaison @GGeneSISLLC


Atlanta-Fulton Public Library SouthWest Branch

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Last week, I attended a NetworkPhoenix event. It was such a nice event! This is my second time attending an event by this coordinator, Gelie Akhenblit. It is always a five-star, red-carpet, event that includes numerous vendors, food, and drinks! Not only does she put on great events but she also has a social network feature on her website for members. There, people can connect, share business information, their website, Facebook and twitter information. I applaud Gelie for such a star-studded event. Excited for the next one!

I enjoy attending networking events because not only does it give me an opportunity to get the word out about my business but it allows me to step out of my comfort zone! :) I am forced to polish up on my business "spiel" and work on my firm hand shake and eye contact. I gave out and got a lot of business cards and met a lot of people. However, there are things I've noticed at networking events are not exactly Networking Event Etiquette.

Here are a few networking event tips to keep in mind:

1) Make sure you take plenty of business cards and information!

PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED at that. I have received pieces of computer paper with information on it and once someone ran out of cards so they wrote info on a napkin. That is not professional and not a good way to give a "first impression". You should also have your "spiel" down pat so you're not struggling to find words when explaining yourself. At networking events you will be getting a lot of business cards so it is a good idea to write notes to yourself on the back of the cards.

2) Dress professionally

ATTENTION LADIES! DO NOT COME TO A NETWORKING EVENT LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO THE CLUB! :) Unfortunately, I have been to events where cleavages and thighs were the highlight of the evening! There are plenty of stylish, professional, affordable outfits you can choose from. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that there is a possibility of meeting someone of the opposite sex at such an event that you may want to impress. But if they aren't attracted to you in your Diva-fit then why would you want him anyway? You want the men to take you seriously at these events. Keep it simple and look nice! GENTLEMEN you aren't off the hook either. I understand that jeans are becoming more common to wear because you can dress them up with nice dress shirts and jackets, but NOT ALL THE TIME! If you're trying to impress someone, no matter what year we're in, JEANS is not the route to go.

3) Go light on the drinks

Always a feature at networking events, are the drinks! I understand a glass of wine here and there may make the environment more bearable but if you're trying to build a business you might want to lay off a bit. I have had people who have talked my ear off about their personal lives or been in my communication box because they went over the unsaid 2 drink minimum rule. Keep it together and don't go overboard OR just wait until you're done networking . Remember you want to make a good first impression.

4) Be confident, positive, and friendly.

This is the time to show what you learned about having a good interview: give a firm handshake and direct eye contact. When meeting people and telling them about your business, you are conducting mini informal interviews! You should impress people with your clear communication, and knowledge in your business.

By keeping these few tips in mind, you should have a successful networking event experience. It is important to attend networking events because business doesn't come through the door if you don't get out of it. You want your business to be recognized at these events so you might have to attend up to 3 to 5 times. Happy networking!

Tamara Garrison-Thomas



We make the calls you're 2 busy 2 make!


Brag about yourself!


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Hello this is Blue Melnick and this message is for Robin Tramble. Robin I have some good news for you can you give me a call back?” Well I said who is this and then I thought for a while “Did he

say Lou or Blue?” “Blue?” “Oh my God it couldn’t be!” I went to my laptop and typed in the name in the email search box and it came back Blue Melnick. I called immediately. Long story
short he told me that I had won the VIP ticket to the Ali Brown “Shine” event.
When I entered there was an option to tweet about it to up your chances of
winning to which I responded “No, I’ll just enter and if it’s for me I’ll win.”
I did I won!!

I’m excited and feel blessed to have this opportunity. Speaking of opportunity I’d like to offer this

opportunity to at two individuals and that is to sponsor me for this incredible

There are other expenses attached to this and although my husband is in full support it would be nice to attend with the blessing of one or two major sponsors.

If you don’t know much about Ali Brown’s “Shine” Event. Let me share just a bit with you.

Shine is sponsored by acclaimed entrepreneur and business coach Ali

Brown. This is a powerful conference that convenes this fall to
revive your business and your spirit.

Here’s an blurb from the Shine website “As we emerge from one of the most challenging shifts in business history, entrepreneurial women are poised to create a better world for

ourselves than ever before. And it all starts with you!” Says Ali Brown.

Shine attracts a wide variety of entrepreneurs from all types of fields and skill levels.

Ali Brown’s events, programs, and coaching have helped thousands of women and men create, redesign, or expand their businesses to dramatically increase their incomes – and often while
working less than before. Ali created SHINE to lead entrepreneurial women
through their own personal revival, helping them discover new ways to propel
their businesses and lives to new levels. It’s an event uniquely designed for
both experienced and new business owners alike that
delivers an exclusive combination of insight, information, and business formulas that can be found nowhere else.

You can visit the Shine event site here for additional information.

am currently seeking sponsorship for my own attendance, and I believe that

there are a couple of you out there that would love this opportunity.

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive personal thanks and recognition on My Blog

Plus a few ideas below

Live Tweeting with an occasional mention of your company to my over 8000 followers on Twitter pre and post event.

• Updates to facebook to my over 2100 friends and over 600 fans on my fanpage pre and post event

• Your business url listed on my business card

Your sponsorship shows this community you support woman entrepreneur


I'd love to hear from you if you’re interested in securing this opportunity.

You can contact me at info@RobinTramble.com

Thank you.

SHINE Event -- November 2-4, 2010 with Ali Brown


FTC requirement: I am an affiliate of Ali Brown's Shine Event and in the event that
you register for this event I do stand to receive commissions on your paid registration.
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Women will come from across the states for personal, spiritual and business empowerment,
structured networking and refreshments.

If you've been looking for something to change the course of your life and business forever, this is it!

Select women will experience an onstage Business Spotlight! You'll receive information on
how you can be one of these women after registration. You'll walk away with at least one idea
and a spotlight for your Business.

Be sure to bring your Business Cards.

Secure your seat today! http://www.EmpowermentSuperStar.com

Limited seating.

Online registration ends Thursday at 12:00 midnight. Registration at the door is more.

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The Empowerment Gathering live is a New Empowerment and Networking event that
will hit Sacramento, CA August 20.

Ladies are flying in from North and South Carolina, California, Washington and more.

We are seeking Major sponsors and Co-sponsors for the event.

There will be limited Major sponsors that make monetary contributions. You'll
receive prominent exposure.

Our co-sponsors can be monetary or in-kind.

For more information contact us at info@RobinTramble.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can learn more about the event here: http://www.EmpowermentSuperstar.com

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Greetings to all my sistapreneurs! If you are looking for an exceptional resource for Black Business History & African Ancestryinfo...Check out a Live! online presentation from educator and author, Chike Akua, on Sunday, March 28th for a specialevent to discover the contributions and advancements African-Americanbusiness people have made to America and the world that can help take your business to the next level.

“Without a doubt, Chike Akua is one of the most informative, inspirational, andknowledgeable speakers in America today. Every school, college,church, civic, social and business organization should hear him.”Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Founder, CEO Dudley Products, Inc.

Chike Akua has been called "an educational revolutionary" and is recognized as a leadingauthority on culturally relevant educational materials andinstructional approaches. He has lectured and given keynote addressesat a number of colleges, universities and educational conferencesaround the country. Selected as one of Ebony magazine’s “50Leaders of Tomorrow,” Akua is a former “Teacher of the Year”and has facilitated workshops for the Tavis Smiley Foundation’sannual “Youth 2 Leaders” Conference. In addition, Mr. Akua hasassisted in leading over 800 youth and adults on study tours to Egyptand Ghana through the D’Zert Club’s Teen Summit 1000 program. Hehas authored and produced several books and DVDs including:

*The African Origins Of Writing & Mathematics (DVD)

*African Sacred Science & Civilization (DVD)

*The Miracle of the Maafa (DVD)

*The African Origins of Our Faith (Book & DVD)

*SuccessQuest!: The Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Book/DVD)

Visit http://www.BlackBusinessNetwork.com/TeamDollarfor info on this and other upcoming events and check out the online store for hiscollection of books, CDs, DVDs and more resources.

Much love,

Darlene Robinson

TAG Team Marketer


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Le Fash’Ink ™ Fashion, Beauty & Body Art Extravaganza & Industry ForumsMemphis, TNThursday, May 20, 2010Officially Sanctioned “Peace Week” Event presented by ABetterMemphis.comWhat is Le Fash’Ink?Le Fash’Ink is a Fashion, Beauty and Body Art Runway Show that will highlight the latest trends in fashion, beauty and body art. Models will exhibit the newest in fashion as well as body art before an audience of customers, aficionados and industry insiders. In addition, the event will educate aspiring models and potential professionals through several forums that are moderated by industry professionals in various aspects of the fashion and beauty industry. This event is chic, exotic and free to the public. Le Fash’Ink is not just a fashion show…it is an experience.PurposeIn the spirit of “Memphis Peace Week”, ABetterMemphis.com, Inc.’s Le Fash’Ink seeks to educate, create awareness, and increase demand throughout the Memphis and surrounding communities for occupations that directly correlate to fashion, art, culture, beauty and design. ABetterMemphis.com will establish a scholarship fund that will assist single parents and low income students in attending a Historically Black College or University and/or trade school for a profession or peripheral profession in the above stated industries.Get InvolvedLe Fash’Ink is a great place for visibility for your business, product or information. This event plays host to a diverse demographic group. The energy and excitement surrounding this event is unmatched to that of traditional fashion events.We are looking for volunteers, vendors, and sponsors. For sponsorship and/or vendor opportunities, email LeFashInk@memphispeaceweek.com for a package.Thanks,Teresa JanesEvent Manager/Organizer
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Hope everyone had a great weekend, and that we remembered the reason for this celebration.Please remember to join me tomorrow night for the BLACK SHOPPING CHANNEL PHONE CALL at 1-616-347-8300 code 439597# 8.p.mWe are trying to create one of the biggest AFRICAN AMERICAN shopping mall on the net. A one stop shop for everything that you might need. Whether it's a product or a service. Why not spend some of the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS that we spend each year with each other? Why help other business to become successful when we can be helping our communities? This is how it should be each one helping each one. Where else can you get an estore for $369 where you are able to showcase your product or service without any other fees? you don't have to build the site, you don't have to pay monthly hosting fees, you don't have to pay credit card fees? To get you started they even have you paying a deposit if you can(they also have zero financing) and pay it off over 90 days? THEY WANT TO PUT YOU IN BUSINESS and help you make $100 to put others in business as well. THIS IS ALL ABOUT US!!So join me, make sure you give me Thelma a shout out if you are there. My code if you join by just going to the site is 9046463794. LET'S DO THIS!!!
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Three hundred churches throughout the Memphis area sponsored a multicultural, multigenerational revival for women this past weekend. In doing so, they answered Ellen Olford’s heartfelt prayer.Redemption 2009, the free two-day gathering held March 27 and 28 at the Cook Convention Center, drew 7,000-8,000 women on balmy Friday night while 5,000-6,000 braved gusty winds and rain on Saturday morning.Sharen Rooks, a conference volunteer and a member of Morning Chapel Missionary Baptist, found many reasons to celebrate as people of different backgrounds came together in a shared act of faith. Morning Chapel was among the African-American churches partnering with local white churches in the revival effort, and the bond already has produced interesting results.“There are changes taking place because of Trinity Baptist and Morning Chapel,” said Rooks, as she, Redemption 2009 event co-chair Vicki Reed and Linda Stephens of Central Church completed final preparations on Friday. “I think this is going to stick. You can see it now and the event hasn’t even taken place,” said Rooks, a minister’s wife and author of “What Happens When God Moves.”The revival comes at the end of the story, however. This tale unfolds 4 ½ years ago when Ellen Olford and husband, David, of Memphis met Priscilla and Jerry Shirer of Dallas. Shortly thereafter, Ellen, who is white, shared her vision – her burden – with Priscilla, an African American who is an internationally-known speaker, author and the daughter of well-known minister Dr. Tony Evans.The multiracial, multigenerational relationship established a foundational guideline for the Redemption movement: prayer partners not only from different churches but from different races and cultural groups.“Four and a half years ago, I said to Priscilla, ‘Would you be my friend? Would you be my prayer partner?’” Olford recounted at Saturday’s gathering.Olford, chair of Redemption 2009 and a member of Central Church, said, “Memphis is a great city with great people and great churches – a town that needs Jesus (to remove) racism and other-isms that separate us.”Prayer partners are encouraged to meet weekly to pray by phone together and once a month in person.The second step is participation in upcoming prayer meetings that will be taking place in the Memphis area, where area coordinators have been assigned in Orange Mound, Whitehaven, Uptown, Midtown, Hickory Hill, East Memphis and Frayser as well as Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Southeast Shelby County, Southaven, Miss., and Marshall County, Miss.Finally, Olford is asking for more black-white church partnerships, like those shared by Trinity Baptist and Morning Chapel, Bellevue Baptist and Impact Ministries, and Central Church and Mt. Moriah East Baptist, just to name a few.A Rainbow of FaithsAccording to the Web site (www.redemption2009.com), movement leaders, volunteers and participants are “Godly women with hearts burning to see evangelical Christians of different races unite to further God’s kingdom (who) have been dreaming and praying and planning …to see revival sweep the Mid-South…. Churches will come together for Redemption 2009 to create a catalyst for unity and reconciliation among sisters in Christ, spanning generations, evangelical backgrounds, neighborhoods, cultures and races.”The unity among sisters was evident as dozens of women stopped by the Marriott Hotel’s Magnolia Grille, across the street from the convention center, to eat before for the conference. Black women and white women sat together at tables, engaged in both light and meaningful conversations.Young women from Fellowship Memphis were among restaurant-goers. Group leader Suzanne Presley said 100 members of the multicultural church were attending the revival and they were expecting a “word from the Lord.”“We’ve just been praying for it,” said Ariyana Rimson.RevivalIn addition to first-rate expository teaching, Redemption 2009 showcased contemporary and hard-core gospel music. Priscilla Shirer’s brother, recording artist Anthony Evans and his band performed contemporary gospel, such as “You Are Good,” “Everlasting God,” and “Mighty to Save.”Grammy-nominated gospel vocalist Beverly Crawford brought the hard-core gospel with “If the Lord Never Does Anything Else” and other songs.Ephie Johnson directed the Unity Choir, a city-wide group from 30 churches that performed and backed up Crawford and Evans. A member of Hope Presbyterian and director of Neighborhood Christian Centers, Johnson said the choir has 115 members.Her participation extends beyond the choir , however, as she has several prayer partners, including Kelly Johnson, executive director of Two by Two Ministry. who is 40 and Ephie’s same age; Lucy Long, a 50-something and Carlee Pettis, 70. “They influence me in my walk with Christ,” said Johnson.For her part, the Unity choir director is well ready for a Memphis revival. “This is an integral moment. People are ready to rise up and be a city of pride, leadership and unity.”“My goal is to encourage and help Memphis sing again,” said Johnson, who is the daughter of JoeAnn Ballard and has been directing choirs since age 13.“In some ways, we lost our song.”
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The Ultimate Jazz Festival - Fairmont Park Riverside CA



March 16 , 2009

CONTACT: Darrly Bundridge
(909) 466-4848

Jazz Goes Green Local Businessmen Collaborate To Preserve Jazz And Develop Green Opportunities

Riverside, CA - Two long-time local businessmen, Darryl Bundridge, proprietor of several business, and Sean Jones, CEO of SLJ Pro Audio Services, have joined together to create “Jazz to be Green”, a non-profit public benefit corporation, to help educate businesses and consumers about energy efficiency, green environment and green jobs opportunities while preserving the art form and legacy of jazz.

JAZZ TO BE GREEN presents its first inaugural Ultimate Jazz Festival in Riverside at Fairmount Park, August 22-23, 2009. The event will host a variety of jazz greats and emerging artists representing all genres of jazz from swing to classic, to be-bop to smooth jazz. The inaugural event includes a Go Green Fair with vendors, speakers, and activities that educate and bring awareness to the community about using energy wisely, environmental opportunities and responsibilities, and green jobs.

The City of Riverside was chosen as the best location for this event. Riverside’s rapidly growing community, cultural diversity, strategic and innovative commitment to high standards of “green” living, strong economic growth, and its Riverside Renaissance initiative makes the City of Riverside the perfect place for The Ultimate Jazz Festival.

Strategic partnerships with local businesses is a strategy JAZZ TO BE GREEN has employed to ensure a beneficial outcome for the City of Riverside. Local jazz enthusiast and CEO of eBiz Marketing, The Inland Empire’s emerging premier email marketing service provider, states, “Our media sponsorship of Jazz To Be Green Ultimate Jazz Festival was a no-brainer. Combining the overarching need for our world, and especially our state to be actively environmentally conscious and creating solutions with the need to preserve, share, and celebrate the precious art of jazz, is a win-win scenario for all.”

The Ultimate Jazz Festival missions to provide the Inland Empire with an Ultimate experience in Jazz entertainment by celebrating aspiring, new, and world-renowned artists while cultivating the region’s rapidly growing cultural diversity and educational and economical opportunities through the Art of Jazz. For more information or to get involved, please contact Darrly Bundridge (909) 466-4848, info@ultimatejazzfestival.com, or visit online at www.ultimatejazzfestival.com.

# # #

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Blessings and greetings to all of my online friends! This is Darlene Robinson of TAG TEAM Marketing giving you a friendly reminder of this Saturday’s launch party for… The Phenomenal Black Business Network 4.0 in Atlanta, GA…. Unfortunately, I can’t get to Atlanta this weekend to attend in person because of a business commitment,… but I am so excited about watching the internet broadcast of this event online, on Sunday, February 22, 2009,…that I am throwing a watch party here in Orlando to share this event with other positive Black people right here in my community!So consider this your personal invitation to attend the live Black Business Network 4.0 launch party in Atlanta on Saturday, February 21, 2009.. Don’t forget you can also watch the rebroadcast on your computer… in the comfort of your home on Sunday, February 22, 2009.. for FREE!You can register to reserve you seat, or internet viewing slot at… www.tagteammarketing.com/TeamDollar by clicking on EVENTS,... select the date… and click REGISTER…. Although this event is free… you must be a member of the TAG TEAM online community to have access... After the event,.. shoot me an email to let me know what you thought…Well that’s it for now,… I will be back at cha next week with more event updates from TAG TEAM Marketing…. Remember TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More!Until next time have a blessed and prosperous day,… your friend Darlene Robinson.

Comment | Copy This

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1CCU Eco-Elite Event Planning

Creative Concept Unlimited Inc. offer an innovative and unique Green event planning package called Eco-Elite.An "Eco" Elite Event also known as a Green Event is an event that takes into consideration the environmental impacts of the occasion as well as the social effects. This includes everything from transportation, marketing material, to catering and travel. Let 1CCU plan your Corporate Event from start to finish leaving your conscious clear and our environment safe. We follow 10 key factors to design a complete Eco-Friendly Event. Eco Elite Events helps differentiate your company from the others. It shows your commitment to the improvement of our environment and will make you stand out as a leader in your industry. 1CCU guarantees it will be Eco friendly and Elite!1CCU specializes in Green Weddings as provided with or Eco-Elite Wedding Package.Eco- Elite WeddingsAn "Eco" Wedding is a wedding that includes everything from rings, transportation, wedding dresses, invites, to catering and also inclusive of the honeymoon and travel. Let 1CCU plan your wedding from start to finish leaving your conscious clear and our environment safe. We follow 10 key factors to plan your special day. 1CCU guarantees it will be Eco friendly and Elite! Making a wedding “Green” is not as difficult as it may seem. I have outlined 10 Key “Green” planning concepts that can be implemented to make your special day wonderful for you and even better for your environment.The VENUEChoose a natural setting like a botanical garden, beach or a beautiful park rather than a huge hall. You can exchange vows in a romantic setting under the stars, or by an amazing ocean scene.The MenuExplore booking top culinary chefs that will prepare a delightful, succulent variety of organic foods that will incorporate all aspects of fine green dining, from farm raised entrees, to bio-degradable dinning décor.The DÉCORSpeaking of décor not only can you find caterers that incorporate bio-degradable items in their service; you will find that there are also many companies that provide recycled event décor items.The INVITATIONA great option for invitations for the perfect Green Themed wedding will consist of recycled paper and to take it one step further you can have them printed with biodegradable corn-based ink or an even better and more modern day option is to send a sophisticated and exquisitely designed Electronic Invitations (e-vites).The GIFTS/FAVORSThink outside of the box and get creative by giving your guest an Wedding Day Eco-Bag filled with a variety of eco-friendly gifts like luxury Eco-Spa items, Personalized Organic Tea bags, and Elegantly Engraved Mini-Pots with a packet of Plan Seeds to symbolize the seed of love planted on the day of your special union.The TRANSPORTATIONEvery bridal party wants to be transported in luxury and style. With today’s Automotive Companies taking a conscious approach to preserving our environment and producing a large number of fuel efficient Hybrid vehicles, they have made it a point to remember the most important vehicle for a bride and groom, the limousine. Believe it or not there are many companies that provide luxury hybrid limousines as well as luxury cars for the wedding party.The RINGSOf all the pieces of jewelry a woman will own in her life, her wedding ring is the most important and holds the most meaning. Consider a jeweler that sells diamonds that are certified conflict-free. You should also consider bands that are created with recycled metals. I suggest you visit Brilliant Earth at www.brilliantearth.com; they are the leading provider in conflict-free diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth also donates dedicates 5% of their profits to local communities that are affected by the diamond industry.The most important - The DRESSChoosing that perfect wedding gown is one of the most emotional and most important purchases of woman’s life. Choose a wedding gown that is made from natural fibers as well as your wedding party.My last recommendation is The WEDDING COORDINATOR/PLANNERIn order to fully design and plan the perfect reality of your Wedding day Dreams and also incorporate the fundamentals of an environmentally safe wedding, I suggest that you enlist the services of a professional Wedding Coordinator to ensure that your wedding is not just eco-friendly but truly represents the fantasy that you have always dreamed of for your special day.888.327.1794Copyright © 2008 1 Creative Concept Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved * www.1creativeconcept.com * Cynthia Minor President/CEO
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As the host or hostess for any event, your main goal is to make sure that the time your guests have with you is well-spent. You chose the perfect venue, the catering, and the decor. You've finalized your guest list. Now....all you have to do is send out the invitation.Well, that is almost easier said than done. As premier Event Planning Specialists, we know that first things first, what is your budget? How extravagant are you expecting your invitations to be? What is the overall vision for your event? Gala or cookout? Fashion show or wedding? These questions must be answered prior to thinking about what you want your invitations to look like, the wording included, and the intricasies that encompass the total package.Continue Reading...
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See New Money

Basic Principles For The 21st CenturyNow that the first quarter is over, don't miss the opportunity to makeyour lifestyle recession-proof.This event will provide you with simple steps to secure your financial future.Be the first to acquire innovative techniques to secure your financial stability.Where: Owen Brown Community Center6800 Cradlerock WayColumbia, MD 21045410-309-4052When: Saturday, April 19, 2008Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.Cost: The registration fee has been waivedRegister by responding to this email or call 410-309-4052.Once we reach full capacity your name will be placed on a waiting list.SEATING IS LIMITED.This seminar will equip you with answers to long standing questions like:o Is my 401K okay?o What I don’t know, can cost me?o Is my cash flow clogged?o Are foreclosures, bankruptcies and layoffsa threat to my lifestyle?o Is there a hole in my cash bucket?o What’s really in my wallet?o Is my money system ordinary or extraordinary?What’s the difference?o Do I need a midlife money management makeover?We hear the conversations and the questions.That’s why we have extended this personal invitation for you tojoin us for this life changing experience.Register today to explore Basic Principles For The 21st Century.All who attend will have an opportunity to win a $100.00 GAS CARD,a Money Making Website training.PLUS!Ask about the 4-day vacation in sunny Myrtle Beach, S.C.Make room in your schedule right now to attend.Successfully,Carl and Val McKoyCertified Prosperity Partners(410)309-4051v.mckoy@yahoo.comcz_mckoy@yahoo.com
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Luxury Affairs for the Posh Goddess

Envi Consulting & Associates is a boutique Event Management and Consulting Firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. With operations in Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; New York, NY; and Los Angeles, CA, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality and service in the industry for our clients. Specializing in Luxury Affairs, from weddings to parties, conferences to galas, Envi Consulting & Associates puts the L in luxury, while taking your event to the next level, adding the WOW factor that your guests will be raving about for months to come!Our team of dynamic event designers, consultants, and coordinators are ready to bring your vision to a reality. Not only do we bring your best ideas to life, but we make sure that you have a stress free planning process and fully enjoy your Wedding Day! Working with the best vendors in the industry, we know that Envi Consulting & Associates is the perfect fit to make your Wedding Day as Spectacular as you have dreamt!Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation at info@enviconsulting.com or 678-558-6052, where we can discuss what your vision is and how Envi Consulting & Associates can make it a reality!For more information visit us on the web at http://www.enviconsulting.com and http://enviconsulting.blogspot.com
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