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Should I Buy A House Vs Buying An Apartment Complex


If you’ve never owned any real estate and your in the market looking at homes and apartment buildings, you make want to consider who’s going to pay for that piece of real estate.  Let’s say you’ve found a house you like and an apartment building in the same area.  The mortgage on the new house is $1500.00 and the apartment building is $1500.00. 


One person decides to buy the new house for his family.  Now, he’s the only one responsible for that piece of real estate.  So, if he loses his income, he’s going to more likely lose the house and hurt his credit.  Now the other person decided to buy the 4 family complex.  His mortgage is also $1500.00, however he decides to rent out 3 of the units for $500.00 each, which covers his mortgage.  So whether he has a regular income or not his still keeps his piece of real estate. 


Also, the second person decided to add solar panels to the property and switch everything over to electric, and increase rents to $850.00 for each unit.  He decides to pay all utilities for those three tenants.  He gains an extra $1050.00 in rental income and he still does not have to pay any of his income into this piece of real estate.  He also gets to save up to buy the house the first person lost and the tenants from the apartment complex are paying for that house to. 

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Quit Playing and Get It Done

How many excuses can you come up with before you actually get work done? Excuses help pacify the fact that you aren't producing. It's time to stop making excuses for yourself and get the work done.


Just think of every excuse you make for yourself as a step further down the ladder of success. Who intentionally wants to take steps in the wrong direction? I know you don't!

As a woman you have to accept responsibility and provide accountability for the things you do and don't accomplish. Your main purpose as woman is to reproduce! That doesn't change when it comes to the work world either. This is your time to reproduce, that is multiply. By multiplying you can increase in all areas of your life.

You bring things into existence with your creative abilities. That means you supply your life with the things you desire by making it happen. Why deny yourself that? I challenge you to declare right now that you shall not be denied because of laziness. Declare that you will stop playing and get what needs to get done, done!

Remember F.O.C.U.S.!! Follow one course until successful.

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Video Marketing: Does it work?


I have recently gotten more involved in my Video Marketing for my new extra-income driving business venture. In doing so, I have noticed how much more people I am connecting with across the country. Last week I had 3 sales conversions within 2 days all as a result of my videos. Although I knew was a great resource, honestly I didn't realize how beneficial it would be to my company. Here are some interesting statistics I found in regards to how much video marketing works.

According to comScore, the global leader in digital business analysis, so you understand the potential for marketing with video:

  • 89 million people will watch 1.2 billion videos today. Yes, today. Not for the week, or for the month, or for the year, but every day.
  • Businesses spent $1.4 billion in video marketing on 441 billion videos in 2010. This number continues to increase.
  • Video is popular across all age groups. Although 18 – 34 year olds spend the most time watching video, over 80% of the population across all age demographics watches video. So it isn’t just your teen that consumes content on the screen.
  • Probably the most important statistic of all, comScore reported that on average retail site visitors who view videos are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.

These stats should give you a little hope when venturing out into Video Marketing. Although it can be scary because you are making yourself available for people to critique, it can still be great for business.

According to Edelman and Adobe, the stats below show how much audiences enjoy videos that tell stories. UNIQUE stories at that. I believe people are captivated by unique stories because of the authenticity. My husband sometimes gets on me about where I choose to shoot my videos but in my research I have found that when you are real with your audience they connect more. Of course that is to an extent. You should never go on camera with a messy house in the background or in your pj's, etc. However, is you have a nice office space or living area feel free to have in the background.

So far Video Marketing is going well for me as a tester campaign. The following are 5 tips on how to make video marketing work for you.

1. Know why you are doing this. Having a lot of viewers is great, but you want to make sure they are targeted viewers that want what you have. So make sure you present it well.

2. Have a script. As boring as that sounds, a script will at least guide your video in the direction it needs to go. Although you may be recording alone, millions could potentially view your video so it can be nerve-racking while recording. So you want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are saying to your audience and that there is minimum babble.

3. Be patient & Have time. These two go hand in hand. As I stated earlier, taping can be nerve-racking and lead to having to do a lot of takes. Don't get frustrated, impatient or stop taping because of this. Make sure you regroup in between each take and feel free to practice before taping.

4. Use the right keywords. This is the most crucial part of Video Marketing. You want to make sure you use the correct words in your title and in the tags. I would suggest researching  what videos in your content area are getting the most views and why. Look at the titles and the tags. Revamp the title to fit what you are doing and see if you will show up on the first page of YouTube for the keyword. That should be your goal. For example: If you are looking to target people who are looking for diet pills, then look up "diet pills" on YouTube. What videos are coming up and what are their titles? Research this and apply to your video. After posting your video, test the keyword to see if your video pops up on the first page. If not, keep editing your title and tags until you do (without full-on copying anyone, of course).

5. Camera equipment. Some people believe they need a high-tech video camera with bells and whistles, which (don't get me wrong) is not necessary but  will be great when you start to get those millions of viewers. But to start out, the video camera on your computer will suffice. Or on your phone like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. For the phones, just make sure whomever is camera man has a still hand while recording.  The convenient thing about using your video cam is that you do not need anyone to record for you and you can record alone.

These are just a few tips to consider when starting your Video Marketing venture. I hope they help. Let me know how Video Marketing works for you!


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Lesson Learned, Let It Go

I was sitting in church one Sunday morning listening to a dynamic sermon by my pastor, a very captivating man of God.  As the sermon was coming to a close, you could see the tissue box being passed up and down the aisles as people were wiping away their tears.  The message really touched the spirit as many could identify with the word that was given.  The title of the sermon was Let It Go. Throughout this life, we inevitably will encounter people and situations that create resentment and bitterness in our hearts.  That hurt can carry on for days, weeks, months and oftentimes years, because we simply cannot Let Go of the painful situation we rather wish never happened at all.  But it did happen and the moment it does, there are two roads ahead to travel.  The road of forgiveness or the road of resentment.  If you unfortunately haven traveled the road of resentment, the weight of your hurt may have built up and caused you to have negative emotions that won't leave you.  But what we need to realize is that, you're not hurting the person that betrayed you, you are only bringing more harm, more hurt, more negativity into your life because you continue to dwell on it and not Let Go.  When you're at the point where you wish evil and harm onto the person that caused this pain, then you've become a prisoner to the situation.  You can never accomplish all that you were created to be until you forgive the one who hurt you and release the pain that is attached to it.  Forgiveness is a gift, but not a gift for them, the forgiveness is for you.  Once you forgive, you've altered your course and are now traveling the road of forgiveness, which leads to joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance and a life filled with blessings.How do you free yourself from resentment.  You have to Face It! You cannot fix what you do not face. Don't ignore it, face it! Don't run from it, face it!Face what is holding you hostage in your resentment.Once you've accomplished that, then Forgive It!We have to be able to truly forgive.  Just because you've chosen to forgive doesn't mean that you forget, you've simply been able to detach the negative and hurtful emotion that was attached to the pain.In order to forgive, we also must let go of pride. Forget your pride and protocol and finally Let Go of your past. Let the past go and never mind the "why it happened". If you've truly forgiven, the why doesn't matter anymore.If you need to Let It Go, start your journey by facing the problem and forgiving those involved.  Don't continue to be a prisoner to your past, but yet be the light in your future and make a choice that will bless your life today.The Lesson Learned Is: When you encounter a situation in your life that strips you on your joy, your peace of mind, your sanity, your happiness, make the choice to let it go and move forward with your life, taking with you the valuable life lesson this experience taught you.Love and Gratitude,The Black Woman's Rule Book
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Every Experience is a Life Lesson

Throughout our lives, we all have moments, seasons, where we experience life at it's best and it's worst.  But what do you do with those moments?  Do you say, "I'll never do that again".  Maybe something like, "Now I know what not to do", or how about, "What did I learn from all this"?  Every moment is a lesson and it all depends on how you perceive it and what you do with it.

We can very easily make our bad experience worse when we reflect on it as such. But what about the flip side, what did you learn from this experience?  How can my life be better because of what I've gone through?  Here's how...


Learn from it and move on!


No need to dwell on the negative, you'll just keep yourself stuck in the same mindset, without even realizing it.   And then everything around you will start to take on the same negative thought process.  Your job, your relationships, your mood, your happiness, everything will start to take a downward turn.  And the reality is that you have allowed it to get to this point because you just could not let it go.  Your thoughts kept the cycle going.

At this moment, make a choice.  A choice to be better, a choice to not allow this to destroy you, a choice to release the negative and move on.  Start to feel better immediately.  Remember all the wonderful people and great things in your life that you love and surround yourself with greatness.  If yours is a story you feel comfortable in sharing, then do that.  There is enormous gratitude in knowing that you have helped someone because of your own testimony.  Feel good again and don't let this experience deprive you of another minute of your very precious, very beautiful life.

Here's the formula:

Learn From It

Make A Choice

Release It

Move On

Feel Good Now


With Love and Gratitude,

The Black Woman's Rule Book


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One of the biggest challenges that Small Businesses face is creating effective marketing collateral.  In addition to a challenging budget, there is just the question of what to communicate.  My motto is K.I.S.S., Keep It Seriously Simple! Don't make the mistake of over communicating your product or services.  Consumers are a lot smarter than you think, but they don't want to be bombarded with tons of messaging or content.  It takes too much time to sift through the clutter.  So in order to help you avoid overkill, I will offer you some Tips in Marketing K.I.S.S.


1. Avoid Hokey Taglines - If you can't afford to hire a marketing consultant, then leave off the tagline all together.  As cleaver as you might think you are, customers can always tell when your tagline is homegrown.


2. Get to the Point - Don't waste time with too many details on your materials.  Your collateral should communicate four things immediately.  1) Who you are, 2) What you do, 3) What is unique about your offering and 4) How to contact you.  Anything more is TMI (too much information).


3. Minimize Images - Too many images can be a lot of the brain to process.  Keep your collateral to 1 or 2 images that communicate your focus at a glance. If you need to show multiple images, then stick to one main image that draws the focus.  Keep the other images subordinate so they con't compete with the main focus.


4. Use the 3-Click Rule - When it comes to your website or blog be sure not to bury your content and confuse visitors.  The 3-Click Rule states that a visitor should be able to get to any content on your site within 3 clicks.    Does your site measure up?


5.  Eliminate Business Card Clutter - While your business card has a lot of 'real estate', its important to stage the content carefully.  Stick to relevant contact details on the front, such as your name, title, email address  and phone number.   Put all other details on the back (but don't make the mistake of printing a book back there).


There are lots of other ways to Keep It Seriously Simple, but its easiest just to keep the customer in mind by asking a simple question.  If I had 5 seconds what would I want my customers to know? I have included a sample ad that we designed for a customer utilizing Marketing K.I.S.S.


Happy Branding!


You can continue this conversation on Twitter @brandcoachllc or on

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Tote Bag Girl has Sista Girl Tote Bags.....

Positive and Motivating tote bags for our young Ladies to Grown Sophisticated Women we have what fits your style, Inspired by Life, Fashion, Music & Art. Tote Bag Girl is set to the Next Kate Spade.Be Unique Around Town!Canvas totes are the essential carry-all. Their simple design and durable construction make them useful for any occasion. Whether you're making a quick trip to the grocery store or taking a few things to the park for a couple hours, these totes will serve you well. Also note, all totes are fully washable. Get yours today!Tote Bag Girl Glass Manqe FrontTote Bag Girl Flyer BackSpecial Tote BagTote Bag Girl Rihanna Cover You for checking out the Tote Bag Girl™
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A Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Alternative!

It Works Marketing, the creator of the Ultimate Body Applicator, the only herbal trans-dermal inch loss patch on the market is growing rapidly. We have been receiving media coverage for the last few years and people are starting to find out about this product that is changing lives. We were invited to the Emmy's two years in a row and this year we were invited to the Oscars. The Ultimate Body Applicator has been featured on CNN news as a natural alternative to botox and liposuction.Our body wraps detoxify your body and shrink your fat cells causing you to lose inches! They are all natural, non invasive, and can be done in the comfort of your own home! You are encouraged to drink water to flush the toxins from your body.Our wraps are spot reducing, so you can use them in the areas you want to lose: your thighs, arms, back, butt, and even your chin!After using the wraps I have since lost 7.5" off my tummy/mommy to twins pooch! I have also lost 10lbs in less than a month using the wrap in conjunction with our other products. Many other women across the nation are going bananas over this product because they are getting results!If you are trying to lose weight and want instant, progressive and long lasting results, you may be interested in becoming a CUSTOMER of It Works, and enjoy wholesale pricing on our product!If you want the above AND want to earn an income with It Works, and helping others lose inches, you can become a DISTRIBUTOR.We are noticing a rapid increase of spa and tanning salon owners becoming part of our program and selling to clients at retail.****WE HAVE A LIMITED TIME OFFER***Start your It Works Business for ONLY $99! This includes 8 of our Ultimate Applicator Body Wraps, Marketing Materials (including our NEW It Catalog and a padfolio) with all the same income and incentives!CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOI'm excited and even more that we are helping others with their weight goals, and results they can SEE.VISIT MY SITE FOR MORE INFOTo our health and business success,Cathy LucasIt Works Independent Distrisbutorcathy@ultimatewrapture.com
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This is an update to the previous post entitled, "Thought You Might Be Interested." This is a message from Nicole Bradley herself addressed to you'll. Thank you, Dr. Hooks"Hello,I have created the Diva's Dating Assessment tool for the purpose of helping women make more informed decisions related to dating. It is my hope that this book will help reduce instances of domestic violence, STDs, and homelessness. Once this book is published, I accept donations for this book and give a portion back to domestic violence organizations, shelters, and donate them to women. Essentially, I plan to give the books away. This is what the Lord has given me to do. I wished that there had been such a book like this when I was dating my first husband, but you live and learn and now I'm trying to pass that knowledge on to others.I am writing to ask you to donate to the Diva's Dating Assessment Tool's production.Here's why you should donate:When you make a pledge of $10.00 your name or website will be featured on the Partner of Prestige Page in the book.When you make a pledge of $20.00, I will give you 1/2 page to advertise your business, book, service, ministry, etc in my book.When you make a pledge of $32.50, I will give you a full page in my book to advertise your book, business, service, ministry, organization, etc.You must create your own advertisement and send it once you've made your pledge.Hurry you only have until August 13, 2009 to take advantage of this offer. Expected release October 2009. If this wonderful opportunity is not for you, I can understand that. Please forward to an individual you know who would like to make a difference.To make your donations now go to"
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Never What it Seems by Diane Martin

Never What it Seems is the story of Dee Wellington and AJ Madison, two women who were born in Chicago, and much like the city; their lives are anything, but ordinary. Dee grew up in a dysfunctional household that by today’s standards would be considered completely ‘normal’. Trying to cope with life’s complexities, Dee contributes all of life’s changes to God’s will. Throughout the changes in her life, she resists the urge to disrupt the balance of things unless she really has to. On the other hand, there is AJ Madison who is a rambunctious, intelligent, and outgoing character who lives by her own standards and believes that you get what you give. Both, Dee and AJ grew-up trying to maneuver in systems created to breakdown the human spirit. Readers will find a familiarity in their struggles, their desires, and their will to overcome.To order your autographed copy, please email me at: dimartin01@yahoo.comWebsite:
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For the DIVAS around the world who like to SHOP and accessorize please visit my website @ >http://sharenrooksagency.vpweb.comI am seeking your support in purchasing my book and other items on my site. I look forward to purchasing many of your books and hopefully visiting your state to show my support.Let's Make IT HAPPEN!"Excellence is the Way we do Business!"
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During the month of April, Alive Incorporated launched its Pay It Forward Program. The mission of this program is to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in making their dreams a reality, providing our clients with the tools necessary to earn the financial independence they always dreamed of.For a six month period, the team at Alive Incorporated will work with clients for 1 -2 hours a week. This is time will be used to advise clients on their business plan, marketing strategy, and goal development. Coaching is provided to clients as they complete the tasks necessary to achieve their goals.Our first client to take advantage of our new program is Courtney R. Franklin, CEO of Moving Young Ladies Forward (“MYLF”). The Alive Incorporated team will be working with Courtney to position her organization for continued success.To learn more about Moving Young Ladies Forward, visit learn more about our Pay It Forward Program, please email us at
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