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May Special!

May is my birthday month, and I want you to celebrate with me! How? By getting 25% off any Mocha Writer service!


Services offered include bios, editing, press kits, press releases, website content and more! For additional information, writing samples, testimonials and more, please visit my website,, or contact me:


Thanks for your support : )

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7 Tips for Writing Website Copy

As an entrepreneur, I'm sure you have a website. And if you have a website, I'm almost certain that that's where a lot of your clients/customers find you, especially if your business is solely online. Because of this, it is vital that the copy on your website is fabulous.


Here are seven tips to help:


1. Don't use too much copy. When someone visits your website, they don't want to have to scroll on and on and on to get your message. People are impatient and want to know what your business can do for them, and they want to know quickly. So, make sure you're not putting too many words on one page, and be as concise as possible. In other words, get your point across quickly!


2. Keep it simple. When you're writing content for your site, keep your audience in mind. You want them to understand what your business is about; so, if you must use industry terms, make sure you explain them. Also, keep your sentences short, and use paragraphs (i.e., blocks of text). Do not make one really long paragraph; no one is going to read all that.


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How to Write an Effective Press Release

A press release (aka a media release) is a public relations announcement sent out to the media and other targeted publications to let the public know what's going on with you and your business. It's a way to get coverage in newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs.


Before sending off your next press release, here's what you should know to make it effective:


Have a good reason to write and send one. A few reasons to send a press release: You're starting a new business, celebrating a business anniversary, launching a new product, you've received an award, or you're hosting an event.


Watch the length. If you're sending a hard copy of your press release, it should be no longer than two pages. If you're sending it electronically, it should be between 300-500 words.


Include contact information. This includes your (or the contact person's) name, phone number, email address and fax number. You want to be sure the person reading can easily figure out who she can contact for more information. If she can't get in touch with someone, your information may lose its appeal, and you may lose the chance of being published. Be sure to include the date as well.


Use AP (Associated Press) Style. This is what journalists use; and by using this style, the editor won't have to change anything, which makes his/her job easier (and that's always good).


Create an attention-grabbing headline. Although an editor/publisher will likely rewrite it, your press release should have a good headline for two reasons: 1) It helps ensure the press release gets to the right person; and 2) It helps determine the content of the press release.


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Special for my birthday!

It's my birthday month, ya'll (the actual date was the 14th, and I turned 24)!

To celebrate, I'm offering 24% off any copywriting service for the entire month of May to those who follow Mocha Writer on Twitter or are "likers" on Facebook.

Some services are:
  • Article Writing
  • Blog posts & blog creation
  • Press Releases
  • Brochure Copy
And much more!

Contact me for more information:, and get more details about my services on my website,
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March Madness Discount!

Hi ladies!

Since it's the month of March Madness, you can get any Mocha Writer service 20% off.

Services include:

  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Press kits
  • Website copy
  • Bios
  • And more; click here to see all services provided.

Please feel free to check out writing samples and testimonials from satisfied customers.

If you need more info or have questions, please contact me: or (864) 202.9568.

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Bios for your business

Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, one thing you need is a good biography.What is a bio?It’s basically a “story-based” version of info you would put on your résumé. A bio is not as formal as a résumé, and it gives you the ability to showcase interesting tidbits about yourself while highlighting your personality.The main reason to write a bio is to give your readers and prospective clients a good sense of who you are and what you do. It also confirms your skills and shows your credibility and experience.You can use a bio on your website and blog, in your marketing materials, for speaking engagements or presentations and with any books, e-books, documents or reports.So, what do you put in it?Most bios include:Present job and professional /business experienceProfessional membershipsHonors, awards and certificationsContact informationYou can also personalize your bio by adding things like your photo, educational background, testimonials or samples of your work.Tips for writingYou can write a bio in many ways, but there are common factors to make it more effective. You should usually write your bio in third-person (use ‘he/she’ instead of ‘I’). When you do it this way shows your professionalism and allows others to really trust what you’re saying.Grab the attention of your readers in the first paragraph so they will want to know more about you.Write conversationally; this will make it simple for readers to follow what you’re saying.Make it as brief as you can; only include necessary information.Think about incorporating personal or unique info about yourself at the end.Once you have a bio you’re happy with, remember it’s not permanent. You’ll want to adjust and update it periodically to reflect any changes you’ve made.If you have any questions about writing bios or need a professional to handle it for you, contact me at or (706) 436.7982. I look forward to hearing from you!
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