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3 Tips for Authors on Facebook!


Author Tip #1: If your book is available in e-Book format you should promote that! e-Book readers are surpassing other readers because of the availability & easy access on digital devices such as smart phones and tablets. Make sure you post a direct link to where YOUR e-Book can be purchased & downloaded!

Author Tip #2: There are many book clubs that have Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Do a little research and connect with book clubs that have readers who would be interested in your book. Offer them a free preview chapter!

Author Tip #3 - Ensure that you utilize your Facebook cover image to your advantage by adding a graphic that includes your book cover or the title of your book! When someone visits your personal or author page, they should know right away that you are a published author. Don't make them hunt for this information!

Best regards!

Sharvette Mitchell


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Every aspiring, emerging and established writer should attend at least one writer’s conference a year for not only the need to market your ideas/works, but to stay on top of the changes in the publishing world and, even more importantly, to establish best practices for your business as a writer. That’s right! In today’s world, writers –artists – need to be entrepreneurial in the sense that you need to create and establish methods/skills that will help you to achieve whatever goals and outcomes you have set for your works (your business). I had the pleasure of attending the James River Writer’s annual Writer’s Conference (http://www.jamesriverwriters.org/) October 19-20, 2013 in Richmond, Virginia. Although I was a moderator for a panel on small to mid-sized publishers, I also was there as an author and playwright. And I was there to LEARN. As such, here are 5 takeaways I wish to share with you that I hope will help you navigate not only this difficult terrain of publishing, but to get you thinking strategically and critically about what it takes to be  a successful 21st Century author.

The Publishing World is Ever-Changing

  • First, know the intentions for your work. What do you want to do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? Get in on the bookshelves? Build credibility?
  • Research which aspects of publishing you wish to delve into that will help you build upon your intentions
  • There 5 significant areas of publishing today:  Traditional, Small Press, DIY (Do-it-Yourself), Partner Publishing, or Assisted Publishing. Take the time to see which one is the best fit for your reality at this moment in time (i.e., your budget, your work/family schedule, etc)
  • Advances are going the way of the dinosaur and yet, you are expected to put in even more work, time and energy to market your book…after you’ve nearly killed yourself writing the book J

Build Your Brand

  • Create a platform – Who are you and what do you write about? Who are your readers and where can they be found?
  • Be consistent in your message  (i.e., the verbage, design, marketing, etc)
  • Put together a team of experts to help you do this (check out freelancing sites or pull from your network)

Social Media Presence is a MUST (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)

  • It’s part of your brand identity
  • It’s a way to reach your intended audience
  • It’s a way to stay connected/available to your audience
  • But know your strengths/weaknesses with this skill set because working social media is a skill. (see bullet 3 in Build Your Brand above)

Create a Pitch for Your Work

  • This is for both conferences and any other social interaction opportunity
  • A pitch is a 30 second to 1 minute blurb which contains 5 essential elements: who you are, what other books your book is similar to, 250 mini-synopsis of the storyline, and the market the book is targeted for
  • Practice, practice, practice delivering your pitch in a mirror
  • Remember, you never know where you’ll meet an agent or publisher. So be prepared!!

Create a Logline for Your Work

  • A logline is 1 sentence descriptor of your storyline.
  • For example, here’s mine for my novel, Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders: “It’s October 1929, and WWI veteran and securities specialist Sy Sanford has been hired to find and stop the killer of Negro working class women in the affluent Negro neighborhood of Jackson Ward, but Sy has two big problems: he’s a drunk in the age of Prohibition and the killer has now targeted the love of his life.” It’s a little wordy, but it’s one sentence and it tells the meat of the story as well as the time period of the work: 1929. So you know that this is a work of historical fiction.
  • Commit to memory the logline
  • Remember, you not only never know where you’ll meet an agent or publisher, but a reader! Once you say you have written a book, they will ask the million dollar question: “So what is your book about?” BE PREPARED!!

No one knows your story better than you, so give it the best chance to reach its intended audience and be successful (whatever that means for you). No longer can writers afford to sit behind the computer screen or notepad in anonymity hoping that their agent or publisher will push the work for them. You have to get out there and do the work yourself today. We live in a technologically driven world with many different routes of communication that we expect everyone to use. You simply cannot realistically avoid Facebook or Twitter, I am sad to say. Just learn how to use it strategically – know its place in the marketing of your work.

Surround yourself with hard-working, driven people who believe in your product and get to work. And spend the money to attend a great writer’s conference. It will not only help save your sanity, but thousands of dollars in avoidable mistakes from lack of information/knowledge. Writing is a business.


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How to Define Success as a Writer

Defining success is like trying to glue water to sand. It’s impossible! That’s because it is so subjective! One’s definition of success is oftentimes based upon material things instead of emotional well-being and a clear sense of self. For the writer, this gets even tighter in regard to the former because to the publishing industry, your/their success is determined by book sales and bestseller rankings. I want to share with you five (5) “must-do’s” for success regardless of the publishing path you decide to take be it with a traditional publisher or self-publishing. I heard an agent speak about a few of these “must-do’s” and have added one or two of my own. The bottom line, for me at least, is to always keep my intentions for the work in perspective, and to remember that my writing is a reflection of me.

  • Make sure your story is GREAT
  • Edit, edit, edit (hire a developmental editor, line editor and proofreader)
  • Create a killer book cover (yes, a beautiful, professional cover is imperative – it must match the storyline)
  • Tune up your marketing skills (i.e., yes, you must engage in social media & know your platform)
  • Commit to quality (see all of the above; this also includes format, design and paper quality)

For more tips on being an authentic, successful writer, read “5 Takeaways” or “The Key to a Successful Self-Publishing Career.” Check out The Pierce Agency, LLC for a FREE 20 minute author consultation.

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A strong book cover is a necessity when it comes to publishing a High Quality book. As much as we may not like it, books are judged by their cover! According to ‘The Wall Street Journal’, “The average bookstore browser who picks up a book spends eight seconds looking at the front cover and 15 seconds reading the back.”


Therefore, the window of opportunity to sell the book by its cover is limited. To attract attention and make a lasting first impression, be ready to do all that you can to be at the top of your game and make that first impression one that last in the mind of the viewer. 


Read More: http://wattspublishinggroup.com/the-benefits-of-strong-book-cover-design/

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Are you interested in joining a select group of writers for an ongoing writing assignment? We need writers for neighborhood profiles in cities across the U.S. in states such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, Washington, North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, California, Minnesota, Georgia and New York. There are hundreds of assignments, each paying $10 per 300-word write up of a neighborhood.

More Information: http://www.wattspublishinggroup.com

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Writing and publishing articles online is a highly effective way to promote your business.

I am in the top 3% of members of article site Squidoo.

I havetried quite a few article sites. Squidoo is one of my favourite sites
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I think you will enjoy these articles:

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Why Getting Published Can Help Your Business

This is a great article: Why Getting Published Can Help Your Business

Plus, check out my new ebook, Write Your Book in Two Days

This book is for writers of, and those who want to write, articles, blogs, student essays and nonfiction books and ebooks.

Yes, you really can write your book in two days. This book is based on my direct personal experience. Whether you are just getting started or are an experienced writer who is feeling stuck, this book can be of benefit to you. Includes sections on:

- writer's block
- coming up with ideas
- procrastination

and much more.

See also:

The Best Content for Your Ebook
(for writers of articles and blogs, and ebook writers and publishers)

Make Money through Writing Articles

Plus, I am always looking for articles and success stories for my More Black
Success free ebooks. If you would like to submit a story or article,
please read Books for Truth-Seekers and then contact me for guidelines.

Here’s to your success!

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Authors and Publishers HaveYour Book Placed InsideVictorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the DaySubmission Guidelines:Authors and Publishers: Send two copies of your book to:>Victorious ReviewsP. O. Box 206Snellville, GA 30078-0206Include Email addressPhone number w/area codeAllow four – six weeks for your book to be reviewed by one of Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day Review Team. When your book has been reviewed, you will be notified by email with information pertaining to the week that your book will be placed inside Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day. It will remain on our www.victoriousreviews.com and also be made available for readers and visitors to win a copy of your novel. The Book Bag will display a copy of your book cover inside Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day the entire week. Readers will have also have an opportunity to win all five books appearing on the website by submitting contest information outlined on the website, Twitter and Facebook. Your book(s) will receive wide exposure. Readers and visitors to our website will be encouraged to support Victorious Reviews Book Bag Pick of the Day by purchasing copies of the books we review.For more information, please send an email to: bookbag@victoriousreviews.com.Note: VictoriousReviews.com will launch on January 1, 2010. ALL books received will receive a book review. We do not except erotica books!Stay abreast to updated information by joining our mailing list!Follow us on Twitter
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT:Brooks J. Young(404) 910-3983Victorious Enterprisetalkshow@victoriousvoice.comPRLog (Press Release) – December 15, 2009 – Nationally known Entrepreneur Brooks J. Young has met and conquered another hurdle, adding to the ever-growing list of entrepreneurial businesses and organizations she has founded. Young was recently hand selected by World Talk Radio to host Victorious Voice Radio Show. Young is the executive director of Touching Heart which was established in 2004, founder and publisher of Victorious Magazine, founder and host of Victorious Voice Blog Talk Radio Show, a sought after motivational speaker, and author of Stop the Cover Up: No More Band-Aids, which will be released February 20, 2010.World Talk Radio is a pioneer in live internet talk radio that hand selects each of their hosts personally. “Victorious Voice Radio Show is an interactive outlet which allows listeners to hear the voice of our readers and in turn share the voice of our vision,” Young states. Network Director of World Talk Radio Brandy J. Jackson states, “We here at the network are very excited to add Brooks and Victorious Voice Radio Show to our show line-up. We believe in her vision and the value her program will bring to our listening audience.” Young, who hosts the Victorious Voice Radio show on Blog Talk Radio each Thursday evening, was assigned a personal executive producer by World Talk Radio, advertising, commercials and the authority to choose guests that will uphold high standards of professionalism expected from Ms. Young and World Talk Radio. Young states, “I was shocked when I was contacted and offered my own radio show and dedicated time slot on World Talk Radio. It is a blessing from God.”Young will feature various authors, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, book club hosts, musicians, and other public figures as a means of spotlighting women who are living victoriously, in an effort to inspire listeners to turn their adversities into avenues for success and victory.Young says, “As a host on WorldTalk Radio Network, I will have a weekly time slot that is reserved specifically for Victorious Voice which is unlike Blog Talk Radio that airs hundreds, maybe even thousands of other blog talk radio shows simultaneously."Victorious Voice will air World Talk Radio, weekly on Friday evenings at 8 o’clock p.m. EST, starting February 5, 2010. Young states, “I am grateful for the doors that the Lord has opened and I am blessed by the awesome relationship that has developed with World Talk Radio and myself.About Victorious Voice Radio ShowVictorious Voice Radio Show is our interactive outlet which allows us to hear the voice of our readers and in turn share the voice of our vision. On the radio show, we will feature various authors, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, book club hosts, musicians, and other public figures as a means of spotlighting women who are living victoriously in order to inspire our listeners to overcome the obstacles they are facing and turn their adversities into avenues for success.About WorldTalk RadioThe World Talk Radio Network (http://www.modavox.com/worldtalkradio) streams live Internet talk radio programs. World Talk Radio™--along with sister network, VoiceAmerica--are the single largest producers of original Internet talk radio programming in the world.Our goal is to help hosts make an impact in the fast-paced world of Internet media by placing their message and brand identity front and center, far beyond simply "having a website" or "having a podcast". We are innovators with a proven platform to support hosts broadcasting, marketing and interactive solutions. We work with new, emerging and veteran media personalities to further establish and create a complete media presence to a rapidly expanding Internet audience.World Talk Radio provides complete production, delivery, and on-demand archive delivery for World Talk Radio hosts. At the center of this offering is our patented BoomBox® technology that provides show hosts with instant broadcasting capabilities from their own websites and with instant syndication through affiliate sites. In addition, World Talk Radio assists in the creation of sponsorship, advertising and advanced distribution models for our programming.
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“It’s Crunch Time!“, by Marie Brewer (www.helenbrewer.com for the link to book) This is my book ofmuscle for boys (ages 9-12) to point them in the direction of HOPE!...This is an interactive book where they can write about their feelings. It discusses acceptable behavior, good self-image, respect for females and animals, appreciation for teachers/school, choosing good friends. The book also talks about resisting gangs, guns, drugs, violence, alcohol and bad influences. Let's attack the behavior, not the boy. "It's Crunch Time!" , by Marie Brewer, www.bbotw.com Be a part of the village to help our boys envision their true God-given purpose!We can turn this thing around!SEE! THINK ! ACT!
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Writers Block

So you sit down to start writing and low and behold you have writers block. What do you do? I know most of us have heard that you should just continue writing something don't lift the pen off the paper just write, write, and write. This should help with removing the block and get your creative juices flowing, but what should you do if that doesn't work.Would you just get up and try again later? Would you start a new project and just strap this one? What are some good options to try to remove writers block.Melissa Donovan wrote a great article at Writing Forward (http://www.writingforward.com/creative-writing/25-creative-writing-prompts) to help motivate your writing mind. She list 25 creative ways to prompt your writing mojo.Next time you get stuck try one or all of these 25 suggestions:1.You’re digging in your garden and find a fist-sized nugget of gold.2.Write about something ugly — war, fear, hate, cruelty — but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.3.The asteroid was hurtling straight for…4.A kid comes out of the bathroom with toilet paper dangling from his or her waistband.5.Write about your early memories of faith, religion, or spirituality; yours or someone else’s.6.There’s a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper…7.Write a poem about a first romantic (dare I say: sexual) experience or encounter.8.He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw…9.Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird…10.The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said…11.There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says…12.There is a magic talisman that allows its keeper to read minds. It falls into the hands of a young politician…13.And you thought dragons didn’t exist…14.Write about nature. Include the following words: hard drive, stapler, phone, car, billboard.15.The doctor put his hand on her arm and said gently, “You or the baby will survive. Not both. I’m sorry.”16.The nation is controlled by…17.You walk into your house and it’s completely different — furniture, decor, all changed. And nobody’s home.18.Write about one (or both) of your parents. Start with “I was born…”19.The most beautiful smile I ever saw…20.I believe that animals exist to…21.A twinkling eye can mean many things. The one that is twinkling at me right now…22.Good versus evil. Does it truly exist? What are the gray areas? Do good people do bad things?23.My body…24.Have you ever been just about to drift off to sleep only to be roused because you remembered an embarrassing moment from your past?25.Get a package of one of your favorite canned or boxed foods and look at the ingredients. Use every ingredient in your writing session.Ok, so what are you waiting on...get to writing!
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We are looking for teen writers to contribute to our monthly newsletter:~ MUST BE a student between the ages of 13-18~ Material MUST BE writing related (tips, how-to’s, writing routines, how you got started writing, etc)~ Material can be up to 800 words MAX. Please use the Word Count feature. Material exceeding this requirement will be deleted.~ Multiple submissions are allowed.~ Please thoroughly edit and proofread your work before submitting. Material with excessive typos and bad grammar will be deleted.~ Please send your submissions to: info@youthfulwisdompress.com with “YOUTHFUL MUSINGS NEWSLETTER” in the Subject Line. Send your material in a Word attachment. In the body of the email, please include the following: first name and initial of last name, age, name of school, grade, city and state, valid email address. We will notify you when your material will be published.~ If you submit, you MUST subscribe to the newsletter.NOTE: There is no monetary compensation for submitting your material. This opportunity is to hone your writing skills. This is subject to change.
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The article sidebar Issues of Race in SF in this weeks' (April 13th) Publishers Weekly has a quote from BAS founder and 22nd Century Press publisher, Diane Williams.Writer Rose Fox takes a quick look at two presses who produce speculative fiction for non-white readers and authors.http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6651138.html
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eBiz Marketing is looking for contributing writers for articles and essays to be posted on eBiz Marketing and several of our network affiliate sites. These articles must be based on “Online Marketing Tactics/Techniques” and “How Your Business Can Survive the Recession”. We will provide a bio/bi-line and your contact information. Some articles may be posted in our “eBiz Marketing Newsletter" eBlast. Because our subscribers are typically African American Professionals , Companies interested in submitting articles must be 51% African American owned. eBiz Marketing has last say on what articles will be published. Once your article is approved we will contact you via email. You must have complete rights to publish your creative works. We at eBiz Marketing recognize the importance of featuring articles in blogs, blasts, and network sites. We are currently seeking your help in increasing our exposure. There are many excellent writers in this community. In exchange we hope to bring additional exposure to you and your business. We would additionally like to thank LaShonda for all the valuable information she provides on a daily basis.

Please Email the following information with your submissions to: articles@eBiznessonline.com NOTE All responses must come to email address provided. Thank you

Company Name
Company Website
Contact Number
Brief Bio or Bi-Line (95 words or less).
URL Links to any RSS Feeds, Blog Sites, etc..
URL link to where you may want articled to be linked to.
All articles must be submitted in word or notepad only.
Please do not submit any pictures, logos, or graphics.

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New writers network created...check it out

I decided to close out the Yahoo Group I started because I was bored with the setup. The group has been moved and is now a social network site with alot more capabilities than Yahoo Groups offered. If any of you are interested in another group for collaborating, promoting, or sharing work for reviews/critiques, check out the link below. I am setting up groups within the site for the different genres of writers to work on honing their crafts. The site will also feature one book a month from each genre. I hope to see you all there.Gentle Stormhttp://gswritersnetwork.ning.com
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Welcome back,This week’s secret is a continuation from last week’s silly conversation with the caller. (If you need a recap, go to Secret #1)Writers have this crazy idea that they’ve written a book that deserves to be published. No! You’ve written a manuscript, a manuscript of a book hopefully to be published! In the publishing industry, contrary to popular belief they do not consider your book, a book until it is published! That thing you call a book is called a manuscript! At weekly meetings it’s Manuscript #205 or Manuscript BOW or whatever!In the publishing industry, a book is considered final. What you have written is not! It has yet to go through the final editing phase, if any editing at all! It has yet to have a cover designed for it; the book size decided; how it will be marketed, or who will print it. And we are missing the all important task of deciding who will publish it.My boss hates when people tell her they’ve written a book and when she asks who wrote it or where can she get it because it sounds good, they reply by telling her they wrote it, it’s not yet in stores, and that they are looking for a publisher. She always responds, “So, you’ve written a manuscript?” Not knowing what she’s talking about, they look at her funny eyed.So what do you do?Change your language, but more importantly, change your way of thinking!Remember, you have 7 seconds to make an impression. When you approach a publisher either in person or via writing, approach as follows:“I’ve written a potential book”“I’ve got a book idea, I’d love to pitch to you”“I’ve written a manuscript about xyz”Let’s repeat this again: You have 7 seconds to make a good impression. Approaching your potential boss correctly determines your next step career wise. it is the same for approaching a publisher. Remember, they get approached 500 times a day, mainly by clueless writers. Approaching them correctly is the difference between them actually taking your manuscript to read it or politely (and even in some cases) unpolitely, saying ”Thank you, but no thank you!”Let’s recap: Your book is not a book until it is published! We all know that’s your baby, but just like welfare doesn’t consider your baby a baby until it is born, the publishing industry doesn’t consider your book a book until it is published!Sounds harsh! I know, but I told you that the truth was going to hurt!Until Secret #3QP Signing Out!
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