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Are Your Press Releases Getting No Respect?

Are you one of those people who wonders why you never get any traction from the press releases you send out? Maybe you’re the Rodney Dangerfield of press releases–you get no respect because your releases aren’t worthy of the kind of attention you think they deserve.

How many of these press releases do you think editors get to read every day?

  • How many long, badly-worded releases will they read before, eventually, they become instantly
    put off just by the length of a press release?
  • And how much more likely do you think it is that an editor will read your SHORT, quick-to-read, press

Many press releases are often ignored either because they are poorly written or fail to offer anything of value to the journalist who is looking for a news or feature story. You must have a story to tell, a hook, or an interesting angle.

Another thing, it doesn’t matter how well you have written your press release, if it’s too long then it won’t get read. So keep your press release short. Remove words that do not need to be there.

If you follow these simple rules you will restore the respect your press release truly deserves.

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How to Write an Effective Press Release

A press release (aka a media release) is a public relations announcement sent out to the media and other targeted publications to let the public know what's going on with you and your business. It's a way to get coverage in newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs.


Before sending off your next press release, here's what you should know to make it effective:


Have a good reason to write and send one. A few reasons to send a press release: You're starting a new business, celebrating a business anniversary, launching a new product, you've received an award, or you're hosting an event.


Watch the length. If you're sending a hard copy of your press release, it should be no longer than two pages. If you're sending it electronically, it should be between 300-500 words.


Include contact information. This includes your (or the contact person's) name, phone number, email address and fax number. You want to be sure the person reading can easily figure out who she can contact for more information. If she can't get in touch with someone, your information may lose its appeal, and you may lose the chance of being published. Be sure to include the date as well.


Use AP (Associated Press) Style. This is what journalists use; and by using this style, the editor won't have to change anything, which makes his/her job easier (and that's always good).


Create an attention-grabbing headline. Although an editor/publisher will likely rewrite it, your press release should have a good headline for two reasons: 1) It helps ensure the press release gets to the right person; and 2) It helps determine the content of the press release.


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Check Your Spelling

Having a good command of the english language is not only important verbally but also in the written word. That brings me to the subject of spelling and how important it is to check it BEFORE submitting a press release. Misspelled words will make your credibility come into question—especially if you’re an author. One might wonder if your book is also filled with typos and other grammatical errors.

OK, so here’s a made up press release with some of the most commonly misspelled words. How many did you find?

***The first person who correctly guesses the number of misspelled words will win a free copy of my BAMedia Contacts Directory.*** (Cut and paste press release in email with misspelled words highlighted in bold. Submit by December 15 to ).

New Car Dealership Comes to the Triangle

Congradulations to Taylor’s Automotive for finding a location in Raleigh to set up they’re new automobile dealership. The Mayor says, “It is a priviledge to have such a fine business here. Their the epitomy of what automobile companies should be like.”

Andy Taylor, owner of Taylor’s Automotive says the location came highly reccomended to him by people in the community. “We initially thought being next to a cemetary would be disasterous for our business but that’s not the case at all. We don’t think we will loose any business by being in this location.”

To celebrate they’re grand opening, Taylor Automotive will be inviting the general public in for a pig pickin’ complete with all the fixins’ including marshmellows. “We don’t want to embarass anybody by doing this. We just figured that since we’re in the south, it’s our perogrative to do what we want to make future customers feel welcome.”

To registrar for the celebretion in advance, please call Taylor Automotive at 919-555-1919.

The grand opening is tenatively set for November 21.

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The Best Day(s) to Submit Your Press Release

If you've ever wondered why you didn't get any coverage from your local media for an event or announcement, it may be because you didn't send your press release on the right day.

It's true--reporters are always looking for stories but some days are better than others when it comes to getting their attention.

Mondays: It's the beginning of the work week for most journalists. They tend to get swamped with releases and announcement that all seemed to have piled up from the weekend. Your announcement may seem like small potatoes in comparison to some others and go unnoticed.

Tuesdays: Good Day! Email boxes have been cleared out (for the most part) and now they can take a serious look at what is being received.

Wednesdays: Another Good Day! To me, it's better than Tuesday for some of the same reasons.

Thursdays: Another Good Day!

Fridays: Unless you are hosting an event that involves a well-known celebrity or your event is larger than life, Fridays aren't really good days because it's too close to the weekend and journalists are thinking more out their weekend and cutting out early.

Saturdays: Believe it or not, I think Saturday is a GOOD day---if you are having some kind of activity on that day. Weekend Assignment Editors struggle to generate news and if you are doing something noteworthy, they would be likely to cover it. It could be a great human interest story for them.

Sundays: It depends. It could be good if you are doing something on THAT day. Otherwise, if you are submitting a release for something going on the following week, it could get lost in the pile up.

Whenever you choose to submit your release, make sure you follow up with someone in the newsroom to make sure they received it.

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Finding a Hook For Your Media Release

Who wouldn't jump at the chance to get media exposure. We all know thirty seconds (or more) of face time on TV can generate into financial success for your business, book or product.

But first things first. You need to establish contact with the media so they can determine whether or not you would be a good interview. It starts with the press release.

Here are some tips on getting started:

1. Know your audience.
Who are you trying to reach with your message? "Everyone" is NOT a good answer. You have to target a market: baby boomers, women, work-at-home moms, etc.

2. Why should the media care?
Why should the media person reading this release care? What makes your book, business or product different than the others?

3. Why should the public care?
Why would anyone be interested in what you're offering? Figure that out and make sure you spell it out in the press release. What may seem obvious to you may not be so obvious to the person reading your press release.

4. This isn't an ad.
Nothing is a bigger turnoff than press release writing that sounds like you've put together an advertisement. Reporters want news-worthy stories and ads are not generally newsworthy.

5. Send your release to the right people.
Make certain you send your press release to the right person. If you're mass distributing your release on the internet through a distribution company, choose your target category wisely. If you're sending out releases the old fashioned way, then it pays to send it to a person rather than a generic department or news organization. The best person to send it to is the Assignment Editor in the television newsroom.
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CALLING ALL NONPROFITS...ABC7 WANTS TO FEATURE YOUR EVENTS!! ABC7 is committed to supporting and working with the community based non-profit organizations that service Southern California by providing free air time in the form of Public Service Announcements (PSA’s).

If you require additional information, please call the Public Affairs Department at (818) 863-7220 and state you were referred by KIMIRHOCHELLE!

When submitting your event include:

1.Typewritten public service announcement on your organization’s letterhead or flyer or press release publicizing the event.

**if you need assistance with your press releases please call KRPR @ 909-543-2978

2. Include date, time, place, a phone number and or a website address that the public can use for details, as well as a phone number and contact person for our office to call.

3. Proof of non-profit status for your organization (either a Southern California Broadcasters Association number or a 501-(C) (3) Tax-exempt number).

Send it at least four weeks in advance of the event to:

7 DAY PLANNER500 Circle Seven DriveGlendale, CA 91201

Fax: (818) 863-7227 (Attn: 7 Day Planner)


KimiRhochelle PR Event & Entertainment Firm (KRPR) is a turn-key full service media firm that cross markets and globally transits your brand, image, product, service, event or just information locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.




KRPR offers the following opportunities:

Join our FAN PAGE: post your events, press releases, job/career openings, videos and more.. we share with FB, TWITTER and other social network sites when we repost.

visit: JOIN KIMIRHOCHELLE PR EVENT & ENTERTAINMENT FIRM FAN PAGE.. to receive exposure and for more information about our services..!/pages/Fontana-CA/KIMIRHOCHELLE-PR-EVENT-ENTERTAINMENT-FIRM/121713721808?v=info&ref=sgm

Join the Lyfestyles Social Network: create your profile, add your blog, pictures or events...we share with GOOGLE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE & more... complimentary!

Send your press releases to KIMIPRFIRM@GMAIL.COM we send to various news media and post on various social network sites.

Send your press releases to KRPRMEDIA@GMAIL.COM we send to various news media and post on various social network sites-THIS IS FOR MEDIA USE ONLY!!!

KRPR creates a media press conference that includes press release creation and submission, media day event planning and management, VIP guest list/RED CARPET and more.

KRPR will create a yearly media strategy based on your marketing and advertisement budget, create the message, brand, image if needed and place in stratetic targeted media platforms at reduced rates of 5%.

KRPR will create, implement, manage your seminars, conferences, special events, holiday parties and/or training sessions in part are in totality specific to your needs and goals.

KRPR will review and/or implement your personal social network cross marketing strategy that includes email database campaigns, branding of logo, revenue stream opportunities, blogging and/or e-newsletter campaigns.

For more info, please call 909-543-2978

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The number one tool of PR professionals for more than fifty years has been, and continues to be, the press release.***Visit us now at and learn how to get a Free Press Release (Reg. $99) created for your business/site, mention you are a member of Sistapreneurs with any distribution purchase and we'll add your site/logo to our Featured Business Links page at no additional cost. - Limited Time Offer
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