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Great Source for Collectibles Dolls

Hello Community, May this entry find you doing exceptionally well.

I am collector of music, art, figurines, literature !  I have found a great source for a wide array of products.

I really like the doll selections. Check this out and may find this to be a great source also.  Visit our online community at

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Ashton-Drake Galleries

Collectibles are the items that have value for you. Some items help you "capture" time like a photo.

Because an item may go out of production, owning when available is crucial.  Fortunately, you can purchase some item on installments. Collectibles are items that can be shared and passed on to your legacy. 

Juniques Multi Cultural Connections

Reaching the Trillion Dollar Multi Cultural Commerce

Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a

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As posted on Denene Millner's "My Brown Baby" on November 5, 2012. See full post here.

Author: Akilah S. Richards

How is it that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, our percentage of business ownership as black women in the U.S. is up 59 percent since 2002, yet we make up a mere 3 percent  of the $1.2 billion dollars in sales from women-owned businesses?

Unjust systems and long-standing, deliberately placed hurdles aside, many of us are learning to maneuver this new era of social impact through technology, and leveraging our skills with our passions to the tune of thriving businesses and comfortable lifestyles.

But on the real, the numbers of us who hoist sails on sinking ships with unstable businesses far surpass the number of financially and emotionally stable black women business owners.

Certainly, we do not lack access to the resources or the brainpower it takes to excel in business—so what’s the deal?

Business and Life Strategist Katrina M. Harrell and I have got a theory about these troubling truths.  It might ruffle your feathers a bit, but perhaps that’s a necessary part of your growth and ours.

The theory: Black women in business have been up, big time!

Yes, we BITCH up!  We get scared.  We stop trusting ourselves.  We take the shortcuts and we prioritize popularity over business ownership.  Many of us, myself included, spent years building a “popular brand”, without focusing on operating a business.

The results: High visibility, but low income.  Some success, but no real fulfillment.

I was a slave to the very thing I had built.  But thankfully, I got free.


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Baby Lotion

Another NEW addition to my product line is "Baby Lotion". Our Baby Lotion is scented with our famous baby lotion fragrance. Paraben and SLS FREE.  This MILD lotion is perfect for your baby and can also be used for the whole family.  The lotion is so gentle that it can be used on sensitive skin and great for the face and body!   A very relaxing fragrance that will soothe both baby and you. Go to  to get your bottle of Baby Lotion!


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Natural Baby Diaper Cream

No more owies!  This unscented and ultra diaper cream is a must have.  Paraben, SLS and Fragrance FREE!  The unscented diaper cream will help prevent irritation and chapping with natural Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera Extract.  It soothes, protects and nourishes baby's delicate skin.  Very mild but yet effective and goes on silky smooth.  Go to for an immediate purchase so you will be prepared for these long and hot summer months.  It comes in a 2oz travel size container.



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Getting on a List Generates Publicity

Are you aware that countless opportunities to send out press releases and receive valuable, free publicity get missed everyday?  There are literally dozens of newsworthy opportunities for getting positive media exposure.  Being recognized on a List of some kind or receiving an award is a great way to generate publicity for yourself.

It also becomes a win-win situation for you and the person (or business) honoring you because they get publicity too!


Here's the one I created after being named one of the Top 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs:


(Durham, NC-July 22, 2011) Beverly Mahone of Durham has been named one of the top Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs by SistaSense Magazine and Black Business Women Online.  Mahone is one of 10 women selected in the category of print and digital media.  After leaving the television news business in 2006, Mahone created BAMedia which caters to fellow baby boomers who want to learn how to self-promote themselves and their businesses. 

In making the recent announcement, SistaSense Editor-in-Chief LaShandra Henry says “I see thousands of black women whose deeds go unnoticed. I wanted to recognize the BBWO50 for their hard work and diligence and show Sistasense readers these are our women to support, promote, and aspire to be like.  Henry says she chose women who have built established businesses with visible growth over time both online and offline. She also focused on up and coming women entrepreneurs whose innovative online business ventures are publicly recognized. “In short, these women are widely respected for the businesses they have established and their social influence both online and offline is undeniable,” she added.

Mahone says, “I am honored to have been included on this list.  LaShandra Henry is right.  Many times Black Female Entrepreneurs are overlooked in spite of how hard they work and the expertise they bring to the table--especially those of us who are baby boomers.” 

You can find complete list here:


**If you want to learn more about how to self-promote, contact me**

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Traditional Soap vs. Glycerin Soap

Remember when they use to say “wash your mouth out with soap.” Did anyone ever stop to think that washing someone’s mouth out with soap would be harmful to them? Traditional soap (a regular bar of soap, ie Dove, Dial and Irish Spring) have been around for along time; it contains harsh chemicals that are dangerous. These chemicals include: DEA, Isopropyl Alcohol, BHT and Triclosan (commonly found in anti-bacteria soap). When using traditional soap for a long period of time it can cause the skin to itch, to become dry and produce a rash. Now, who would want “that” (traditional soap) in their mouths.

Have you ever took a bath or shower, dried off and didn’t apply any lotions? Due to you having to rush out the door for school/work and a hour later looked down and see your legs have ashed (dry flakes of skin on your legs). Unlike traditional soap, glycerin soaphas ingredients in it to helps to moisturize the skin as well has help pre-existing skin condition to calm the skin down. In addition, removing dryness and the itchy rash.

Eco-friendly Soap

Glycerin is a eco-friendly soap it can be used and is used in many different things in shampoo‘s, conditioners and lotions. (It’s water soluble and alcohol soluble; but soap isn‘t biodegradible). It’s also environmentally safe because it dissolves. Traditional soap does dissolve but after it does it leaves harmful bacteria in your water, which goes back into the environment.


Are You Getting Your Monies Worth?

A lot of manufactures put glycerin in your body lotion and facial cream because of it‘s solubility. They charge you a lot more money for the small amount of glycerinthey put in your lotions and facial creams. If you don’t believe me than do this, stop reading right now and go pick up any lotion in your home and you will find that it has glycerin in it because it is a moisturizing ingredient.

Handmade glycerin soaps are far better than traditional soaps because it has glycerin in it and it has other ingredients that help your skin feel smooth and silky (that’s why when you touch glycerin soap it feels silky). You are getting more, than your monies worth with handmade glycerin soapthan with traditional soap

Traditional or Handmade Soap You Decide

Traditional soap is the oldest cleaner known to man. It is made by a chemical process is called saponification this is the chemical reaction which produces soap (which produces a hard bar of soap that is cheap and plentiful). Glycerin is produced during saponification but is extracted from traditional soap. Glycerin which is a humectants that absorbs moisture from the air and binds the moisture to your skin. With daily use glycerin soap will make your skin soft and smooth. It’s sensitive, so it can be used on both children and adults.

Handmade glycerin soap carries a lot of healing properties for those that may have skin problems (sensitive skinie. Eczema, Psoriasis) you will find relief with handmade soaps. It is truly a mild soap compared to traditional soap and therefore is especially hard to find. At Uniquic we carry different sizes of glycerin soap. If you want soft smooth skin. Soap that won’t leave your skin dry. Soap that will give you the moisture that you need. Which can bring life back into your skin. Then check out our homemade glycerin soap

Watch our videos on glycerin soap Checkout Fashion Corner


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Booty Parlor is The Beauty Parlor for Your Love Life!

Founded in 2004 by married couple Charlie and Dane B. Meyers,

Booty Parlor is America’s premier sexy beauty and lifestyle brand.


We believe that confidence is the sexiest thing

a woman can have and that

Every woman deserves to feel sexy, desirable and satisfied.


Booty Parlor’s award-winning products are specifically designed to

Boost a woman’s sexy self confidence and inspire her to create sexier

Experiences, both in and out of the bedroom.


A Sexy Lifestyle Advisor is a personal shopper for your love life!

She delivers personalized sexy lifestyle

consultations and shopping sessions

To her customers at our fabulous Sexy Shopping Parties.


Joining Booty Parlor is an easy-to-operate, flexible and

profitable business opportunity

For today’s entrepreneurial woman.

With Booty Parlor, you sell an irresistible line

of affordable luxurious products, and to discover ways to

boost their satisfaction within their love lives and relationships.

Booty Parlor Parties
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Start Your Own Stationery Business Today!

Joi Paper Stationery & Gifts

Do you enjoy planning parties, writing, or graphic design?
Would you like the opportunity to:

· Own and operate a business using your creativity?
· Build a part time or full time business that is truly rewarding?
· Choose the people you work with?
· Be recognized and rewarded for your efforts?

Discover an opportunity to integrate your story and your style into a successful niche market business with Joi Paper. Joi Paper is a new company that is in the pre-launch phase and will host its official launch in April 2010!
Joi Paper is a niche market, direct selling organization which provides invitations, stationery, gifts, and business opportunities. Our company promotes, honors, and communicates milestones and events that are common to all and unique to the ethnic market. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality products and give them options which will allow them to express themselves and their lives through paper. We also provide our business partners with the tools and resources to operate their own flexible business as a Stationery Consultant.

Stationery Consultants have an opportunity to share their stories while marketing products that promote a positive self image and tell a fantastic story of heritage, joy, optimism, and innovativeness.
We will provide consultants with an opportunity to earn an income through selling at:

· Paper Socials™
· Online store
· Fundraisers
· Trunk Shows
· Expos, Conferences, Craft Fairs

Join us at the ground floor as we aim to be the ultimate provider of stationery and gift products for every occasion. Sign up today to become a Joi Paper Stationery Consultant at [LINK:]
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No more Burp Cloths!

I have taken up sewing in an effort to tap into a seemingly endless market of baby accessories and necessities, but more importantly to have more control over what goes into our existing product line. I can now make a better variety of cakes and cupcakes as well as add better quality products inside the "baked goods". Gift the Bambino can offer a stronger product line with my new talent! (Check out the cool cake pictured here)!

I have a major problem with the name “burp cloth” there is nothing cute, fun or enticing about the word “burp” so instead, I will call my cloths BambinoCloths. They will come in a variety of sizes including washcloth, mini-facecloth, traditional burp cloth size, etc. In cool modern color schemes. Pictured are some of my first BambinoCloths, a washcloth size orange on stripe beauty and a couple of polkadotted cuties. seen here will be sold in select stores only...order a different cool cake on our site or Etsy shop.
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It’s no surprise to some of you that I did not invent the diaper cake. In fact, there are numerous retailers who sell more traditional diaper cakes. What I did, was re-invent it to fit my personal style. I placed an emphasis on a streamlined look, put the products inside instead of outside and made neat, well-made products a priority. Gift the Bambino provides contemporary, originally-styled gift items.

Having said that, I came a across a “Diaper Tree” or two in my travels and eventually developed a Gift the Bambino version. This tree is filled with diapers and gifts but from the outside it’s all about the jungle! The top includes quite a few leaves from a “fake” plant and they really help pull the piece together. To make it clear that this is in fact a baby shower centerpiece, and not just a tree, the bottom layer is styled more like one of our baby cakes.

The diaper tree is a must have for any JUNGLE-THEMED BABY SHOWER. It makes a wonderful stand-alone centerpiece and comes with a monkey or gorilla for baby.Good things about the Baby Gift Jungle Tree:It really does look a lot like a tree!You can custom order more than one and use them to decorate all of your baby shower tables!It’s a foot and a half tall, the perfect attention grabber!It’s made with some items that will be recyclable after mom-to-be is ready to use the gifts inside!It’s secured together to prevent the layers from separating before you want them too!Everything inside is useful for baby!If you gift is as a gift, you will have hands-down the MOST ORIGINAL gift at the shower!Perfect for outdoorsy moms-to-be!Makes a great gift for a new dad as well!
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The origin of Cute Lil' Muffins. I created these muffins by accident, actually. I was originally trying to approve upon my initial cupcake design, which I put in actual cupcake holders. The sizes weren't quite right and consistency with the original cupcakes was essentially impossible. So clearly, I had to return to the drawing board and I came up with these cute little numbers. Each Lil' Muffin includes a receiving blanket, washcloth and pair of socks. It took showing the picture to a friend to open my eyes to the fact that they had cute little muffin tops and weren't quite right for "cupcakes". So, I missed the mark of my designing the product I was set out to make and instead created these adorable muffins which incidentally sell equally well to the new and improved cupcakes, which I began working on soon after.When developing products, it's important to recognize that you may not always immediately reach your desired goal. You may have to throw out a few batches in order to get the perfect cookie. In some cases, you have to be open to suggestions and the observations of others because that can make all the difference in the world. Listening to my friends opinion and then discussing it with a family member and confirming that we all felt the design deserved to be a completely new product, opened the door to a brand new product that's both unique and well-received by buyers.Good things about these muffins:They're adorable!They're small but full of goodiesThey're priced right at just $11 each, most people buy the set of two for $20They're totally original! I have never seen a baby gift like them.They come with Gift the Bambino's convenient online ordering and FREE Shipping!They make a great solo gift or a nice addition to another gift.Just like all GTB products, they can be shipped directly to your gift recipient or you within about 5 business days.
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Gift the Bambino has a wide variety of gifts for baby that can be made FAST and are shipping quickly. If you are looking for that perfect holiday gift for the baby on your shopping list. Gift the Bambino is the perfect option! I offer a great selection of baby gifts with prices ranging from under $10 to over $100. All GTB customers are satisfied customers and I am happy to share with you some of our top selling items. This holiday season, give a gift that is both beautiful & useful and follow the parades of people who are ordering from Gift the Bambino!The Animal Parade by GTB - Exclusive - Includes diapers, burp cloth, washcloths, receiving blanket, animals - $47 with FREE SHIPPINGPhotobucketThe BambinoPop Bouquet by GTB - Exclusive - Includes 5 washcloth lollipops, utensils, receiving blanket - $25with FREE SHIPPINGIn Boys:PhotobucketIn Girls:PhotobucketAnd Neutral:PhotobucketThe Chocolate Caramel Dream Cake by GTB - Exclusive - Includes diapers, washcloths, blankets, Burt's Bee's Baby Products, outlet covers and more (Only on Etsy) $75 with FREE SHIPPINGPhotobucketPlease visit to see more options! Also, we take custom orders and will work to fit your budget! Cakes start at just $25!
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Gift the Bambino Bouquets are a great holiday gift for any new baby! Spread holiday cheer with this great selection of BambinoPop Bouquets, which come in girl, boy, neutral, holiday, or a reusable holiday tin! Each of these bouquets makes a darling gift for baby and new parents. These adorable lollipops are handmade from washcloths for baby and each is tied with a beautiful ribbon.Each BambinoPop Bouquet includes 5 Washcloths, 2 Utensils, 1 Receiving blankets and lots of love!BambinoPop Bouquets can be purchased at for just $25 with FREE shipping in the Continental U.S. and Hawaii! Please specify in customer notes if you'd like a holiday lollipop box instead of the usual for the gender you select.Buy them now! the pictures, then check out our feedback:Baby Girl BambinoPopsPhotobucketBaby Boy BambinoPopsPhotobucketBambinoPop Bouquet Girls - Seen here with a one-tier baby cake (not included)PhotobucketBambinoPops Neutral in a Holiday tinPhotobucketHappy Customers Give Happy Feedback :-)"... the lollipops were a big hit!- H.L. from North Carolina"..everyone loved the gifts at the shower they were a hit just like I knew they would (be) and very different then what everyone else brought my mom wanted to switch gifts with me she really liked the lollipop bouquet."- T.C. from Delaware"it was soooo cool... so cute..."- J.P. from Virginia('Nuff said, right?)
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FREE washcloth lollipop with every order!Gift the Bambino has a huge selection of custom gifts for baby! Each gift, such as our diaper cakes, lollipop bouquets and baby gift cupcakes include a selection of useful items for baby like diapers, washcloths, blankets, socks, toys, burt's bees baby bee products and more! Visit today for gift options with secure online ordering, Free shipping in the Continental U.S. and Hawaii and options for every budget. Prices start at just $11. Custom cakse orders start at $25 for a one-tier cake!Also see our shop on ETSY!www.giftthebambino.etsy.comBambinoPop BouquetPhotobucketBambino CupcakesPhotobucketSimply Gorgeous baby blue cake, wrapped with tulle & ribbon:PhotobucketBefore it's wrapped:PhotobucketAhoy Baby CakePhotobucketAll-in-one BasketPhotobucketCute Lil' MuffinsPhotobucketThanks for looking!
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I am so excited to be a part of this great group. As an entreprenuer I look forward to sharing my custom baby gifts and shower planning guides with my friends here on BBWO. This is a great site and I am looking forward to making many new connections here. If you happen to be a business owner specializing in items for children five and under I would love to talk with you about potential collaborations. From quilts to coloring books to handmade bibs, I would definitely love to network with any craft entrepreneurs.Anyway, please look below for a few of my gift selections and a great baby shower game idea._____________________________________________________________________________________Great baby gifts for under $35. Each of these gifts is made with quality products and includes useful items for baby. See more at and check out our $35 & under page at Super deals on cute, unique gifts and modern diaper cakes! Here are a few of the great items we sell, there are many, many more on the site. Secure online ordering, free shipping and a photo proof with every order via email.The Sunburst Cake - $31:This one-tier cake includes:* 15 Diapers* 2 Washcloths* 1 Receiving blanket* 1 Teething ring* 1 Set of five outlet coversSunburst-ChefsSpecial006-1.jpgThe Cute as a Button Cake - $33One-tier* 12 Diapers* 3 Spoons* 2 Washcloths* 1 Receiving blanket* 1 Bibmorenewcandyandcuteasbuttongirls-1.jpgCute Lil’ Muffins $11 each or $20 for twoOne Muffin includes:1 Receiving blanket1 Washcloth1 Pair of socksOr get TWO Muffins which includes:2 Receiving blankets2 Washcloths2 Pair of sockscastle003.jpgPink and Brown Cutie $29One-tier* 12 Diapers* 1 Receiving blanket* 1 Onesie* 1 Washcloth* 1 Bib1tiercutie001.jpgAll-Star Baby Cake $32
Two-tier* 15 Diapers* 2 Receiving blankets* 1 Washcloth* 1 Bib* 1 Sports themed stuffed toySportsFairyCake010.jpg_________________________________________________Gift the will be posting a variety of fun baby shower game ideas. Each game will include detailed instructions, pictures, and an exclusive Bambino Twist. The Bambino Twists are alternate ways to play the game to make it unique or more fun. I hope you enjoy this new addition to the blog. :-) Game kits will be sold on Gift the soon!Please visit or to subscribe to the blog.Guess Who, Baby?Game Goal: Match up the baby picture to the shower attendee.Game Fun: This game is a great trip down memory lane, everyone loves baby pictures and seeing your friends, co-workers, or family as little ones is always good for giggles.Game Play1. When you send out the invitations, make a note and ask everyone to bring a baby picture of themselves. If you have the guests email addresses, sending an email after they RSVP works well, too.2. As the guests arrive collect the pictures (it helps to have the names written on the back)3. Put the pictures up on a board or lay them out on a table4. Label each picture with a number or letter (Of course, don’t write or tape anything to the front of the picture)5. Give everyone a pen and paper (add the numbers or letters beforehand if you wish) and ask them to put the name of the person in the picture next to the corresponding letter.6. The person who gets the most baby pictures matched up wins!7. This game is especially good for a guest list of close friends and/or relatives.Bambino Twists:A shower full of moms?Ask party-goers to bring baby pictures of them and their kids. Instead of just matching up the baby pic to the adult, you can have guest try to match up the parents baby pictures with their children’s pictures.Have a big group? (20+)Play on teams. Ask everyone to get together in equal groups of two or more if you have a large group at the shower. This will cut down on the lengthiness of the game time, encourage guests to warm up to each other and everyone gets a few hints because they’ll each know their own pictures.www.moderndiapercakes.comModern diaper cakes for the contemporary baby.
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