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Concerned about the security of your personal information on the internet? We all are! What if there was a website that pulled data from all of your social networking profiles, from Twitter to Flickr, and put it on display for anyone with curious eyes to see?

I hate to break it to you, but there is… introducing…

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Need A web Page Service With A Smile

Im a professional, experienced freelance website developer. I can tailor websites to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a single or multiple page website or need changes made to your existing website, my rates are very reasonable and I can complete projects in a very quick timeframe.I have a strong customer base with high satisfaction and can show you a variety of examples of my work.If you have any questions please contact me and send me details as to what you require.paula_moffett@yahoo.com626 806 3952
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Recession? Please Women are Still Shopping!

I was dropping my sister off at work on Black Friday around Midnight. She works at Body Products Store in the Mall. We were laughing and talking on our way there, discussing how the day would unfold, since the media continuously broadcasts that people's finances are limited (or have been rebudgeted for more necessary lifestyle things!) :P We're like wow, this is probably going to be a really different Christmas for many people. We’re thinking… okay, like - No gifts, cutbacks, only buy what you need and not what you really, this is really overwhelming.. will Christmas ever be the same?? I thought I saw a black cloud hover over my truck, with red rain drops (that’s how daunting the thought was)PPPPPPaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhLEASE (please)We drive into the parking lot of the mall, it’s taped and coned off to redirect traffic, people are standing in lines wrapped around the building, drinking lattes, some in their pajamas, laughing, talking, acting in an orderly manner, spreading and exemplifying the holiday cheer… IT WAS PURE BLISS!!!You totally felt the Christmas “Shopping Spirit”. Recession? What recession? Women are still shopping, Living Life, Spending Money, and Accomodating the Lifestyle they desire to live at best.

My dear shopkeepers do not be dismayed. Life still goes on. People are still looking to connect with your business. Now let me get to paddling, cuz I see there’s a SALE up ahead! LOL! :)Toodles,Taylor DavisPublisher and Creator404-707-7728PinkPages2Go Shopping and Lifestyle Mini-Magazine GuideSpecial Rates for Debuting Issue “SalesNtheCity”
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