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Business Credit America will check you CPN Number for you. We will do a thorough investigation on the number to show you whether the number you have is someone elses social security number or is it a legitimate number that has never existed.

1.  Worried Your CPN Number is Bad?
2.  How Was Your CPN Number Was Validated?
3.  Are Creditors Asking For Your SSN CARD?
4.  Does Your Broker Ignore Your Phone Calls?

Click on the link to get your CPN Number checked

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Get a professional review of your business credit file before you ask a banker or investor for money. Business Credit America knows it could be a very embarrassing and frustrating feeling to hear someone tell you that your business credit is not strong enough to be approved for a small business loan. We know what lenders are looking for in a business, and we could show you what's missing in your file that's keeping you from being approved for a loan. 1-888-883-3013

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 Okay. Now, I hope that you all can see that. But the thing about the business credit score, what it is and how is it affecting your business? Now, I've broken it down into three categories because these are your most important categories. You have your PAYDEX score, you have your business credit rating, and then you have your bank rating. And talking about the PAYDEX score, a lot of people are concerned about their PAYDEX score, which is 80 or above. However, the PAYDEX score is only good for trade vendors and net vendors. So, if you really don't need those type of companies, you're just trying to get funding for another project, or whatever, this really wouldn't be an impact on you because you're not trying to get trade credit or Net 30. Net 30, Net 7, Net 15, they have different wants, such as Net Vendor credit and stuff, and Trade credit. That's basically like your Seton, ULine, Grainger. And what ends up happening most of the time, we buy from these companies just to get them to report on our business credit, to get a PAYDEX score. However, the thing about it, the majority of the stuff we buy, we usually don't need it for our business.

 And so, we got stuck in this... This is mainly part of the tier system method where they teach you, set the company up, buy some Net 30s then buy another round of Net 30s, then apply for some gas cards, then attempt to apply for some unsecured cards. Usually, the tier system... I can truly attest to this, it usually will take you anywhere from nine months to a year or longer. Depends on how active you are in your business. Okay, so that's what the PAYDEX score. The PAYDEX rating is 80 or above, meaning that you're good a payer. You pay good on time, okay, and it's just mainly for vendor credit.

 Now, your business credit rating. Your business credit rating, this is important. This is an important factor because this determines if you get business loans or business credit cards. So that's what the business credit rating is. That's the reason that you'd see me on the video always telling you to update your financials. Make sure you do the UCCs, things like that. That's what affects your business credit rating. And then I told you about the different banks to go to in my ebook that tell you where to go and get those secured bank cards and stuff, because that will help with their business credit rating.

 Now, this is one that most people aren't aware of and not too many people speak of it, maybe because they don't. But the bank rating... Now the bank rating actually deals with... Well, your business bank rating. It actually deals with the activity of the business checking account in which you should have... When you're setting up a corporation, usually what I teach on, with the corporation, with C corporations, you wanna to have three accounts. You wanna have a business checking account, a business savings, and a business expense account. And in my ebook, I explain to you why you want to have those accounts set up like that. But the business banking ratings this year, is where it goes off the activity. How many deposits have been in the account? How often are you depositing money into the account? How long does the deposit stay in there? And the larger the amount of money you deposit in the bank, and the longer it stays, the higher your rating. So, the larger the amount, the longer it stays, the higher your rating.

 So, this is your bank rating. This is what really determines the amount of money they're gonna loan you. This here determines whether you're gonna get approved for unsecured credit cards and/or loans with a business credit rating. But this here, determines the amount of money. So those are the two differences there. So, you have your PAYDEX score, which is talking about your trade credit or your vendors. Your trade vendors, which describe you as Net 30s, you're Net 7s, you're net 15. Then you have the business credit rating, and this is what determines you being approved for loans or credit cards, unsecured or secured, okay. But your bank rating, that's dealing with the activity on those business bank accounts, okay. So, the more money you have in it, the longer it stays in it, determines the amount of money they're gonna loan you, future-wise. So, this is just a basic video I wanted to break down to you guys, so you can understand. If you are looking at companies, and they are not explaining this process to you, to actually help decide whether you should let them help you or you should do it on your own, then you don't need them because they should be at least explaining some of these basics to you. If they're not explaining these basics to you, they're wasting your time guys. And more likely they're gonna linger you on, so that you are paying them more money, but at the same time you're not getting any results.

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Hey guys! Houston here with Business Credit America, and today I'm just gonna get right to the point, and I wanted to talk to you all about Sallie Mae Student Loans. And I know from many of you all, may have seen my student loan video removal of Sallie Mae Student Loans. And the thing about it, you actually can't have those type of student loans because they're, not under the government guidelines. If you have government student loans, you can go to If you go to, right there, all of your government student loans, they can consolidate them all into one, and they will lower your payments.

In reference to your private student loans, because they're all under FDCPA, you have the right if you have to, if you need to file bankruptcy, those types of student loans, you can, especially like Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae is a privately held company, and I tell a lot of people that call me, and I talk to them about their student loan. By them being a privately held company, they're not under the government guidelines. And so you do have a right to file bankruptcy under that because like with Wells Fargo, with Chase Bank, Sallie Mae, they all fall under...

What type... What it is is that Sallie Mae... Sallie Mae, what they were doing, they would go to the government, and they would buy student loans from the government. And then, "Okay, we're going to service these." So the government like, "Well, okay. If you service these then, you have to pay us a monthly insurance payment on these loans." See, when you took a student loan, they automatically used... But most of the time they automatically loaned you until the insurance program. And so that insurance program was for in case you default, then the insurance company pays off that loan for you. And so, like a lot of people, they don't know that.

 And if you ask for your original contract with whoever, whatever school you went to, when you signed up for Sallie Mae, if they can't produce that contract, then they should not be reported on your credit report anyway. Also, another thing that Sallie Mae does is that say, that you defaulted way back when on your loan. What they'll do to keep on the collection practices, they'll re-age your account. And so they never report the original default date. So that puts you, like you're just starting over when you actually, because of the seven year time lapse on a loan or a regular loan except for a government loan, then it should have been folding up your credit anyway. But what they do, they re-age your account so to keep the student loan on there, especially when they're not backed by the government.

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A recent question was asked in response to my post "Is Government Contracting for Your Small Business?" as to "What is the most common mistake SME's can make while dealing with the government? There are several common mistakes SME's can make while dealing with government. Here are some of the common ones:


1. Truly understanding the customer needs. Sometimes the potential customer is not clear on what they need even when the contracting officer releases the RFP or RFQ. Keep in mind the contracting officer is obtaining the specs of the opportunity from their client who may not be clear on what the needs are for the scope of work.


2. Understanding the sales cycle can take much longer than what we experience in the commercial marketplace. There are many variables that impact the decision on whether or not the contracting officer will select and engage a contractor for the work to be performed.


3. The agency may decide to perform the work in house after they have received proposals outlining the performance work plan.


4. Not requesting a debrief on why your proposal or quote was not acceptable in response to the RFP or RFQ in order to obtain lessons learned.


For additional information on government contracting assistance, plese contact our office at

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Find A Home - SearchAt any time, HomeSteps has thousands of homes available for sale in neighborhoods across the United States. These include single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and more.Search for your next home by browsing our database of homes for sale. You can search by features such as city, state, number of bedrooms, etc.Or let our Home Detective tool do the looking for you. Just plug in your selection criteriaand sit back and relax. We'll send you e-mail updates when homes matching your criteria become available. And best of all, it's free!Would you like to receive more information from HomeSteps?http://www.homesteps.comDenies R. McCoyRealtor/Home Steps
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Back To School Specail

½ Price Memberships!!

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Hello Everyone!It was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful and talented women of color on the "What's Working Now" webinar provided by the Business Women of Color Coaching Program today.Powerful and Inspirational! Many of you have reached out and I welcome the love. I invite you to sign up for my Newsletter at: http://www.sevenwindsva.netA majority of you want to know the following:How can I become a Virtual Assistant?How can I improve my Virtual Assistant business?What tools and systems can I utilize to improve my business IF I'm NOT a Virtual Assistant?I would like to learn from you Larissa, how can I go about doing that?I would love to have a mentor, are you available?I want to partner with you as my Virtual Assistant, what's the next step?For tips, news and updates I invite you to sign up for my Newsletter at http://www.sevenwindsva.netYou will have FIRST access to all of the new updates in order to help take your business and personal life to the next level. Please feel free to reserve an appointment with me through my website if I can be of further assistance.Seven Winds Virtual Assistance, LLC has many new exciting and upcoming products and services to enhance your life.Live life without limits!
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Buying a Home is a Process

Buying a home is not a spur of the moment decision. Taking time to prepare and doing the homework not only makes the process less stressful, but will make homeownership a pleasure.Getting OrganizedStart with a loose-leaf notebook and some sharpened pencils. Manilla file folders are helpful in organizing bills and other documents needed for loan applications. Having a business telephone directory on hand or access to a computer is a good idea. After making calls, record the phone numbers, contact name and a short note on the conversation in the notebook under a reference tab.Rent vs. HomeownershipFor some renting makes more sense than purchasing a home. The only way to determine this is by comparing the costs of homeownership to renting.In addition to mortgage payments (first and second mortgages) taxes and insurance (mortgage insurance and homeowner insurance) must be included in the owning a home column.The next items in the column should be utilities. For a home these include gas, oil, electricity, water, waste disposal (garbage pickup), and optional telephone and cable costs.Condominiums and Co-op FeesSome first time homebuyers decide to purchase condominiums or co-operative units because many of the utility and maintenance costs are included in the homeowners’ association (HOA) fees. Include these fees on the list and remember that all utilities may not be covered. Contact several homeowners’ associations to get an idea of what the HOA fee covers.Mortgage Credit CertificateThe Mortgage Credit Certificate program offers a federal tax credit for mortgage interest paid. Most states participate in this program. The credit can be used to increase the homeowner’s take home pay and offset the costs of owning and maintaining a home. Contact area real estate agents, state and county housing departments and employer payroll departments for information on this program. Deduct the amount of the credit from the cost of owning a home.Maintenance CostsMaintenance costs cover a wide range of items from lawnmowers to roof repair. Trees have to be pruned, lawns mowed, heating systems maintained, windows caulked in cold climates, broken pipes and windows replaced, leaky faucets repaired. Make maintenance costs an item in the homeowner column.Call local utility companies and work with a local real estate agent to establish a good estimate of these costs. Always go with the higher estimate.Home Improvement GrantsMany states and counties offer home repair and improvement grants to homeowners. Homeownership is a requirement for most of these grants. Knowing the eligible areas, property types, and grant uses will assist in determining if the grants can be useful after purchasing a home. Visit, and contact state and local housing departments for grant information.Intangible costsMortgage payments, utilities, maintenance and repairs are the tangible costs of owning a home. Intangible costs require another list that should include the following questions:Why do I want to purchase a home?Do I have enough time to maintain a home? (Not maintaining a home will decrease the property’s value.)Can I change a light bulb, mow a lawn, paint the front door, replace a lock, caulk a window, repair a faucet, trigger an electrical circuit, recognize mold or termite damage?Do I have a tool kit?Am I willing to make financial sacrifices if owning a home costs more than I am paying in rent now?What am I willing to cut back on financially to own a home?Will a major financial emergency (health, car repairs, or job loss) impact my ability to make my mortgage payment?Do I have a savings account?If I create a budget will I stick to it?If owning a home requires a lifestyle change, am I sure (as much as it is possible to be) I want to change for the long term?How often do I call my landlord to make simple repairs?The author, Yasmin Sabur, is the founding member of My Home Down Payment and, e-education businesses promoting affordable housing through mortgage down payment assistance programs for low-to-moderate income families.
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Recession? Please Women are Still Shopping!

I was dropping my sister off at work on Black Friday around Midnight. She works at Body Products Store in the Mall. We were laughing and talking on our way there, discussing how the day would unfold, since the media continuously broadcasts that people's finances are limited (or have been rebudgeted for more necessary lifestyle things!) :P We're like wow, this is probably going to be a really different Christmas for many people. We’re thinking… okay, like - No gifts, cutbacks, only buy what you need and not what you really, this is really overwhelming.. will Christmas ever be the same?? I thought I saw a black cloud hover over my truck, with red rain drops (that’s how daunting the thought was)PPPPPPaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhLEASE (please)We drive into the parking lot of the mall, it’s taped and coned off to redirect traffic, people are standing in lines wrapped around the building, drinking lattes, some in their pajamas, laughing, talking, acting in an orderly manner, spreading and exemplifying the holiday cheer… IT WAS PURE BLISS!!!You totally felt the Christmas “Shopping Spirit”. Recession? What recession? Women are still shopping, Living Life, Spending Money, and Accomodating the Lifestyle they desire to live at best.

My dear shopkeepers do not be dismayed. Life still goes on. People are still looking to connect with your business. Now let me get to paddling, cuz I see there’s a SALE up ahead! LOL! :)Toodles,Taylor DavisPublisher and Creator404-707-7728PinkPages2Go Shopping and Lifestyle Mini-Magazine GuideSpecial Rates for Debuting Issue “SalesNtheCity”
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It's what we need...Small Biz Sanity!

Hi, everyone:Wow, what a great site Sistapreneurs is! So glad I came across it. A very positive & active community--just my style!If you read my page, I run a virtual assistance practice, Right Hand Concepts--where I provide remote administrative support to small businesses via email, phone & fax. If you've got administrative tasks that you don't have the time or desire to do & would rather focus on the MEAT of running your business, let's talk! (Okay, that was my shameless plug, lol.)I'm going to link this blog post to my main blog, Small Biz Sanity. It's where you can find all types of cool, fun anecdotes, resources & tips for entrepreneurs--plus "how I did it"-type Q&As from other small business owners just like yourself ('cause if they can do it, so can you!).Feel free to visit, check it out--and don't forget to sign up for regular updates on my latest blog entries!Peace 'n blessings,Vonetta
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