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Do you need 100 Referral Partners?

If you've been in business for more than five minutes, you already know that the best way for any self-employed professional to get clients is by referral. But the process of building sufficient word of mouth to produce the number of clients you need can seem daunting. You can count on some referrals from your existing clients and people who already know you, but that's a fairly limited number. How can you start getting business referrals from people outside your circle?

Actually, a better question is how to increase the size of your circle to include more people. In order to refer you business, people need to know, like, and trust you. They want to be sure that you will take good care of the clients they send you. For that, they'd like to be better acquainted than just hearing your name.

Imagine that you had a group of 100 people who were willing to refer clients to you. Now, imagine further that this "circle of 100" were people whose own work put them in touch with your potential clients every day. Sounds ideal, doesn't it? Building a circle like this of your own may be easier than you think.

One of my clients, a graphic designer, set about doing exactly this when she first launched her business. She identified a list of people in her city who were likely to be strong referral sources, and began methodically making their acquaintance. Within a few months, she had a steady stream of new clients. Better still, since all these clients were referrals, they were usually ready to do business when they first contacted her, and required little selling on her part.

To use this approach effectively, it's not just a matter of knowing enough people. You have to know the right people. Here's how to begin:

1. Create a most-wanted list of ten occupational categories whose members are frequently in touch with the type of client you desire. For example, a graphic designer who specializes in working with small start-up businesses might choose accountants, attorneys, bankers, business coaches and consultants, business teachers, career counselors, entrepreneurship center staff, office supply vendors, printers, and secretarial services.

2. Make the acquaintance of ten people in each occupation. Seek them out, meet with them, and familiarize them with your expertise and the benefits of the service you offer. Find out more about what they do and the type of clients they serve so you can refer business to them as well.

3. When you connect with someone who seems open to sending you business referrals from time to time, you have found a referral partner. Add their name to your list. Ten people times ten occupations equals your circle of 100.

No matter what your business is, if you can define your niche, you can identify others that serve it. A marketing consultant might target web designers, copywriters, and graphic artists. A massage therapist could seek out chiropractors, acupuncturists, and yoga instructors. If you have trouble coming up with a list of occupations, ask your current clients who else they currently do business with.

When you have a specific goal like this in mind, your networking can become much more focused. As you meet new people, you'll be able to decide just from looking at the title on their business card whether following up with them should be part of your plan. Whenever you meet someone whose occupation matches one on your list, ask, "I think we might be able to refer each other clients. Can we get together and talk about that?"

Share your most-wanted list with others, and ask for introductions to people they already know. For example, if accountants are on your list, ask your clients, colleagues, and friends who their accountant is. Or if you are seeking business instructors, ask friends for the names of instructors they have taken business classes from.

When you aren't able to make enough connections through networking and your existing contacts, don't be afraid to just look them up. You can find people in almost any occupation listed in your local phone directory or on the web. If you approach them as a colleague and express your desire for the two of you to help each other be more successful, you'll find many people willing to get better acquainted.

Regardless of how you first get in touch, some of the people you talk to won't be receptive to getting to know you better or the idea of referring each other business. That's okay. You only need ten names for each occupation, and there are plenty of people to choose from. Just move on to the next possibility.

Also, don't be concerned if you fear that you won't have any business referrals to give the people you're talking to. Neither of you are making a promise to send each other clients; you are simply expanding your circles to increase the likelihood of that happening. As you get to know more people in your niche, it's quite likely that you will find yourself making referrals more often.

One of the most useful elements of this strategy is that it is both simple and systematic. All you have to do is look at your most-wanted list, and you'll know right away what needs to be done next. Do you need to add more occupations, or do you need more new names in any group to reach your total of 100? Just follow the suggestions above until you get there.

Once you have 100 names listed, you can change your tactics from getting acquainted to following up. Stay in touch with everyone on your list at least once per quarter. With only 100 names, you should be able to do that easily.

Over time, you may find that some of the people in your circle aren't particularly good referral sources. That's to be expected. The reason you want so many names to start with is that only a few of them will consistently refer. You can always add more names later to replace some of the people who don't seem as helpful. It's likely, though, that just a few steady referral partners will be more than enough to keep you busy.

Become a referral partner today! Register your business in our directory it's simple and free

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Let's Create a New Black History Legacy!

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As the official Black History Month winds down today, February 28, 2009, what can each one of us do to keep it alive… everyday of the year? Black people continue to invent and create wonderful products and services that improve the lives of many. I applaud Tom Joyner for his “little known Black history facts” segment of his show, which highlights past and present creativity and innovations. Due to circumstances beyond our control many of our achievements are buried in archives or hidden within the pages of our children’s history books.Look at all of the major corporations who ran commercials that gave praise to the accomplishments of Black inventors for mechanical devices that improved the industrial age to help make shoes, the clock auto parts and the traffic light to name a few. Why do they only give these kinds of accolades during the month of February?Sometimes I am offended by the commercials of some of these major corporations which target Black consumers, because it is all about getting us to spend our money at their retail establishment. Especially when they are geared towards our youth. Does it have to be Hip Hop, Rap or a bad attempt at Street Slang to get our attention? They think just by getting Black people to do the voices or act in their commercials is a big honor to our people. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that a Black actor is getting paid, but sometimes when the commercial content is somewhat derogatory, shouldn’t they just say NO?Well anyway, I constantly search for Black businesses to patronize, before I buy certain products or services. I truly believe that if we all as a people actually take a look at other so called minority groups, we can see what has worked for them to accomplish more as a race than as individuals. For example, look at the Jewish people, almost wiped out during World War II and the Holocaust. They came to the U.S. and banded together, doing business with each other, employing each other, buying from each other and within a few generations are still one of the smallest ethnic groups, but have a very large segment of the wealth in this country.Similar story for Asians, who set up shops in Black neighborhoods to fill a void after a lot of our businesses closed when the strip malls, and eventually the mega malls were built in the burbs. They opened corner stores, convenience stores, nail salons, beauty supply stores, take-out joints and restaurants in our neighborhoods. They take that money back to their neighborhoods; spend it with other Asians back in their community.Like I said in the beginning of this blog, Black people continue to invent and create products and services. Why aren’t we seeking them out to patronize them? I don’t like the excuse the customer service is bad or we are like “crabs in a barrel” anymore. These excuses are no longer valid when we have a Black man as President of these United States! So my question to you right now is…. Why are we making every other community “rich”, except our own?Much praise to Michael Baisden for having the weekly segment on his show so that entrepreneurs can call in and tell his audience about their businesses. But is this enough? It is a huge benefit but I don’t think it is enough. I can’t remember who these businesses are or where to find them after I hear the show, because I am usually driving. Try to make a mental note so I can write it down when I get to a place to stop.That is why I feel a national Black Business directory is so badly needed. One marketplace listing Black businesses from around the country. I told you a few weeks ago that TAG TEAM Marketing was launching their Black Business Network 4.0. Well it is up and running full steam right now. So what makes this directory so different than previous online directories that have popped up and then disappeared over the years in many cities like Orlando, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles? Here are my top 10 reasons to check out TAG TEAM’s Black Business Network 4.0!1) This Black Business Network is backed by two Black self-made, millionaires who saw the need to have one unified marketplace to promote Black Businesses. Also supported by legendary entrepreneur George Fraser, the creator of FraserNet, the worlds #1 network for Black professionals. George has been named "Black America's #1 Networker" by Black Enterprise Magazine and Upscale magazine called him one of the "Top 50 Power Brokers in Black America". George is passionate about inspiring Black people to make change and reach for the stars and is a member of TAG TEAM’s Black Business Network.2) Members of TAG TEAM’s Black Business Network have many benefits that other online communities can’t offer like, training, seminars and over 22,000 Black members of the TAG TEAM online community who are already committed to buying the products/services of Black Businesses3) TAG TEAM also hosts live networking events where Black Business Network members meet, exchange and do business together. Members get to speak on stage and promote their products and/or services to the entire audience. .4) Vending is a fantastic way to generate instant sales and revenues for Black business owners at the live events where members can set up vending tables and sell their products to the attendees (even if you don’t live in Atlanta.)5) Members of the Black Business Network who become "Wholesalers" can have their products listed for sale in the Buy Black Today online store where they can be purchased immediately by Black consumers. 24/76) Video commercials are a powerful way to get people to know about your company, products, services and/or opportunity.7) The Black Business Expansion Club is an educational organization made up of Black people who want to learn how to expand their businesses. Expansion Club members have access to en extensive online library of training seminars, articles, information and resources.8) TAG TEAM Marketing International has a Buy Black Today retail store. The store features products from Black Business Network members all over the world.9) As a "Wholesaler" in the Black Business Network, your products can be displayed in the Buy Black Today retail store. By having your product for sale in the store, customers that visit the store or attend Atlanta TAG TEAM events, can see and purchase your products.10) TAG TEAM Marketing builds and maintains the Black Star Marketing Team. The team is made up of positive, Black people all over the United States who earn money by selling the products and services of Black Business Network members to Black consumers. New members are constantly joining the team and going to work as well.So, if you are in Atlanta, you can attend the weekly Black Business Networking Socials (Saturdays, 7pm-10pm) to network and shop with Black business people, socialize, have fun, meet and hear from Black businesses owners. The price of admission is free, but you must be a member of TAG TEAM Marketing to attend (can join free at door or online). Business attire is required.If you are not in Atlanta, join the online community to get weekly updates on future online broadcasts of seminars, training events and club meetings. Either way you can find out more about the TAG TEAM Movement and how you can get involved at TEAM is preparing to send press releases about the new Black Business Network to Black newspapers, media outlets and consumers all over the world. This will generate lots of additional traffic to the Black Business Network Directory’s website.Visit and LIST YOUR BUSINESS NOW, before the press releases is sent out, so that your business can be seen by all the new visitors.Don’t forget to tell them that Darlene Robinson from Orlando invited you.Darlene RobinsonIndependent MarketerTAG TEAM Marketing, Inc.Buy From Black-owned Businesses Black Business Owners Strategies for Black People Business Opportunity Business Training
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Recession? Please Women are Still Shopping!

I was dropping my sister off at work on Black Friday around Midnight. She works at Body Products Store in the Mall. We were laughing and talking on our way there, discussing how the day would unfold, since the media continuously broadcasts that people's finances are limited (or have been rebudgeted for more necessary lifestyle things!) :P We're like wow, this is probably going to be a really different Christmas for many people. We’re thinking… okay, like - No gifts, cutbacks, only buy what you need and not what you really, this is really overwhelming.. will Christmas ever be the same?? I thought I saw a black cloud hover over my truck, with red rain drops (that’s how daunting the thought was)PPPPPPaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhLEASE (please)We drive into the parking lot of the mall, it’s taped and coned off to redirect traffic, people are standing in lines wrapped around the building, drinking lattes, some in their pajamas, laughing, talking, acting in an orderly manner, spreading and exemplifying the holiday cheer… IT WAS PURE BLISS!!!You totally felt the Christmas “Shopping Spirit”. Recession? What recession? Women are still shopping, Living Life, Spending Money, and Accomodating the Lifestyle they desire to live at best.

My dear shopkeepers do not be dismayed. Life still goes on. People are still looking to connect with your business. Now let me get to paddling, cuz I see there’s a SALE up ahead! LOL! :)Toodles,Taylor DavisPublisher and Creator404-707-7728PinkPages2Go Shopping and Lifestyle Mini-Magazine GuideSpecial Rates for Debuting Issue “SalesNtheCity”
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In an effort to help Black Business Owners effectively promote their businesses to consumers the in partnership with the has recently launched the Black Business Search -

The Black Business Search directory is an online business directory that has a main purpose to bring Black business owners and consumers together.

Click Here To add your business for free!

**Please note you must have a web site in order for your listing to be considered.

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