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Your Ning Page Done Your Way

Did you know you can change the order of the content on your personal Ning page? I'm sure many of you do, but one thing that I've noticed is that a lot of pages I visit keep the content in the order that Ning provides.

When you first join a Ning network, you are given a standard personal page, but you are not restricted to displaying your content in this order. With a little bit of tweeking to your personal Ning page, you can more-effectively show who you are and what you do.

After you have selected a color theme/background and added your photo/image, it is important that you rearrange your content so visitors can immediately see you. Ning breaks up the content into categories such as "Latest Activity," "Comment Wall," and "Profile Information." Your Profile Information box contains all the important information about who you are -- your company name, website, bio, and links to connect on social media sites. Ning places this section near the bottom of your page, but this information should be at or near the top. It should be one of the first things your visitors see.

If you are blogging on your Ning network, your blog section should also be near the top of your page. I like mine under my profile.

In addition to these two sections, it is a good idea to add sections with your photos and/or videos.

Ning has a link in the left column for "+ Apps." These are various applications you can add to your page to make it more interactive. The app called "My Text Box" allows you to add extra sections to your page to include customized content. You can include more photos, video, widgets, etc. HTML is allowed. Type "my text box" into the search box to locate this app. On my page, I've used this app to add a banner linked to my website and a short description about myself, and I've placed this section first on my page above my profile information and photos.

I choose to put the "Latest Activity" and "Gifts Received" sections at the very bottom of my page below the comments, but you may prefer to have it in a different position on your page.

There are many ways to configure your personal Ning page. Do restrict yourself to what you've been given. I hope that this post is beneficial in helping you to organize your Ning page.

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Contest - Giveaway!

Good morning Divas, I'm giving away 3 fabulous prizes to enhance your image:

1 - Custom Twitter background Design (personal or business)

2 - Custom Facebook Welcome Page for your Business Fan Page

3 - 5 Page Website to Help you get your Business Online and out to the world

All you have to do to enter is become a Facebook Fan and add a comment - "Enter Me" - That's it!

Contest will run through midnight (CST) June 18, 2010. I will notify the winners, Monday June 21st.

Thank you and Good luck,

Bianca King

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Build Your Mailing List for Free!

Ok, so you want to build your business online, but you need a base to advertise to. The best way to build your mailing list with "OPT-IN" subscribers. (People who agree to receive emails from you). Is by having a lead capture page. A lead capture page, also known as a SQUEEZE PAGE is a page that basically collects the visitor's name, email address, and whatever else you may request. Now don't think that people will just give you their info for nothing. People today wisely are careful about who they give their information to.So how do you get them to give you their contact info and agree to join your mailing list?????Having a great offer that your subscriber just must have is the final piece of the puzzle. You need it to be something of value that leaves them drooling. This can be a piece of software, an instructional video, an email series or an ebook. The key is that it must be something that your visitor will feel they must have. Now they have a reason to give you permission to email them. More importantly, you have given them something of value. This will help you start the relationship.Ok, so now you know how to get them to give you their info, but where's your page? Luckily there is FREE software available that will help you with that part too. It's called Instant Sqeeze Page Generator. This program has templates, Graphics and EASY instructions on what to do. Its basically a WHYSWYG (What you see is what you get) program. You just type in what you want the page to say, edit the appearance like you would in WORD, and the program spits it out in web page form. Best of all, Instant Squeeze Page Generator, ISPG, offers you a wide selection of gifts that you may offer to your subscribers. They host the gifts, they handle the download. You only need to add a link to one of their pages for your subscribers to be able to download the gift. ISPG handles everything for you. They give you the proven template, host your page, offer the gift and handle the download all from a simple point and click interface. They can even host the page for you if you need that!All you need to do is create your page with their point and click process and get visitor’s to it. They do every thing else. All for the absolute best price -$0-. Start getting your subscribers today and watch your income soar.Get Your copy of Instant Squeeze Page Generator HereHave a great day.Tsmart78P.S. There isn’t an easier or cheaper way to get subscribers than what ISPG offers. What are you waiting for?Get Your copy of Instant Squeeze Page Generator Here-------Get free Traffic to your site with HITS2U--
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If you are spending more time on social networking sites and not seeing enough results, this series of blogs and my upcoming ebook is for you!(c) 2008 Hits A Million, LLC all rights reserved. Please do hit the "share button" to send or email this to your friends but only I can copy and paste this.First impressions matter!! It's hard to overcome a first impression! People will quickly sum up their impression of you in less than 7 seconds. First impressions also stick. You will be quickly labeled, good or bad: Oh yeah, that's the girl or guy who had _______ on his profile. Or a visitor to your page might even forget your profile! You want exposure! You want people to talk about you! You want people to tell others about you!How do you do that? Give people an experience when they come to your page! They will stay longer. They will tell their friends to check out your profile. They will tell others to listen to your music if your music is available and something that they like. They will offer to collaborate with you if they are in the music business. They will ask you questions and the like. In other words, your visitors will become fans of you and your music. To do that you have to make the most of your profile.But many people believe that merely joining a social networking site is the magic key to winning and getting noticed on social networking sites. It isn't. Putting up several profiles on various networks will make you more googleable. You do want/have to be googleable!However, you will only be googleable if someone simply searches for your name in Google. You want people to be able to find you by searching other generic terms like "music artist" "recording artist" and the like. Additionally, people will find YOU only if your name is distinguishable enough. I'll talk about that more in a later blog. But you want to set up GREAT profiles on the social networking sites that you’re on.And when visitors get to your profile, what do they see?No profile pic.No activity.Hardly any comments.For musicians, a music player up with no music (which makes NO sense).For musicians, music that is not goodNo professional looking pictureLittle or no friendsFor musicians, nothing showing people like your musicNo insight into who you are through blogs, pictures, or videosNothing showing you value personal/professional development such as professional affiliations with PROs, groups, and the likeNothing showing you like peopleNothing demonstrating that you want people to talk to youNo graphics whatsoeverAn ugly backgroundOr here's the overboard king/queen:Too many gadgets on your pageToo many pictures of yourself that all look alike, e.g. all head shotsMaking all 5 of your music players and your videos auto play.An about me page with toooooo many paragraphs about yourself on it.Profile colors which make the words on your profile unreadable.These are mistakes because again first impressions matter, because you want to engage people, you want people to want to engage you, you want repeat visitors, you want referrals, you want respect in the industry, and you want to appear professional yet approachable. Having nothing up on your profile won’t cause repeat visitors. Having too much on your profile won’t make visitors stay because it takes forever to load your profile page. Make your profile interesting. With all of the great things out now that you can simply copy and paste, there’s no excuse for a boring profile. Just don’t overdo the bling!Continue reading my other blog posts on this topic and get ready for my upcoming ebook on attracting people to your profile page.
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