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Hello JMCC Community, ( )

Our multi cultural neighbors are bringing new business and opportunities to the global community.

Here is a company I reported on in July 2013 and they are growing.

Liftago has been just launched in Czech and Slovak markets. It is positioning to enter other countries. Coming to America!!!

Liftago Making Ordering a Taxi Hassel free click here to learn more about Liftago Taxi, you can sign up for updates

Liftago strives to make urban transportation hassle-free. Liftago Taxi simply makes taxi ordering and taking taxis hassle-free.

It helps passengers avoid wait times, uncertainty, price concerns, and other issues. It gives them access to the best taxi according to their immediate needs.

Whether they prefer a lower price, the rating of a driver, or are in a rush, with a tap of a button Liftago offers them the best available taxi around.

Last but not least, the app is free


In July 2013, we introduced our first service: Liftago Taxi.

It is a mobile application service directly connecting passengers (with the Liftago Taxi app) and taxi drivers (with the Liftago Driver app) to offer a timely, more reliable, and convenient taxi service.

Liftago Taxi is making the taxi business a more transparent marketplace. This enables passengers to reduce wait times, costs, or even unpleasant surprises.

It also helps honest taxi drivers provide a better taxi service and make the most out of their business.

We work hard to create the ultimate value for urban citizens by striving for transportation without the hassle, by eliminating countless hours lost in heavy traffic, and by lessening the environmental impact of an unnecessarily huge number of cars flooding our cities.

The Liftago service was born from the belief that people have more important things to think about than to fume over traffic issues.

Can you imagine how all the ups and downs of our current transportation are affecting us and the people around us?

Getting the right transport should be a matter of seconds and the service itself should be a pleasure. click here to learn more about Liftago Taxi, you can sign up for updates

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Hello Community, I am always on the lookout for cutting edge companies entering high dollar industries that offer the general public low dollar access.

My Fun Life is one of those companies!!

for info go to

My Fun Life is one of those companies!!

1. Downloadable app for travel

2. Low cost membership with discounts on travel

3. International

4. Great compensation

Here is a review provided one of the online business researchers.


My Fun Life Review: What Is It? is a new phone/tablet app in the 6 trillion dollar travel industry. The app allows you to book discount vacations right from their phones. While I’m sure that the big travel providers like Expedia and Travelocity also have apps, My Fun Life is the only one that I’m aware of that provides an income opportunity.

The My Fun Life Income Opportunity As of now, the business costs just $21 per month (so I expect that a lot of people will sign up because the price is so cheap)


Join, Travel, Get Paid

for info go to

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What happen to the cellphone?!

What happen to the cellphone?!
Rickey Johnson, Juniques MultiCultural Connections

Hello Community,

As I watch people enter the home base business market, it occurred to me, one area of
business development should be important. Staying relevant.

Remember the cellphone popularity? How it appeared to be a major communication leap?
How it seemed to be the most advanced communication event that could happen?
How it would be here for years to come.
How it created new businesses and close others?

Technology really advances quickly. Many times that advancement obsolete earlier advancement.
The communication device that is falling into that reality, is the cellphone.

Remember, how it exciting it was to have this electronic equipment that send and receive a
telephone call, while you were mobile. Where you could be reached "by phone" anywhere in the country!!!

The cellphone, put the cord and cordless phone to "shame". Now, you can find a telephone, but you will have to search for it, yes, cord and cordless phones are a rarity.

Oh yes,The cellphone, in its communication advancement, obsoleted the pager. The electronic device that allowed you to receive a tone to "tell" you had a phone message, then it advanced to be able to "show' the number calling.
WOW!!! All had to do was find a phone!!!!

Now, the mobile phone i.e cellphone is about to experience that same communication progression.
the cord, cordless phone and pager did.

Soon you will be hard pressed to find just a celluar mobile device. The Mobile device is
has arrived in "full force".

The Mobile Device is here to stay. This handheld device that has an operating system and
can use computer program applications. Why it even comes with wi-fi, bluetooth and GPS capablilty, a camera, media player, and a storage battery, that allows the user to be mobile.

Mobile Computers!!!!! That is are communication progression.

The impact is being felt in any industry that relies on just providing send/receive communication service. Any company who's "strength" is providing send/receive service, will be challenged to
stay "consumer-able".

I suspect, mobile devices will obsolete many of the communication devices we thought we be around for

The communication consumer is being accustomed to being able to not only send and receive voice calls, but, audio/visual communications, i.e videos. To have a device that can "run" computer programs. To have communications delivered mobilely and "on-demand".

So keep this progress in mind as you build your business. Stay mindful of industry advancements.
Position yourself so you do not become "obsolete" when a progression in a industry could be
your opportunity or your demise.

Reminds of this song, Enjoy

Everything Must Change Lyrics
Nina Simone

Everything must change
Nothing stays the same
Everyone will change
No one, no one stays the same

The young become the old
And mysteries do unfold
For that's the way of time
No one, and nothing goes unchanged

There are not many things in life one can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Winter turns to spring
A wounded heart will heal
Oh, but never much too soon
No one, and nothing goes unchanged

The young become the old
And mysteries do unfold
For that's the way of time
No one, and nothing stays unchanged

There are not many things in life one can be sure of
Except rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Rain comes from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds fly

Everything must change

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READY       SET       GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The foot  race has begun for 2011. Are you prepared? Have you updated your business plan even if its just a bullet list of what your goals are for 2011.

All indications are that the new year will continue the major changes in the way people do business on and off line. Have you thought though what it will take to accomplish your goals? What are the major pieces and players you have to put in place? How will you subdivide these major pieces into doable tasks?


IN 2010  60 million people in the US accessed the web through mobile devices. Are your websites and blogs  mobile ready? The web has shortened our attention span many will not scroll around to view you site. THEY WILL JUST LEAVE. Which costs you money.


Think about what you have to do to prepare for 2011 and stay flexible.


Have a happy and Blessed New Year.

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Mobile Marketing - Next Phenomenon

Mobile Marketing is the next big trend. It's the revolutionary technology created by the same people that brought you the web famous Traffic Geyser.

It's completly automated. It was created to save time & effort and automate all systems we use to connect with our contacts.

Are You Ready?????


  • Capture Leads?
  • Dial Prospects?
  • Leave Voicemails?
  • Send Mobile Texts?
  • Send Follow-Up Emails?
  • Generate New Customers?

This Marketing tool is going to be huge with so many people having access to cellphones and also set you apart from those who are only using email marketing as their strategy.

Well worth the investment:)


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How to relax on a tight budget

How to relax on a tight budgetWe all need a break away from all the stress at work and not to mention the husband and kids. Being a mom, wife, cook, driver, gardener, cleaners, maid and don’t forget being a business professional is hard work and you need time to relax. You must take time for your self. When you are taking time for yourself you become a better mom, wife, and friend.When you are on a tight budget it’s hard to find $100 just to blow on fun with friends, but this cannot be an excuse. You have to strive to budget $150.00 a month for you to relax and not for your family fun time. Don’t make any excuses like little Johnny needs extra lunch money for the week or my husband needs a new briefcase. Let your husband use that same briefcase until there’s a holiday or when you need a birthday gift to buy. Making excuses is the beginning of your failure to meet the goal of relaxation.Being a mom we are nurturers by design and we always put our self last. For one day a month we have to push that aside and think of ourselves. Explain to your husband and family that you will be taking some me time out for your self each month. Also explain to hubby that negotiated in this agreement is that the kids and the house are his responsibility for the day. Now ladies, let me prep you on line of defense number one that will surely come from your husband. He will say, there’s no way I can make it without you. It may not be in those exact words but it will be in some derivative of it. You rebuttal should be to simply tell him that he will also be getting something out of it. You will become a much better person to be around.Taking time out for your self can be cheap. A few things you can do are:1) Get a 30min. massage. Massages are my favorite as they are a great stress reliever. You can also catch up on old times by having a friend join you for the massage. You can create friends night out spa party and invite all of your friends.2) Go to the park and feed the birds and fish for free, assuming that you already have the bread at home. Just being by your self can relieve a lot of stress.3) Take a drive around the town to clear your mind.4) Get a gym membership which runs you about $30 a month. Look out for specials here in Nashville where you can join for $1.00. Working out at your local gym is a great way to trim up and relax.These are just a few ideas that could help you stay healthy and have a balanced life. It’s imperative that you take time for your self. If nothing else lock your self in your room with a huge bowl of fruit and your favorite movie or book.Author Erica Johnson is a mother and wife that focuses on healing the body mind and soul. She is the owner of three business in Nashville, TN. Pampered Luxury Mobile Spa, Young Leaders Preschool and Warm Spirit. She is a business expert and her goal is to see women succeed. She helps mothers with taking care of themselves by helping them learn how to relax and achieve overall wellness. If you would like to contact Erica Johnson please contact her at
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THE GOALIt’s like reaching for something far away. If you keep on reaching and running without stopping, you will obtain what you are reaching for. Persevering, not quitting, but going after it with all your might, as though you have to have it; that’s the driving force. Don’t look at time as a barrier. Look at it this way, the years are going to pass anyway, so why not accomplish what you wish.The battle starts in your mind, that’s where it is. It is a war between your spirit and your mind. (Your mind being your common sense) Once your mind is working in cooperation with your spirit, the struggle ceases.It is almost like going down a long tunnel. You don’t see anything on your right or on your left. You only focus on what’s straight ahead.You are determined to get to the end of the tunnel because at the end of the tunnel the light appears. The sun looks like the dawning of a new day, with new opportunities. Nothing distracts you; you are staying on course.The word procrastination is not a part of your vocabulary. Most of the time that is the problem, people don’t act. Whatever needs to be done should be completed and taken care of in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, it should be done before the required time to make sure there are no slip-ups.Some people would say, “I’ll start when the kids grow-up, or when I attain a certain amount of money”. “I’m too old, or I will wait 2,5,10 years from now”. Well, those years are going to come and go and then you will think about the things that you could have accomplished but didn’t. Why not look back and be able to say you have attained your goal and dream.Another way is to go at it one day at a time. Instead of looking at it as a long haul, look at it as taking little leaps. You will be surprised at how, in time, you will be closer to your goal.You must understand that no one else controls your destiny. A lot of times people confide in others and ask their opinion on what they should do. The person or persons they confide in may not have any ambition to succeed, and jealousy steps in. They discourage and cause them to remain immobile. Stay away from those types of people. As soon as discouragement is thrown at you, throw it back. Don’t allow it to seep into your thinking and bring back the battle in your mind.Success is determined by your actions not anyone else’s.Brenda Farrar-Ejemai(c) 978-1-58909-485-7No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without permission of the publisher.
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