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ShawnKCure - (

Improving your look with Laser application and Permanent makeup.

Using a, holistic, approach to obtaining, retaining,  maximum physical beauty enhancements with the latest laser technology and permanent makeup, the ShawnK Cure can assist you in keeping a great look.


The ShawnKCure is an mental attitude conditioning  and physical science combined to create the most optimum beauty enhancements.

Consultation is required to assertain if a client has certain skin conditions, health irregularities, and medications usage, that can impact whether it is safe for a person to receive a light based physical enhancement treatments.


Consultation will allow the identifying of which  current health applications and technology should be used to allow the most effective results.

Get a monthly membership and save hundreds of dollars.



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Hello? Is it you we're looking for?

If you have a stellar product or service you would like featured in a specialized guide, please join Suite369 on Tuesday, June 20th at 12pm EST for a quick information session. If you can't attend the call live, please register so that you may receive the replay. There will be a drawing amongst live participants... Register here:

Event planners, personal chefs, caterers, bakers, confectioners, tutors, children's book authors, clothing lines & boutiques, vintage retailers, costumers, stylists (hair/wardrobe), make up artists, life/business coaches, photographers, videographers, venue owners, bartenders, novelty item retailers... << this includes you and more.

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LoLade' Cosmetics are here!!!

Glamified Boutique searched high and low to find a healthy, professional grade cosmetic line that we would be proud to offer our customers. We we're very pleased to find that LoLade' Pro Cosmetics' color line not only creates a flawless look, but also has beneficial ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E, antioxidants and shea butter. It's also nice to know that every product is produced using scientific and dermatological research and is in accordance with industry standards.


We're kicking off the launch with three of their most popular products:



LoLade' Pro Finish Creme Foundation

For full, velvety coverage, try our new Creme Foundation. This blendable formula is easy to use all over the face or perfect for touch-ups on problem areas.



LoLade Pure Mineral Pigment

Pure pigments, never diluted just intense pigment powder. Use as eyeshadow or apply with "trans-fix" and use as a liquid eyeliner. Apply on top of lips with gloss skin tone shades, use on t-zone, cheeks, temples,or shoulders for a luminous glow.



LoLade' LipSlick

This lipstick and lipgloss in one is formulated to give extreme shine and bold color with a stay put application - long lasting - fragrance free and Paraben free with Vitamin E added. LipSlick lipgloss stays on long and retains it's color.


To see the different shades available visit and check out our Cosmetics department.  While there also make sure to check out our affordable fashion jewelry, nail polish, and hair accessories!

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Business Opportunity Available

Business Opportunity Available

Looking for salons or retailers, who want to upgrade their products & increase revenue?  WB-Peter Lamas Beauty Products has all natural or organic products that are ideal for your customers. Also, receive 25% Sales Commissions & 35% Referral Commissions.  Plus, Free Hotel or Cruise & Airfare Benefits for you and your customers.

This also a great way for anyone to make $…

View the following video…


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Alicia Keys Makeover

A few months ago I was working on updating my portfolio with Fortune Hair Design to build our brand. We gather up a few models plus a photographer and venture out to New Jersey for a photo shoot. What an amazing project. The models were well prepared to work the camera; each model had their own unique style. After the second model makeup/hair was completed we realize she look just like Alicia Keys. Amanda look blew us away. Awesome! I had to share this information with my readers check out Alicia Keys look a like makeover…

DSC00068%5B1%5D.jpgProducts use to create this look:
Flori Roberts Cream to Powder Foundation (Amber)
Black Eyeliner
Black Eye shadow
Light Bronze Concealer
Dark Bronzing Powder
Nude Lip Gloss

Thanks to everyone that participated in this project, we appreciate it!

Feel free to stop by my online beauty store to create this look. Don't forget to leave a comment. Until next time...Have a wonderful day!

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Welcome to my new blog column "Oh No They Didn't". I'll be using this post to discuss some of the most scandelous topics that I come across. I actually got the idea from the topic I actually am going to cover in this post.
I was at my job "kicking the shits" with a few of my co-workers. We were doing our usual, comparing interesting stories on the internet. We would always try to find a story that would get the biggest response, or should I say that they would present me with stories that hopefully I would find interesting enough to write and rant about. Often I would find something interesting but I felt as if I didn't have the outlet to do so.
One day though I saw something that made me say "Oh no they didn't!!!" and voila! One of my co-workers decided that I should have a segment of my blog dedicated to the "Oh no they didn't"s in the world. SO here it is.
My topic..."Martin Loofah King"

No my spell check didn't fail you.
For less than $20.00 you can purchase the Martin Loofah King exfoliating glove. I thoought that this was a joke, but some IDIOT named Shed Simove who goes by the alias Idea Man decided to disrespect one of the founders of the civil rights movement by putting his face on a gag gift. After researching the Ideas Man website I discovered the other tastless items he had online which range from The Butt Plug and the Cock A Doodle Pad.


Contest Extended!!!!!
I have decided to extend my contest until October 15th!!!

That means you have even more time to win!!!!

Contest Rules and Qualifications!!!!

It's that time of year again!!!

Contest start date 09/25/10

Contest end date 09/31/10

What you can win

1st prize

ICSY Beautiful shirt and bag

Mary Kay sample pack

$25 visa gift card

2nd prize

ICSY Beautiful shirt

50 % off coupon for

$10 visa gift card

3rd prize

Mary Kay sample pack

Gift Certificate for

Everyone wins though...all followers will receive a suprise gift from me Mz. Know It All

How to win

Subscribe to my blog between the contest dates...thats all.

I will randomly choose one winner and winners will be announced via email!

Don't miss out on your chance to win!!!

Have you seen Mary Kay's new fall line?

Check out the Metro Chic collection today!!!!!






Visit the link below to see the new catalog.

Get linked in with the latest urban news!!!
Visit to get the latest scoop delivered directly to your inbox!!!!!
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Ready to look beautiful with looking made up...well, Youngevity is for you. Wtih its' large array and selection you are sure to find your shade that matches your uniqueness. Youngevity is for those women who still want to make a statment without being over stated, being soft and natural for those special occasions. Visit and see what we have to offer

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Black Women Can Grow Long Hair

The Long Hard Road

Do you agree with the statement that black women are obsessed with hair? Is this so-called obession the reason why the industry makes billions? If not then...what is it? I believe that black women instinctively know that our hair can grow, and it does not always have to be genetics. We don't know how to take care of our hair or know what to use on our hair to get it to grow. The practice that

2797-sedu%5B1%5D.jpg black people use to do especially women and little girls was wash our hair once a month. Because most of us, during those times were getting our hair pressed/hot combed, and that was once a month. We should paractice keeping our hair cleaner. Women with natural hair can wash twice a week. Women with relaxed should wash their hair once a week. After we would get our hair pressed/hotcombed then we would slather our hair with grease. Grease is a lubricant not a moisturizer it prevents moisture from entering into the hair shaft, thus making our hair dry even after using grease. We mis-take delicate hair for nappy or bad is neither one, it is just dry, and when we comb or brush it; it snaps and breaks (you can actually hear it). Black hair grows out in a coil, it has to go thru seven layers of scalp, because the scalp is so thick it causes it to coil. If you want your hair to grow with a more straighter texture you would have to shave your head and scrape your scalp. I have never known anyone personally that has done this procedure, but it is very true. Since most of us are not going to go thru the process of having our scalps scraped we have to learn how to take care of our hair to make it thrive and grow.

One of the first steps is using the right products. The prodcuts you use on your hair should be as natural as you can get them. I just read an article recently that most shampoos are nothing but detergent and chemicals that strips our hair of much needed moisture. The shampoo should have more plant based ingredients that helps the hair by relaxing it and making it soft.

149.JPGAnother step to getting your hair to grow is to use more protective hair styles...meaning more up hairdos (visit she has nice hair accessories for your hair for up-dos) if you have long hair or short hair cover your hair with a cute stylish hair coverings. You will be suprised at how well this protecitve process works for your hair. Before going to bed at night you should stroke your hair with a natural hair brush and tie it up with a silk cap. Do not retire to bed without tying your hair this is so damageing and drying to the hair. During the day for long or short hair you should wear a stylish covering on the hair or up-dos to protect it from being damaged by the element's of nature such as wind, cold weather, and the sun. Try not to wear your hair down because when you do this it causes you to comb your hair too often. This tugging and pulling on the hair is not good for try to wear the hair covered or more in up-dos. I am speaking to women who have natural or relaxed hair you both can use the same process to get your hair under control.

I know that I keep saying this over and over and over again...Moisture, Moisture, Moisture our hair need Moisture. Our hair has to be infused with Moisture. It also needs to be groomed and conditioned with natural grooming comb and brushed day and night. Plastic combs and bushes should not be the grooming tools of choice. We should spend time and money on ourselves,


because we deserve the best, to look and feel our best from head to toe. If you would like to purchase your natural comb and brush visit and order yours today. Please leave a comment.

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Tis' the season to get married, and many brides are gearing up for their perfect day. You have the dress, the caterer, the flowers and the perfect man, but do you have your BBF (bride's best friend)? Yes, finding the makeup artist is always a difficult task because you want to look absolutely perfect on your special day. Rightly so! Finding the right makeup artist is trial and error, and it may take some time to find someone who gets your vision. But the effort is so worth it. Don't risk it by waiting until the last minute either. I'm sure you have a friend who can "do makeup," but bridal makeup is very different from everyday makeup and should be done to your liking. You should just be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your moment.
Here are some tips on finding your BBF:

1. Go through some magazines and collect at least three looks you may want to try for your wedding. Make sure it's a classic look that you will admire when you look back in 30 years -- nothing trendy and nothing over the top. You want to look like you but better.

2. Take a picture of your dress and your bridesmaids' dresses so you have a canvas to work from. Your dress may have a colored sash or beading that's important for the makeup artist to see.

3. At the trial, be vocal and tell the makeup artist what you like and don't like. She is there to make you feel like the stunning bride you will be. Make sure she tells you what products she's using. Should you decide to book her, make sure it's at least two hours before your big "I do" moment. You don't want to feel rushed and must allow time for other important things like getting into your dress!

This is your big day and you want to look your best. Take your time and find someone who wants the same for you! Feel free to visit my online makeup portfolio to check out my bridal work!

Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time have a wonderful day!

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A rich, classic, brown shade. Women

with very dark complexions appreciate its

balanced undertones.

*Code # : 161012



For darker skin tones that have more

blue and red undertones.This is our second

darkest shade available.

*Code # : 161010


Vibrant ™

A warm chocolate created specifically

for african-american skin tones.

*Code # : 161020



A classic espresso for the

darkest complexions.

*Code # : 161007



A classic latté tone that primarily accentuates red

undertones in African-American skin.

*Code # : 161006



A more pink shade for light-medium skin tones.

*Code # : 161008



A pink-undertone shade created for the

very lightest of complexions.

*Code # : 161000



A neutral shade for light complexions.

*Code # : 161001



A classic neutral shade

for medium-light complexions.

*Code # : 161002



Perfect for most Caucasians who maintain a tan,

this foundation has a warm bronze base

with complementing red tones.

*Code # : 161009



A medium-dark tone for Latin, Indian,

African-American, Filipino, and Southeast

Asian women that have some pink tones in their skin.

*Code # : 161004

Need help determining your foundation shade? Try our Sample Towers


For lighter skin tones,

order the Sample Tower™ Light to Medium

*Code # : 163050LM


For darker skin tones,

order the Sample Tower™ Medium to Dark

*Code # : 163050MD

We have more foundations available, includinbg customer blends. Go here.

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The Bare Mineral

Many women with dark ethnic skin tones have been concerned about their skin turning ashy when they use mineral cosmetics. This has been expressed to me on more than one occasion so I decided it was probably time to explain exactly why this happens with some mineral makeup, but not with all minerals. Many also insist it is linked totally to the use of Titanium Dioxide in the products. This is only true to a degree.

Titanium Dioxide, when used in high concentrations, can cause an ashy appearance to dark skin since it is considered a pigment for lightening shades. It also has excellent light refracting properties only surpassed by diamonds, giving a brighter appearance to the face. However, not all minerals use this ingredient in high concentrations even if you see it as the first ingredient on the list. It may only be at a 5-25% concentration in the overall formula. If an ingredient list is primarily Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides and Mica, odds are this would be a formula that can cause considerable problems for turning dark skin gray or ashy.

A high quality blend of minerals and / or botanicals should readily melt with any skin tone if the ratios are put into proper proportion and Titanium is utilized more as a sunscreen component rather than a pigment for changing depth of shades. Different mineral makeup blends can achieve the lightening effects on pigments without it causing a white-out effect. Our blends of dark mineral foundation shades melt with your skin tone and the effect is the same for Delicate Rose Petal™, Dewy Rose Petal™ and Velvet Rose Petal™.

Another reason you may also appear ashy or gray is you are choosing the incorrect shade for your skin tone. If you should have a lot of golden, yellow or red in your skin using a shade that is geared toward neutrals, dark olive or cool chocolate (blue/red skin tones) will definitely create an ashy / gray appearance to the skin. So what you may have once been blaming on Titanium Dioxide, may actually be caused by too cool of a shade for your color. Also some companies may use black oxide in excess to darken shades and this will actually gray the shade instead of darkening it.

One other likely reason, and one that many dark skinned women don’t wish to accept at times, is heredity can give you a greenish / yellow cast to your face. This is your natural skin tone and is usually indicative of Olive skin. If you stray too far from this natural skin tone by trying to infuse too much red to counteract the yellow / greenish cast, you will appear as though you are wearing the wrong shade and can look pasty and ashy. Try to enhance your natural skin tone since this will look best on you. Other shading options are available through blush and bronzer if you wish to perk up a certain skin tone. A mineral makeup foundation done properly that truly matches and mirrors your natural skin will enhance it and you will suddenly appreciate what you were blessed with since your face will glow with the correct shade using a premium mineral makeup.

Another variation; dark skinned women wanting to counteract the deep reds they have in their skin for more of a golden yellow. Yet again, covering the deep reds that you possess naturally due to the depth of color you have, this will make you look like you are wearing the wrong shade. Too much yellow on a deep reddish brown skin will give you an unnatural appearance.

The best way to avoid a problem is to always try samples and make sure you purchase those in the warm deep golden / red tones if you have a reddish brown to caramel skin, or maybe try a more neutral tone to mix to adjust shade color or to enhance a true Olive skin. Sometimes unless the blue / red skin tone is quite obvious such in very dark skin tones, you may just not realize what you are doing to your skin with the incorrect shading. Sending a photo of yourself in natural daylight which includes face, shoulder, and neck and chest area to Sterling Minerals™ is always helpful so that I or one of my staff may further assist you in getting you close to a skin tone match with minimal sampling. You can send your photo to us at

Follow these simple practices and you will learn to “Celebrate Your Natural Beauty™”.

This article was taken from Sterling Minerals Skin Care Guide

Visit to read more about healthy skin and press the tab titled The 411...About Beauty to see natural and mineral makeup

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Spring and Summer Mineral Eye Shadows


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Make them light up and stand out, with these beautiful spring and summer colors.

African Safari™

Code # : 163067



Cool Carribean™

Code # : 163065


Best of Brazil ™

Code # : 163066


Spring Break™

Code # : 163062

All of these eye shadows can be sold seperately as well. You can view our entire collection of eye shadows!

Get more Natural Beauty information at

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Summer Must Have Beauty Products

Get Excited! Get Excited! Summer is around the corner, have you thought about how you are going to take care of your skin during the summer months. Here’s a list of must have summer beauty products to add to your regimen:

Cleansers, Toner, Moisturizer, Exfoliator and Shea Butter

Flori Roberts Fresh Foaming Cleanser
This cleanser is a sudsy, deep cleansing gel that lathers away dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities. It thoroughly cleanses without over-drying. It is enhanced with natural botanicals and is 100% fragrance free.

Flori Roberts Papaya Cleanser
Foams on contact with the power of enzymes to cleanse and exfoliate, thoroughly removes dirt, oil and makeup without the drying quality of soap. Fruit-based cleansing ingredients refresh and revitalize skin.

Flori Roberts Double O Complex: Refrigerate doing the summer months to wake up the skin and tighten pores. Toner created specifically for oily skin. Helps combat problems associated with excessive oiliness, enlarged or clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes, and excessive shine. Fragrance free

Flori Roberts Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 15
The Oil-Free SPF15 Moisturizer not only shields against burn-causing UVB rays but also protects against age-inducing UVA rays. Natural starches absorb excess oils. And a blend of botanicals including chamomile, marigold, cucumber and vitamins A, C and E combine for softer, smoother and younger-looking skin.”

Flori Roberts Facial Scrub and Primer
Gentle exfoliator sloughs off dead skin leaving skin radiant and refreshed. May be used daily.
• Natural properties sloughs away dead, dull surface skin cells
• Refines skin texture leaving skin smooth and vibrant looking
• Solves the problem of dry, flaky skin patches
• Primes skin for better moisture intake and retention
• Primes skin for a smooth foundation application

Flori Roberts Shea Nut Body Butter Luxurious body cream made from shea butter, a natural extract. The scent is heavenly but does not interfere with other fragrances. Shea Nut Body Butter alleviates dryness, provides sun protection, and penetrates deep into the skin to nourish and soften. Extended use gradually fades out skin discoloration, burns, and cuts.

Be sure to stop by my online beauty store for your summer must have beauty products.

Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time have a wonderful day!


How to Makeup Tutorial / Makeup Resources & Tools / Beauty Tips / Sign Up for My Beauty Newsletter

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Get the Look This Spring

Great Day! As the season begin to change from winter to spring joy began to arise. GET EXCITED! GET EXCITED! I love the spring and summer seasons more out door activities, updated wardrobe and new fun looks. Check out the latest spring colors and tell us what you think?

Beauty Tip: To help lipstick stay on longer, use a lip liner all over your lips. Apply lipstick on top, then blot and reapply.

Thanks for reading blog, stop by my online beauty store for more information on how to get the look this spring.

Feel free to leave a comment . Until next time have a wonderful day!

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How many of you take time for YOURSELF? I have watched enough Oprah shows to know that if you don't take care of yourself no one else will. You will be unhappy, grumpy, and your friends will be begging you to see a shrink. If anyone knows it's me. A child with autism, and epilepsy; family dysfunction, unsuccesful relationships, death of close friends and family members, etc...I don't feel like a victim, so don't go poor Rierie, just sharing!!! I used to run on empty, out of gas; that was my normalcy so to speak, then one day I crashed. I wanted to crawl into a whole and never come out. God's grace saved me. There are a few things that I cannot live without nowadays. I try to feed my mind, my body, my spirit, as much as I can; it's all connected, so why not take care of the whole package!!!

The Mind
6a00cdf39c677acb8f00d4143c67bc3c7f-500pi.jpgWhewwww, "she" can chatter all day long; from what you need to do right now, what you didn't do yesterday, how many things you have to get done nowwww. "She" will keep you up at night, and before you know it, you are on Ambien. So I brain drain.
-Brain drain: write down a list of everything you need to do on a notepad, from grocery store to going to the bank to chaperoning your kids next field trip.
-Stop being negative; I am sure you already know this, whatever you focus on expands, if you focus on negativity, what's wrong in your life, you will get more of it.
-Let your mind float freely. Imagine that you have no limitations. Imagine that you have all the time, money, resources, intelligence, education, experience and all the contacts in the world. Imagine that you could do, be or have anything in your life. What if you had no fear of failure at all?
-Your most important goals/intentions must be YOURS. Not your spouse's, your child's, your employer's, your mother's, your sister's....
-Write your intentions in positive terms, avoid saying "I will not be. Your subconscious mind is very specific and it doesn't judge, it will attract like a magnet whatever you focus on.
If you've never read 'The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind", pick up a copy, a great book....I have 2 copies, dog-eared to the 10th power lol.

The Body
If you are not kind to it now, it will be hostile to you later.
-Don't diet, diets make you cranky, eat whole foods; diet=die, I want to live lol. I am sure you do too. God gave us whole foods for a reason, ditch those frozen meals, canned goods, fat free this and that. Eat grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught fishes; not farm-raised, organic fruits, and veggies. Use olive oil, and coconut oil. Do your research on canola oil, and soy (disturbing). Cut out sugar, drink more water. I can't get down with eggs beaters in a carton box, come on get the jist. Check out this book, "Healthy Urban Kitchen", the author, Antonio is on to something....
-Move it; you don't have to be a slave to the treadmill, hike, take a walk with your dog, take your kids or grandkids to the park and become one of them, salsa dance (my faaaavorite woo hoo).
Check out these two amazing salsa teachers; they offer classes that will have you sweating and cheering; Myriam Soavinzara and "Tony "El Pana". You will be sweating to a slimmer you while having fun...
-Treat yourself to a massage, mani-pedi, get a facial, plan a get away, put on lipgloss, reconnect with a long time friend over a great glass of wine, take on golf.... :-)

The Spirit
We are spiritual beings having a human experience, that's what I believe, we are more than this body. Believe in a Higher Power, whatever it may be for you, I am a God fanatic, and lover ♡
-Prayers work, enough said.
Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD)-Meditate, "Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). Look up Japa meditation if you are having a hard time shutting down your mind. It's helped me a lot. You can check out Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "Getting in the gap".
-Surrender, this is now a daily practice of mine, it has truly become a habit. To surrender means to yield, to relinquish control over. When we surrender to God, we are simply acknowledging that what we "own" actually belongs to Him. He is the giver of all good things. By surrendering to God, we admit that He is ultimately in control of everything, including our present circumstances. Let Go, let God.
-Forgive someone; Love someone; Compliment someone and mean it, say Thank You.
-Be grateful; there are thousands of things to be grateful for on a regular basis, no matter how difficult things may seem. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change". Dr. Wayne Dyer


These are the few things I do to keep me sane, what about you? What do you do to keep your sanity? What do you do to keep a healthy mind,body, and spirit?

Disclaimer: These reviews are my opinions. The information contained on this site is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with professional advice.

PS: I love comments AND Followers )))) CLICK ON "FOLLOW" located to the right of the blog under "CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FOLLOWER", merci beaucoup, bisous!!!!!

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If the spacing between your eyes is wider than the width of one eye, your eyes are considered wide-set. Your goal is to create the illusion that they are set closer together.

*In this case, you need to darken the inside hollows of your eye next to the bridge of your nose more than for any other eye shape. Deepening the color helps this area appear to recede and makes your eyes look closer together.

*Begin all dark-color application slightly in from the outer corners and blend your shadow in and up instead of outward, because an outward blending will "pull" the eyes wider apart, and your goal is to "pull" the eyes wider apart, and your goal is to "pull" them closer together.


1. Highlight shade: Apply to browbone & lid.

2. Midtone shade: Starting from the outer corner of the crease, bring the color towards the inside corner of your eye. Be sure to apply a few more layers to the inside corners to deepen the color and help visually push the eyes closer together.

3. Contour shade: Starting slightly in from the outer corner, brush it across the upper lash line and up into the crease of your eye. Also sweep it underneath the lower lash line, being careful not to extend the color beyond the outer edge of the eye.

Be sure to stop by my online beauty store for colors that will make eyes look closer together. Feel free to leave a comment. Have a wonderful day!

Your PersonaL Beauty Advisor!

How to Makeup Tutorial / Virtual Makeover / Beauty Tips

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Wedding Day Makeup

A professional makeup artist is valuable for wedding day makeup, but that is not always possible. Here's a few things you should pay extra attention to when applying wedding day makeup:

Apply the makeup beyond the chin. Put foundation and powder on your chest, if it is visible, and on your neck. You can even dust your shoulders. Beauty does not stop at the face.

Set the makeup with translucent powder. Use primer on your face and skin to make sure the makeup lasts. Always do a trial run of your makeup before the wedding, and for future reference, take pictures when you think your face is perfect.

Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…Have a wonderful day!

Your Personal Beauty Advisor!

How to Makeup Tutorial / Virtual Makeover / Beauty Tips

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With temperatures ramping up and hot weather on the way, it's time to embrace hair and makeup looks that work with and enhance your radiant glow. From tousled hair how-tos to bronzy makeup products and application techniques, this celebrity look and expert beauty tips will have your hotness meter rising while also helping you stay cool in the heat.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo shows how to rock a faux glow -- with an edgy smoky eye and a classic nude lip. Copy the look by tracing your inner and outer rims with black eyeliner, then smudging brown shadow around the outer corners up to just below your brow bones. Shade lids and inner corners with a silver shimmery shadow, then pile on the mascara. Finish with a nude gloss that has a slight pink tint to it .

Feel free to leave a comment.

Your Personal Beauty Advisor


Before you walk down the aisle or go to your prom or wedding, get a glamourous makeover Corinne’s style…Ask Me How!

How to Makeup Tutorial / Virtual Makeover / Beauty Tips

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The Makeup Show NYC

The Makeup Show NYC

Is proud to present some of the industry's top artists and speakers
for their May 2010 show.

Danny Sanz, Johnny Lavoy, Jon Hennessey, Esterique,
Orlando Santiago, Kathy Aragon, and others!

Learn hands-on what you need to know to succeed in the industry:

Exploring the Avant-Garde, Camera Ready Makeup, Essential Airbrush, Essential Eyes, Bridal Beauty and Perfect Skin, Celebrity Beauty,
Basic Hairstyling for Makeup Artists and more
are on this year's exciting schedule!

It’s the must-attend event for the industry!

Sunday, May 16th & Monday, May 17th 2010

9:00 am- 6:00 pm daily
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W 18th St
New York City

You can contact The Makeup Show Office at 212.242.1213 or
by emailing

How to Makeup Tutorial / Virtual Makeover / Beauty Tips

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