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Women of African Diaspora Griots-San Francisco/Bay Area Chapter (Pittsburg-Antioch Area)(Storytellers and Writers Support Group)Alice Walker indicated that the next story to be told is the story that YOUhave yet to tell. Join us as we relinquish all that might disable our voices.You Are Cordially InvitedtoWomen of African Diaspora Griots Writers GroupSan Francisco/Bay Area ChapterMeet & GreetSaturday, November 14 200911:00 amatBarnes & Nobles BookstoreSlatten Ranch Shopping Center5709 Lone Tree WayAntioch, CA 94531925-978-1031 (Barnes & Nobles)857-236-7912 (More Information)
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Did you checkout my 2009 Close Out Offer? 15+ Internet Marketing and Web Business eBooks Plus a BIG BONUS 30 Day trial of the Women of Color Coaching Program all for $29 URL: I only wanted to share this offer with 500 BBWO members but the demand is so crazy I expanded this promotion to 2500. You can earn a 30% commission right now, if you share this promo with your list. To get started make sure you have joined my e-junkie affiliate program: When you login to your e-Junkie Affiliate account you should be on the page that says ‘Manage Your Affiliate Account.’
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  3. Click the ‘Get Affiliate Code’ orange button
  4. In the Middle of the page you will see a dropdown menu entitled ‘Get Product Specific Affiliate Links’
  5. Select ‘Black Business Starter Kit’
  6. Again click the orange button that says affiliate code
You can then send that link to your list, your friends, you can tweet it, blog about it, and share it in forums! Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to partner with me and generate extra income online! LaShanda Henry p.s. Oh! I almost forget to tell you that you can buy this BONUS too! At $29 this is too good to pass up and once we’ve reached 2500 downloads I’m taking it down. It’s now or never … URL:
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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

Breast Cancer Awareness
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is offering 15% off plus free shipping on any order of $20 USD or more with Coupon Code CJ1010! Purchase our "City of Hope" or "Celebrate Today" calendars, and part of the proceeds go directly to breast cancer research. Coupon offer is not combinable with other offers, or applicable to previous purchases. Standard US Shipping only.Offer valid: 10/1/09 to 10/31/09
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Detroit based PR firm is in search of new authors to add to our family. We are currently booking now for the following 2010 events:Book SigningsRadio InterviewsSpeaking EngagementsSeminarsBook Club Events and so much more!We are only accepting 5 new clients and the book can be of any genre. Please call 1-800-518-9846 or visit for more information.You may also review information about our current authors and view press kits by visiting: you!
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Boost Traffic To Your Blog

When I created my first blog a little over a year ago, I spent a lot of time to make it look appealing. I included a few posts on a variety of subjects, video, photos, links and a few other trendy widgets and ads. I was so proud of my accomplishments and just knew my creative genuis would pay off. I could hardly wait for the equally excited stampede of visitors that would soon follow.But that herd of traffic never came. Sure, I got an occassional visit here and there. But what happen to the masses that I had predicted? After a short time, I sat back and reanalyzed my lonely blog situation. I finally came to realize what had gone wrong. I had gotten hooked on the idea that having a blog meant making money. I had become infatuated with the idea of having a blog instead of having the passion to share my blog. I knew it was time to lay my blog to rest and invest some time into learning how to create a blog people would really want to read.Here are some of the things I have discovered along my blogging journey:Decide who your audience will be. What is it that you are passionate about and want to share with others? Is is cooking? Then your audience will be individuals who love to cook (or eat)! Yes, we all want to make money with our blogs but that can not be your motive. If you learn how to blog with a purpose and have a desire to share your knowledge with your readers, the money will soon follow. Once you have dertermined your audience, you can then begin to implement some targeted marketing.Create content with substance. Your readers will want to follow your blog for a few reasons, the main one being your content. They want to read valuable information that will help them learn something new or entertain them. Your cooking blog should be richly filled with topics such as; cooking tips, reciepes, food reviews and even pictures of your favorite freshely cooked dish! The quality of your content will not only help your blog stand out, but it will also allow your readers to relate to you and trust your expertise.Define your niche. This is where it can get a little tricky, especially if you are new to blogging and online marketing. If you are a mom who blogs about cooking, you may want to define your niche market to moms who love to cook. In order for your blog to attract your specific audience, you need to learn how to find your niche. A great way to start is to find a few social networking sites online that cater to your market. Social networking sites are great tools to help you and your blog gain exposure as well as help increase targeted traffic to your site.These are a few ways that will help you create and increase traffic to your blog. The important thing to remember is to be consistent in your efforts. It takes time to build a following but can be easier when you understand the benefits of applying targeted marketing strategies. When you enjoy what you do, your work seems effortless and you will reap the rewards. Happy blogging!For more blogging tips and work at home resources, vist the Mom2Mom Network
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1marketingessential2 You know me ... I like to talk about struggling entrepreneurs because for starters I'm no stranger to the struggle (lol) AND I want to help those who are trying to make money and work at home (the successful entrepreneurs don't need me). That being said, I want to fill you in on a coaching session I had with the wonderful women in my Women of Color Coaching Program.The topic that I REALLY wanted to discuss this month was the #1 Marketing Essential that most entrepreneurs forget. While trying to promote their product or service, folks often focus on:
  1. Packaging
  2. Pitch
  3. Promotion
  4. Profit
During my time as a web coach, I have discovered that entrepreneurs struggling to build their exposure and generate sales online often skip an important step in between the promotion and the profit. Before you start to generate the sales you want, you have to show potential buyers PROOF. You know as well as I do that most consumers (even you), don't like to be the first one to buy a new product. SO you have to really do a good job at showing consumers offline and online why your product or service is right for them. I did a WHOLE webinar on how to PROOVE to customers that your product or service is the BEST and then yesterday we did a Q&A Session for our WOCC members about that very same topic. I love that you love my blog SO I want to give you a sneak peak of the WOCC. Click here to watch the webinar: The #1 Marketing Essential Most Entrepreneurs Forget - Q&A Session
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“Titles & Positions”

“Titles & Positions”Often times we get so caught up in titles and positions that we fail to realize these things don’t make us they only enhance us. We should bring character and integrity to any position we hold or any title we carry. Did you know that some of the most notable people in the bible we don’t even no their names but they held some of the greatest positions? Like the woman who washed Jesus's feet with her tears, the widow who fed the prophet Elijah, the robber who was crucified with Jesus and the Good Samaritan, but still today they carry great witness. For the lesson we can learn from these individuals is that best title in life to carry is that of a servant, for the bible says that the son of man came to serve not to be served.If for any reason we should lose a title or position whether voluntary or involuntary, we must use this opportunity to exam ourselves and revaluate our goals and purpose in life. These are titles and positions we all should be glad to carry, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, Husband, Wife, Friend, but of all these the most important title to carry is A SERVANT OF GOD."Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve." -Martin Luther King, Jr.What's your position? Are you serving?
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How much time

How much time do I need?I'm moving yet not going any where afraid to take any more chances, who am I?, why am I going though this? what happen to the rest of my dream maybe that's why I feel as if I'm just floating though space. My dream stopped with me getting into school............... dang.Okay, well I guess I just answered my own ?Peace
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Hello Community, Take a minute or two, and enjoy these gospel sweet sounds.your community neighbor, rickeyFantasia Turns To Gospel + Has A New Reality ShowJune 22nd 2009R&B songstress Fantasia is going gospel. The “Chicago Defender” is reporting that the former “American Idol” contestant will include a gospel track on her next album, a self-titled CD, scheduled to hit stores in early 2010. Once the album drops, Fantasia says she will return to the studio to put together an all-gospel release. The 24-year-old says her faith has always been a big part of her life, adding, quote, “Church is in me…I’m doing what I was raised up on. Even doing R&B, I’m doing gospel.” Earlier this month, Fantasia performed at the 25th Annual Chicago Gospel Music Festival. The singer and her mother delivered the song “He’s Done Enough,” receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. Fantasia and her family have been taping her new reality show for the last 2 months, where she opens the doors to her life

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Hi Everyone I am Patricia Mitchell a long time entrepreneur, but very new to social networking. I am very excited to have found Black Business Women Online, hopefully this will give me the opportunity to network with ladies of like minds. I want to introduce each of you to a fantastic company that can take your product, service, and you to, and way above the next level.A company that will put your product, or service in front of 800,000 Black households a day, each and every day 365 days a year. Do you want this type of exposure for your product, or service. The company I am a member, and distributor for is the Black Shopping Channel. It is similar to the QVC shopping channel. It makes it possible for you to sell your product, or service on national TV for a very low yearly rate, $1.02 per day. This price is unheard of for TV coverage. Others TV shopping channels charge thousands. Become a member of the Black Shopping Channel, and you get your own 3-5 minute TV professional infomercial to introduce your product, or service to Black America, You go into 800,000 Black households per day 24/7, you get an e-store website to display all your products for sell, you may also purchase stock in the company at a very, very low rate right now, before it goes public, you get a BB&T VISA Debit Card tied to the three top credit bureaus, to help rebuild, or build your credit, this is also unheard of with a debit card, and much much more.Sell your product on the Black Shopping Channel, and help keep our black dollars in our black community for a longer period of time. From various studies it shows that all other ethnic groups keep their dollars in their own communities, 3 to 6 day after making their money, and we black people keep our money in our communities 6 hours after we make it.Join our campaign of keeping black dollars in our black community for a longer period of time. Sell to the black community by putting your product, or service in black homes on national TV daily. The Black Shopping Channel now makes this possible. Still, a lot of us don't have computers to go on line to your e-store, but most, if not all of us have TV's. To learn more about the Black Shopping Channel go to our website at:, also call our 24/7 company recording at: 712-432-1011 put in code 445445576 to hear about our company. Please call me at: 757-890-6309, or email me at for more information. Join the Black Shopping Channel today, and get your product, or service on national TV. Please comment on my post, and please become my friend, and network with me.Let we, Black America, 65,000,000 households hear, see, and know about your product, or service every day 24/7. Give us, Black America, 65,000,000 households the opportunity to buy from you first, and not from other shopping channels, and paid programming channel, there are a lot of them out there. But! none of them will keep our dollars in our black community like the Black Shopping Channel will.Research the Black Shopping Channel. Go to our website, and take a look at all our categories. Most all we need is there at: . Join our campaign, join the Black Shopping Channel. Help keep our dollars in our black community, and please, please tell all your family, friends, co-workers and others to help also by either selling, or buying on, and from the Black Shopping Channel. Thanks Patricia
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LaShanda Henry at 2nd African American Mom Blogger Mixer - Disney During the last week of October '09, I had a truly magical experience. You may know me as Sista Sense or even Mahogany Momma, but you can now officially me a Disney Diva … thank you very much! I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Walt Disney World African American Mom Blogger Mixer and there were so many wonderful women of color in the mix! Lead by Laura Spencer, Disney Social Media Manager, we had the pleasure of touring several Walt Disney Resorts and being among the first to welcome the newest member of the Disney Royal Family, Princess Tiana. The Newest “Magical Mocha Moms”

2nd Walt Disney World African American Mom Blogger Mixer | Mahogany Momma Magazine From Top Left to Right: Tara Jefferson, Angela Cooper, Deveter Brown, Onica Cupido, Lorraine Robertson, Lashanda Henry, Lucinda Anderson Hughes, Sherrelle Kirkland Andrews, Right now just about everything on my body hurts, I think even my hair hurts (lol) … but in a good way. We saw and DID so much at Disney, it was absolutely amazing. Back when I was a kid, we did a few trips to the Magic Kingdom, but honey this takes the cake! I had no idea there was so much to see, do, eat, touch, feel, enjoy, and experience in not just an entertaining, but afro-positive, diverse, pro-black, make you feel good about who you are way! Quiet as it’s kept; Disney is doing a great job of integrating the Black Experience. Just as they say, Disney is truly magical! As someone who writes so much about pro-black media and the value of creating positive self esteem within black communities, I honestly did NOT know how much Disney has done and continues to do within the black community at large. I had to write a completely different post just to really dive deep into the creation of Princess Tiana, the first Disney African American Princess black girls have been waiting for. And of course, Disney’s newest addition to their ‘Hall of Presidents’ attraction is a life-like robotic figure of President Barack Obama that makes you feel like you are actually in his presence, listening to him speak. Disney has also teamed up with Steve Harvey to create the Disney Dreamers Academy for Urban Youth. Not to mention the fact that I stayed in the Animal Kingdom Resort with a savanna of giraffes and other wildlife right outside my window! We often say every black person needs to take a trip to Africa. After this weekend, I whole-heartedly feel like every black person needs to be a part of the Disney Experience because there is more for us there than I ever imagined. PLUS you can do Disney on a budget, as I learned from Heather and Darcy, two Magical Moms on the Disney Mom Panel. I’m a lady who loves a good budget, so I definitely have some great tips to share on how you can afford to create an amazing Disney trip for your family even on a small budget.

Mahogany Momma Presents: The Disney Family Takes Black Families on a Magical Journey by LaShanda Henry
Disney’s Princess Tiana: The Girl Every Little Black Girl Has Been Waiting For
2nd Walt Disney World African American Mom Blogger Mixer | Magical Mocha Moms
Experience the World at Disney World!
Planning a Disney Vacation on a Small Budget
Black Princesses Positive Images for Black Girls
ABOUT THE AUTHOR LaShanda Henry is a full time work at home mom who enjoys teaching other women entrepreneurs how to work the web! She is the creator of and online resource guides for beginner entrepreneurs. She also created the a Social Network for Black Mothers and Parents for Black Children. The Princess and the Fog - Disney Princess Tiana
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How To Increase Your Direct Sales Bookings

If you are involved in a Direct Sales business, you know that bookings are the lifeline of your business. Without having bookings on your calendar, you might as well consider your business closed. Often times it’s easy to acquire your first two to three hostesses by booking family members and friends but after that, how else can you increase your Direct Sales bookings?There are a few tips that will help you get your calendar booked up and keep your business flourishing and growing if you implement them into your routine.Tip 1 ~ Offer an Incentive. When you start booking your first hostesses, offer them an incentive to help ensure the party will hold. Create a hostess program that you are comfortable with by offering a free product, a discount or a credit based on party sales. Be creative and provide options for her to choose from. Think about your hostess and what you would like to give her for agreeing to book with you. Consider this, if you were in her shoes, would you get excited about what you are offering?Tip 2 ~ Hostess Coaching. After you have booked your hostess, it is imperative to follow up at the very least, two times before her party to make certain she remains on your calendar. When you contact her, make sure she understands the different ways she can benefit from working with you, such as, how she will earn free product or credits. You can also send a reminder postcard immediately after scheduling her show, send her a letter along with a brochure and samples with instructions to show her friends and co-workers who may not be able to attend and another phone call a day before her party to let her know how excited you are to share your great product/service with her and her friends.Tip 3 ~ Book From The Booking. After the introduction and prior to beginning your party, give your hostess her hostess gift in the presence of her guest so that they can see the great gift she has earned. You can than share how they too can earn a hostess gift by booking their own party with you. Now you may begin the “layering” process to entice your guests by mentioning your hostess program periodically through out the party. When it’s time to close, you can again ask each guest if they would like to earn a special gift by booking a party and inviting their friends.Tip 4 ~ Follow-up. The most important lesson for increasing your Direct Sales bookings is to follow-up. Send a Thank You note to your hostess and each guest after the party. This will help establish trusting relationships and allow you to reconnect later on down the line for rebooking, referrals and reorders!Visit Create A Cash Flow Show for more information on how to Increase Your Direct Sales Bookings--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tamyka Washington is a Direct Sales business owner and has been marketing online for 13 years. Visit her on the web: or
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Teenagers. Need I say more?

I know this is a site for business women, but some business women are also mothers and I HAVE to share this. The reason I am sharing this on THIS site is because as I was in the middle of a conference call meeting, I was interrupted with a heated discussion with my 17 year old daughter..."Why can't I go, I will be 18 in 7 months!!!" So for the mothers who will from time to time have their work day interrupted by a is food for thought.Teenagers...One of our biggest challenges as parents. As I deal with a 17 year old daughter, that is SO excited that she will be 18 in May '10, she has marked on every calendar in the house...”Legal in “x” months”, and it is driving me crazy. I am often trying to get her to understand that turning 18 does not only mean you are LEGAL...(and legal to do what???) But it means you are responsible for your actions. The girl has tunnel vision on what it means to be “legal”. This morning I came across a book that hit the nail on the head, and I wanted to share this with other parents that are going through the pre-LEGAL stage. Enjoy.DOING -vs- BEINGThe difference between God's plan for our children and Satan's plan is that Satan wants them to believe they get to be an adult if they engage in adult behavior. In other words, he wants them to think that drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and having sex will make them adults. God's plan is to teach them that adulthood is not about what they do; it is about who they are – as determined by their Creator.RIGHTS -vs- RESPONSIBILITIESThe plan your children follow will determine how they live their lives. Satan will try to get them to focus on their rights and consume themselves with self-interest. God wants to turn their focus away from their rights and toward their responsibilities.How this looks in practical terms is that in every area where Satan would want them to ask the question, “What are my rights?” God would ask them to consider, “As a godly young man or woman, what are my responsibilities?”The first step on the journey to adulthood is to choose God's plan over Satan's.So, the next time my daughter starts with being “legal at 18”, I am going to ask her “what are your responsibilities at 18.” And I am so sure this will shut her up : ) The truth tends to work that way (ha,ha)Now back to work I
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I think I've lost my mind again! If you missed out on our FREE giveaway last week check this out . I'm giving away info that I've NEVER given away! Like the application AND the how to of getting an airline account in YOUR Company's name! What about a 400 + page guide of ALL of the grant resources available.... oh wait and step by step info on HOW to write a grant proposal!Don't get left in the dark!April MasonApril Mason Enterpirses
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Social media and Web 2.0 have been here for some time now. Experts predict that this trend will only grow. That means if you don’t start using social media now – today – you’ll be left behind.In my interactions with women in my networks I hear confusion, a little anxiety and apprehension where it concerns using social media.It can be a very good resource when you lay a good foundation and understand some of the guidelines.Listed below are 4 tips for effectively using social media to drive traffic to your sites…1. Complete your profile.When you first open your Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo or other social media site account, fill out your profile (including a picture). Doing so makes it easier for people to get to know you and build relationships with you, which will make it more likely they’ll click through to your site. Did you know that some of your potential followers will not follow simply because you didn’t provide a picture?If you’re serious about your business (and I know you are) take the time to include a picture.2. Interact.It is no coincidence that the name Social sites includes the word social. They’re two way streets (not monologues). That’s why you shouldn’t just post content and move on. Instead, spend a few minutes each day interacting and getting to know people in your network. Simply respond to tweets, updates etc. The key again is to be social. Now you do this within reason and you don’t spend all day on social media networks. That’s another topic.3. Include a link to your site on your profile page.Your profile page is considered real estate and you must use all of your internet real estate to the full potential. This tip is simple but effective: Give people a reason to click through from the social media site to your blog or squeeze page. Your potential customer/client must get to know, like and trust you and this is aGood way to get started.4. Ask your followers/friends to retweetOn twitter your updates are called tweets and other sites my be updates or posts. If you create a “buzzworthy” post (such as a post on a hot or even controversial niche topic), ask your Twitter followers to “retweet” it. You can simply include “Plz RT” at the end of your tweets since there is a 140 character limit.Now is the time to get involved if you’d like to grow your business. Social media is only expected to grow in the future. –You can start today by applying the four traffic-generating, relationship-building tips you just discovered!There are many more tips and information to be shared around social media. I will share this and more during my Dream launch Mentoring and Coaching program.At the time of the writing of this article I am approaching 5000 followers on Twitter and I didn’t use any gimmicks or other things to reach this point. If you want to learn more about social media join me. Go to my Dream Launch enrollment site here.You can also register for my preview call series hereThere's no time like the present to embark on your business empowerment journey through learned strategies and keys for your empowering success.Empowering you!RobinLife EmpowermentMentor/Trainer/Coach and Public Speaker

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YOU GOT TO BE HUNGRY BY LES BROWN is the Internet's first Adsense revenue sharing site that pays you 100% of your ad revenue and 50% recurring commissions on all new members you refer.Members can make money just by being social and sharing viral videos created by others. These are things they probably do already while playing around on sites like Facebook & Twitter, visiting forums, and emailing their friends. Now they can actually get paid for it.Finally an easy way for even newbies to make extra money online. Your subscribers will thank you for it!Sign Up HereCHECK OUT JUNIQUES MARKETING
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Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva Launches Dream LaunchMentoring and Coaching Program for Savvy Woman Entrepreneursand those that aspire to be.Where can women find reliable resources to assist in therealization of their dreams? Robin Tramble aka The EmpowermentDiva launches a 5 plus week mentoring and coaching program DreamLaunch Mentoring and Coaching!Women are becoming overwhelmed as a result of the economic downturn and someare finding themselves stuck, unable to grasp hold of the energy and persistence to moveforward. Although it has been stated that we may see relief from therecession this year, women are still needing and wanting programs andsystems that will assist them in their endeavor to live their bestempowered life, allowing them to thrive in the midst of any financialcrisis. They are in need of support, systems, advice and accountabilitymeasures that will super-charge their empowering business and personaldevelopment endeavors. According to Robin Tramble, founder/ownerof Robin Tramble International.“It is apparent that there is an echo, a sound of fear, confusion,discouragement and possible defeat. You can choose to survive or takeaction and thrive in 2009! Empowerment is a choice and women must becomedecisive action taking women if they're going to manifest their God givendreams.” Having experienced some of the same things and now living a lifeof empowerment through learned systems and experience I can passionatelyshare strategies and keys to discover your authentic self, get unstuck,overcome overwhelm, fear and how to stay focused in crisis. I have also hadthe experience of watching empowering success in my own life and the lives of the many women I influence across the world.”The Empowerment Diva mentors, trains and coaches savvy entrepreneurialwomen ( and those aspiring to be) as they strive to realize theirpersonal, spiritual and professional goals. Robin offers weeklyezines, a community/networkwhere members can participate in forums, blogging andnetworking. Robin Tramble The Empowerment Diva is currently launchinga 5 plus week God inspired mentoring and coaching program for exponentialpersonal, spiritual and business growth.The three components are Personal/Business Foundation, Success systems andDream builder.The Dream launch Mentoring and Coaching program is an excellent resourcefor women who desire to be equipped with keys and strategies to empowerthem to move to another level in their lives manifesting maximum empowermentand build a sound foundation for their Dream Launch.“It’s the place to be for breakthrough results and to join with like-mindedwomen from across the world in one place striving for their best empowered extraordinary life” Says Robin Tramble“The Dream Launch Mentoring and Coaching program is scheduled to begin theweek of November 2. Women can register now by going to sure to read some of my client testamonials on the page.###
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Natural Hair In Three Easy Steps

CharlotteAs you know their is a lot of talk about going natural. Lot's of people want natural hair, but they want simple steps and safe steps that will allow them to take their hair from a chemical state to a natural state. I've laid out some very simple steps that I feel is helpful to those who want to take their hair natural.Natural Hair In Three Easy Steps Click Here To Access
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The Power of Connecting with Others

The Power of Connecting with OthersTip:You can't run out of money, you can only run out of people because money is always attached to people. Need more money? Connect to more people.Question: Who should you connect with today that will help you achieve more?We are Empowering Men and Women to become WinnersClick here to visit Women Who WinClick here to visit Men Who Win
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