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Become an Expert for Free!

The world in which we live has changed so much over the past decade it is hard to keep up with all of the new developments, new technology and new ways of doing things.


While it is impossible to become an Expert at everything, it is quite simple to become an Expert in at least one thing.  What’s even better is that today, you can do so for free.  How is this you ask?  The internet has enabled us to find out the answer to pretty much anything!  Select a topic and focus on that topic exclusively for approximately six months to a year.  Really focus!  You will enable yourself to know more about that particular subject than over 99% of the people that you will ever meet.  You’d become an Expert…without having invested tens of thousands of dollars in doing so.


Sadly, most people will not take the time to learn something new; to educate themselves which is why the world consists of many followers and not a lot of Experts or Leaders.  Most people would rather follow the crowd, or follow the leader instead of develop themselves into one.

Contrary to what you may have heard, it isn’t hard to be an Expert and it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all!  Time, focus and research equates to becoming an Expert for free.


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10744066878?profile=originalHave you ever tried to email a file but it was too large? Then you probably try to zip or archive it but it was still too big. I suggest you give Dropbox a try. Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online. You can get their 2GB Basic package for free. You can used it to backup files on your computer, or transfer files from one computer to another. It works on both PCs and Macs. Dropbox even has apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices.

When I want to sent clients large files I simply add them to a public folder and email the link to the file. They can then download the file by right-clicking on the link. I am loving Dropbox services. If you would like to sign up, why not do it through my referral link and we will both get 250 MB of bonus space. I would also be happy to answer any of your questions if you need help set the software up on your computer.


For more tips like this, check out my blog at

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Blogger Unity: The Importance Of Connecting With Other Bloggers


     If you’re just staring out, the blogosphere can be an exciting yet lonely place. Even after months of blogging or years of blogging, it may be difficult to gain the necessary support to become successful. This is why it is important to connect with other bloggers. Reaching out to other bloggers is a key step in gaining acceptance and momentum in the black blogosphere. Fellow bloggers can help you learn better blogging techniques, provide you with increased viewership, link to your blog and comment on your articles. They are also great for supporting your different initiatives. Thus it is essential to connect with other bloggers.

     First, find bloggers that write about similar topics. This is great because you can admire each other’s work and provide meaningful commentary on each other’s blogs. Second, find bloggers that are in different niche topics because it is beneficial to have variety. Connecting with bloggers that have different backgrounds, allows you to learn something different or become more exposed to different topics in the blogosphere. This may help you decide with topic is a best for you as a blogger. You may decide to alter or refresh your own blogging focus. Third, join social networks for bloggers. Social networks such as, make it easier for bloggers to find others with similar interests. Networks are a quick way to make friends and build important relationships that can further your success in the blogosphere.

     In conclusion, the blogosphere is a much easier place to navigate when you have blogger friends.  Remember that reciprocity is key. Bloggers are more likely to visit your site after you comment on their site. Before asking to be link partners, remember to link to their site first. To get started, check out some of the sites below.


Social Networks For Black Bloggers  (a personal favorite/ social network for black bloggers)

Informational Sites For Bloggers (a personal favorite/ tons of great information, articles and videos)

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Do you have a Facebook Fanpage or Facebook Business Page? Don't know whether you need one or not?

I have the pleasure of empowering women in their personal, spiritual and business growth. One area that I've extended my reach to is Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment. This is not a brand new area, however, I've committed a greater percentage of my reach to this particular group.

One thing that is apparent is that women are identifying the need to become equipped to use Social Media effectively without wasting time or money.

If your niche (who you serve) or audience can be found on Facebook thank you need to Power up your Social Media endeavors with a Facebook Fanpage.


A Facebook fan page is more than just another way to connect with prospects and customers online. Your Facebook fan page can:


Click here to read this Business empowerment post.

I'm sure you'll be motivated to get busy utilizing this powerful tool.


Empowering you,


Robin aka The Empowerment Diva




5 irrefutable steps to creating a profitable Facebook Business Page and getting more likes!

Tuesday, June 28 at 12:00 noon PST

Can't make the call the Audio replay will be available to all registrants

Go to to register

Limited phone lines



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Getting prepared for the "I do's"

Tis the season for love and nuptials so many are preparing for one of the most important days in their lives THE WEDDING, wants to help your special day as special and memorable as possible. If we have ever been fortunate enough to have say the "I dos" or participated in a wedding we all know how stressful and crazy it can get below is a checklist I found that may help ease a little of the stress and hopefully make your planning and that special day go a lot better compliments of ( Also know that (Black Business women online) has some wonderful businesses who can help you get that special day done right from planning to walking down the aisle.


Planning a wedding requires organization and attention to the most minute details, and sometimes it can be hard to remember everything that you need to! Below is a printable checklist which you can use to help keep you organized! Print a copy and keep it with your paperwork and check off each task as you complete it.



Announce your intention to marry to BOTH sets of parents. Arrange to have them meet if they haven't already.
Determine type (formal, semi-formal, informal), style and theme of the wedding.
Make a list of what is important to you for your wedding; this will help you determine your budget.
Sit down with your fiance and ALL parents and discuss the wedding budget, and who will pay for what.
Get or make a wedding organizer (a 3 ring binder with pockets works great). Use it to store all your information, contracts, ideas, photos, etc.
Speak with your clergy/officiant and review synagogue/church requirements.
Come up with 2 or 3 possible wedding dates and start looking for ceremony and reception venues. If a venue you like is available on one of your chosen dates, book it immediately; many venues will often be booked up to 2 years in advance, so have several choices in mind beforehand in case they are already booked.
If you are using one, start looking for and book a wedding consultant.



Start looking for and interviewing all the remaining vendors:



Caterer (if needed)

Officiant (if needed)

If any vendor you like is available on your date and is within your budget, book them IMMEDIATELY! Like reception and ceremony venues, many of these vendors can be booked up to a year in advance.
Together with your parents, begin compiling your preliminary guest list. You can always narrow down this list to fit within your size requirements and budget limitations at a late date.
Start getting ideas by looking through bridal magazines, going to Bridal Fairs and doing research on the internet.
Finalize your wedding colors, theme and style.
Select your attendants (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl and ring bear) and ask them to honor you by being in your wedding. Make sure they are aware of what their "duties" are.
Choose and purchase your wedding rings.
Begin looking at honeymoon options. Discuss where you both would like to go, and if needed visit a travel agent.
Start looking for a wedding gown, veil, accessories and your attendants attire.



Start planning ceremony and reception music choices.
If you haven't already finalize and purchase your wedding gown, veil, and accessories.
If you are having a prenuptial agreement, take care of that now.
Finalize attire for attendants.
Start pre-marriage counceling (if required)
Start looking at invitations.
Sign up for your gift registry
Send save-the-date cards/newsletter



Work with your florist and finalize your arrangements.
Place wedding announcement in local newspaper
Order wedding stationary (invitations, envelopes, programs, etc.)
Start shopping for bridal party tuxedos
Book limo/transportation
Start planning the wedding decorations
Arrange accommadations for out of town guests (book blocks of hotel rooms)
Select wedding cake (and Groom's cake if you are having one)
Start making arrangement for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
Book calligrapher
Decide on wedding favors
If you decided not to use a Wedding Coordinator, consider asking a close friend not in the wedding party to be your Wedding Coordinator/Personal Assistant.



Order your wedding cake and groom's cake
Meet with your officiant to discuss details of the ceremony
Finalize the guest list
Reconfirm the rehearsal dinner plans
Buy the cake knife, guest book, toasting glasses and garter
Choose gifts for your attendants, parents, helpers.
Have the male members of the wedding party, including fathers, fitted for tuxedos.
Reconfirm honeymoon arrangements.
Start writing your wedding vows, if you are doing them yourself.
Start addressing the invitations (or drop them off with calligrapher)



Send out invitations
Schedule a hair and make up consultation to do a trial run.
Start making/buying wedding favors
Obtain wedding license
Schedule your first wedding dress fitting.
Write thank you notes for any gifts that may start arriving.
If you are having one, begin putting together your ceremony program.
Meet with vendors (caterer, florists, etc.) to finalize arrangements.
If you are changing your name, complete the proper documents.
Finalize music selections for the ceremony and reception and turn them in to the DJ/Band/etc.
Have formal wedding portrait taken.
Finalize music selections for the ceremony and reception and turn them in to the DJ/Band/etc.
Meet with your officiant to finalize ceremony details.
Reserve room for wedding night.



Confirm honeymoon your reservations.
Meet with photographer and/or videographer to discuss last minute details.
Start working on the reception seating chart.
Have final wedding gown fitting.
Arrange for a reception babysitter, if needed.
Finish (and print) the wedding program.
Finalize wedding vows
Confirm all final payment amounts with your vendors as well as date, time, etc.
Pick up marriage license.



Finalize reception seating chart.
Confirm delivery time and locations with florist.
Contact any guests who did not respond to the invitation.



Pick up wedding gown, attendants' gowns and all accessories.
Give final guest count to reception venue/caterer.
Reconfirm everything with vendors one last time.
Make sure men get their final fitting for their tuxedos.



Attend rehearsal.
Attend rehearsal dinner. Give attendants their gifts.
Have a manicure and/or a pedicure.
Put together the tip envelopes (for the vendors) and give them to the designated "tip person" (generally the best man).
Confirm wedding day transportation.
Reconfirm hair and make up appointments.
If you have access to the ceremony and/or reception venues, bring everything over there that you may need (decorations, guest book, etc).
Layout everything you need for the next day in a safe place (marriage license, dress, shoes, etc.).
Speak with everyone in the wedding party and make sure everyone knows where to be at what time.
Try to go to bed early and get some sleep.



Eat breakfast, even if you think you aren't hungry.
Share a private moment with your fiance.
Have your hair and makeup done.
Give the best man the groom's ring.
Begin dressing two hours before ceremony is scheduled to begin.
Spend a quiet moment looking at yourself in the mirror before you walk down the aisle.
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...Keep them off of it! Facebook is great for us adults to chat and to catch up with old friends, but it is not the safest site for your kids. Did you know that because of all the advertising on Facebook, your name and email are sometimes sold to these companies so they can advertise to you via email? If you haven't noticed, they do not offer any privacy features for your children. If you're a good parent, then you monitor your child's Facebook page regularly. But those who do not, there could be all kinds of things like cyber-bullying, inappropriate conversations, and predators that your children are being exposed to on Facebook.

Now, don't get me wrong. I use Facebook regularly. Facebook just doesn't offer very safe features for children. Therefore, I went searching and I found a social network that would be perfect for you and your kids! This social network, appropriately named CrazyGood, offers so much privacy, they don't even allow advertisements on the site! Their main goal is to provide a safe, secure, private, and fun community for their members. As a member, you receive 2 sub-accounts so you can sign your children up under your name and monitor what is going on IF you ever wanted to.

CrazyGood offers great content and value for their members. How many of you have ever experienced one of your Facebook friends using profanity, or had some one spam your page? Maybe you've even been exposed to nudity or someone trying to sell you something. Well on CrazyGood they ban anyone that is using profanity, nudity, spamming, etc. They frown upon anything that brings discord to the community and shut them down right away. Although they have very private settings, it is still a social network. A place where you can find old friends, or make new ones. If you're a business owner, evangelist or have news to share, you can MARKET all of that on CrazyGood.

Because CrazyGood has no advertisements, there is a small membership fee. But it's the cost of a McDonald's value meal with a drink and for that price, I'd say it's worth the privacy. The best thing about it is that they give 10% of all revenue to a charity of your choice! I know it's too good to be true, but it is! One of CrazyGood's missions is to help its members create financial security for themselves and their family. Therefore, if you tell your friends, who tell their friends, etc, you also get paid for each of them. So you're getting paid to socialize! Just think about many Facebook friends do you have? How much do you make for socializing with them on Facebook? What was that?? Did you say, NOTHING?!! Right! But with CrazyGood, you get paid MONTHLY for your friends, their friends, and so on and so on. You have the potential to make at least $111,000 a month. (see for yourself =&gt; <a href="http://">click here</a>)

Bottom line is, CrazyGood is a safe environment for you and your family to socialize. You can enjoy your friends, profit from your friends and help somebody in need all at the same time. What better way to socialize?? Check it out and let me know what you think.

P.S. If you're really interested in CrazyGood as a means of extra income, contact me to get your first month for FREE!


subscribe to the blog today!

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The Future To Internet Marketing

Learn How Some Marketers Found a Way to Instantly (and Legally) Get 2,500+ Shares, Retweets, Comments, Likes on Every Piece of Content They Create... Immediately!!


This FREE Webinar can save your business, and how top earners go viral and dominate the Marketplace.


For more information, click on my website and start your training!





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YouTube Pay-Per-Click Revealed!

We all know that the most important key to generating cashflow for businesses require Prospects.  Learn how the most Powerful (And Untapped) Lead Source Is Converting At 17%. 


YouTube PPC is an absolute GOLDMINE and learn how to generate red hot and targeted leads for your business fast.  Learn how YouTube PPC can create an instant relationship, rapport, and trust with your prospects.


Sign up for this FREE Webinar Video that reveals how you can started on YouTube making money TODAY!







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Where can Savvy Women Entrepreneurs and aspiring go to find a training program to empower them to effectively market and up level their business by utilizing the internet without the overwhelm while still having time for what matters most?


Sacramento, California, June 24, 2011 – Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva announces her phenomenal easy learning, step-by- step More prospects, More clients/customers and More profits Online Marketing Boot Camp.




Robin intends to fill the gap in the online marketing and social media training arena by offering a supportive environment and program that incorporates components that address the internal and external.  This training has been designed with the Savvy Aspiring, New and Enterprising Woman Entrepreneur in mind. Thanks to Robin the days of regurgitated information is basically over for you and you won't experience information overload.


The MPCCP Online Marketing Boot Camp promises to guide those ready to reap the rewards for business ownership, in a no-hassle manner. Robin states, “If you desire to have step by step guidance with my full support over a 4 week period that will allow you to gain a competitive edge, increase your prospects, clients and/or customers and increase your profits without the overwhelm my Boot Camp is for you!”


Robin was named 1 of 25 urban entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Brand Maker News, Robin Tramble is a coach, trainer, public speaker, author and CEO of Robin Tramble International, an enterprise created for the purpose of empowering women in order to “discover their authentic selves, get unstuck, and (become) laser focused so they can make big changes and manifest their desired results faster than ever before,” according to her spokesperson Gen Larson.


Her presence is also growing on Facebook via her thousands of friends and growing Facebook page community.


Robin’s goal is to empower you to gain World Wide Visibility while increasing your profits and living life on purpose “authentically!”


The More Prospects, Clients, Customers and Profits Online Marketing Boot Camp is an idea whose time has come!


Enrollments are being accepted at


Contact info:





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Introducing the RELaunch of the Garrison Prosperity Solutions Blogsite. Here you will find all the information you need to build and sustain a business, with NO NONSENSE, just business.

We also offer:
  • Success Coaching
  • Business Plan Writing Services
  • Website/Blog Creation
  • Network Marketing Business Services
  • and introducing, PeopleWhoProsper.Com (coming soon!)
Subscribe to the blog today to receive weekly advice on building a successful business. By subscribing to the blog, you will receive an exclusive copy of The Lazy Person's Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business: 5 steps to Starting and Marketing Your Business.

Use G.P.S. to guide you on your journey to prosperity. If you don't start now, then when? Let me help you.

See you at the top!

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What is the one thing most coaches concentrate on?

Coaching certification. Or you may focus on the business of what?


Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you shouldn’t learn the necessary skills involved in coaching nor am I saying that you shouldn’t get certification, however, you’re doing it all wrong if this is your main focus or area of concentration.

This is not exclusive to coaches many entrepreneurs, small business owners spend little to no time concentrating on this one area I’m going to mention.

The one mistake you may be making is focusing about 85% of your time on the business of coaching and 15% of your time on marketing.

Here’s the scenario. You’ve studied the hours needed to fulfill your coaching certification, you have developed your programs and even identified the formats you’ll use…. now what? Exactly you’re stuck with the task of locating leads, attracting and getting clients!

What you should be focusing more on is “Marketing!” This is not the last step in your process. You should be looking into this much sooner than most coaches have. Marketing is something you must learn more about and even more specifically “online marketing.”

I’m not going to tell you that more experienced coaches are doing any better, however, my commitment is to seek out Christian Women Coaches who are in the early stages so that I can empower you to get your message out there and reach those who so need your services. If there are any coaches out there more advanced who need my support and commitment I’m available to you as well.

Are you in need of support in this area? Great! What I’ve done is set aside time for you. My Free call is designed with you in mind and I invite you to join me. I’ve only reserved about 90 phone lines so you want to get on a few minutes early.


All you need to do is go to to register.

I’ll share additional mistakes you may be making, strategies to empower you to manifest the results you desire and more!


Of course I’d love to have you on the call live with me, however, the audio replay will be available to you for a limited time.


You’ve got a message. God’s given you gifts. Let’s get them out there!


Talk soon!


Robin aka The Empowerment Diva

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Shea Butter

Shea Butter
comes from the karité (which means "life") tree in South Africa. It
grows naturally in the grasslands of west and central Africa and does not need
any special cultivation, nourishment or pesticides. It takes at least 25 years
for a shea tree to produce large number of fruit. About the size of a small
avocado, the fruit of the karite trees are harvested and collected, usually by
the women villagers. The fruit is eaten and the 'nuts' or seed kernals inside
are saved for their creamy medicinal shea butter. Shea butter is one of the
world's most sustainable natural resource, using no chemicals; shea butter is
extracted by a century old process to preserve all the beneficial properties.
Today, shea butter is acknowledged all over the world for its nourishing,
enriching and toning properties for skin and hair.

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The Road To Automation

Hello Family,


If you're looking for a way help automate your business and take it to the next level, join me tonight, June 23, 2011, at 9PM, for a great webinar.  This is a MUST SEE!!  No obligation, just learn more about the hottest marketing tool in the network marketing industry!


I look forward to seeing you on this spectacular webiinar!  Don't miss out.


Sheila Caldwell



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3 Ways to Claim Your Mental Wealth!

I'd rather be wealthy mentally any day than rich with no mental ability to recreate financial wealth. - T. Newby

It's been more than 20 years now that I've learned the power of mental wealth and all of its benefits.  I've not always applied what I learned, but as I got older I soon realized the the need for this mental ability even more.

Mental wealth is one's ability to eliminate the habits of negative thinking, negative self-doubt and fear and embrace positive life changing habits and actions that result in a number of positive emotions and experiences including: joy, abundance, peace, happiness, and supportive relationships to name a few.

To be mentally wealthy means that you could lose any material possession including money and gain it all back and more because of your ability to bounce back in a positive manner mentally.  It means that you do not place material wealth as a priority over your mental ability to create all types of wealth.  

It also means that your daily state of mind is at a constant calmness and you're always seeking new and creative ways to accomplish your dreams and goals - the lack of money, people and environments are never as excuses.

Below are 3 Ways to Start Claiming Your Wealth!

  1. Identify and eliminate habits that are preventing you from accomplishing your dreams and goals.  This is not a simple process, but you just start with one defeating habit at a time. Make a plan of how you will eliminate each habit, identify challenges to the elimination process and how you will overcome them.
  2. Release the negative things around you.  Look around you and find the joy in the material things you have now, release any negative relationships, remove yourself from environments that are harming you  and feeding negatively into your well-being.
  3. Embrace your ability to have mental wealth each morning by feeding yourself with positive words, thoughts and dreams and visions.

Just by implementing the above suggestions, you'll start seeing changes in YOU quickly!  Mental wealth is a process that must be practiced consistently. Don't be hard on yourself or feel that this type of power won't work for you - Embrace it now and move forward!

Click for a Complimentary Coaching Session on Claiming Your Wealth

About the Blogger:

Trina Newby is a business success coach, host of Successful Woman Radio Show and founder of Women About Biz.  She is passionate about helping women to realize their full power and potential to have and live an abundant and joyful life.

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Just thinking.....

Have you ever just thought about your life and what it could be?  Have you had a rush of “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s” flowing thr10744064876?profile=originalough your mind? Well, stop thinking that way and get busy on bettering your life.

I always try to practice doing something for myself daily or as many times as I can during any given week.  I focus on things that are at the center of my core principles: healthy living, spiritual fulfillment, self-development, and family enrichment. I find time to work out, do my daily devotional, read something re:self-development, enjoy a nice snack (mine is popcorn popped on the stove the old fashion way), and just being around my family like last night, when we went to a restaurant at 11:30pm to have a quick snack because we hadn’t spent much time together this past week due to hectic schedules. These things may not be grand or profound but they all help me live the life of excellence that I desire. It’s the little things that make life worthwhile.

So, what are you thinking? What are your thoughts? More importantly, what are you going to do with those thoughts? Hit me up and LMK!

Until next time – the Queen of Excellence has spoken.

In Excellence I remain,

Nickquolette Barrett

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