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It may come as a surprise to know that PowerPoint is still a powerful tool AND it offers another easy way to create social media images!

As you may be aware, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites don't allow you to upload a PowerPoint slide/presentation however ANY PowerPoint slide can be saved as a JPEG or PNG. Just click on Save As, and then select JPEG or PNG from the Save as Type drop-down menu.

PowerPoint then asks if you want to export every slide or just the current slide. Select Current Slide Only, and you have an image file of your PowerPoint slide. If you’re comfortable using PowerPoint, take advantage of this capability to create social media images, images for your blog or website.

Thanks for the tip: Jill Celeste

Sharvette Mitchell

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B. Smith Reveals She Has Alzheimer's Disease

Let's keep B.Smith in our prayers!  This model, entrepreneur and restaurant owner has touched the lives of many black women including mines.  I've used her recipes and heard her speak at conferences over the years and she's always impacted me with her words.

You know, this brings to mind also that as women, we need to really pursue our dreams and goals sooner than later.  You never know what will happen as we grow older and we must stop procrastinating on what we want to do in life.

I'm glad that B. Smith accomplished much before Alzheimer's impacted her life.  May God give heal her and restore her memory for many years to come!


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Psalm 119:96

I have seen and end of all perfection: But thy commandment is, given fixed bounds so that it is no longer open-ended, exceeding broad.  an inexhaustible source of wise counsel for life.

MEM Psalm 119:97-100

O how love I thy law! It I my meditation all the day. (98) Thou through thy commandment hast made me wiser than mine enemies: For they are ever with me. (99) I have more understanding than all my teachers: For thy testimonies are my meditation. (100) I understand more than the ancients, Because I keep thy precepts.


Meditation on God's law yields the highest wisdom.

Mine enemies, Those arrogant ones (vv. 21) who place confidence in worldly wisdom, they. Your commands

Teachers: Merely human teachers

Ancients.  Old men taught by experience

Ask for Wisdom

Evangelist Lavera Wright

Ambassador of The King

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1. Pick a Favorable SIC/NAICS CODE.

2. Add the description of the business into the business name.

3. Use a C-corp. structure because most lenders and investors prefer this structure.

4. Have a strong 680+ credit score to use as a personal guarantor

5. Have a Strong Business Credit Rating

6. Have a Paydex Score of 80+

7. Have a good Business Bank Rating.

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3 Tips for Authors on Facebook!


Author Tip #1: If your book is available in e-Book format you should promote that! e-Book readers are surpassing other readers because of the availability & easy access on digital devices such as smart phones and tablets. Make sure you post a direct link to where YOUR e-Book can be purchased & downloaded!

Author Tip #2: There are many book clubs that have Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Do a little research and connect with book clubs that have readers who would be interested in your book. Offer them a free preview chapter!

Author Tip #3 - Ensure that you utilize your Facebook cover image to your advantage by adding a graphic that includes your book cover or the title of your book! When someone visits your personal or author page, they should know right away that you are a published author. Don't make them hunt for this information!

Best regards!

Sharvette Mitchell

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Business and Government Registration-


In order to be considered creditworthy by banks and investors your business has to have a strong presence, both online and offline.  Business credit America will get your business into the world’s top search engines plus other numerous online and offline databases. 



This process will help solidify your business as being legitimate and creditable to lenders. It’s a fact that creditors will use multiple databases to search out a business to determine if that business is credit worthy. The more exposure your business has online and the more present your business has in these databases the higher probability your business has to get credit approvals.



Business credit America also helps you get the highest third party business registration exposure through government registration. This process also helps qualify your business to be eligible to bid on small government contracts as well as meet part of the qualification for government loans.


You will also receive these bonuses.


You’ll receive a video that shows you the fastest and easiest way to get your Dun and Bradstreet Number in twenty four to forty eight hours instead of thirty days and without having to pay for it. 


We give a FREE Corporate Evaluation of your business.   This evaluation gives you an overview of what you need to do to help loan officer and investors take a serious look at your business model. This will help you get qualified for unsecured loans and investments.

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More dream than nightmare, Bella Nightmare is this month's Sister Under The Feathers! Read all about her love for Denzel & Carmen Jones and then buy yourself something pretty!


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Building a strong business credit profile is the cornerstone of success enabling you to get the credit you need, when you need it.


At Business Credit America we are committed to educating and helping small business owners and entrepreneurs build business credit through a variety of specialized programs.


These programs can help you secure tens of thousands of dollars in business credit, lower your interest rates, lower your insurance rates and prepare your company to be able to take advantage of new opportunities.


We know what banks and other major lenders look for when deciding to approve or deny loan applications and what you need to do to be approved.


Our programs allow you to protect your personal credit files and maximize your tax deductions.


Explore our website and find out how Business Credit America can put your business on the road to success. 

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Business credit Americas projected financial package.

The balance sheet and the income, profit and loss statements are the key component to getting a high business credit rating from Dun and Bradstreet.

Having a high business credit rating will allow you to access more funding for your business giving you the capitol you need to successfully run and grow your business.

The management of any legitimate business requires a flow of information to make informed, intelligent decisions affecting the success or failure of your businesses operations.

Being able to provide professional projected financial statements to investors and banks in many cases is required and will help them make an informed decision when providing credit and funding to your business.

Many suppliers also require projected financial statements when making a decision to do business with many companies.

Don’t let the lack of a professional projected financial statement stand between you and your businesses success.

When signing up today business credit America will also give you these three valuable bonuses.

We give a FREE Corporate Evaluation of your business.   This evaluation gives you an overview of what you need to do to help loan officer and investors take a serious look at your business model. This will help you get qualified for unsecured loans and investments.

You’ll also receive business credit Americas best selling ebook insider bank secrets. The information in this publication will show you how to establish credit and funding for your business so you can have access to the cash you need to operate and run your business. You will have an unfair advantage over all of your competition by being able to access lines of credit and funding that many businesses simply don’t have access to.

And as an added bonus you’ll receive the contacts to all of the micro lenders across the country.  With this powerful list alone, you can bypass traditional lenders and focus on dealing directly with lenders and investors that are interested in helping you make your business a success.

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