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As business owners, we sacrifice a lot to keep our businesses alive and growing.  For many of us this is our only means of supporting our families. 
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LEARN HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS FAST FOR YOUR MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) BUSINESS. Making money through multi level marketing (MLM) is another way to increase your earnings. For people who would want to conduct business from their home, owning their time and write their own paycheck without creating their own product? MLM will work. MLM will work even better if you have good leadership skills a self-starter and a hard worker where selling and promoting products does not give you shivers. If selling and promoting however is not your stronger points, MLM might prove to be a challenge for you since your success will largely rest on your ability to create down line. Multi level marketing has proven successful to only 5% of its members. The majority of the 95% fall out within the week, most in a year's time. Your multi level marketing upline will sell you the idea that you do not have much to do once your downline is established. This is mostly incorrect and partly true. Real downright hard work, especially so in personal selling. If someone says that it is a laid down work, that someone is pulling your leg. No matter, if you possess the above qualities, MLM marketing should not be a problem for you. It is a real moneymaker even if only a small percentage of those who joined have something to show for it. WEBSITE SETUP- CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER- GODADDY 99CENT DOMAIN- Set Up your online store- Click here

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Business and Government Registration-


In order to be considered creditworthy by banks and investors your business has to have a strong presence, both online and offline.  Business credit America will get your business into the world’s top search engines plus other numerous online and offline databases. 



This process will help solidify your business as being legitimate and creditable to lenders. It’s a fact that creditors will use multiple databases to search out a business to determine if that business is credit worthy. The more exposure your business has online and the more present your business has in these databases the higher probability your business has to get credit approvals.



Business credit America also helps you get the highest third party business registration exposure through government registration. This process also helps qualify your business to be eligible to bid on small government contracts as well as meet part of the qualification for government loans.


You will also receive these bonuses.


You’ll receive a video that shows you the fastest and easiest way to get your Dun and Bradstreet Number in twenty four to forty eight hours instead of thirty days and without having to pay for it. 


We give a FREE Corporate Evaluation of your business.   This evaluation gives you an overview of what you need to do to help loan officer and investors take a serious look at your business model. This will help you get qualified for unsecured loans and investments.

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Start Early for Tax Season

Business owners are you getting ready for tax season? Believe it or not, it's not too early to start putting your financial records in order. In fact, wise business owners understand that waiting until year end to gather receipts for bookkeeping can be very costly in terms of accounting fees, late tax filing fees, penalties, and worse, missed tax deductions.If you have not been keeping good records throughout the year, now is the time to get your books in order. Set aside some time each weekend over the next month to get caught up. Or, if the idea of recording hundreds of receipts sounds worse than having a tooth pulled send them out to your bookkeeper. This way you still have time before December 31 to ask questions that will help you save money and minimize income taxes.Remember that building a lasting and profitable business requires you to be a good steward over your time, talent, and resources.Have tax questions or need accounting software? If you're not sure where to start, sign up for my newsletter for advice on running a profitable business. You can also e-mail me to request a FREE copy of Quickbooks software to help you keep track of the finances in your business. I'd be happy to send one out to you.Blessings and success,Benita Tyler, MBAAccountant and QuickBooks

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