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Importance of E-Presence in the Google Age
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Maria_Lisa]Maria Lisa

In the world that we are living in today, we want everything to be a click away and internet provides the platform to do just that. Many term an IT expert as the engineers of the modern era and why not it is due to them that we can buy, sell, learn, teach and do pretty much everything that comes to mind. Websites and web designing play a pivotal role in today's society. Long story cut short, a well managed website brings profits and recognition to any business.

In the digital age websites are the most effective tools to attract customers and the best way to utilize this tool is to have as much and as easily understandable information as possible information displayed on your websites. As the end user loves web pages that save their time, cost and energy.

To have a compact website that covers all aspects and gives the user all the information that he desires through a simple yet attractive interface the web designer needs to know what exactly the customer is looking for, one has to get into the shoes of the customer and understand his needs and preferences like his own. i.e the website developer or the designer or for that matter even the programmer should know exactly what information does the customer need, how to facilitate him/her and keeping things clear and simple without compromising on presentation.

Bottom line is website development must be precise, on the target and object oriented in order to get maximum output.

Coming to the technical side there there are various diverse technologies being used for website designing. Some of the major technologies that are being used most commonly are as follows:

Server-side scripting (e.g PHP and ASP)

Markup languages (e.g HTML, XHTML and XML)

Style sheet languages (e.g CSS and XSL)

Multimedia technologies (e.g Flash and Silverlight)

Database technologies (e.g MySQL, MSSQL)

Client-side scripting (e.g JavaScript and VBScript)

Furthermore websites may also be divided into static and dynamic depending on the utility of the website and the designing budget. A dynamic website usually comes along with a content management system using which you can easily update content sitting anywhere in the world if you have access to internet.


The benefits of having a website are countless in this era that would be remembered as the GOOGLE age for the years to come. Here are some very important advantages of website development and having an e-presence:

1- 24/7 access to customers/users whenever and wherever they want it.

2- Having an online presence means you have a global presence, meaning feedback from any part of the world is made possible opening new avenues to expand your business and getting recognition.

3- Comfortable way to do business, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to be a businessman doing business worldwide sitting on your living room couch with all the comfort you need to work efficiently.

These and many other advantages make [http://www.webcreation.us/]website design ing & [http://www.webcreation.us/]website creation and development a hot cake in the market and make you realize that doing business is not so hard anymore. All you need is a little bit of determination, a whole lot of skill and some patience.
That is the secret behind having a successful e-presence!

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Importance-of-E-Presence-in-the-Google-Age&id=6768374] Importance of E-Presence in the Google Age


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http://BusinessCreditAmerica.com 5 Reasons Internet Marketers Fail in Business.

In this video I discuss why Internet Marketers fail in business and how to avoid these failures.  
1. Internet Marketers or online marketers don't know how to properly structure their business.  They seek out help from companies like Legal Zoom to help them structure the business.  However, companies customer support  does not understand that their is more things that go along with structuring the business then just filing some secretary of state paperwork.  The clients business must be properly registered online in multiple data bases, so the company can get the exposure it needs from 3rd party companies.

2.  Many internet marketers don't use their own products.  This is a problem because if you don't know your product then it becomes challenging then to get someone else to purchase and use your product.  The force their products on potential customers not knowing if that  product it right for that customers. 

3.  Internet Marketers need to build relationships with their customers.  Building a good relationship before and after they purchase from you.  This help builds the customer confidense that they made the right choice in purchasing from you. You never want a customer to have buyers remorse, because you never communicated with them after they purchased from you. 

Although, many of them may not use the products giving them a follow up call or sending them an email shows that you were interested in their purchase, and you want to see if they make have an issue with the product.

4. Learning how to manage the business.  A lot of internet marketer don't treat this as their business. They look at it as away to earn some extra cash with out the responsibility. Understanding they may be using it as a career change, it still is a business.

You still need to invest in the business, whether it may be education or software to help you run the business much soother.  Their accounting and taxes to be paid for what ever income that's generated from the business.

5. Many internet marketers want instant success.  They don't realize it takes time to grow the business in order for your to have success in it.  It's not easy, it's a growing and learning process.  We would all like to have short cuts in business, but it could lead us to a loss.  

I encourage you to join the business credit forum to get access to more videos and other resources to help you grow your business.  
goo.gl/xfsIVs http://BusinessCreditAmerica.com

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Internet and network marketer must understand the basics of SEO to ensure that content and website promotion reaches search engines like Google and Yahoo. When you have a better understanding of how search engines work, you'll know what you have to do to get your articles, blog posts, videos, etc., to rank high on Google.

The first thing you should know and be concerned about are keywords. Google will rank a website based on what they scan when the site is visited. For instance, if they see a site that has the keyword "lose weight for good" throughout the content on the site, Google will then put that website on the search engines for that specific keyword.  This way, people who are searching for information on that topic will be able to find what they need. Remember, Google operates for visitors to find what they need.

Now if you have keywords all throughout your site, you will still need off-page optimization with backlinks to get the high rankings. Backlinks will get your site noticed and bring in lots of traffic which is what you want. The popularity of your site is crucial to the internet and your business. Having other websites linking back to your site is a huge plus. Websites that are robust with authority will have Google going crazy. In order for you to gain this popularity that Google loves so much, you have to have links on other sites to link back to your site. If you publish an article or guest post on another blog, leave your URL in your bio. You can even do this when you make comments in places like

Yahoo Answers, forums, blog posts, videos, etc. There are many ways you can do this on different networks. Also, making sure your page is optimized for search engines is a great idea. You absolutely do not want to leave this on-page optimization out.   This is when you include your web page title, meta description, and meta keywords. Make sure these are targeted keywords or key phrases.   

Since you have an idea of how SEO workds, you can now start to improve your website to work toward high rankings on search engines. Be consisent in learning how to use SEO in your marketing efforts.

More info on the blog at http://www.selfmadesavvy.com/info

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SEO: From the Beginning

“SEO is critical to your online marketing strategy.”

“Got it. Now, show me how.”

“Good SEO techniques ensure that your website ranks higher and is seen by more people.”

“Right. Any practical tips to go with that?”

“Want to be found by the search engines? SEO is the key!”

“Yeah, I know. Thanks.”

Tired of a bunch of useless information? I mean, most of us know that SEO is key to having our websites found by Google. But, most of us don’t have a thorough understanding of how it works and what techniques and tactics we need to employ to maximize our search engine rankings.

Let’s start from the beginning. Read More

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Search Engine Submission Done Right!

Search Engine Submission Done Right!

You have an affiliate website, but how do you expect to make some hard core cash from there unless you can ensure a constant pour out of visitors. Generating consistent traffic to your website is as important in Internet marketing as it is to have a product or a service at offer. You may have the best product and the best services, but the point is to be visible and to let your prospects know that you are there. This is where Internet marketing comes in to the limelight and since visibility in the search engines is decisive to your success here, search engine indexing and a higher ranking becomes equally important.
SpinSuccess is one of the leading search engine submission services and it would not be an overstatement to call them the best in the industry. Their services specialize in encouraging and facilitating the top earning affiliate websites and their desire is to do the same for you as well. Whatever be your predilection in choice of services and products, they is resolved to soar the amount of traffic to your website, thereby rocketing your bottom line like never before. Their services have been adopted by several satisfied customers, testifying their infallibility in getting you exactly what you want.
Of course, the guaranteed service of the SpinSuccess team sure needs some applause. However, the affordability of their services is also what sets them apart from any other search engine submission services and, probably, any other means of Internet adverting. The team specializes in over-delivering each of their clients within the affordability that is so much unknown in the industry. Their clients receive a pay-per-click credit of $100 for looksnap.com in addition with another pay-per-click credit of $100 for questclick.com. Additionally, a SpinSuccess client receives $200 worth paid advertise just by becoming a member of their services.
Valued $500, the SpinSuccess package is available within any Internet marketer’s affordability. Their monthly membership is worth $74, which makes it so much perfect for just any one to avail and ensure regular flow of cash, working right from the comforts of their home. You can also avail their limited period offer, whereby you can become a member to their world-class services at a monthly subscription of as low as $29.95. You can witness yourself the amount of traffic being generated you your website and deiced for yourself what sets SpinSuccess apart from any other source of Internet adverting.
The extensive follow up that characterizes the team will never let you down in your run for success. The team specializes in extensive market research and constantly updates its system to ensure you guaranteed traffic generation that will escalate your business to a never before destination. This way, you can not only save much of your labor, otherwise involved, at the same time, ensuring highest returns of the minimum investment you make to enroll with their services. You get services worth $700 (as par the industry standards) for all that you need for setting up a successful affiliate business at just $29.95. It’s worth it!
Visit SpinSuccess today to increase your traffic and sign-ups!

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Timing Belt, What is That?

It's nice to be back. I see there have been a lot of people visiting my spot. Thank you for looking at my page. Unfortunately, I have been away due to illness. Things are looking positive.So, I need to get back to helping with my automotive tips. Are you glad the gas prices are down? But, we keep hearing how bad the economy is doing. That shouldn't stop you from maintaining your car. Keep up with you oil changes, rotating the tires with the proper air pressure, and tune-ups. Just yesterday, I noticed the gas prices creeping back up. So, everyone needs to be dilegent about the the auto maintenance. Don't cut corners with you vehicle. With people being laid off, you may need to travel a little further to make ends meet.Where did we leave off with our tips? We've talked about using the correct oil weight. We've talked about why you should change your oil. Why the correct tire pressure is critical to the life of your tires. Here a topic that is overlooked by many car owners.Timing belt changeDoes your vehicle have over 60,000 miles? Did you buy it used? Do you have the maintenance records from that purchase? The timing belt is the most overlooked maintenace. Most people are surprised that there is a timing belt on there vehicle. The timing belt is overlooked because it's not seen by the naked eye. It's under a cover. You can't look at it to see if it need replacement. When do most people notice the timing belt? When it breaks as you're driving down the road. Your vehicle will suddenly shut off. You will lose all power to your vehicle. When the timing belt breaks, there is a chance the engine will need replacement. You won't know until the repair starts. Most engine are called interference motors. This will keep them from being repaired.In other words, get the timing belt replaced. With our economy going up and down, the last thing you're going to need is a new car.Take care, and happy motoring.
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Search engine optimization is a lot easier than you think. Although you need to gather a certain amount of information about your site, preferably before you build your site, once you have the right information, you can quickly and easily build a search engine optimized website that will get you traffic.Below are five tips for optimizing and submitting your site to the search engines:1. Know your market.This step is absolutely crucial. You need to know exactly who you are marketing your business to. If you don’t, you can’t drive targeted traffic to your site.The difference between targeted and untargeted traffic is glaring. Targeted traffic comes from those who are looking for your products and services. If you know exactly who you are marketing to, you’ll optimize your site for that market...Learn More
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Get More Exposure for Your Black Business

More and more people are searching for Black businesses online everyday. If they can’t find your Black business that means you are missing out on all of your potential clients. To help people find your business and learn more your services or products you should have a professionally designed web site with several incoming links from reputable sites that relate to yours.

Your Black business site should reflect a professional business image and contain persuasive sales copy that leads your visitors through a path of action. Do not settle for amateurish designed site with second rate graphics, even if you have an extremely small budget.

Several designers are more than happy to provide you with a high quality designed site with informative and persuasive content with out breaking your budget. If you are unable to get a custom designed site then it is ok to start your Black business site with a template. Just make sure that it is not of those plain jane templates that are common on the internet.

After you have your professionally designed site that gives vital information about your business and convinces visitors to use your services it is time to exchange links. Exchanging links with reputable sites that relate to yours is a great way to increase your exposure online. Link exchanging is also a great way to increase your search engine rankings. Finding sites that you would like to exchange links with can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. But it is definitely worth it.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/online-business-articles/get-more-exposure-for-your-black-business-434825.html

About the Author:

Start your search for a web site template or ready made web site start with the Black Business Community Network.

Visit the Black Business Community Network and join their free Black Business Link Exchange.

If you would like more information about marketing your Black business online feel free to visit the Black Business Community Network.

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Black business owners often have two very limited resources – time and money.

Because of this they often neglect putting their time and money towards business education. Without proper business education many Black businesses become stagnant and eventually cease to exist.

Thanks to the Black Business Community Network, which is dedicated to bringing Black business owners quality business resources to help them grow their business, Black business owners no longer have to neglect their education.

The Black Business Community Network now provides extremely affordable and educational eGuides. An eGuide, or electronic guide, is digital content that can be viewed on your computer using Adobe Reader. eGuides are often shorter and more concise than eBooks, making for a faster and easier read.

What’s Great about eGuides?

· eGuides are packed full of information – by the time you have finished reading you have vital information you can apply directly to your business.

· Each eGuide covers specific topics so you will not be overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

· You will learn the best practice techniques that have been tested and proven to work – thus saving you time and money.

· You are shown step by step how to apply proven techniques using illustrative pictures and detailed action steps.

· eGuides are short reads – they get straight to the point so you can quickly learn information you need.

· Easy reads - They use everyday language and provide you with definitions for technical terms and concepts to make sure you have a complete understanding of the topic being covered.

· They are provided in digital content so you can conveniently download them using your computer – you don’t have to wait for them to ship.

If you are a busy Black business owner, who understands the importance of business education, then visit www.thebbcnetwork.com/eguides.html to learn more about Black Business eGuides.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/online-business-articles/great-learning-resources-for-busy-black-business-owners-453589.html

About the Author:

The Black Business Community Network is a network of Black business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, comedians and the list goes on and on. We offer a variety of learning resources and networking opportunities for busy Black Business owners.

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