Company (12) 1-800-652-7157 In this video Houston with th GCU Group, Inc. explain why many people should fix their credit instead of getting a CPN or SCN.

1st you no longer have to find a co-signer to help you get an apartment, car, or student loan. I understand this is embarrassing for many adults with bad credit.

2nd If you have good credit you could add a child or family on you credit cards as authorize users and they could inherit your credit. This is one of the best gifts you can give someone if you're not rich or wealthy. Your 18 year old could inherit your credit and you will not have to co-sign for them an apartment, car loan, or student loan.

3rd You could buy real estate in which you could not do with a CPN or SCN. Many people want to get into real estate investing but they must understand that having good credit will make it easier to purchase that property.

4th When you fix your credit you don't have to show as much paperwork to get funding. With a CPN or SCN creditors want to see the id or drivers license to go along with the file. Creditors are asking for social security cards for that SCN or CPN, they are also asking for employment verification. This is alot of personal information they are requiring now for an SCN or CPN. 

5TH It's much more easier to get funding when you have good credit to do you investments, succh as buying a car from the auction instead of having to finance it from a car dealer.

This is Houston with Good Credit Union. You can call me at !-800-652-7157 or email me or Alex

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This week's feature entrepreneur is Shaneisha Dodson. She is the founder of Mahogney Ink Publications L.L.C. and Black Girlz Productions L.L.C. Currently residing in Virginia, Shaneisha holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Grambling State University, a master's degree in counseling from Dallas Baptist University, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in education. Shaneisha was the first person in her family to graduate from college. In showing  how important education is to her, every year she gives a $500 scholarship to a deserving student. After college, Shaneisha wrote her first novel. It was like so much by friends and family she was encouraged to continue writing. That eventually led to the start of her publishing and production company. Being an accomplished author herself, today Shaneisha publishes 4 authors,  2 poets and has produced one stage play.  Her story is truly one of accomplishment. Find out how Shaneisha started her companies and where her inspiration came from. Enjoy!

1. Tell me your story. What were you doing before you started your own business?

I am a country girl born and raised in Arkansas.  I was raised in a matriarchal household.  I developed a passion for writing at a young age.  I started writing my first book after I graduated from college. Prior to starting my business, my life consisted of school, school, and school. I have been a student my whole life.  I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Grambling State University and a master’s degree in counseling from Dallas Baptist University. Currently, I am pursuing a doctorate degree in education.

2. What made you want to start a business and what is your mission?

I have always had a passion for writing.  After graduating from college, I penned my first novel.  My family and friends loved it so much they encouraged me to continue writing.  Therefore, I decided to take it a step further and started my own publishing company in 2009, Mahogney Ink Publications, LLC. My works have been featured in online magazines, selected as book of the month by numerous organizations, selected as top 25 fiction books of 2009 by Conversations, and earned a spot on an African-American bookstore best sellers list. My first teen book was selected as best book 2011 in literary excellence in the teen self-help category.  In addition, I was nominated for a 2011 African-American literary award.  My publishing company is home to four authors and two poets.  In 2012, I took my love of the writing to the next level and started Black Girlz Productions, LLC.   My company’s motto is “Dream BIG or go Home!”  My first play recently debuted: Cheating on my Mistress “When One Woman is not Enough”.  My mission is to entertain by any means necessary.

3. What inspires you? What keeps you motivated daily to keep growing your business?

Life inspires me. I am passionate about my work. Each day I strive to do better. I believe in taking my time to make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible.  Each year, I can clearly see my companies’ growth. We are moving at a steady pace. I am very satisfied because I believe in quality not quantity.

4. Do you have a mentor? Who is it and why? Do you believe it's important to have one?

I used to have a mentor, but we went our separate ways.  However, I believe it is important to have a mentor because no one has gotten where they are without the help of someone else.  When you choose a mentor, make sure you choose wisely.  Mentors are people who are doing what you want to do in life. They should be full of wisdom and knowledge.

5. What would you tell someone who wants to get involved in your line of business but doesn't know how to get started?

Research. Research. Research. If you want to start a business, learn as much as possible about the business. Don’t depend on other people to give you all the answers.  The biggest issue I have with the publishing company is finding a good editor. You will come across a lot of people who will make numerous false promises in this type of business. They will offer you an opportunity to be a part of a national tour, claim to be the best editor in the business, and will guarantee that their marketing campaigns will take you to the number one spot on the best sellers list. Be leery. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

6. What advice would you give to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

My advice is to follow your dreams. Don’t be scared to succeed. When you hit a hard spot in the road, keep pushing. Believe in yourself and believe in your abilities.

If you are an up-and-coming author looking to be published, visit Shaniesha's website at Mahogney Ink Publications. For information on her stage play show times and Black Girlz Talk visit Black Girlz Productions. Also follow her on twitter at @blkgirlz I want to thank Shaneisha for sharing her story with us. I hope you have been inspired by her accomplishments.


Be someone’s motivation and tell us your story! To be featured on email Put PEOPLEWHOPROSPER in the subject line and share a little about yourself.

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Amanda Hollowell the founder of JL Events, LLC tells her story.
I was asked to do a small piece about my wedding planning business in Savannah, GA. The who, what, when, where and why. Check it out!

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15seconds-300x132.jpgElevator Pitch Competition

For the past few weeks, I've been squawking about how amazing the 2011 Black Enterprise Entrepreneur's Conference turned out to be. One of the most exciting events was the Elevator Pitch Competition.  The winner took home a whopping prize of $10k (congrats to our home town hero Brandon Butler of The Website Shop).   Contestants were first given 60 seconds to pitch their product or service, and finalists were allowed 30 seconds to re-pitch.  This competition was geared towards investors, and I couldn't help but think that a pitch to an ACTUAL prospect should be much shorter and sweeter.

15 is the New 30

For the last 4 years, I have been training clients to perfect a 15-second pitch.  The premise is to make the pitch feel more like a conversation than a used car salesman's chatter.  One trait of a successful brand is the ability to remain acutely aware of trends. Ever notice how quickly people get distracted or bored these days?  As we embrace the trend of the 'microwave' age (age of  instant access), its pretty clear that Attention Spans have become shorter and shorter. recently posted an article siting that the 15-second commercial is becoming increasingly more popular (READ FULL ARTICLE).   So if major brands are limiting their message to 15 seconds, why shouldn't you?

Potential clients only give you their undivided focus for about 3-7 seconds before they decide to stay plugged in or check out.  If they remain plugged in, then you have a good chance of connecting within the 15 second window.  I know what you are thinking.  How can you possibly say everything relevant in 15 seconds?  The short answer is that you can't, nor do you need to.  If the client is interested after the first 15 seconds, they will engage you and ask for more information. Often times you can squeeze in another 15-30 seconds of your spiel. And if your pitch resonates, you can get in up to 1 or 2 minutes of your sales pitch without making the client feel bored or anxious.

Part 1: Key Content for the First 15 Seconds

  • Clearly state the company name
  • Identify the primary service
  • State the clear results that you deliver
  • You may also include a secondary service or unique selling proposition of time permits.
See this example below.  It is delivered in about 14.5 seconds (un-rushed)
"My company is The Brand Coach, based in Atlanta. We offer business, personal and celebrity brand development services.   We help our clients build  solid brands that they leverage LONG term, to increase their brand equity. "
If the prospect is interested they will ask for more details, like "So who have you worked with?" or "I could use some help, explain the services you offer?".    That is your queue to launch the second half of your pitch.

Part 2:  Beyond the First 15

The second half of your pitch should focus on your Unique Selling Proposition, and success stories.  It is important for prospects to understand the difference between you and your competitors.  People also relate more to stories than sales strategy, it creates a comfort zone when one feels like they are speaking to an old friend.  However, be sure your stories are something your listener might relate to.

Lastly, it is important to practice the pitch to perfection while maintaining flexibility with it.  Prospects might interrupt you to find out more about a service or to interject a specific need that they have.  You should be prepared to take any direction with the conversation.  It is also a good idea to have multiple versions of your pitch, just in case you need an alternative.

Note: If there are multiple members of your sales team.  They should have have the same content in their elevator pitch, but personalized to fit each person's speaking pattern.  The parroting effect will allow consumers to formulate a clear snapshot of your brand no matter where it is encountered.

Bowing Out

Sometimes the listener will give you a flat "Ohhhh I see."  That is a clear sign that their interest has not been peeked.  At that point I would encourage you to ask about them. Listen intently for a need that you might be able to fill.  But stay focused on the quality of the conversation.  When prospects like you, they will exercise more patience in getting to know you and what you have to offer.  But everyone you engage won't have an interest, sometimes you should simply bow out and find a better connection.

Addition Credits: See video spotlight of Brandon Butler at The Website Shop (Atlanta)

Happy Branding Everyone…

You can continue this conversation on Twitter @brandcoachllc or on
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I am going to giveaway one of our luxurious Body Custard!! One lucky person will WIN a Soul Purpose Body Custard of your choice. Think of Creme Brulee or creamy butter and you will understand the texture and lusciousness our body custards. Enriched with shea butter and vitamin D, our custards will pamper, moisturize and lightly fragrance your skin.

Visit my blog for details on how you can WIN!!

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A Career With Soul Purpose

In this tough economy we all could use a second job to supplement our present income. If the thought of owning your own business while gaining financial security has been weighing on your mind, then read on. We are aware that your money may be tight right now and you may be working with an even tighter budget. But what would you say if we told you that there is a company that you could affiliate with which is devoted to empowering the lives of men and women. Soul Purpose is a lifestyle company that has been successfully enhancing lives with our line of personal care products and our network marketing strategies. When you decide to choose Soul Purpose as your source for income, you are actually getting the best of both worlds since the company is affiliated with Youngevity Life Sciences which is a wellness company. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

A career as a Soul Purpose entrepreneur gives you the luxury of selling a myriad of products that cater to your body, mind and soul. We have an impressive line of skin care products that run the gamut of body butters, lotions, body washes, body scrubs and scented solids. Use our products and bath-time would never be the same again. By using our line of products your bathroom is immediately transformed into an exclusive spa where casual bath-time is no longer welcomed. Here our products take you through a journey through senses as you explore products that represent some of the most exotic countries in the world. Lather your loofer and awash your body with the romantic scents of Brazilian Jackfruit, Hawaii Tuberose and our new Mango Passion scents. Titillate the body with our Haitian Vetiver Pepper or put some spice in your life with our Caribbean Ginger. Scrub away dead cells with our effective body scrubs line and complete the scent package by applying our on-the-go fragrance solids at your pulse points. We also sell a variety of soy candles which double as massage oils.

If you are considering the business aspect of Soul Purpose you would be happy to know that the products sell themselves. People try and they immediately buy. As a lifestyle entrepreneur you have the choice of not only sharing our line of products but you can also share the products with others and build a team while you are at it.

There are several recruiting options to choose from which range from $35 to $350. An online presence is imperative these days for any business and you will be given a website with a back office filled with enough information to get your business off the ground. In addition, the back office also contains tastefully designed e-cards and marketing publication that you can readily set up and email to your prospective clients and business partners.

Next time we will take a look at our Men’s Line.

If you set and ready to go in this business let me congratulate you on making the right decision and the first step to financial freedom. Feel free to contact me for more information.

LaKeisha Hankins


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How to Create a Company Name

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is one of my favorite quotes. It is imperative that you keep this in mind when choosing your company name.You can have the best product in the world and it will all be in vain if people cannot remember your company name. The name of your company sets the tone for your brand. In order to make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves, make sure you follow these five steps when you select your company name:Tell a story: Whole Foods. Fruitful Yield. Trader Joe’s. What images come to mind when you hear the aforementioned company names? You are probably thinking about fresh fruit, vegetables, and organic food products. If you want to become part of your target market’s evoked set, you need to make sure that the name you choose is associated with the images you are attempting to project. These images should reflect your company’s personality and spark a conversation.I get compliments and questions regarding my company name and I am often asked to explain the meaning behind the name. My company name is a combination of the word ‘target’ and ’stars’. In marketing, the individuals or businesses one hopes to gain as a client is referred to as your target market (hence, the ‘Target’ part of our name). The second half of our name stems from my childhood. Ever since I was a child, I have always loved looking at the stars. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is to “reach for the stars.” It is every entrepreneur’s dream to capture as many clients as they can, so we refer to our clients as stars. However, I am aware that not everyone can be our customer; therefore, I have to concentrate on capturing the right stars. I usually get the nod of approval and the conversation usually leads to the person wanting to learn more about the services I have to offer.If you want people to talk about your product or service, then make sure that your name will pique their curiosity and encourage them to interact with you to find out more about your company.Minimize the guesswork: Try to include the type of product or service you provide within your company name. Obviously there are companies that do not adhere to this rule and use the owner’s name or create a brand new word like Nike, Zappos and Etsy. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but you may find it to be easier to play it “safe” by referencing the service or product in your company name in order to cut down on the confusion (i.e. MarketingDivas). However, be careful not to be too specific when choosing your name because this will cause problems if you choose to expand your products or services.Is it KISS (aka Keep It Simple Stupid) proof? : Gaining your target market’s attention can be difficult, so do not add to the problem by choosing a name people cannot pronounce. When you encounter a word you do not know how to say, how does this make you feel? Most people would answer embarrassed. Is this how you want your potential customers to feel? My guess would be no, so do not allow them to be put into this situation.Get it approved: You will be able to confirm how well you followed the first three steps based upon the reaction you receive from your family and friends. You will without a doubt come up with some names that may sound great to you, but leave your family and friends with confused looks on their faces. Their honesty will save you from choosing a name that does not capture the essence of your company.Search and Secure : Once you have finally decided on a company name, you will need to make sure it is available. Start your search by checking out the following places:Secretary of State—Check here if you plan to incorporateCounty Clerk—Check here to see DBA (doing business as) namesYour website hosting company—Check here to see if someone is using the name for their URL.NameChk and UsernameCheck—These two sites enable you to see if the company name you seek to register is being used across social networking websites.If the name you have chosen is available, you should secure your name by filing a trademark or servicemark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Local businesses may not feel it is necessary to file with the USPTO. However, you can still get some protection for your company name by filing your trademark or servicemark with your state (i.e. Illinois charges $10.00).Choosing your company name can be overwhelming, but you want to make sure you get it right the first time so you can save yourself the hassle of rebranding later. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and following these tips will enable you to step out in style.
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Have You Heard of Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company?View our Soul Purpose Lifestyles Company online catalog: more information about this amazing company visit:http://www.4mybodyandsoul.comHi, my name is LaKeisha Baker; I am business owner with Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company. Become a Soul Purpose LifeStyle Entrepreneur Today!Please visit us and get to know about the Soul Purpose business opportunity and our fantastic product line and income potential.To hear our recorded business opportunity call and product testimonials visit: http://www.businessopportunitycall.infoAs a socially-responsible direct selling company, Soul Purpose will redefine empowerment in support of fulfilling individual purpose and vision through the marketing of exquisite, quality products illuminating body, beauty, style and person at a time.Soul Purpose offers high quality, nature-based treatments for everyday bath and beauty care, aromatherapy preparations, home accents and motivational products. The Soul Purpose Lifestyle collection is the collaboration of an international network of product developers, perfumers, herbalists, musicians, graphic designers and writers. There will also be collaboration with women's cooperatives in Northern Ghana to provide wild crafted shea butter and honey for use in the new product line as well cooperatives in India and Vietnam.THE MISSION:Through the development and marketing of highly differentiated, natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products; SoulPurpose is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources to empower people (with a focus on African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women). Our goal is to help entrepreneurs launch and sustain viable socially-responsible businesses that will create wealth, stimulate growth and revitalize minority and other communities across the country and globally.A CEO & FOUNDER WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF EMPOWERMENT:Blessed with 10 years of direct selling experience, a unique flare for product development and marketing; and an authentic passion for empowerment, Nadine Thompson has branched out from her previous role as President and CEO of a multi-million dollar network marketing company to begin Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company. Her commitment is to build a socially-responsible and sustainable direct selling company with a mission of creating empowering business opportunities for women of color. Read her story: http://www.nadinethompson.comA UNIQUE COMPENSATION PLAN:Soul Purpose will offer a unique compensation plan, unseen and unmatched in the industry of network marketing and direct sales.This unique selling proposition is strengthened by the fact that all members of this community will also have an opportunity to become shareholders in the enterprise. With Soul Purpose's new marketing and compensation plan, wealth and profits will recycle directly back into the households and communities of its stakeholders.Start today for $35! Contact Me or Visit the website: http:/www.soulpurpose.comLaKeisha Baker ~ Lifestyle Entrepreneur ~ YNGSP201316The products are amazing from the Perfume EssenceScents, Body Custards, Body Lotions, Shea Body Butter, HandLotions/Polish/ Wash, Soy Candles, Foot Spa and so much more. Visit our website about this amazing company that was started in 2007 and the vision behind our founder of Soul Purpose Nadine Thompson.Please contact me with serious inquiries only!
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Mebane's Company

Mebane’s Company is a Partnership located in Graham, North Carolina. Mebane’s Company featured products will be friendly internet website that provides the best prices, best products, and the information is private for the customers, the website is opening everyday and never closed down. Customers can call Angela Mebane at 336-684-0444 for more information about the products and prices. We are by the phone Monday- Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Customers can also email us at mission of Mebane’s Company has non-profit organization God I Have Cry My Last Cry Organization. God I Have Cry My Last Cry Organization will help out with the business and Mebane’s Company will help out with the organization.Mebane’s Company goals to have our own business that gives us a decent living, financial independence, introduce new products on the website, and provide customers services. Mebane’s Company will sell to friends, family, and customers that looking for great deals and best products and fast services. Mebane’s Company will be part of growing population in NC.Mebane’s Company sells online Outdoor Decor, Spa/Message Products, Home Decor, Apparel/Jewelry, Bedroom Decor, Bathroom Essentials, Kitchen Essentials and more.Mebane's Company website is www.mebanescompany.comEmail
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MiniMizz Shorts ::: Cuz it needs to be said...

and I don't have time to go into great detail, but I need to put it out there before my short term memory lapse kicks in.When promoting your business by providing the URL to your website, be sure that the URL points to a functional website. If you are in the process of finding the right web solution, find a free site (TEMPORARILY) to put up a page with your company's bio and contact information. You risk losing future clients when a link does not work.Additionally, increase your potential sales base by asking visitors to sign up for your mailing list. You don't have to go all out with fancy newsletters and emails, but use your list wisely to announce special happenings with your business, more importantly when you have that website up and fully functional.Click here to get 60 days free Email marketing campaign managementThis MiniMizz Shorts was brought to you by - as a public service announcement.
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For the ladies that love to constantly have their homes and every room in the house smelling lovely at all time,the Just Right Candle Company is for you! I found this company by chance. I was starting another company that was geared to be a promo type thing for small businesses.Well the owner Amanda was invited to participate and followed through and was prompt about everything. That stood out to me. People and businesses that do what they're supposed to do ,when they're supposed to do it rank very high with me.So when I was looking for a company to purchase candles from in wholesale amounts Amanda at the Just Right Candle Company was high on my list. I knew her shipping was fast, the candles were AWESOME (Very long lasting scent). So if your looking for candles for your home or apartments,dorm room ( JRCC specializes in wickless candles) please browse the Just Right Candle Company! http://www.justrightcandles.comHere is a picture for your viewing pleasure! To those who have never burned tarts, this is one of my many tart burners,inside is one of the JRCC Jumbo melts($3.00), surrounded by two other scents! The small sizes are the JRCC Mini melts. I also included a pic of the tealights I use to put under the candle to melt and scent your home! BUT if you don't want to use a flame at all please use an electric warmer :)
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