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Business Credit America will check you CPN Number for you. We will do a thorough investigation on the number to show you whether the number you have is someone elses social security number or is it a legitimate number that has never existed.

1.  Worried Your CPN Number is Bad?
2.  How Was Your CPN Number Was Validated?
3.  Are Creditors Asking For Your SSN CARD?
4.  Does Your Broker Ignore Your Phone Calls?

Click on the link to get your CPN Number checked

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Get a professional review of your business credit file before you ask a banker or investor for money. Business Credit America knows it could be a very embarrassing and frustrating feeling to hear someone tell you that your business credit is not strong enough to be approved for a small business loan. We know what lenders are looking for in a business, and we could show you what's missing in your file that's keeping you from being approved for a loan. 1-888-883-3013

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 Okay. Now, I hope that you all can see that. But the thing about the business credit score, what it is and how is it affecting your business? Now, I've broken it down into three categories because these are your most important categories. You have your PAYDEX score, you have your business credit rating, and then you have your bank rating. And talking about the PAYDEX score, a lot of people are concerned about their PAYDEX score, which is 80 or above. However, the PAYDEX score is only good for trade vendors and net vendors. So, if you really don't need those type of companies, you're just trying to get funding for another project, or whatever, this really wouldn't be an impact on you because you're not trying to get trade credit or Net 30. Net 30, Net 7, Net 15, they have different wants, such as Net Vendor credit and stuff, and Trade credit. That's basically like your Seton, ULine, Grainger. And what ends up happening most of the time, we buy from these companies just to get them to report on our business credit, to get a PAYDEX score. However, the thing about it, the majority of the stuff we buy, we usually don't need it for our business.

 And so, we got stuck in this... This is mainly part of the tier system method where they teach you, set the company up, buy some Net 30s then buy another round of Net 30s, then apply for some gas cards, then attempt to apply for some unsecured cards. Usually, the tier system... I can truly attest to this, it usually will take you anywhere from nine months to a year or longer. Depends on how active you are in your business. Okay, so that's what the PAYDEX score. The PAYDEX rating is 80 or above, meaning that you're good a payer. You pay good on time, okay, and it's just mainly for vendor credit.

 Now, your business credit rating. Your business credit rating, this is important. This is an important factor because this determines if you get business loans or business credit cards. So that's what the business credit rating is. That's the reason that you'd see me on the video always telling you to update your financials. Make sure you do the UCCs, things like that. That's what affects your business credit rating. And then I told you about the different banks to go to in my ebook that tell you where to go and get those secured bank cards and stuff, because that will help with their business credit rating.

 Now, this is one that most people aren't aware of and not too many people speak of it, maybe because they don't. But the bank rating... Now the bank rating actually deals with... Well, your business bank rating. It actually deals with the activity of the business checking account in which you should have... When you're setting up a corporation, usually what I teach on, with the corporation, with C corporations, you wanna to have three accounts. You wanna have a business checking account, a business savings, and a business expense account. And in my ebook, I explain to you why you want to have those accounts set up like that. But the business banking ratings this year, is where it goes off the activity. How many deposits have been in the account? How often are you depositing money into the account? How long does the deposit stay in there? And the larger the amount of money you deposit in the bank, and the longer it stays, the higher your rating. So, the larger the amount, the longer it stays, the higher your rating.

 So, this is your bank rating. This is what really determines the amount of money they're gonna loan you. This here determines whether you're gonna get approved for unsecured credit cards and/or loans with a business credit rating. But this here, determines the amount of money. So those are the two differences there. So, you have your PAYDEX score, which is talking about your trade credit or your vendors. Your trade vendors, which describe you as Net 30s, you're Net 7s, you're net 15. Then you have the business credit rating, and this is what determines you being approved for loans or credit cards, unsecured or secured, okay. But your bank rating, that's dealing with the activity on those business bank accounts, okay. So, the more money you have in it, the longer it stays in it, determines the amount of money they're gonna loan you, future-wise. So, this is just a basic video I wanted to break down to you guys, so you can understand. If you are looking at companies, and they are not explaining this process to you, to actually help decide whether you should let them help you or you should do it on your own, then you don't need them because they should be at least explaining some of these basics to you. If they're not explaining these basics to you, they're wasting your time guys. And more likely they're gonna linger you on, so that you are paying them more money, but at the same time you're not getting any results.

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Hey guys! Houston here with Business Credit America, and today I'm just gonna get right to the point, and I wanted to talk to you all about Sallie Mae Student Loans. And I know from many of you all, may have seen my student loan video removal of Sallie Mae Student Loans. And the thing about it, you actually can't have those type of student loans because they're, not under the government guidelines. If you have government student loans, you can go to If you go to, right there, all of your government student loans, they can consolidate them all into one, and they will lower your payments.

In reference to your private student loans, because they're all under FDCPA, you have the right if you have to, if you need to file bankruptcy, those types of student loans, you can, especially like Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae is a privately held company, and I tell a lot of people that call me, and I talk to them about their student loan. By them being a privately held company, they're not under the government guidelines. And so you do have a right to file bankruptcy under that because like with Wells Fargo, with Chase Bank, Sallie Mae, they all fall under...

What type... What it is is that Sallie Mae... Sallie Mae, what they were doing, they would go to the government, and they would buy student loans from the government. And then, "Okay, we're going to service these." So the government like, "Well, okay. If you service these then, you have to pay us a monthly insurance payment on these loans." See, when you took a student loan, they automatically used... But most of the time they automatically loaned you until the insurance program. And so that insurance program was for in case you default, then the insurance company pays off that loan for you. And so, like a lot of people, they don't know that.

 And if you ask for your original contract with whoever, whatever school you went to, when you signed up for Sallie Mae, if they can't produce that contract, then they should not be reported on your credit report anyway. Also, another thing that Sallie Mae does is that say, that you defaulted way back when on your loan. What they'll do to keep on the collection practices, they'll re-age your account. And so they never report the original default date. So that puts you, like you're just starting over when you actually, because of the seven year time lapse on a loan or a regular loan except for a government loan, then it should have been folding up your credit anyway. But what they do, they re-age your account so to keep the student loan on there, especially when they're not backed by the government.

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Every Experience is a Life Lesson

Throughout our lives, we all have moments, seasons, where we experience life at it's best and it's worst.  But what do you do with those moments?  Do you say, "I'll never do that again".  Maybe something like, "Now I know what not to do", or how about, "What did I learn from all this"?  Every moment is a lesson and it all depends on how you perceive it and what you do with it.

We can very easily make our bad experience worse when we reflect on it as such. But what about the flip side, what did you learn from this experience?  How can my life be better because of what I've gone through?  Here's how...


Learn from it and move on!


No need to dwell on the negative, you'll just keep yourself stuck in the same mindset, without even realizing it.   And then everything around you will start to take on the same negative thought process.  Your job, your relationships, your mood, your happiness, everything will start to take a downward turn.  And the reality is that you have allowed it to get to this point because you just could not let it go.  Your thoughts kept the cycle going.

At this moment, make a choice.  A choice to be better, a choice to not allow this to destroy you, a choice to release the negative and move on.  Start to feel better immediately.  Remember all the wonderful people and great things in your life that you love and surround yourself with greatness.  If yours is a story you feel comfortable in sharing, then do that.  There is enormous gratitude in knowing that you have helped someone because of your own testimony.  Feel good again and don't let this experience deprive you of another minute of your very precious, very beautiful life.

Here's the formula:

Learn From It

Make A Choice

Release It

Move On

Feel Good Now


With Love and Gratitude,

The Black Woman's Rule Book


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Ok so I just wanted to write a blog to uplift and encourage everyone out there. As women (and men) we all deal with daily struggles and sometimes things may seem a little overwhelmming and overbearing for us to handle. Some of us have children, husbands (wives for the men reading this), jobs, pets, social lives, part time jobs, etc. the list can go on and on...all of these aspects of our lives can bring unneccessary stress or an abundance of JOY. Which one occurs stress or JOY depends on what you allow to happen in your life.

Speaking only to the women now, as women we all have an inner strength that allows us to overcome any obstacle that may cross our path. That inner strength also gives us the remarkable power and ability to by pass foolishness, yet sometimes we get caught up in foolishness and negate our ability to be greater than our circumstances. The type of foolishness I'm referring to is things that we all know don't warrant a second of our time but we still spend our precious energy, time, and efforts focusing on things that will not bring any multiplication, power, strength, or JOY to our lives.

So here's what I say, I say let's take time to think about what really matters to us, what is really important, what will help us live a joyful and fulfilled life. Once we do that let's collectively decide to focus on the things in our lives that we know will help us move forward and not backward. Part of doing this will allow all of us to see what's really important in life and what we need to focus on to move forward in our life journey.


As an exercise I think that everyone men and women alike should write down the things that they know are not positive and do not bring any satisfaction or joy to them. Once that list is written out don't even look at it anymore, crumple it up and set it asside. Then write a list of all the things you want to accomplish, achieve, aspire toward in life read it out loud, make copies of it and put it up all over the house in places you will always be able to look at it, reflect on it, and expound on it. Take the other list that you crumpled up that has all of the negative things and burn it up. That's right I said burn it up, but be sure to do it in a safe place that will not cause a harmful fire to occur in your home (practice safety first). Once the negative list is burned up forget about everything you wrote on that list that doesn't bring any joy to your life and focus on the positive list you created.


I'd like to present a challenge to everyone to focus on your list of positive things for the entire week. Then post a response of what happened as a result of having a positive attitude and outlook on life.

Be Blessed in all you do and become a blessing to others!

Have a great and prosperous day!

~Tamishia Clayborn~

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Insight into Failure - Could This Be You?

In the past, I have joined many MLMs and have failed! Yes! I failed! I spent more money than I made and more time than I should have by staying when clearly I was not ready for the business opportunity.What I realized only recently, after joining an awesome MLM organization, is that I did not fail because the business opportunities were not good. The products were really great, and I loved them and believed in the company.The reason I failed at MLM was I was not ready for the business opportunity! What I mean by this statement is this:* I did not believe in myself* I did not believe in my own ability to succeed* I had low self-esteemI had all kinds of fears:* Fear of failure* Fear of rejection* Fear of not succeeding* Fear of making mistakesThese kinds of thoughts or mindsets will sabotage any great opportunity that presents itself to you. I have come to learn over the years that you have to be ready before opportunity knocks. If you are not prepared, and you go into a business opportunity or even a job opportunity, you will fail, become negative, frustrated, and you will eventually give up and quit.Success and financial freedom does not just happen. You have to prepare for it so that when it comes you will be able to not only handle it, but you will be able to maintain what you have obtained while you reach for new levels of success and opportunities.Toxic core beliefs (mindsets/thought patterns) need to be identified and detoxed from your thinking. If you do not, they will pollute and corrupt every thing you attempt to do. Your toxic thoughts or core beliefs will cause you to sabotage your own efforts to succeed and experience financial freedom. This will eventually cause you to experience a cycle of failures that can go on for a lifetime, if not dealt with.It does not matter how much positive affirmations or faith confessions you make if your core beliefs are rooted in negativity and unbelief. You will always move in the direction of what you truly believe. Have you ever heard the saying, “People say one thing and do another?” What you actually do or do not do is all predicated on what you really believe about money, business, success, people, the world, etc.The best way that I know of to identify or discover what you really believe (your core beliefs) is to become aware of what you are saying to yourself. The best time to do this is when you are under pressure or you are experiencing adversity in your life. What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake? How do you feel when someone says no to your opportunity? Do you call yourself negative names or put yourself down?Keep a journal to document your answers. When a difficult or challenging situation arises in your life, how do you respond? In your journal document the following: (1) What was the situation/circumstance (your trigger). 2) Write your response. 3) How could you have handled it differently? 4) Change the negative core belief to an empowering one. Confess or speak them over yourself daily, especially early in the morning and just before going to bed. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell it to yourself until you believe it. This is a way to renew or reprogram your subconscious mind.Great opportunities happen when preparation and opportunity meet! Decide what it is you want and what it take to get it. Then be willing to prepare and do whatever it takes! Remember this: failure is not fatal nor is it final; giving up on your dreams and goals is!Author: Yvonne Carson, M.Div., MA, MFT is the author of several e-books: The Courage to Change: Healing from Emotional Wounds that Bind You (An Interactive Workbook for Healing and Restoration); Wisdom and Life Lessons from the True Vine; Whatever You Seed You Will Receive: 50 Power-Packed Personalized Faith Confessions. Her books can be purchased at
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