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Juniques shares Why The WriteUp serving AZ and NV can improve your

profits.  623-455-6364  start from $20

Juniques Marketing knows value, especially promotion value. The Write Up, the urban news source, serving arizona and neveda, is reaching a growing market, the urban market! In AZ 1.5 million and growing  NV is also now being served. Yes Las Vegas Neveda reads The Write Up!!! We can get any person started for as little as $20. We can help many small businesses improve their profit, with our cost saving advertising programs. We can show how to get the most from your advertisement. contact Rickey at  623-455-6364 and learn more. Get signed up on our contact list so you can stay updated to the happenings at The Write Up, Urban News source, Newspaper


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Reach the AZ and NV Markets with The Write Up, The Urban Newspaper attracts the 1.5 million urban market. Direct Sales, Network Marketing, New Business Owner this is a great way to make entry in to this growing and vibrant market.




 Juniques Marketing uses the WriteUp , The Urban Newspaper for

Arizona and Nevada to help business owners reach a vibrant

market. The urban market in Arizona alone is over 1.5 million

people and growing.  The Write Up is also established in the Las

Vegas, Nevada market. The Write Up, Urban Newspapers, has

developed very cost effective ad package ranging from $20 to $200. 

The cost per thousand is exceptionally low. The Write Up, The Urban is published monthly and provide content on local and national



With over 1000 distribution point in the Maricopa

County area and also be  distributed in Las Vegas Nevada,

people can reach area that not within ad budget.  Word of Mouth

is great, until it goes silent.Flyers are ok, but market reach is



Print publications are kept for the month. Print

publication last longer in the marketplace. Call me 623 455 6364

let discuss placing your business message in the Write Up, The Urban

Newspaper for Arizona and Nevada.  Banner 2x6 130z Vinyl,Outdoor

ready, only $75 

We also produce 4x5 flyer card as exceptionally

reasonable prices.


Need help with Graphic design, we can help you

call 623 455 6364

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Get your message printed on our 13oz, Reinforced, UV protected, Outside Vinyl Banner!!!


Juniques offers best ad program for Urban Market in Arizona and Neveda.


Hello Community, Juniques is proud to be an authorized rep for The Write Up, Urban Newspaper, attracting the 1.5 million urban market in AZ (and growing)  and Now reaching the Las Vegas Neveda market.

WE offer the best service and price for a well known and well read print publication. Our monthly publication is being well received and used.


Our banner ad special is fantastic 2ft by 5ft (130z reinforced vinyl, good for outdoor use) for only $75 ( yes we ship). WE can do larger sizes!!


Black Business Women Online get a $25 discount .


Plus we have great print materials special, business cards and 4x5 color flyers.  


Want to enter the Arizona and Neveda urban market with your product and services?


This is the communication vehicle to use!!!


Direct sale and Network Marketing Business owner ask about ad specials.


You will be pleasantly surprised at the saving and new market entry you will achieve.


Yes, I will pay you for referrals that place an ad.


Let me show you No Rejection Marketing at its finest!!!


Contact me   call 623-455-6364



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In the wake of so many natural disasters has teamed up with the American Red Cross to help families rebuild, their lives, their futures, and their homes. I come to you humbly and ask that you to assist us in these efforts with a purchase. In these efforts I have reduce all prices by 10% so it will be a win win situation for all.
Starting June 1, 2011 through September 1,2011 10% of all sales not including Tax or shipping will be donated to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. 

The red cross name is used with it's permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, expressed, or implied, of any product, or service, company, individual, or political position. For more information about the American Red Cross please call 1.800.HELP. NOW or Email
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CALLING ALL NONPROFITS...ABC7 WANTS TO FEATURE YOUR EVENTS!! ABC7 is committed to supporting and working with the community based non-profit organizations that service Southern California by providing free air time in the form of Public Service Announcements (PSA’s).

If you require additional information, please call the Public Affairs Department at (818) 863-7220 and state you were referred by KIMIRHOCHELLE!

When submitting your event include:

1.Typewritten public service announcement on your organization’s letterhead or flyer or press release publicizing the event.

**if you need assistance with your press releases please call KRPR @ 909-543-2978

2. Include date, time, place, a phone number and or a website address that the public can use for details, as well as a phone number and contact person for our office to call.

3. Proof of non-profit status for your organization (either a Southern California Broadcasters Association number or a 501-(C) (3) Tax-exempt number).

Send it at least four weeks in advance of the event to:

7 DAY PLANNER500 Circle Seven DriveGlendale, CA 91201

Fax: (818) 863-7227 (Attn: 7 Day Planner)


KimiRhochelle PR Event & Entertainment Firm (KRPR) is a turn-key full service media firm that cross markets and globally transits your brand, image, product, service, event or just information locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.




KRPR offers the following opportunities:

Join our FAN PAGE: post your events, press releases, job/career openings, videos and more.. we share with FB, TWITTER and other social network sites when we repost.

visit: JOIN KIMIRHOCHELLE PR EVENT & ENTERTAINMENT FIRM FAN PAGE.. to receive exposure and for more information about our services..!/pages/Fontana-CA/KIMIRHOCHELLE-PR-EVENT-ENTERTAINMENT-FIRM/121713721808?v=info&ref=sgm

Join the Lyfestyles Social Network: create your profile, add your blog, pictures or events...we share with GOOGLE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE & more... complimentary!

Send your press releases to KIMIPRFIRM@GMAIL.COM we send to various news media and post on various social network sites.

Send your press releases to KRPRMEDIA@GMAIL.COM we send to various news media and post on various social network sites-THIS IS FOR MEDIA USE ONLY!!!

KRPR creates a media press conference that includes press release creation and submission, media day event planning and management, VIP guest list/RED CARPET and more.

KRPR will create a yearly media strategy based on your marketing and advertisement budget, create the message, brand, image if needed and place in stratetic targeted media platforms at reduced rates of 5%.

KRPR will create, implement, manage your seminars, conferences, special events, holiday parties and/or training sessions in part are in totality specific to your needs and goals.

KRPR will review and/or implement your personal social network cross marketing strategy that includes email database campaigns, branding of logo, revenue stream opportunities, blogging and/or e-newsletter campaigns.

For more info, please call 909-543-2978

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Celebrity Kids - Teen Kids

Celebrities Kids | Celebrity Obsession: Are our teens too star-struck?

Following the lives of teen celebrities such as Taylor Lautner or Miley Cyrus are part of the normal past time for the average teenager today. While on the surface this may sound like the sort of thing we'd expect a young person to be doing with their time, this behavior can also lead to some major psychological issues that have far-reaching effects. In a recent study of adolescents between 11 and 16 years of age, two major categories were identified that pertain to how teens relate to celebrities.

The first category, called "entertainment social celebrity worship", consisted of teens that viewed celebrities as sources of entertainment and talked frequently about celebrity news. This was considered completely normal for the everyday teenager. These teenagers displayed healthy emotional independence. However, the second category called "intense personal celebrity worship" showed teenagers who were seeking a personal connection to the celebrity and often developed an unhealthy obsession. These teens, while trying to go through the normal maturity cycle, seemed to suffer from lower self-esteem and confidence than their peers. Their relationships with family and friends were extremely poor.

So this begs the question, "How can we prevent our teens from becoming too often with the lives of celebrities?" Well, there are a few things that can help. First, teens should be actively involved or engaged in school activities. Teens who have responsibilities such as an after school job or specific household responsibilities have less idle time on their hands. Also, teens should be encouraged to volunteer their time to serve in the community to develop an awareness of others who are less fortunate. Lastly, teens who are encouraged to have a spiritual foundation often have a healthier self-confidence and thus feel less inclined to seek out celebrities to idolize.


Author: Traci S Campbell

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The Akua Magazine - August Issue Newsletter

No.37/ 20 Aug 2008Good Early Morning,Check out our new issue:In The Writer's Corner - Mrs. Keisha Brown;Chatting with Shanise B. - On Location at Ocean City. MD;In The Kitchen - Summer Pantry Party;Plus Size / Full Figured Model of the Month;Chatting with Shanise B. - The State of Me in World will start it's 'Healing Our Family' Series.;Memorial Tribute to Personalities Lost the Month of AugustNew articles in the News section;and much more.The Akua Lounge Podcast Channel with be Showcasing Archive Editions of Chatting with Shanise B. on it's ITunes podcast. Now that Chatting with Shanise B. is on Blog Talk Radio, will no longer have it's ITunes location. We broadcast all archive shows on The Akua Lounge Podcast Channel. To subscribe, visit Monday, we will have a sale on our Organic and Recycled Plain Apparrel and Totes in The Akua Shops. The Akua Shops serves as the sole source of financial support to the Akua Projects. Presently, we have novelty items available.Would you like to show your support of the Akua Projects, then carry one of our news widget engines.A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation. They are derived from the idea of code reuse. Other terms used to describe web widgets include: gadget, badge, module, capsule, snippet, mini and flake. Web widgets often but not always use DHTML, JavaScript, or Adobe Flash.You can obtain one or all, by clicking here. Anyone can submit there press release or media alert, please pass this on.We are looking for contributors to the magazine. So if you are a commentator, photographer, etc...I am looking for you. Contributors to the Akua Magazine submissions must be significate to African Women's Diaspora. This means women around the world of African/Black decent. There are examples of the types of contributions acceptable in the News section. We are also looking for contribution to our business journal at Designs By ASH Ezine.The Akua Magazine Mobile is still up and running. This allows you to get special updates via your cell phone or pda. You can also sign in, to leave your comments.Have a great day and remember...'Do It B.I.G., Beautifully, Intelligently & Generously!'
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Uzuri Designs is now....

Uzuri Designs Lifestyle Company. I am very excited to announce the new structure of Uzuri and am happy to be able to effortlessly combine the products of Uzuri Designs and the Soul Purpose products and income opportunity. With Relaxation Retreats, Spa Parties, Custom Jewelry, Wellness Products, and other exciting offerings, you can truly "know first who you are and then, adorn yourself accordingly".Be FreeSharonda
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: DeShuna SpencerPhone: 703.328.5522Email: deshuna@liukarama.comR&B Singer Mario Discusses His 'Do Right Foundation' In emPower Magazine


(Alexandria, VA)—In the July 23 issue of emPower magazine, J Records platinum selling, R&B recording artist Mario will share with readers why he is not just the average celebrity. Part of the magazine's “Star Power” section, which highlights celebrities' philanthropy and non profit work, the Q&A features his "Do Right Foundation."Mario talks about how he is aiming to inspire and emPower the youth through his foundation. Mario also candidly discusses the challenges he faced growing up, his mother's substance abuse problem and why he wasn't ashamed to reveal his past on a MTV documentary for all to see.Published by Liu Karama Productions LLC, emPower ( launched last month--is the strong, upbeat, voice that tackles the day-to-day challenges facing the African American community, praises community organizations and individuals who are giving back, and publishes motivating columns and relevant national and international Black news. Exclusively online, emPower is an unbiased source offering content on politics, education, business, technology, science, sports, nutrition/fitness, stimulating books, film and music, the environment, mental wellness, the spirit and grassroots initiatives from expert writers and columnists. In addition, a multimedia section of the site hosts a blog, a social network, a forum, a news-related poll and a video library, which showcases seasoned or amateur videographers’ short documentaries. A “lighter-side” section of the site, called Literary, highlights poetry, readers’ travel experiences and first-person narratives. Podcasts and video casts, along with other exciting content will be added to the site next year. emPower is updated every Wednesday.About MarioMario released his debut album in 2002 at the tender age of 15 with his hit single "Just a Friend," creating great buzz in the world of R&B. The Baltimore native, followed up with a sophomore release in 2005, "Turning Point," that sold an impressive 2 million copies with hit single, "Let Me Love You," resting comfortably at the top of the charts for nine consecutive weeks, not to mention also being one of the highest selling ringtone singles to date. His second album also made it a great year at the 2005 Billboard Music Awards for him as he took home the R&B/Hip-Hop Award for Top R&B/Hip-Hop single, a Billboard Music Award for Hot R&B/Hip-Hop single of the year and a slew of nominations from the Grammy’s, BET Awards, Vibe Awards, MOBO Awards and the Soul Train Music Awards. This singer/songwriters latest release, "Go," is also topping the charts with hit single, "How Do I Breathe," showing that he has transformed into a mature young man and has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with.Mario, also, just wrapped up an impressive appearance on Dancing with the Stars, where although he did not win, still captured millions with his suave and charismatic dance moves. His talent however, does not stop with music and dancing, he is also an actor. He appeared in the 2006 film, "Step Up," and also in the 2007 film "Freedom Writers" with Hilary Swank.The future is bright for this young star and when he is not belting out hit tunes, he is using his celebrity to emPower the younger generation one youth at a time with his new mentoring foundation called, "Do Right Foundation." Find out more about Mario at and about his foundation at learn more about emPower magazine, how to join the mailing list or become a contributor, visit:
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Blue Jean Bandits


These crews of bandits are really beginning to hurt small boutique businesses in Atlanta. For the past year, many women’s and men’s boutique in the Atlanta metro area have been burglarized by these bandits, who have stolen designer jeans retailing at $200 and selling them on the black market for as low as $70. Talk about a deeply discounted product.With most boutiques being hit more than once, these thefts are severely affecting the businesses and some boutique owners say if they are hit again by these perpetrators they will have to close their business. Some of the most popular brands targeted are True Religion, Rock N Republic, Citizens of Humanity, Red Monkey and Evisu. In one hit these thieves are getting away with on average about $100,000 in merchandise. Some business owners have had to pay to hire security guards and not mention their insurance premiums have nearly tripled.Since I’m a solution minded person, I came up with a possible solution. Here goes, let me know what you think….· Discontinue the sale of designer jeans in these boutiques and let your customers know that they are Web Exclusive items that can be ordered via your stores website and only keep samples of each size per brand in the store so that your customer will know what size to order via the web. This will also help drive additional business to the stores site and help boost sales in a tech savvy way.I know it’s a great feeling as a customer to actual go into the store and walk away with the merchandise. However, I’m one of those customers that loves to shop online and would rather make my purchase this way.
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Hey again everyone,It’s your girl QP here to talk to you about Secret #4: Bootleg Publishers exist, how to tell the difference!As a member of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, Writers Network) my boss gets monthly alerts on publishing companies going out of business, or just doing unethical things and are being sued. Every month there seems to be at least 6 publishers going out of business because of complaints from writers who have sent their manuscripts, sent money to be published, that sort of crazy thing.So, that has lead me to disclose this secret which sadly but not surprisingly, most writers don’t know: everything with publisher at the end of it does not make it a publisher. Here’s how you tell:Clue #1: If they ask for money when sending your manuscript they are bootleg. A legitimate publisher won’t and doesn’t need to be paid just to read your story.Clue #2: If they advertise in the back of a magazine, they are bootleg.Clue #3: If they request $3.00 for postage, shipping and handling for a response to your manuscript, they are bootleg.Clue #4: If they aren’t a member of any professional publishing organizations such as SPAWN, SPANNET, or PMA to name a few, they are bootleg.Clue #5: If they don’t have a website, they are bootleg.Clue #6: If they have email that looks like this:,,, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishing compannies have company branded #7: If you are presented with a 5 page publishing contract, they are bootlegged. The average publishing contract is at a minimum 10 pages long.Clue #8: If your book cover looks like the outside of a cereal box, they are bootleg.Clue #9: If you have to pay for all your books, including the “free ones”, they are bootleg.Clue #10: If you are paid in royalties of IOU’s, they are bootleg.Clue #11: If anytime you call the phone number for them and all you ever get is an answering machine or service, they are bootleg.Clue #12: If the only software they have to develop your manuscript into a book is MS word, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishers have top of the line publishing software. My boss has ADOBE CS3, which is the latest in publishing software.Clue #13: If you can’t find them on myspace, facebook, or gather, they are bootleg. Legitimate publishers understand the need and use for consumers to find them on all outlets. My boss in on all three and even SImon and Schuster is on Gather.When deciding to send out your manuscript to a publishing company, make sure you contact them first, talk to someone, ask if they have a website, a myspace page, a gather page, a facebook page, ask for their mailing address, office address, company email address, verify no money needs to be sent in order to hear a response or when you are sending your manuscript.Clue #14: If when you call them up, asking for these things and they are reluctant to give it to you, they are bootleg.Writer BEWARE!Until Publishing Secret #5QP Signing Out!
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Welcome back,This week’s secret is a continuation from last week’s silly conversation with the caller. (If you need a recap, go to Secret #1)Writers have this crazy idea that they’ve written a book that deserves to be published. No! You’ve written a manuscript, a manuscript of a book hopefully to be published! In the publishing industry, contrary to popular belief they do not consider your book, a book until it is published! That thing you call a book is called a manuscript! At weekly meetings it’s Manuscript #205 or Manuscript BOW or whatever!In the publishing industry, a book is considered final. What you have written is not! It has yet to go through the final editing phase, if any editing at all! It has yet to have a cover designed for it; the book size decided; how it will be marketed, or who will print it. And we are missing the all important task of deciding who will publish it.My boss hates when people tell her they’ve written a book and when she asks who wrote it or where can she get it because it sounds good, they reply by telling her they wrote it, it’s not yet in stores, and that they are looking for a publisher. She always responds, “So, you’ve written a manuscript?” Not knowing what she’s talking about, they look at her funny eyed.So what do you do?Change your language, but more importantly, change your way of thinking!Remember, you have 7 seconds to make an impression. When you approach a publisher either in person or via writing, approach as follows:“I’ve written a potential book”“I’ve got a book idea, I’d love to pitch to you”“I’ve written a manuscript about xyz”Let’s repeat this again: You have 7 seconds to make a good impression. Approaching your potential boss correctly determines your next step career wise. it is the same for approaching a publisher. Remember, they get approached 500 times a day, mainly by clueless writers. Approaching them correctly is the difference between them actually taking your manuscript to read it or politely (and even in some cases) unpolitely, saying ”Thank you, but no thank you!”Let’s recap: Your book is not a book until it is published! We all know that’s your baby, but just like welfare doesn’t consider your baby a baby until it is born, the publishing industry doesn’t consider your book a book until it is published!Sounds harsh! I know, but I told you that the truth was going to hurt!Until Secret #3QP Signing Out!
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